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    There is a way to get a grip on some measure of efficiency, mainly by attempting to measure the overall drag (aerodynamic + rolling resistance) on the car and looking for the minimum (the bucket). You can do this through a series of coast-down tests on a flat highway, basically by timing the velocity and/or distance every second or so. If someone knew how to interface with the vehicle speed sensor pickup, it would be very easy to acquire this sort of data with a laptop. You could then use Excel or a simple computer code to crunch the results. Hand measurements (speedo and stopwatch) might also work, but you'd have to deal with a little more uncertainty in the measurement, and the accuracy would not be as good.

    I've used this sort of approximation technique while teaching a freshman-level class in the mathematics of flight, and it really works. To keep things on a simple level, we use a lot of "ones" in the formula - 1 foot for distance increments, 1 second for time increments, etc. Makes the math simple, and the students like it. But the real kicker is seeing the approximation match exact theory almost perfectly.

    If somebody can get the data, I can crunch the numbers! In the spirit of Click & Clack, you can send your data to me on a new PowerBook G3 . . .

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    Maybe SPT will market those seats. That would be great. I'm sure they'd fit ALL models, too.

    I spoke to Dana today, and there was an issue with the chat overlapping with the CSG's chat. The room was double-booked and that's why she was there as a Moderator.

    We'll have our own session this Thursday from 9 to 10pm eastern time (6-7 pacific), so don't miss it. There is a link at the top of the Subaru Crew topics page.

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    Loosh, most rally tires are meant for gravel. I believe Michelin lists a whole bunch on their international site if you want to search around.

    Less expensive rally tires have a simple pattern and you cut additional grooves / remove blocks as needed. You can do this to a Michelin or Pirelli as well of course, but they make so many variants it may not be necessary.

    Ken-- I'm the one getting the clutch and I prefer to tear up tarmac instead of getting dirty. Easier to keep the shiny side up too. ;-)

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    We picked up our '01 outback last monday that has the upgrade alarm system. while i like having the alarm system, the activation/de-activation horn is a little loud, particularily since where it is parked is close to the neighbor's house. i followed the instructions in the manual about how to de-activate the horn when arming/disarming. the light on the remote blinked once after about 2 seconds but no matter how often i try, the horn still beeps when arming/disarming. does anyone know if it's even possible to de-activate the horn?
    thanks in advance.
    by the way, i have to say that my fiance and i absolutely love this car!
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    if I had anything constructive to say, I would post the first posting, but since I don't....

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    My '00 Legacy alarm horn sound is turned on/off by holding both buttons down on the key fob.

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    This is an OT (Off Topic) post about an IT (Informaton Technology) topic. I know it is waaaay off topic for a car group but I also know there are few nerds out there who might enjoy hearing about it.

    I have DSL! This is an amazing thing because of two reasons: 1) I don't even have access to cable TV on my rural stretch of road; 2) the local telco is Conestoga Telephone Company, a throwback to the pre-Ma Bell days that never got swallowed up and has remained a tiny, rural, independent phone company since just after they invented the blasted things. They apparently decided to reinvent themselves as a CLEC and are now in cahoots with local ISPs offering DSL to us hicks. I got 960K downstream and 128K upstream, the fastest offering available. They're using the Nortel system, which works over longer distances (up to 4 miles) but doesn't deliver the 2-4Mbps speeds that some of them claim. I wanted to share the connection with multiple computers so I went out and got myself a router, an Asante unit that also has the capability to act as a print server for Windoze boxen.

    This morning the DSL line was activated (apparently while I was using that very same phone line as a modem connection!) and I got a chance to make it all go. Zoom! I downloaded a largish file from my service provider's site, assuming that there would not be a lot of 'net stuff between me and them and therefore the test would be a reasonable gauge of my line's throughput. I'm 3.3 miles from the switch, according the phone company, and I hit a steady 70KBps downloading that file. Good enough!

    The final amazing thing is that I got all of this accomplished just under two weeks after I first heard about it. One of those weeks is this week, a holiday week. That is flat amazing.

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    (see also post #1 topic 36, or read it here)

    Still debating studs vs. studless snow tires... the skating rinks that substitute for roads around here vs. having driven studs in the winter as long as I've been driving vs. the noise on bare pavement vs. the damage they cause to the roads, vs. etc etc... Any input from the snow belt bunch would be appreciated - I'll wait to go to Les Schwab's for a day or two... thanks, gang!

