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Saturn VUE No Start



  • i was doing a head job on my car,when i got to the timing belt,i have major problems,its a 3.0 v6,the problem is the aligment with the cams,theres two notches on each sprocket,and im not sure which one aligns with the back cover,and i made a major mistake of not marking the cam sprocket with the number 2 cam,so its possible it can be on upside down,ANY HELP WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED
  • I have the same problem I marked the front cam sprockets but forgot to mark the back. Did you figure it out?
  • markdr99markdr99 Posts: 2
    i know the back your soppost to align them up wih the back of the cover thats mounted to the head,theres four notches on sheild,did your cams have two notches on each sprocket,and if so,did u use the first or second one from left to right,hope this helps,im going to the dealer monday,hope they give me some info
  • lilgirl1lilgirl1 Posts: 1
    Can you tell me what the mechanic did to get your car to start! I have a 2002 saturn vue, and one say I came out of the store, and it wouldnt start. I didnt leave the key in or any lights on, and there was no indication that anything was wrong. We had the starter tested and its not the starter. We checked the neutral safety switch, and its not that either! Any suggestions!?
  • trinisaturntrinisaturn Posts: 9
    edited March 2010

    To restart disconnect the battery pole for approximately 5 minutes then reconnect. If it does not work repeat a couple times (5 minute intervals) it would eventually start so no need for towing. Leave a door open or make sure driver window is down as when battery is reconnected the car doors might lock automatically leaving you outside with no way in except with spare keys. Car starts then but the problem would reoccur in the most inopportune time. Most likely the problem is the BCM (Body Control Module) which cost about $300 for part at firm then it needs to be programmed. Since I have changed in my Vue 2003 it has worked like new. All the drama of not starting, no power steering, flashing headlights, security locking, no power, etc.... all gone. Problems with BCM tells car someone is intruding or breaking into car so security systems sets in and car cannot start thats why you probably would see security light permanently on during your problems.

    Don't waste time speculating anymore. Change BCM and your problems would be over.

