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Nissan Murano Power Seat Problem



  • now that you mention it, it does not go back as far as it did. Could have been part of the original design , the further back you go, the more of a torque would have been on the hinge point. It is okay, I am 6' 3" and still have adequate leg room.
  • My 2003 Murano drivers seat was repaired under warranty in 2005 for the rocking symptom. Three years later, the bracket on the seat frame broke again, and this time the dealer charged $939 to repair it. When I asked them whether it was the same parts that failed, they said no. Turns out that was not true. In 2005, the dealership followed the TSB for the seat repair which involved replacing two parts - 87458-AR06A (lifter link assembly) and 87454-CA61A (lift motor). Now, those two parts have been combined into one part number - 87450-CA68A. Actually, the most recent part is 87450-CA68B (I guess B suggests a revision). In either case, the dealer argued that since its a different part number, its a different part. Its actually the same thing.

    I filed a complaint with NNA consumer affairs and they denied any warranty assistance even though the issue originally manifested during the warranty period.

    What is quite clear is that the drivers seat issue is a very common one. A search of NHTSA reveals hundreds of cases where the seat has failed on 2003-2006 Muranos. also has a long running thread on the failure.

    I urge everyone who has had a seat failure to file a report with NHTSA - its the only way to protect yourself if the part fails again, and you have to pay ~$1000 to repair it like me.
  • Hey people,

    I just experienced the same problem with my 2005 Murano and i would like any suggestions possible on how I should go about trying to get this problem repaired. after reading all of these posts it seems like this may be a very big problem. Does anyone have any pointers on what i should say or do in this instance? :sick: Does anyone have a contact for NHTSA & file number?
  • Try this link.

    here's another clue - if by chance you have a new congressman - link there office to this issue.....
  • As I said in an earlier post, my seat was fixed by the dealer under my extended warranty and I noticed that it sat higher then normal. After talking with the parts manager, he said that the new part comes with all 5 seat motors instead of the 2 that I am wired for. I watched the technician hook up a car battery with two wires to each motor to adjust the seat height to my liking. Just a heads up if you get yours fixed with the new part and notice the seat in a different position.

    For those of you out of warranty, I suggest getting it welded. The weld that connects the bar to the seat frame is what breaks.
  • I am desperate for some help!!!! just yesterday my drivers side seat busted for the third time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the first time it broke they repaired it the second time they told me I would hvae to pay over 600 bucks for the part plus installation! I had the seat taken apart and they took the frame out welded it back together and now 4 months later i find myself back to another broken seat!!!!!!!!!!

    If there is anyone who could help me resolve this issue i would greatly appreciate it! I never thought I would have this kind of issue with this vehicle! nissans response to an obvious design flaw is utterly irresponsible
  • I broke my seat after my daughter had adjusted the seat forward. What I didn't realize is that I was putting enormous pressure on the seat when I was climbing in the car, and when I was putting my seat belt on. If you don't believe me, put a tennis ball on the back part of the seat, and climb in the car. Move the seat back, and don't put your foot on that part of the floor (the bump where the wheel well is). Also, if you're inclined to do your own chiropractic adjustments (no kidding some guys do) while sitting in the car; wait till you get home.

    Granted the seats should handle this, but this is a stop gap solution for those that don't like taking the seat in every few months.
  • Well yesterday I sat on my driver's seat and heard a popping sound. I immediately noticed the seat started rocking. I couldn't believe my seat broke. I came on the web to find out how much a repair would cost and came across this site. Like all of you, I bought a Nissan for it's quality and can't believe they are doing nothing about it.

    Some of you mentioned that you can just buy the frame without replacing the whole seat. If you do this, did you repair it yourself, or did you take it to a professional? If I buy the frame, what part do I order?
  • My 2004 Nissan Murano driver's seat frame broke earlier this year under normal operating conditions. I wrote a letter to Nissan expressing my disappointment in the quality of their product and the tremendous expense to repair ($675-800), depending on the markup on the part. After some back and forth with a Nissan North America Customer Service Rep, they agreed to reimburse my repair expenses. I received the check in the mail yesterday. Though the experience was disappointing, the reimbursement earns my confidence in Nissan's commitment to customer satisfaction -- though you do have to ask for it.
  • hey sparkz, did you get yours resolved? I'm in the Philly area too & this just happened to me. Like everyone else, I'd rather not give Nissan $1K when a welder or some other clever person can fix for a nominal costs.
  • Ah yeah, You have any good direct contacts you'd be willing to pass along?
  • Bought this car from Carmax with approx 10,000 miles on it. Noticed that the drivers seat leaned slightly to the left...seemed a bit strange. At 20,000 miles, it seemed to be leaning a bit more. At approx 25,000 miles, the seat broke at freeway speed and flopped around dangerously; fortunate to have avoided a bad accident. I made a temporary block of 3 small 2x4s taped together and placed this under the left side and lowered the electric seat firmly onto the problem as a solid interim fix. Took the car to Carmax who ordered a replacement seat support bracket. Had to leave the car for 2 days once the part arrived as it took the mechanics quite a bit of time. Carmax charged its warranty for in excess of $1,000 for the repair. I paid only the deductible of approx $50 that covered replacement of the seat bracket as well as an electric door lock that had also broken. I'm approx. 185 pounds; I had suspected that the former owner was a heavyweight...however from the many similar stories of other Murano owners, maybe obese drivers isn't the problem???
  • Leadsinger I don't think the weight of the driver should be an issue. Is that what Nissan is saying?
  • we should all file a conplaint. With this link shortguy possted.............
  • A very similar thing just happened to me. I contact the Nissan office to see if they would honor a goodwill to fix the problem and they declined. I contacted the National Safety Transportation division and put in an complaint there was about 30 more complaints there. She said if they get enough complaint it will demand a recall but the problem is people are not complaining to the right people. Please complain to: or Please let's make them pay....
  • I have posted a complaint with NHTSA on their web site a couple months back. Just spoke with Nissan directly and escalated to their zone rep who stated their 3 year 36,000 mile warranty is it - no goodwill if you are outside that. My dealer quoted over $700 for the part and $130 for labor. This is outrageous! How can they choose to help some people but not others? This looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen!
  • How else are we supposed to climb into the car? Who ever heard of a seat frame breaking from normal wear and tear? Nissan might have a case for a morbidly obese person, but it would be interesting to find out what weight they designed the seat frame to support. This is simply a design flaw, and they should admit it and send out the recall notice.

