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2008 Infiniti G35



  • I had a 2006 Acura TL and I just bought the 2008 G35 Sedan. I loved the Acura, it is a great car. But...I love the Infiniti more. The Infiniti gas mileage is the reason for the cost to own I think, not the reliability cost. The Acura got 22 around town and 30 for straight highway. The G35 is getting about 17 around town and I have not driven a tank on total highway yet so I cannot say what that is. The other cost is insurance. My rate for the Infiniti was 300 more for 6 months. Don't know why, insurance could not explain. All in all, I think I would go with the Acura if I had to do it again, there are not enough differences to make up the cost differences.
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    It's 04 when I drove the TL I said the same thing...then got one. 07 the G sedan same I got one. It's all about features / performance for the $...unless you have a lot of manufacturer bias, the G is unbeatable. Give it a taller rear gear ratio and let me actually control the AC / recirc features and the car is PERFECT.
  • I recently purchased a 2008 Infiniti G35 AWD Sport sedan and noticed while in auto mode (not using the shift mode or paddles) the car downshifts hard on steep inclines or severe hills. My 06 never did this and it really takes away from the ride. I have been reading all the posts and no one has complained about this problem. The dealer and I took out several other vehicles on the same roads and they all did the same thing.
    Does anyone else feel the hard shifting on hills? Is this corrected after the vehicle "learns" your driving habits? If so, how long before this changes?
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    I have an 07 sport auto but I live in souther jersey (FLAT). The car will, however do a pretty hard downshift (Harder in DS mode) when braking HARD to a stop. Are you coasting down these hills or are you applying the brakes?
  • It happens in both cases, when coasting on long slopes or when applying the brakes hard going down steeper hills. I've also noticed the same thing you mentioned when braking to a hard stop. I've been told that it's part of the technology and redesign related to "engine braking" and that it will learn as I drive. I don't think it will though.
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    I think the transmission overthinks a bit. When I give a quick stab to jump into will hold that gear for waaay too long...anticipating my need for power I guess. I just tap the upshift paddle in that case and get it in the gear it should be in. The hard braking downshifts I'm OK with (Have you done it in DS mode....I saw a stop sign late while doing about 75ish and the thing was downshifting like a sportbike as I braked VERY hard for that stop), I can't say the coasting thing wouldn't bug me. I would replicate it and hit the upshift paddle and see what it does....should lock you into that gear for 5-10 secs (Seems to be speed/throttle dependant).
  • So I am driving along the interstate and I am looking for some places to eat along the route.. bingo I get a list of 5 of 90. I know a place I want is prob on the 2nd page, but guess what, you cant go to the second page unless you stop the freakin car! Let me be the judge of safety of scrolling. Garmin lets you override that safety setting and so should Infinity.. Otherwise this is a piece of worthless crap.
  • Complaing to Nissan North America via Infiniti Consumer Affairs (see the Infiniti home page for the number, don't use the NAV issues menu as that'll take you Zenrin's helpdesk and they'll just tell you that it's NNA's fault).

    That's the only way they'll change it, we, the owners, have to convince them too.
  • Thanks. I called 800.662.6200 and opened a case. He said their is an update coming in the Spring but he didnt know what was in it. And he thought we would have to pay for the update.. sucks, car only has 2,000 miles on it.
  • I'll pay for the update and my car only has 500 miles on it, especially if we can get the original set of voice commands.

    If they don't give us the option, we should see if we can get a list of the original 2007 owners that complained about it being too complicated. Then we can split the list up, and apply "I'm too stupid for a Nav System" bumber sticker on their cars.

    I'll coordinate.

    Oh, and I looooovvvveeeee this car, even w/ the remedial Voice Commands, and the nanny state lock outs.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Well, i'm on the list of 07 owners who enjoy the current voice command selection, have never complained, and use it faithfully. :D
  • rag133rag133 Posts: 25
    Same with the Music Box issue I stated earlier. The point is to have all your CDs on there for long trips, BUT you can only search music if you are stopped. When I am on the highway for 300 miles straight I want to search an artist or album I want to listen to. I can't do that now but have to page down through EVERY damn song to get to it! I have started using a 4GB CompactFlash card because of this, at least I can sort albums in a way I can find them while moving easily. I liked Music Box a lot until I realized the search is not available when moving. That ruins it.
  • jjs4jjs4 Posts: 14
    Nissan has really messed up the user features on their 08 models. Someone should get fired over this decision!
    Re Nav
    I've posted here several times on this issue. Please rip Consumer Affairs, (No. deleted at request of moderator) ask for Sarah. or Donna . Also complain loudly to your dealer.
    They told me they were "working on a fix". I'm to get a call in a week or two...yeah right.
    I'm going to go after this aggressively and need to raise the noise level. Not only does the Nav stink, but they disabled many voice commands which would make the lockout problems less annoying.
    As to paying for an upgrade, this has to be for the maps, not the firmware.
    I'll post as soon as I hear anything.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Actually, I'm watching a company now that is making a fix for this.
    It'll require taking apart the center stack and some soldering will be required, but it'll fix the legal agreement upon signon as well as the lockout while moving.
    I'll post details as soon as I have them and once it's installed and verified.
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    Default your Music Box to sort by album....then use the tuner knob to scroll through the albums....steering wheel or center controller to scroll down the songs. As much as I HATE the lockout on the navi/phonebook, I've never found it an issue with the music box. I would love a plug in or soft hack....but I don't plan on soldering anything into my 40K car that is under warranty still ! !
  • Help, my new 08 G35 sport, only 1500 miles, has a rattle that sounds like a ticking clock when ever I hit a bump that is driving me crazy. It sounds like it is coming from either the overhead center console or the window or door frame on the passenger side. Has anyone else experienced this. I have emptied out every nook and cranny that might have something moving around in it. :cry:
  • I'm getting some rattles that could be similar to yours. When I drive on only moderately rough pavement, I hear a series of fairly high pitched rattles. It almost sounds like few clicks of sound as if when you spin a bicycle spoke. It's mainly coming from the right side, too. My guess is that it could be in the washi panels. I've grabbed the seat belts, etc., but that doesn't diagnose it.

