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Mitsubishi Montero Maintenance and Repair



  • I don't want to sound stupid but my 1997 montero sport wont start after two years. I have a good spark from my spark plugs and a good battery (new). any ideas on how to fix it?
  • can i replace my spark plugs with out going to the shop and has any one thryed to replace the intake manifold be for I know that there has to be some thing better then what is on there
  • My 2001 Montero Sport has recentaly been raddeling in the front by the fan. Its getting louder and louder everyday and gets even louder when in drive. Any idea on what it could be??Also when switching to drive or reverse a loud grinding noise occurs when shifting into those gears. Any idea what the loud noise could be?
  • How many miles are on it?

    Rattling noise - sounds like you need to open the hood a take a peek.

    Grinding noise - transmission problems, a fluid change might fix it, but I doubt it. Any transmission shop will usually provide you with a free estimate after they test drive it.
  • There is 110,000 Miles on it, it sounds like the rattlings coming from behind the fan and in front of the belt, i dont know what it is, yah from time to time the transmission will slip going in to 3rd or 2nd gear.
  • That noise could be anything from an empty beer can to a fraying belt :) Maybe the mechanic could take a look at that while he is diagnosing your transmission. Good luck.
  • avieraaviera Posts: 2
    Howdy, I am currently having the same problem with the outside mirrors. I like to check the fuse boxes but not sure which box has the bad fuse (engine or passenger compartment), did you ever resolve your problem? was it the fuse? which box? which fuse? - Thanks - All Thumbs
  • I had the dealer look at it. they replaced the fuse but I don't know which one.
  • i have blown the speaker in the front passenger door of my 2001 Montero - Ltd. I think by taking the door panel off I can gain access to the speaker. This is the small speaker at the top of the door at the window post. Problem is I do not see how to take the panel off. There are what appear to be two screw covers in the top half of the door panel. I assume i can pop those off (are they replaceable or will i have to buy new?) and then unscrew the two screws. Is that all that is holding the panel in place? Does anyone else know what i will encounter on my way to remove the speaker?

    can anyone recommend a repair manual that will show how to do "simple" task such as this?
  • You can purchase a Haynes Auto Repair Manual from most any auto parts store. It will provide you with the info that you're looking for. They typically cost around $20. Also, consider purchasing the speakers from Crutchfield. They will include a detailed graphic and instructions with your purhchase.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    The body repair stuff I've found online hasn't been all that good, but you may want to check anyway, since a lot of it is free (I haven't looked for Mitsubishi info).

    Online Repair Manuals
  • Just to let everyone know - 6731 is NOT a standard code, at least not for a 2001 Montero LTD - trust me! :cry: I have one more false code to go before locking it up, for the second time.

    I can verify that by leaving the radio on while running around town the radio will go from Lock to Code mode. Just dont try to turn down the volume on the radio if you are playing your tunes through an ipod w/speakers - your kids will laugh at you.
  • I read the manual and started looking at the fuses underneath the driver side (steering wheel side), and sure enough I was able to locate the bad fuse (blue in color "10". It was easy to pull (using the convienent tool enclosed in the fuse box) and examine the fuse that was bad. In addition to the "forceps" enclosed in the fuse box are several different size spare fuses to replace the bad fuses. It took me five minutes to examine the fuses and determine, just with a visual eye, the fuse that was bad. I'm curious to see what the dealership and/or mechanic would have charged me for labor and parts? I took the money saved and treated my wife and boy's to dinner!! :D
  • facianefaciane Posts: 1
    i have a 2002 montero sport LS ,when i come to a stop,or when i slow down
    it dies out on me,
    can someone tell me the problem with it ,an how to fix it myself

    P.S i have to hold the breaks down,an give it a little gas to keep it run'ing

  • gish498gish498 Posts: 1
    Hey i am just curious if u ever found out what the raddlin noise was that sounds like it is comin from the fan area i have almost the same problem except my stops when u rev the motor up. Any help would be awesome thanks.
  • This is my second 2001 Montero Limited and for the second time, I can not open my cargo door. The lever is stuck. has anyone else had this problem.
  • usairfousairfo Posts: 5
    I had the same problem a couple of winters ago. Sprayed WD40 onto the sides of the handle, worked it a few times and havent had any problems..
  • mrsformrsfor Posts: 6
    since i have experienced most of the same problems that are on this board (4wd, radio not working, etc... thanks for the info, btw!), i'll ask this as well.... does anyone have trouble with an extremely noisy undercarriage? my mechanic says it is the bushings, but it sounds like the underside of my car is going to fall apart (2002 montero sport ls) and it also squeaks, squeals, and rattles while driving down the road... any suggestions??? it's getting embarassing, but i don't want to have it in the shop for just bushings and have to take it back for something else.... thanks!!!
  • aidaraidar Posts: 1
    It happened that the Mitsubishi Montero had been running on the same oil for about 25 k miles :( further, the oil was replaced and nothing seems to be wrong with the car now - what potentialy could come out of that - what might I'll have to replace in the future because of that irresponsible exploitation? Also are the pics of the engine crossections in the internet?
  • tminettitminetti Posts: 1
    I had my serivce engine light come on, I had auto zone plug in their tool and it gave me a reading that said the crankshaft sensor was going out, then I called some repair shops and they said that I should get my timing belt replace with it, is this true, or are they just trying to get me to spend more money?
  • qp68qp68 Posts: 1
    2001 Montero Sport
    Intermittent starting problem. Electrical problem?

    Car won't start.
    Sometimes turning key from "off" to "on" position nothing happens. No lights, bells, etc ...

