Nissan Murano Power Seat Problem

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I've been having a problem with the power Driver's seat in my '03 Nissan Murano. It is loose and shifts side to side when I turn corners. I contacted my dealer and they said that the Lifter Link Slide Assembly was broken and would need to be replaced at the tune of $600. There is a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) out on this exact problem. Since my vehicle is out of warranty, Nissan North America has refused to fix it and therefore, own up to this safety issue. I would hate to see what would happen during a crash. I filed a complaint with the NHTSA. If you have had this same thing happen with your Nissan power seat, please file a complaint with them.



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    I heard about the breaking of the driver seat, it just happened to me on my 2005 Nissan Murano.
    First the seat would be lose like excessive movement for some time, then all of the sudden it will eventually break.
    I am about 250 ponds and that dose not seam to be excessive enough to break the back bottom cross bar under the drivers seat. (I'm sure this is a expensive repair)
    This was very dangerous and scary for someone who is unsuspecting of this issue.
    Everyone and anyone who has experience this problem or know any information about this,please file with
    Thank you 03muranosl for posting that information.
    Thanks for reading.
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    I too have a 2003 Nissan Murano with 53k miles. I am experiencing the same problems as mentioned by 03Murano. I had the lifter link assembly replaced under warranty in February 2006 under service bulletin TSB#B05-43A. (Lifter Link Assembly - part # 87454-CA61A). This part never really corrected the problem - you could feel the seat move upon acceleration and kept getting worse. January 2008 was told by Nissan Dealer that I needed Part # 87450-CA68A (adjuster Assy-F) to the tune of 650.00 and another 250.00 in labor. I showed them my invoice where it was repaired under warranty before and they informed me this was an entirely different problem. They said the bracket is broken.

    I will report this because if you are ever in accident I'm not sure the seat is secure
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    Interesting. I experienced the same problem on my 05 Murano, just over 36K miles.
    when I asked about the cost for repair and what was involved, parts and labor are approx. $1,000. Incredible. They said I need to replace the entire seat bottom assembly (I weigh 200lbs). Said the assembly just comes apart and is not repairable. I asked the service guy at the dealer ship if this was a common problem, said they'd fixed 4 in recent months. He told me even with an extended warranty, this still would not be covered. With this kind of service, I think this will be my last Nissan product. Very disappointed.
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    I just returned from my local Nissan dealership having had my 2005 Murano undergo a repair for the same issue you all are discussing. Part number 87450-CA684 was the "offending" part per my invoice. Specifically, my driver's seat was not loose, but all of a sudden would not slide forward on the right side thereby creating a grinding noise and a slight and unnatural swivel of the seat to the left. All other power seat features were operating fine. I asked the service manager what would cause this and he said he didn't know, but they had seen 5 such incidents in the past 2 months. Fortunately, my repair was covered under my extended warranty sans a $50 deductible. But, consistent with all these postings, the service manager indicated this is typically a $700 repair. While I accept that things break, I, too, am disappointed, but now very concerned after reading this information and seeing a highly consistent issue. I think I will share this with my Nissan dealership.
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    While driving down the highway i hear a click and felt a snap in the lower left side of the drivers seat. This was strike three (after the airbag light came on at 50K and the driver side sun visor falling from up to down with no in between). So off to the dealer i go (no extended warranty).

    Dealer Diagnosis: (and a no thank you)
    1- Driver seat...broken track $600 part $200 labor. :lemon:
    2- Airbag light...needs new "module" $800part $200 labor. :lemon:
    3. Visor....$300 part $75 labor. :lemon:

    Personal Diagnosis:
    1-The power driver seat has a "weak link". It's not a "track" it's a bracket (see post #3) that was not designed strong enough and eventually shears off at two points...I've got the pictures to prove it. I'm going to see if i can get it welded back together by my mechanic. Taking the seat out is fairly easy. And a small weld job should be fairly inexpensive.

    2. The airbag module can be sent to a company in Texas to have it "reset" for $50 to $100, instead of replacement for $1,000. It's tricky to get to (and that's where the dealers get you) but easy to remove once you get to it. This is for the mechanically inclined but is doable if your time is worth less than $100-200 per hour.

    3. The visor i haven't figured out yet.

    This is a great car to drive...if you don't mind spending lot's of extra money to keep it healthy.

    Note: Transmission service needs to be done at the dealer $300 every 30K. The spark plugs are not for the weekend mechanic another $200-300.

    Nissan...has lost my business.