    It's driving me mildly crazy. My 8 year old BMW with 70,000 miles doesn't have a single rattle.

    I hope some folks will weigh in as I really want to get this solved. I don't live near the dealer but will be taking it in two weeks from now to see if they can find it.
  • When I get out of the car I hear a beeping sound. What is that? My lights aren't on (and even if they were, they are in auto mode). So why the alarm??? Thanks

  • Jeff,

    Are you opening the door before the car is completely shut down? If so, that's the beeping that you hear.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I asked this exact same question on the night that I brought the car home!
    I had no idea what it was... LOL

    CF is right on the money. Shut the car off before opening the door and the car won't beep. :)
  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    Don't know if this is the same issue on the new cars but I had a rattle on my '05 that drove me crazy. Turns out it was the inside rearview mirror! I have the premium package so it's the auto-dimming mirror with Homelink. I found it by accident. I was certain it was coming from the dash. But if I held the mirror firmly the noise went away. Had it replaced under the warranty (Thank GOD for extended warranties - I have 65000 miles on the car and they tell me the mirror is $750!!!!). Noise is gone.
  • Thanks guys...that is what it was....I am always ruching and never think about it.
  • tsarkistsarkis Posts: 10
    i have a 08 g35x, i've had it since october actually. im not the kind of person who speeds excessively i try to keep it under 80 as much as posssible. but last week i found a safe nice place late at night and decided to test out how fast i can get i was dissappointed that once got to 130 the car jsut simply stopped accelerating. i knew that there was gonna be a speed limiter of some kind but i dint think it would be at 130, i expected somethin around 150. So i called the dealer he said he didnt know. emailed infiniti they told me to call the dealer and ask him i sent them an email again and they havent replied so anyone knows if this is normal for the limter to be this low?
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 750
    but last week i found a safe nice place late at night and decided to test out how fast i can get i was dissappointed that once got to 130 the car jsut simply stopped accelerating. i knew that there was gonna be a speed limiter of some kind but i dint think it would be at 130

    Wow!! 130 is not good enough for you? :surprise:
  • tsarkistsarkis Posts: 10
    130 might sound like alot but on this car its a breeze to get there and u dont even feel it but its not that. The car has so much more potential why block it at all. I mean I bought the car they shouldn't have the right to limit it at all its my decision as to how fast I wanna go not theirs. I think its just another way to mess up a great car just like the lockout on the nav and other stuff when ur moving
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 750
    I understand but we have too many lawyers in this country.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    This is an ongoing discussion on some boards.
    What we have found is that this top end varies from car to car... with both 07 and 08 models and it has little do with model.
    It varies with Journeys, X's and Sports.

    C&D documented in their original review that the top end was 155 (Limiter).
    I've had my 07 G35x to 145 and there was more to go, I let off the pedal.

    I'll say this though...
    Without the limiter, I'd guess the top end of this car is more like 160-170.
    It just felt like it had way more to offer.
  • alang4alang4 Posts: 40
    What would happen if you were driving your G35 on a highway, and someone accidentally pushed the ignition button?

    In a keyed car, you'd put the car into neutral and turn the key to re-start. I assume that with the keyless ignition you'd be able to do the same, but I'm not sure, and I'm definitely not willing to give it a try myself. I would not expect you'd have to press the brake to re-start, as you do when you're first starting the car.

    Like this topic says, this is a theoretical question but I am curious.
  • tsarkistsarkis Posts: 10
    Pressing the ingition button once while moving doesn't do anything, twice turns it off.
    Do u guys think that if I complain to the dealer or to infiniti more they'll b willing to remove the limiter?
  • kobayashikobayashi Posts: 50
    The limiter is probably also set to reflect the tire speed ratings on the car when delivered. There also may be other speed tolerances other manufacturers of parts used by Nissan in the G that may also have recommended speed limitations (brake parts, belts, etc). Asking the dealer to "remove" the limiter will be an act of frustration and provide a good laugh to someone. How fast are you trying to go and why?
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