    Sometimes turning key from "off" to "on" everything is OK. I get lights, bells, etc ... But, when turning to the "start" position all lights go off and no sounds. No starter clicking or anything.

    If I fiddle with the battery cables. Wiggle them, take them off and put them back on again. It will start. Not sure if I have to consistently take them off to get a start.

    It will start again for about the next one to two hours. If I wait overnight it won't start. Have to mess with the cables again.

    Battery and alternator have been tested at Autozone. Battery retested at Sears. Everything OK.

    Any ideas. I am afraid this is going to cost a lot more money.

    Took it to a shop and it wouldn't happen for them. But, that was when it was working more than not. And now it is more not.

    Idiots confession - after reading some on the web I thought it had to be an ignition switch problem. Guy at the shop wasn't sure but, I told him to go ahead and replace it since it was my wife's car. I guessed incorrectly ... $250.

    Have done some searching but, have not found this problem described online.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Intermitant stuff is always tuff. From what you have said in your post, it sounds like a malfunctioning alarm or burned out fusible link. Here is what you can do to figure it out and not be inconvienanced.

    On your starter there is a small wire conected to the solinoid. This wire powers your starter to start. This power comes from your switch through an alarm if you have one, to a relay, through a harness down to the starter. If you can connect a cheep remote starter switch to it and a visible 12v light wired in. The next time it doesn't start, see if the light lights ups when you turn the key. If it doesn't, its something interfering with the power going down to your starter. Then to get on your way, hit the remote starter switch with the key in the run position. If this light does light up when you try and crank it, and it doesn't crank. Bad starter most likely or not enough voltage to that wire, only enough to light up the light. If it will start now with the remote starter switch, then you deffinitely have something interfering with the proper voltage of about 12 volt + or - about a half volt.
  • Hey I own a 2002 Montero Sport with 335,000 miles. :) I am the original owner. Original tranny and engine, no overhaul or major component replacements. The vehicle runs like a champ with plenty of power and only rarely smokes when it idles for a long time. However here recently I have been going through alternators like crazy. I have changed it about 5 times in the last year and a half. :cry: This past time I noticed when I changed it and then drove it at night that the headlights pulse and flicker bright and then dim. It even does it at highway speeds. It looks like a police car when they fllicker. I have checked all the connections and the parts place tested the alternator and battery and both are good. Has anyone else experienced this? If so what did you do or does anyone have a suggestion as to what could be wrong. I need some help.....Thanks.
  • Sounds like the internal regulator is having difficulty charging the system. Check for coroded battery ends, and or resistance in the B terminal wire. The B terminal is the big fat wire on the back of the alternater that leads to the battery. Loose cable ends will also cause this. Also make sure the alternator is grounded real good. Montero's are weird about grounds on the engine. Sometimes a ground wire will come loose or get removed by mistake. Think of your problem as the alternater having difficulty forcing current through the system. Something is loose or a bad connection somewhere.
  • bigrob3bigrob3 Posts: 1
    I replaced the dealer plugs on my 01 Montero LTD with NGK Iridium plugs, and following the advise of a shop technician, poured an entire can of Sea Foam in the tank. My truck began smoking like crazy, sputtering an eventually shut off. Will not turn over. And ideas anyone???? :-)
  • ocmonteroocmontero Posts: 10
    Hi everyone. I am new to this forum. It looks like I need an expert opinion. Recently I did a complete tune up and also changed the radiator, water pump, thermostat, belts etc on my vehicle at about 79k. Everything seems to be fine except that when I am stuck in traffic for extended periods of time, the fan mounted on the front of radiator seems like it doesn't kick in. If I turn the AC this will start just fine, but I guess after a while will quit working and I can see my temperature gauge going above it's normal operating level.
    I don't quite know what may be the cause, and what will take to fix it??? Your opinion will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!!
  • mikevegas06mikevegas06 Posts: 272
    Hmm. The new thermostat could be faulty or maybe you kinked a wire (for the fan) while swapping out the radiator. How's your coolant level? Since you changed it too, it typically needs to be topped off one more time after the engine has reached operating temperature a few times. One last thing, how far above the normal opeating range is the temperature gauge reaching? Good luck.
  • ocmonteroocmontero Posts: 10
    Thanks for your answer. The funny part is that if I turn ON the AC it will work just fine. The fan (in question) in front of the radiator will kick in and work fine, but I guess sometimes it doesn't start when engine idles and AC is turned on. Yesterday I was in a parking structure and the needle went close to 3/4 up on (not on red) and the fan did not started. I was wondering if it is the fan relay on the fuse box or if it has a thermo-switch...? A little lost here...
  • mikevegas06mikevegas06 Posts: 272
    I think you're on to something. Seems like it's gotta be the switch. Also, Autozone and Advance Auto have very useful troubleshooting tools on their websites. Check your owner's manual, it may have a diagram of the fuse, relay, and switch locations. Again, good luck with everything.
  • Hello to the forum...I have a 2002 Montero Limited 101,000 miles. For the past six months my temperature guage has been running hot...sometimes it will bounce up and down, but for the most part it goes straight to Hot after running for only about 5 minutes. The dealership has tried everything...they replaced the T-Stat and temp gauge sending unit twice, and the thermostat. The engine isn't overheating. The last time they looked at it, they found a small crack on the circuit board that controls the gauges, so they suggested replacing the board. It is currently on order...

    It's been in the shop 6 times to troubleshoot..anyone else have this sort of problem and can give me some advice?

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