    I also went to the NHTSA and filed a complaint.
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    I have an 05 Murano and I had the same problem last year, when my seat broke while driving the car so I took it the the nissan dealer and get it fix, since my warranty was over I endup paying close to $1000 for replacement, and last month the seat broke again, this time I will have to take some action,abviously it is a real safety problem that need to taking care of
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    I just had this happen to me today. My seat started to lean to the left and while driving broke. Now I have to fugure out how to fix it since my car isn't under warranty.

    Any suggestions?
  • skyslateskyslate Member Posts: 7
    like others on this site, a 2005 Nissan Murano and the support linkage for the power seat has broke . It lists to the left. As far as I can tell, it is a break in the connection of the back support. Power features work fine. Sounds like Nissan has a design problem. ;);)
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    I have a 2003 Nissan Murano SE and have just experienced this issue as well. Driver's side power seat just started to tilt to one side, and also forward. It is loose and will tilt forward/backward when I decelerate/accelerate or get in/out of the vehicle. I'm not very pleased to hear that this is a common issue and that Nissan hasn't done anything about this yet. I filed a complaint on the nhtsa site also. I'm calling the dealership tomorrow AM. I have an extended warranty, but it doesn't look like this is covered. I am NOT going to pay $1000.00 to get it fixed!
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    I have repaired this condition on several of these cars. I took the bottom seat bracket off and welded the broken frame. After welding this bracket the seat frame is stronger than when they come from the factory. You are able to weld it on both sides of the break. If you can find someone to do this it will save you a bunch of money. The toughest part of getting the seat bracket from the seat is all the wire clips. I also fixed the problem with power seat moving on one side, but not the other. This is because of a stripped nylon gear. I replaced it with a metal gear that i made. Hope someone can help you out.
  • jim4004jim4004 Member Posts: 5
    I experienced the same problem. Fortunately it was covered under my warranty. Mine occured shortly after I had my daughter drive the car (she had moved the seat forward). I drove the car with the seat a little further forward than usual and the bracket broke while I was driving it. After I had it replaced I tried to figure out how it could have broken. What kind of pressure would cause the bracket to sheet off. While I was putting my seat belt on, I noticed that my left foot was pushing hard on the firewall as I fastened the belt. I've moved my drivers seat back so that my left foot is not as likely to push the seat back as hard.

    The cost of the parts and labor was $205. Cost of moving the seat back, so it doesn't happen again...$0.
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    How do you find info on the stripped gear, my 2003 power seat pulls to one side, but the seat bracket is not broken. Looking for a way to do the gear repair. Any help or guidance greatly appreciated.
  • sparkz08sparkz08 Member Posts: 3
    skippy, are you local to the Philly area? If so, you have another customer for that seat welding. I have a 2004 Nissan Murano with 43k miles, a Gold Preferred warranty, a broken seat, and a hefty estimate from Nissan service. I can see the broken connection under the left rear of the seat. I can't believe this is not covered under warranty.

    How much should one expect to pay to have this fixed with a welding? Does the average autobody shop do this sort of thing or should I look elsewhere?

  • ewgcrg2002ewgcrg2002 Member Posts: 1

    You stated that you made a metal gear due to the stripped nylon gear. Do you have the specs or are you willing to make one for me?

    Thanks - I have a stripped gear right now. Nissan will not see the gear only - you have to buy the whole seat assesbly ($800). Junk yards are also not receptive to selling just the gear, either.
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    I have a 2003 Nissan Murano SL with Power Heated Seats, and I have been experiencing a similar problem with the driver's seat pulling/twisting to the left when the seat is moved forward. I am in Tampa, FL and hesistant to take it to the dealership at this point. I stopped by the dealership to tell my service advisor of the problem and he said they can look at it for $92 (one hour labor), and then apply that towards the cost of the repair. He dodged the question when I asked him if he has seen this before, but then turns around and tells me he'll apply the labor towards the cost of the repair... what a crock!!! I found an auto upholstery shop that said if I can find the seat assembly from a salvage store he can change it out. I am in the process of looking for a seat assembly now. I will post further info when I find out more. Please let me know of any other relevant info I should know about. Thanks, EJP
  • jim4004jim4004 Member Posts: 5
    It was covered on my gold plan coverage with a $50 deductible. It's very common. There is a post from a guy that had it welded on here as well. What I found is that because of the bump in the flooring on the left side of the driver's foot area, I push back on the seat harder when I climb into the car and fasten my seat belt. I moved my seat back a bit further, and moved the peddels closer to the seat to compensate after fixing it.
  • ejpenvoseejpenvose Member Posts: 2
    That's good for you; however I am out of warranty and do not have the gold plan. Thanks for the tip!
  • skyslateskyslate Member Posts: 7
    You can order the replacement lifter assembly on line for around $480 (Phoenix Nissan) and the local shop charged me $60 to install
  • 03muranosl03muranosl Member Posts: 2
    A representative of the NHTSA contacted me last week asking questions about the failure. I sent them all the information I had on it. Seems like they are finally looking into the issue.