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    Hi gang. I just wanted to share pictures of my new black Forester S+! I'm very proud of it... so much so that my wife is frightened. ;-)
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    If your outback was manufactured after 8/00, it should have the wire harness installed, and the installation of the donnely mirror would be a pretty simple procedure.
    But, I defer to the experts for more detailed info.
    I do have the Donnely ECT mirror on order and will have it professionaly installed. Has anyone had their dealer do it? How much did they charge? I do not have the harness.

    Has anyone experienced brake squeaking? My 2k OB has 27k on it, and the brakes squeak during hard braking, during the final phase of stopping. Two visits to my dealer, they say there is no problem and the pad thickness is fine. I don't think the brakes should be squeaking.
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    There was a post here by Ken M. a few months ago regarding his personal experiences installing a Donnelly mirror. I have searched for the post but can't find it. He was going to post detailed installation instructions and (I think( post them on Juices site too ... Juice?

    Anyway know where to find Ken's notes...Ken are you around?

    Also, Gentex makes a similar mirror.

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    specs for installation are available at

    gentex mirror, I recall, is more expensive.
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    Paul: You might check out Consumer Reports Nov '99 report on winter tires. Over a number of years of driving the Front Range of Colorado I have developed an opinion favoring two sets of wheels and tires, one with all season radials and one with snow tires and a full set of studs (one car) or a half set of studs (two cars, one of which is my Outback). As a result I no longer fear down hill icy winter conditions as much; and I keep an eye on the rear view mirror for the unwarry that may be out of control but don't know it yet. Before this strategy, I was hit twice by other drivers, I hit a curb making a left turn too fast and had a number of other close calls like my wife coming to a stop sign in a 4 wheel slide behind another stopped car that proceeded forward just in time as she slid to a stop exactly where the other car had been sitting! The extra wheel cost is small compared to accident repair and the rubber eventually gets used at little cost difference. Not many people have considered half sets of studs to get half the benefit and half the drawback, but for a Subaru with AWD and ABS it makes a lot of sense if you only drive in snow a few days each winter. I also chose 3/4" larger tires for winter to added clearance, another benefit of a second set of wheels & tires.
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    Thanks for the dimensions. I actually did run outside and measure it and that's what I got.

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    Tire Rack not only sells tires and wheels and combinations but is also a tremendous resource of information. They tend not to badmouth any tires too badly but if you do a bit of translation you can usually figure out which ones they like better than others. Since you are interested in winter tires you might want to start at their Winter Tire FAQ.

    Good luck, and let us know what you decide and how they work for you!

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    That's cool. I didn't realize the asante router could act as a print server. I have a linksys model which works great, but no print server. Do you happen to have a model# of the asante? I also have DSL in NYC less than a mile from the CO, and have the 640ds/320us. My best download I've gotten is about 100kb/s and about 30kb/s on the upstream. So your #s are good for being out in the sticks ;)

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    Nate, I've been down near that marsh as well with my new soob. I was scouting for kayak launching sites and not photography.

    Nice pics. Salt on the new soob already???

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    Dave- My wife was wondering the same thing. We were at EWA Cars ( and they said no. Maybe with enough interest, Subaru will make them.
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    Please note that in terms of the occupation of North America, the sixteenth century was the Spanish century...from 1540 to 1600 Spanish captains went from California to (now) Kansas and established bases in what would become Florida and New Mexico. Don't blame the Pilgrims for the cazy folks on the left coast or the mess in Florida for that matter.

    On a serious note just hit 20000 trouble free miles on my 2000 Outback Ltd. 13 months with only Oil changes every 3000-4000 miles and tire rotation every other oil change ...I love this Soob second, I drove the first for 40000 trouble free miles .
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    Sorry never could spell

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    I'm amused to see that spelling the American way has not suddenly come up with new ways to delete letters. I was just looking at another English page which bemoaned the removal of "u" from the American language (labour =labor and so on). I thought the letter "i" may be going the same way.

    Had a good look at the new Outback H6 today while my 99 model was serviced. I really can't figure how Subaru in Australia can validate a $10,000 price premium (about USD 5,250) for a snappier engine and a Momo steering wheel in very dubious taste. It was only 9:00am but the sun had already heated the fake wood to incredibly unpleasant temperature. The rest of the wheel, clad in leather was fine. The beige leather inside a blue car was also pretty tacky.