  • tffpilottffpilot Posts: 4
    The other day I was out running around when I went to start the '05 VUE & nothing. was like you pulled the battery & said start it. I mean nothing. The kick is the car was running like a champ (no A/C) but other wise great. I had it towed back home at 0200 that morning the lights, 4 ways etc were on. I went out started it up like nothing wrong. Everything worked. Release the break & it was gone, no power. 5 mints. later inside light came on & fired right up. Did the same thing release break & nothing. waited little over 5mints & inside light came on started right up. I went to bed & the later that morning toke the car for a drive. Everything seems to be great. I dont understand. The only thing I did was swap the relay around from the engine main to the rear wiper. Any one every heard of this?
  • tffpilottffpilot Posts: 4
    The other day I was out running around when I went to start the '05 VUE & nothing. was like you pulled the battery & said start it. I mean nothing. The kick is the car was running like a champ (no A/C) but other wise great. I had it towed back home at 0200 that morning the lights, 4 ways etc were on. I went out started it up like nothing wrong. Everything worked. Release the break & it was gone, no power. 5 mints. later inside light came on & fired right up. Did the same thing release break & nothing. waited little over 5mints & inside light came on started right up. I went to bed & the later that morning toke the car for a drive. Everything seems to be great. I dont understand. The only thing I did was swap the relay around from the engine main to the rear wiper. Any one every heard of this?
  • alicekatsalicekats Posts: 1
    Thank you so much for posting this info; it proved invaluable! I, like many others, have had ignition problems with my 2003 Vue. My husband first replaced the ignition cylinder, which worked for a few days. Then he had to replace the housing. The key was coded for the new ignition. Imagine our dismay when we found that we couldn't start the stupid thing after all of that! After an hour of searching, your message was the ONLY helpful information I found. I followed your step-by-step instructions, and guess what?! IT WORKED! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!
  • tffpilottffpilot Posts: 4
    Your welcome, I am very glad it worked out for you. We were able to get our '05 VUE going as well. After a lot of searching we found it was a broken battery cable. That was the hole problem. We have also learned that when these things just shut off it can be any number of things from the transmission going out to a cable or what not.
  • I have had a few random problems with this car over the past year and a half. Never anything that seemed to be serious. Well a few days ago I drove my car (about 1030pm) and it started perfectly, ran normal, etc. And the next morning (730am), I tried to start it and absolutely nothing! My first thought was the battery was dead, duh. Then I realized the dome lights were fine. So I tried to turn as much on as possible to see if I could strain the battery. I have an aftermarket stereo with subs that draws quite a bit of power. With the headlights and dome lights on, stereo cranked up, everything had enough power. I plugged the battery into the charger (while still hooked up to the car) and the pseudo-diagnostic charger told me the battery needed replacement. I had it towed to my trusted saturn dealer, and they can't find anything wrong with it after the new battery. I've read many articles with the electronics system going crazy on these vehicles and am a little worried. I just find this hard to believe that I have never had a problem with the battery and it suddenly is completely dead. Is anyone aware of anything that would suddenly fry the battery? or other ideas?
  • bdunhambdunham Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    Just looking for maybe a common problem with these 2006 3.0 Vue's. I had my daughters car towed to my house, I have a no crank situation, the battery is at 12 volts on a hand held meter. When you turn the key to the crank position you can smell something burning quickly, I would suspect a starter but I've never smelt one burn this fast or bad, I tapped on it with a hammer hoping to free it up, no luck. Planing on taking off work tomorrow to re-ck. Any thoughts?
  • 03 Saturn vue will not start at very inopportune times. May be at a stop sign and engine will die. Battery is fine, as well as starter. However, I can spray starter fluid in breather and it always starts and might run fine for a day or two, then the same thing all over again. Have replaced fuel pump with no improvement. Need advise.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Which motor? V6 I bet

    I bet it always has this problem when the motor is hot and rarely if ever when the motor is cold 1st thing in the morning...if so, its likely that your crankshaft position sensor is shot. Its not too difficult if you're a DIY and not necessarily expensive if you have a mechanic do it as its easy to access.