  • jim4004jim4004 Member Posts: 5
    Glad to hear. I don't think I've ever seen a car seat break loose during normal usage. I haven't seen one break loose even for accidents. It seems like it's a big safety risk. I hope Nissan recalls it. I know the shop in my area (Burnsville, MN) has seen quite a few.
  • shortguyshortguy Member Posts: 8
    I just returned from my dealership for the second broken seat frame on my '04 Murano! Had the first one replaced in January 07 at 49K. Now I have 67K Almost all interstate driving in Florida

    Nissan took care of the first repair with 'good will' This morning the request was declined. It is a $919.40 repair. I have since contacted NissanCustomer Service, as I too, believe that this is a design/manufacturing issue. Will keep you posted on the progress.

    Do you have a contact from NHTSB and a file number?
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    2003 owner checking in, my seat just exhibite this exact same issue as of last night.

    Luckily, I sit with the seat all the way back, but my wife can't drive it now without having the seat all jacked up.

    I would think this is a large enough safety issue to warrant a full recall and not just a TSB.
  • skyslateskyslate Member Posts: 7
    I strongly, strongly urge anyone that has had a problem with a MURANO seat to file a complaint with the NHTSB. They are starting an investigation. NISSAN NORTH has denied my claim three times. You can order the part on line for less than $500 and a local collosion shop can install for less than $100. It is a design problem. They have changed the part number
  • brentbbrentb Member Posts: 8
    The nylon gear that drives the right fore/aft track on my power seat stripped out last week as well. I'd also be interested in how to make a replacement gear. Does anyone have the dimensions and tooth profile details? We were able to remove the gear cover (3 screws) and manually turn the shaft with a ratch to put the seat in the proper position until we fix it.

    For everyone else who has power seats, you might want to consider turning off the automatic seat retraction when you get out of the car. It really isn't needed, and it increased the wear on this gear at least 2x. This might save others from an expensive repair.
  • sadogloversadoglover Member Posts: 4
    I have an '05 Murano with the stripped out drivers seat. How do I get in touch with NHTSB to register my complaint? $500 seems like a lot of money for a stripped out screw - but the dealer said we cannot order parts, only the whole new assembly.
  • trs05muranotrs05murano Member Posts: 1
    I am having the same frustrating issue with my 05 Murano. I took your advice and filed a complaint with NHTSB. I also called Nissan NA and they are "supposed " to get back with me by the end of the day tomorrow - we shall see! Meanwhile, I am trying to find a welder to fix the issue at a cheaper rate than $900. Any word on your end from Nissan yet?
  • shortguyshortguy Member Posts: 8
    Nissan took care of my issue