    Don't think I will be in a hurry to upgrade.


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    Well, it looks like the cost issue for the H6 is also an international concern, judging by your comments. I think everybody thinks the H6 is a decent enough car, and the engine is certainly a welcome (if not long overdue) enhancement. However, sticker shock seems to be the overwhelming feeling.

    Come on Subaru, let's see this engine in some lesser Subarus, without all the extra bells and whistles.

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    I have a 2000 Legacy GT Ltd in Rio Red and I feel like a victim in Mel Brook's movie parody. Are birds attracted to pooping on red cars, or what? I don't park the car under trees, lamp post, or bird hangouts, yet I appear to notice an unusual amount of bird poop each time I get home. I never noticed this before with any of the other cars in terms of poops per mile driven.
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    Oops I meant "curse". That's what I thought the
    typo above was, the Pilgrims Curse .

    Anyway it seems to me that it is not the color of
    the new car but the very fact that it is new that attracts those bombadiering birds; now that I've driven the brand-newness off my Titanium '00 GT, the poops/mile has gone way down. I'd happily back a taxpayer-funded study of that phenomenon.

    As for the H6 and its price, I may be way off base
    here but Subaru is a small firm as car companies
    go, and development and initial tooling costs for a motor are very high - to the point that some
    European manufacturers jointly develop new motors - so perhaps the initial price premium for the H6 is Subaru's way of recouping some of those costs. Also IIRC the production of the new H6 was supposed to be in pretty small numbers at first, so that makes it a scarce commodity. I agree that the cost should be lower, but I don't mind letting the early adopters help make it more affordable for cheapskates like me .

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    Some areas are natural routes for bird migration.

    Looks like a number of us who were questioning the value of the H6 before it was released, were right.
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    Thanks for the link. :)

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    Join in, Bob, I'm "chatting" now. It's more like a bulletin board, completely HTML-based, so no firewall issues (yeah!). I don't have any intelligent questions to ask, so PLEASE join me!



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    It's kinda slow and weird!

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    Oh well... I tried. No new news, and yes - weird.

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    Hey Mike and Bob, I see you got posted, cool! (Bob got two!). I thought it would be good to let Warren know there are some enthusiasts out there. Who knows, maybe he'll ask to do more Subaru reviews. Thanks for joining. (My second question didn't pass muster.)

    ..Mike Smith


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    I got 2 out of 3 posted. I don't think he is very knowledgeable about automotive stuff. Just my opinion.

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    Perhaps, though his target audience is the Washington Post reader, not Sport Compact Car, Evo, or Car. :)



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    Hi guys, I tried this as post 7, trying here again...
    I have the Donnely ECT mirror on order and will
    have it professionaly installed. Has anyone had
    their dealer do it? How much did they charge? I do
    not have the harness.

    Has anyone experienced brake squeaking? My 2k OB
    has 27k on it, and the brakes squeak during hard
    braking, during the final phase of stopping. Two
    visits to my dealer, they say there is no problem
    and the pad thickness is fine. I don't think the
    brakes should be squeaking.
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    I've heard and experienced that when the brakes get to around 30K miles on the subies, they begin to squeek. There is nothing wrong with them, but they are annoying. I've heard that scuffing them up clears it up, I've also experienced cleaning the brake dust off will also eliminate the squeeking.

    @ 30K miles I generally will go get a pair of pads for about $35 from Pep boys and replace em. I just did that on my dad's '97 Legacy.

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    26mpg average?!? Highways or no, that's pretty good. General comment: wow does this guy like Subarus. Wish I'd been aware of the online chat.

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    Great photos! I especially like the Rock Center one, I may have to take my own come tree-lighting time. I too was unhappy with the "upgraded" factory sound in my 01 Forester, still am. Even after replacing the fronts with new Sony coaxials, though it is better than what was in there. I wanted to replace the head too but I liked the in-dash changer. Where did you get your work done? Happy? I am in Bayside so I am curious, I may need to visit your dealer myself!
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    Hey I remember people speaking on here about a place in MD that basically bought cars from people. A friend of mine used em when Acura wouldn't give him anything for his Probe. I just don't remember the name. If you have a web address, or phone # I'd like it cause my buddy has to sell/trade/get rid of his '95 T-bird. Thanks

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    Hi guys I'm back from Vegas. On the way there, just 4 mi from the hotel, a jerk in the old Ford pickup truck (F250) rear-ended me pretty badly. I stood still in the traffic jam on I-15 when Ford pushed me from the back and basically pressed into the car in front. Front car -- old Mercury Grand Marquis -- did not suffer any damage, probably because I was good 5-6 ft from it when Ford hit me, and kept my foot on the brakes as much as I could. Still, my front bumper was punctured by the sharp edge on the Mercury.