    They also go bad on the 4 cyl but its much less common...same symptoms
  • Last month after months of noise that sounded like an airplane was following me on the highway, I need right rear wheel bearings cost $300. Now after smelling gas on and off outside the vue. Im told by my mechanic that I need a new gas tank. that the tank is leaking at the filler neck and seam :sick: The labor will be $195, with a choice of a new tank $475 or a used tank $175. Well I have to go with the used tank with my expense being $407 and my car will be ready Friday, 3 days from now. :cry: I have 74,850 miles on my vue all is great except for these expensive repairs. The plastic gas tank , is it bad to live in florida because of the heat
  • My final words... My yellow lemon Vue is and always was a HUNK of JUNK! I sent it back to the bank and no longer have to worry about it anymore. I read a whole bunch of these posts and the final outcome. I lost the transmission in mine. I just couldn't keep up with all the issues. It would probably be an okay car for a mechanic or someone who can do the work themselves but not for a lady who just has no time be grease monkying around! Good Luck with your issues.
  • I have a 2006 saturn vue with the same problems, the dash lights and gauges, headlights, remote door lock, basically everything that is wired through the passenger side fuse box. i like to start with the simple stuff. when i was checking the fuses and shook the fuse box when the fuse puller slipped off the fuse the power came back on to everything. i spent the next few months tappiing on the fuse box to get the power back on. when it happened at 80mph i decided to have it checked. the replaced the fuse box after finding a short. no problems since. dont waste your money on a new bcm.
  • feritoferito Posts: 1
    Hello. hope someone can help me about this issue I have with my Car, It try to start but not do it I saw gas indicator no move looks like any security issue is causing the problem.
    this problem start after in a morning when get home, before nigh my car was Ok, some mechanic say computer fail , an scanner indicate computer freeze. some thing like that. sorry for mi english. I hope my word be ok for understand, thanks in advance. :sick:
  • hi, got a 2hand 2006 vue from a dealer last week. thought it won't give me a headache but just 1 day ago, the battery drained. I phoned the dealer and informed to get it charged, i charge & it worked, now, some of the Instrument panels indicator (ABS & T/C) went lights ON and stays for a long time, I read the manual that once these happen, there's something wrong, & suggests for check up. I went to the dealer and he instructed me to do some trouble shooting techniques. Taking off the (+) cble fr the battery, turn d ignition on for 15 mins, turn off then replace the cable back to the battery & restart the engine. I don't know if this would work. Does any body has a similar problem? pls help me out with these. thanks
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Can you please email me directly? Feel free to include any information you have not in your message. I would like to discuss your situation further. I look forward to your message.
    GM Customer Service
  • monicapamonicapa Posts: 3
    Won't start - no lights - not even a security indicator (hoping that was the problem) - won't even turn over at all. Just put a new battery in yesterday, drove it home just fine, woke up this morning started just fine, drove to the gas station filled the tank -- got back in to start -- DEAD! Had to put it in neutral and pushed it into a parking spot. It's still at the gas station right now since it's a holiday weekend. So frustrated, any help or ideas would be soooo appreciated.
  • kizerskizers Posts: 3
    Last week, my odometer jumped from 96.7K miles on Friday to 40K Saturday morning, ran fine, started right up. Saturday afternoon I had 155K miles and my car would not start. Sunday morning, it started fine and we went and replaced the battery. Ever since then my odometer is still at 155K, my gas gauge randomly works, my security system light is on and my horn randomly honks as I am driving, my airbag light has not gone off and my tempature gauge moves to hot speratically and other lights randomly come on. I had it checked at the auto parts on the hand held computer and it is not registering anything wrong. Other than that it always starts right up and drives great. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    edited June 2011
    There's something going wrong with your Body Control Module - often called the BCM. It controls things like the gauges and the odometer. One of 2 issues:

    1. The BCM grounds are corroded and need to be cleaned (not likely but worth mentioning)

    2. The BCM needs to be replaced - its a dealer only repair as it has to be programmed by them when it is replaced. Its about a $ 700.00 repair at your local Saturn Authorized Service Center.

    Good Luck...
  • kizerskizers Posts: 3
    Thank you for you help with this. I guess I am going to get rid of my Saturn. Last year, I spent $1400.00 for the catalytic converters and in 2008 $800. for the Fuel pumps and fuel filter. I am tired off putting out a lot of money on it.

    But I do appreciate your help!
  • kizerskizers Posts: 3
    When I had the the sound of the airplane in the back of my 2003 Saturn Vue it was the Fuel pumps, I had to replace both and did the Fuel filter why they were in there anyway.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Here's a hint...when you go to trade it in, the day before, disconnect the battery for about 30 minutes and then reconnect it. It seems that when your BCM is on the way out, taking power off and then restoring 30 minutes later will reset it and it will work normally for a while. Hopefully just long enough for the dealer to make you an offer for it.

    Best of Luck! :shades:
  • Before you take any suggestions via the internet check with a factory trained technician.

    Any person with some mechanical or electrical skills can reset the Vue computer module.

    Generally speaking removing the battery ground for one minute should
    reset the module.

    There is a problem doing what seems to be a "fix". The modules have a volatile memory. Once the vehicle battery is disconnected all error codes are cleared out.

    Once you do this a certified technician can not reproduce the error codes.
    In my case our 2006 Vue three years ago would randomly refuse to restart.
    There was no warnings.

    I left it at a Saturn dealer for on week and suggested the service manager drive it home. He could never duplicate the problem.

    After that I experienced the same problem several times. I carried the tools necessary to remove the battery cover and it's ground cable.