    With an 05, you should still be close enough to your warranty that they should accomodate you. . Talk to your Service MANAGER - not the writer. Ask them for the Zone Rep's name and number. The Zone Rep for my area got back to me the day after I contacted him. He then called me back three days later with their decision, as he promised they would. I was very pleased that they did the right thing. Based on their service, I am seriously considering a new Rogue...Good luck to you...Explain that the seat frame is not like a mechancial part, that could be anticiapted or expected to wear out. It's obviously a design defect, that they should be repsonsible for.
  • skyslateskyslate Member Posts: 7
    I followed all of the appeals process with NISSAN NA and was rejected flatly that the vehicle was out of warranty (3 times). They refer you finally to the mediator BBC but they only mediate warranty issues. I bought the frame assembly on line for $486 and the local body shop charged me $60 to change it out. They changed the part number and the new assembly appears to be a lot thicker. NISSAN may have saved some money but they lost a customer and anyone that will listen to me. The NSTB did contact me about the issue. I have not heard anything in two months.
    Great vehcile otherwise, still one of the best looking ones on the road
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    I experienced the same problem as many describe in this forum. My driver's seat suddenly became more like a rocking chair. When I accelerate I tilt backward letting my foot come slightly off the pedal. The resulting hesitation of the vehicle makes me rock forward causing my foot to then hit the pedal and lurch the vehicle forward! When I brought it to my dealer, I figured it would be a minor part and thus a minor repair. Wrong. The technician says it's the whole seat frame and the repair is $800 plus. Nissan Regional told them they could offer me $300 toward the repair. When I said that was not acceptable, I was referred to Nissan Regional. After explaining this is a design flaw and should be Nissan's responsibility, I played 2 days of phone tag and then had to leave several messages before finally getting a return call advising Nissan would not do any more. Further, she explained she had spoken to me about this matter 2 days prior and didn't know why I had called back! I have no idea who she spoke to! This is a design problem and safety issue, and Nissan should take responsibility. Hopefully, no one has to get seriously injured before Nissan is made to face up to this issue. Post your experiences to NHTSA's site so pressure can be exerted on Nissan to do the right thing.
  • masettlemasettle Member Posts: 2
    I just had mine replaced at the dealership which luckilly was covered under extended warranty. Did you happen to notice if your seat sat higher than before and also didn't slide back as far? It is very noticeable and I am going to see if any adjustments can be made.
  • skyslateskyslate Member Posts: 7
    now that you mention it, it does not go back as far as it did. Could have been part of the original design , the further back you go, the more of a torque would have been on the hinge point. It is okay, I am 6' 3" and still have adequate leg room.
  • eric_leric_l Member Posts: 7
    My 2003 Murano drivers seat was repaired under warranty in 2005 for the rocking symptom. Three years later, the bracket on the seat frame broke again, and this time the dealer charged $939 to repair it. When I asked them whether it was the same parts that failed, they said no. Turns out that was not true. In 2005, the dealership followed the TSB for the seat repair which involved replacing two parts - 87458-AR06A (lifter link assembly) and 87454-CA61A (lift motor). Now, those two parts have been combined into one part number - 87450-CA68A. Actually, the most recent part is 87450-CA68B (I guess B suggests a revision). In either case, the dealer argued that since its a different part number, its a different part. Its actually the same thing.

    I filed a complaint with NNA consumer affairs and they denied any warranty assistance even though the issue originally manifested during the warranty period.

    What is quite clear is that the drivers seat issue is a very common one. A search of NHTSA reveals hundreds of cases where the seat has failed on 2003-2006 Muranos. also has a long running thread on the failure.

    I urge everyone who has had a seat failure to file a report with NHTSA - its the only way to protect yourself if the part fails again, and you have to pay ~$1000 to repair it like me.
  • allismurano05allismurano05 Member Posts: 5
    Hey people,

    I just experienced the same problem with my 2005 Murano and i would like any suggestions possible on how I should go about trying to get this problem repaired. after reading all of these posts it seems like this may be a very big problem. Does anyone have any pointers on what i should say or do in this instance? :sick: Does anyone have a contact for NHTSA & file number?
  • shortguyshortguy Member Posts: 8
    Try this link.

    here's another clue - if by chance you have a new congressman - link there office to this issue.....
  • masettlemasettle Member Posts: 2
    As I said in an earlier post, my seat was fixed by the dealer under my extended warranty and I noticed that it sat higher then normal. After talking with the parts manager, he said that the new part comes with all 5 seat motors instead of the 2 that I am wired for. I watched the technician hook up a car battery with two wires to each motor to adjust the seat height to my liking. Just a heads up if you get yours fixed with the new part and notice the seat in a different position.

    For those of you out of warranty, I suggest getting it welded. The weld that connects the bar to the seat frame is what breaks.
  • ajdesantolaajdesantola Member Posts: 1
    I am desperate for some help!!!! just yesterday my drivers side seat busted for the third time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the first time it broke they repaired it the second time they told me I would hvae to pay over 600 bucks for the part plus installation! I had the seat taken apart and they took the frame out welded it back together and now 4 months later i find myself back to another broken seat!!!!!!!!!!

    If there is anyone who could help me resolve this issue i would greatly appreciate it! I never thought I would have this kind of issue with this vehicle! nissans response to an obvious design flaw is utterly irresponsible
  • jim4004jim4004 Member Posts: 5
    I broke my seat after my daughter had adjusted the seat forward. What I didn't realize is that I was putting enormous pressure on the seat when I was climbing in the car, and when I was putting my seat belt on. If you don't believe me, put a tennis ball on the back part of the seat, and climb in the car. Move the seat back, and don't put your foot on that part of the floor (the bump where the wheel well is). Also, if you're inclined to do your own chiropractic adjustments (no kidding some guys do) while sitting in the car; wait till you get home.