    Nobody was injured, but that horrible sreeching metal and broken glass sound is still in my head. My daughter was in a back seat, and now complains about headache and sore back of her head: her head hit the headrest quite strongly.

    We stayed our 4 nights in Vegas, but had to cancel
    all our off-roading plans: going off-road with a tailgate literally taped on the car, did seem like such a good idea. Then we slowly (14h) came back.

    To make matters worse, the driver of Ford pickup did not speak any English (Spanish only), had Nevada license plates and some suspicious insurance from AZ, and now I have to deal with all that mess from SF Bay area. Yikes.

    Yesterday I went to body shop which was recommended by the Subaru dealer (B&S Auto Body and Paint, in Livermore, CA). Preliminary estimate is $4300. Tailgate and both bumpers have to be replaced, frame needs straightening, some other things too. Plus of course repaint-refinish.

    Questions to my Subaru friends:

    a) what to watch for when body is repaired on Forester (or Soobs in general)? Anyone knows about that B&S shop in Livermore? Any body shops you can recommend?

    b) any advice on how better to deal with out-of-state accidents and underinsured (probably) drivers?

    c) the driver of the Mercury (car that was in front of me) appeared to be friends with the Ford pickup driver. Immediately after the accident, they engaged in conversation is Spanish, and later I saw them reading and coordinating each other's written statements. I reported this to the police on the scene, but they did not bother to look into that. Call me paranoid, but sometimes I think it might have been a setup for me to hit old Mercury, to collect from my insurance, however, it was a botched job. Should I follow up on this?
    d) Both drivers of the Mercury and Ford pickup did not have regular laminated driver licenses, but instead had some pieces of folded paper, w/o picture ID. Police seemed to be satisfied with their papers, but I smelled something fishy. In general, state troopers on the scene did not seem to care whether those drivers are legit or not. Where do you go to complain about police conduct in such cases?

    I took photographs at the accident scene. Will post them later on. You all know how much I loved my little Forester, and seeing it ruined makes me sick.

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    Your long sad story got shortened. Edmunds has limits on the length of a single post, you'll probably have to break it into chunks. In general though, it is a sad story! Get your daughter to the doctor right away, and insist that they give her the full treatment. Head trauma in a child is nothing to take lightly.

    By the way the accident definitely smells like a setup. They may not be after the car repair, they may be angling for medical fraud. That means they have to have a crooked doctor in on the deal. Make a fuss about it with your insurance company.

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    Very sorry to hear what happened. My suggestion would be to contact a lawyer regarding your concerns. Better to be safe than sorry.

    As to the repairs, I would probably go to the dealer you use. If they don't have an in-house body shop, I would find out who they do use.

    We just had some body work done on my daughter's '92 Prelude. The Honda dealer did not have their own body shop, but they recommended the shop that they use. We ended up using that shop and the work was excellent.

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    Definitely seems like a setup. I'd go through your insurance company and let them do the legwork. You'll be out your deductible until they win it back from the other insurance companies, but the legwork for you to do it yourself from SF to AZ/NV could be a royal pain. I'd also make sure that the car is brought to a really good trustworthy shop, and I'd sell the vehicle within a few years, I never trust a car once it's been in an accident like that (generally long term effects are increased rust, rear alignment problems, squeeks and rattles)

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    Definitely take your daughter to the cannot take any chances in this situation...a car is just metal, but the children are our lives...
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    sorry to hear the bad news, but at least you are OK. From the front page of the (Canadian)National Post: "Ugly cars Pontiac Aztek epitomizes bizarre trend in automotive design." The story goes on to say that GM has sold 182 in Canada. Hard to believe they sold that many, there being only about 30 million Canadians. :-)

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    Sorry to hear about the car, but it's good to know that you & daughter are okay, however, I agree with soon2bsubee -- definitely have your daughter checked out -- if only for *my* peace of mind. Being a dad makes you worry about everyone else's kids as well... :-)

    I'm sorry, but I must have missed the story about your ML. I sure am sorry to see those pics, but I sure hope everyone on your end is okay.