    I have sent the link to this town hall discussion to the Automotive columnist in our local newspaper. You should do the same. You should also try calling your local TV 'consumer warriors' February is sweeps period, they are always looking for these kinds of stories - big corporations and no customer service. The more bad publicity we can get Nissan, the better chance we have of getting the issue addressed and properly administered.
  • sadoglover

    What's the number and city of your dealer?

    Mine's charging $850 for the part and $420 for labor!
  • I agree that it's a poor design. I'm only trying to help those who would like to avoid the same failure and hastles. I have filed complaints as well.
  • I am in Central Florida.
  • I am responding back to my earlier post regarding my broken driver's seat. I got Nissan to pay for the repair, even though I was well pass warranty. First, I called Nissan North America Customer Service and got a file number. Then I took it to the Dealer and they determined it was a defect. My dealer contacted Customer Service and 48 hours later they agreed to pay for the repairs. My seat is now fixed. Here is the key: Prior to my seat breaking, I took my Murano to my local dealer for all service. I have 75,000 miles on it and have probably spent over $2,000 for routine maintenance, so I have a good track record with them. My dealer went to bat for me and my Nissan Customer Service person said that because I had a good track record with the Dealer they would cover the costs. I hope this information helps someone. Now, if I can get them to pay for my gas gauge needle that just went out. Oh well, I am happy about the seat for now.
  • I'm glad Nissan/your dealership took care of you.

    But, this will not be the norm for folks that do not have this service record with their dealership. The dealership and Nissan see you as a "very good" / "returning customer", and want to keep it that way. Someone who doesn't even have their dealership change their oil and/or only comes in for warranty work would be hard pressed to get the same outcome.
    Now if you buy a bunch of cars from that dealership you have leverage as well - regardless of your service history.

    It all comes down to the $$$ signs..

  • kevin71kevin71 Posts: 4
    Hi all
    I also have a broken drive seat. I just got it repair @ a welding shop. it took me about an hrs to take the seat apart.(4srew) and disconnect 4 wire to seat). cost for welding $40.00. putted back together the airbag light came on i just have to disconnect the battery for about an hrs to reset. if anyone need info to welder shot me an email..@ i am in maryland
  • kevin71kevin71 Posts: 4
    Try This, I got this from It worked for me.

    Since some of you guys here are new owners I thought I'd save you a trip to the dealer once you start modifing your armada's. I'm not sure what set's it off (other than pulling things apart) but at some point you will likely end up with a flashing airbag sensor light. Here is how to reset it yourself.

    1. Turn the key from off to on.

    2. Watch the airbag light closely. It will stay on for a few secs. and then as soon as it blinks off (the start of the flashing), turn the key off instantly.

    3. Count to 5 (1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi . . . .)

    4. Repeat steps 1-3 two more times until you have done the cycle three times.

    5. Now turn the key on and watch the light. It will start blinking in a different, slower manner. This is diagnostic mode. You can watch this for a little while, no hurry.

    6. Now turn the key off again, Count to 5 like in step 3 again, and turn back on. If the procedure worked, the airbag light will not be flashing.
  • dejureddejured Posts: 1
    I saw a posting re having the seat welded - so I called a mobile welder in yellow pages and he came out to my house and fixed it an hour for $80 - thanks to prior poster - saved me hundreds!!!!!!
  • hi dejured,

    What state are you in?
  • I've posted before about my broken power seat. Nissan customer service had already declined my request for a goodwill fix about 4 months ago. My '05 Murano was recently diagnosed with 2 broken engine mounts and a leaking power steering hose. Paid $511 to replace the hose but steaming that engine mounts were broken. Wrote a letter to Nissan USA describing all my problems with the car and requesting assistance for the engine mounts and power seat. Nissan contacted me and worked with the dealer to get my seat fixed - but not engine mounts. Still miffed about the mounts - 70K miles but car is 3.5 years old. The more expensive of the fixes was the seat and more of a safety issue - so that was repaired as goodwill by dealer.
  • shortguyshortguy Posts: 8
    Good for you!

    I finally had to give up and trade my Murano in - leaving Nissan behind for good. I too had 2 broken motor mounts, and a leaky oil cooler. The worst however was the transmission started 'slipping out of gear' It was a switch issue, because if I turned the car off and then on, everything was normal again - for an indeterminate, random amount of time. There is a thread for this issue as well. Minimum repair $2K - maximum new tranny at about $5K. I got $9500 in the trade. I hope that you all do not experience that problem. NITE NITE NISSAN!!
  • Update - I just had an independent mechanic look at my Murano. The engine mounts the dealership service mechanic said were broken are completely intact. No repairs needed! Beware of dealership service shops! I will never get my car services at a dealer again!
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