    Like magic the vehicle has not refused to start for the last 2.5 years. I seriously doubt that I inadvertently cleaned a bad electrical connection.

    I dislike to guess what caused this very annoying problem to happen. It appears as a software glitch. The service manager updated the modules
    software. I can not say or prove that was the problem

    Our Vue has served us faithfully for five years with one problem. Perhaps the key to it's reliability is that it always has been service at a Saturn dealer. I recently was offer as much as we paid for the Vue in trade in on a new car. I decline to part with a car that looks and drives like it did the day we picked it up from the Saturn dealer.

    Any vehicle can have problems. Most come from poor maintaince and bad driving habits. All we all know Saturn vehicles are no longer built. There are around 300 in the town we live in. Most are on the road daily. I was extremely surprised to see how well they keep their value.
  • addidas40addidas40 Posts: 14
    My situation is the same as many others who have posted. I purchased a 2003 Saturn Vue NEW. My Vue had 86,013 miles on it when we noticed that it was having trouble shifting gears. On May 31, 2001 on our way home on the highway it started making a loud screeching noise and would not go over 10 miles. When we took it in to have it serviced at the dealership we were told that the VTi transmission was out and that this was a common problem with this type of transmission. The only thing that Saturn offered was to pay half of the total amount of $6000.00 to have it repaired. We do not have $3000.00 for a car repair plus I am very leery about putting $3000.00 into my car. We contacted three other places to see about getting a transmission and were told that the VTi transmissions could not be rebuilt because they would malfunction again and again. This seemed to be a well known problem among the mechanics I contacted. A different transmission would have to be put in. We were also told that we could trade in the Saturn for $5000.00 but we would have to buy a new GM car. Why would I want to buy another GM vehicle when they show no accountability in the handling the defects for the Vti transmission? Saturn is currently in a lawsuit over the Vti transmissions. I was transferred to the legal dept when I contacted Saturn about the problem to a woman who was no help. Prior to this we had electrical problems with the BCM three years after we purchased it and had to have it replaced. The car would not start sometimes, the horn kept going off, the lights would flicker and unhooking the battery was only a temporary solution. Here are some resources below for those of you in the same situation. GM will not do anything that is not beneficial to them. They hike the price of the dealer repairing the transmission by 100% (about $6000.00) so that it will look like they are paying half. They also expect for you to invest more money in GM to buy a new vehicle before they give you the $5000.00 trade in value.
    You can file complaints with:
    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

    Better Business Bureau

    Post your problem for the VTi transmission on forum boards

    Tweet and Facebook your experience on the GM pages

    Write your local politicians
    Congressmen, local officials and attorney general you can find your local officials at c-span. You may have to Google your state and attorney general separately to find out who that is.

    Last but not least you can write the CEO of GM
    Mr. Daniel Akerson
    CEO GM
    300 Renaissance Center
    Detroit, MI 48265
  • Earlier this year my 3-year old switched the lights on our view from "automatic" to "on"--the battery quickly ran down and after I jumped it the dashboard display was reset and unreadable--and it cost 600.00 to replace (of course we'd just gone over our 36,000 mile warranty).

    This morning I went to start the car and it's completely dead. The key is now stuck in the ignition and the car is stuck in park; I see no way to remove the key or move the shift lever, and I'm stuck in our driveway with no access for another car to give me a jump. I love driving this car but wow--I have a Toyota with 120,000 miles on it that has never had a major repair. This thing now strikes me as incredibly unreliable. How the heck do I get it in neutral at least?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    I apologize for the problems you are experiencing with your vehicle. Were you planning on taking the vehicle to the dealership? Please keep me posted.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • kingcatkingcat Posts: 13
    You should feel lucky your three year old did not start the car.

    I strongly suggest taking your Vue to a qualifyed repair shop and never let a three year old play with knobs or switches in any vehicle. :sick:
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