    Granted the seats should handle this, but this is a stop gap solution for those that don't like taking the seat in every few months.
  • Pissed_06OwnerPissed_06Owner Member Posts: 2
    Well yesterday I sat on my driver's seat and heard a popping sound. I immediately noticed the seat started rocking. I couldn't believe my seat broke. I came on the web to find out how much a repair would cost and came across this site. Like all of you, I bought a Nissan for it's quality and can't believe they are doing nothing about it.

    Some of you mentioned that you can just buy the frame without replacing the whole seat. If you do this, did you repair it yourself, or did you take it to a professional? If I buy the frame, what part do I order?
  • sparkz08sparkz08 Member Posts: 3
    My 2004 Nissan Murano driver's seat frame broke earlier this year under normal operating conditions. I wrote a letter to Nissan expressing my disappointment in the quality of their product and the tremendous expense to repair ($675-800), depending on the markup on the part. After some back and forth with a Nissan North America Customer Service Rep, they agreed to reimburse my repair expenses. I received the check in the mail yesterday. Though the experience was disappointing, the reimbursement earns my confidence in Nissan's commitment to customer satisfaction -- though you do have to ask for it.
  • jerseyshawnjerseyshawn Member Posts: 2
    hey sparkz, did you get yours resolved? I'm in the Philly area too & this just happened to me. Like everyone else, I'd rather not give Nissan $1K when a welder or some other clever person can fix for a nominal costs.
  • jerseyshawnjerseyshawn Member Posts: 2
    Ah yeah, You have any good direct contacts you'd be willing to pass along?
  • leadsinger51leadsinger51 Member Posts: 1
    Bought this car from Carmax with approx 10,000 miles on it. Noticed that the drivers seat leaned slightly to the left...seemed a bit strange. At 20,000 miles, it seemed to be leaning a bit more. At approx 25,000 miles, the seat broke at freeway speed and flopped around dangerously; fortunate to have avoided a bad accident. I made a temporary block of 3 small 2x4s taped together and placed this under the left side and lowered the electric seat firmly onto the problem as a solid interim fix. Took the car to Carmax who ordered a replacement seat support bracket. Had to leave the car for 2 days once the part arrived as it took the mechanics quite a bit of time. Carmax charged its warranty for in excess of $1,000 for the repair. I paid only the deductible of approx $50 that covered replacement of the seat bracket as well as an electric door lock that had also broken. I'm approx. 185 pounds; I had suspected that the former owner was a heavyweight...however from the many similar stories of other Murano owners, maybe obese drivers isn't the problem???
  • allismurano05allismurano05 Member Posts: 5
    Leadsinger I don't think the weight of the driver should be an issue. Is that what Nissan is saying?
  • allismurano05allismurano05 Member Posts: 5
    we should all file a conplaint. With this link shortguy possted.............
  • jdt1227jdt1227 Member Posts: 1
    A very similar thing just happened to me. I contact the Nissan office to see if they would honor a goodwill to fix the problem and they declined. I contacted the National Safety Transportation division and put in an complaint there was about 30 more complaints there. She said if they get enough complaint it will demand a recall but the problem is people are not complaining to the right people. Please complain to: or Please let's make them pay....
  • sadogloversadoglover Member Posts: 4
    I have posted a complaint with NHTSA on their web site a couple months back. Just spoke with Nissan directly and escalated to their zone rep who stated their 3 year 36,000 mile warranty is it - no goodwill if you are outside that. My dealer quoted over $700 for the part and $130 for labor. This is outrageous! How can they choose to help some people but not others? This looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen!
  • shortguyshortguy Member Posts: 8
    How else are we supposed to climb into the car? Who ever heard of a seat frame breaking from normal wear and tear? Nissan might have a case for a morbidly obese person, but it would be interesting to find out what weight they designed the seat frame to support. This is simply a design flaw, and they should admit it and send out the recall notice.

    I have sent the link to this town hall discussion to the Automotive columnist in our local newspaper. You should do the same. You should also try calling your local TV 'consumer warriors' February is sweeps period, they are always looking for these kinds of stories - big corporations and no customer service. The more bad publicity we can get Nissan, the better chance we have of getting the issue addressed and properly administered.
  • jjjake01jjjake01 Member Posts: 1

    What's the number and city of your dealer?

    Mine's charging $850 for the part and $420 for labor!
  • jim4004jim4004 Member Posts: 5
    I agree that it's a poor design. I'm only trying to help those who would like to avoid the same failure and hastles. I have filed complaints as well.
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