    Everybody just remember one thing, we may be the best drivers out there, but everyone else is only second best. :-) Take care.

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    First & foremost, get the kiddo to the doctor... if the office poo-poos the thing, go get a second opinion, out-of-pocket if necessary. Head injuries have a funny way of lingering, or popping up again later. A head injury screening now is important. Just tell 'em that Paul the Paramedic said so! :)

    As far as the damage/fault issues, give all the information you can possibly think of to your insurance company & let them go to work on your behalf... after all, that's why you've been paying them all that money all these years!

    Re the officer's conduct: If you know what department (city PD/county sheriff/state police) they were from, call their headquarters in Vegas or wherever, & ask for that officer's supervisor. If you don't get any satisfaction there, contact that Department's Office of Professional Standards (Dragnet called it Internal Affairs) The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    Be "mad as hell & not going to take it anymore!!"

    You go, girl!
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    Thanks for your concern. I was the only one in the truck at the time, hence only the driver's front and side airbags deployed.

    This happened over two years ago, and I walked away with just bruises, albeit large bruises from the seatbelt pretensioner pulling the belt extremely tight. I did feel sore for a while, but when you see the pictures, you can understand why. The F250, is afterall, a large and heavy truck. The fact that it ran a red light (and consequently hit me at the intersection) didn't help either. FWIW, I replaced that vehicle with another similiar (but MY2K vs. MY1999) model.

    Townhall Community Leader/Vans Conference
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    Sorry to hear of the crash. I have to say that being an Insurance Investigator makes me very cynical but each time I have been hit (twice) since working in the profession, I have found the offending party very quick to pay up. Could be something to do with my business card.

    The previous comments do apply. First make sure you and the kid are physically okay then chase issue over car. The back end scam is common world wide, usually for medical fraud. Express your concerns, in writing, to your insurer very early, flagging that the pattern of behaviour of the two drivers gave you concern. Also flag your concern to the relevant police department, again in writing. The off-hand manner of the attending police officers may just be the objective view of an outsider (they have to cope with lots of differing peoples's opinions without taking sides) but if you have flagged your concern that you alerted the police to the potential set-up at the outset, it protects your bum in years to come. It may also be appropriate to make a sworn statement of the circumstances and the fact that you raised your concerns with the police.


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    First things first, glad you are OK, Kate. I'm sure your child will get the best medical attention available. Then take care of the Subaru (no offense, Sandy).

    I'd go through your insurance, and to your dealer to fix it, but with parts from Darlene. Sounds complicated, I know, but bear with me.

    First get a complete written estimate, and submit it to your insurance. They should give you all but your deductable, and then the rest once they settle with the other guy's insurance. So if it's $4300 damage, minus $500 deductable, they should cut you a check for $3800.

    Now, order parts from Darlene, which will likely knock a hefty amount off their premium, and you'll likely be able to get it fixed with OE parts for $3800 or less, with nothing out of your pocket.

    Finally, once the insurance pays up, and if you feel so inclined, submit the lower price and refund the difference.

    Ross: good one. Hope it cheered Kate up a bit.

    Dogs in the car? Yes, but mine are toys. They have harnesses, so it's easy to belt them down (with the standard seatbelts). Though they haven't come along on the last couple of road trips.

    Loosh: saw your article in SCOA's newsletter. BTW, it's free for SCOA members, who also enjoy a 10% discount at several dealerships on parts and labor. Check out

    5 series? Wow, lap of luxury. Isn't that a bit big for autoX?

    paisan: I'm not sure if this is what you meant, but CarMax will buy your used car even if you don't make a purchase there.

    I saw Warren Brown's review in the print version of the Post (front page, too). I liked when he said the "four feels like a six", not to mention the reported 26 mpg for the VDC! Holy Cow! Sin ain't cheap? Then why not mention the LL Bean model?

    wdb: DSL? We tried for months. Terrible service, never worked, gave up. You're in the lucky minority, it seems.

  • paisanpaisan Member Posts: 21,181
    Drew: Sorry to see the ML like that :(

    Juice: Yes Carmax was the place! Thanks.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Here are supplemental instructions for anyone installing the Donnelly mirror:

    They are meant to complement those the manufacturer provides you.

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