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2007 Chevrolet Impala



  • Hey, do I know YOU? Are you formally from IL? I used to know a Greg Harrison.

    My Average MPG readout for 90% HWY driving is showing 20 MPG's. Most of our driving is all highways to & from Pekin, Peoria, SPringfield & St Louis.
  • Thanks I'll have to try re-setting the readout & see if it doesn't actually show it getting better. I'm also going to fill it up & check it without the computer readout. I got a trip to take to Peoria today, wo we'll see how it does.

    I probably would have learned all that if, i'd taken the time to read the owner's manual.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    You may have guessed by now but you can also reset average speed the same way. It will be helpful in assessing your fuel mileage based on the speed you have been traveling. You'll get your best mileage between 55 - 70 mph.

    I monitor my fuel mileage religiously and the '06+ Impala's computer is very accurate, probably more accurate than we are due to variances in how full we get our tanks at each fill up. But, that said, my numbers fall pretty much in line with what the car's computer states I'm getting.

    You really ought to read through that owner's manual. You'd be surprised at how many cool features your car has of which you probably aren't even aware.
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    I'm not from IL, though I did go to grad school in IN for a couple of years, and we go back to Indianapolis from time to time around Memorial Day :) !

    I rented a 2006 Impala LT (3.5l) on a trip from here (AR) to Indy last year. I think I filled up in Marion, IL and drove the speed limit (holiday weekend) to Terre Haute, where I refilled the tank, and got 36 MPG (it may have been higher; I posted that info elsewhere on Edmunds at the time). I didn't "have" to get gas at Terre Haute, but I knew my average would drop once the speeds increased in Indiana; so we topped off the tank there.

    What I do to keep track of my mileage; I always reset the trip odometer, the MPG, gallons used, and average speed each time I fill up. I'm especially anal, and write this info on my receipt, and transfer it to a spreadsheet at home. The good thing about this is I can look over time and see if my mileage is going down. By keeping track of the average speed per tank, you'll start to see trends where the lower the speed, the lower the MPG. It doesn't take much "city" driving to knock the wind out of a good "highway" average.

    Next time you've got a 100+ mile highway trip to make, fill up and reset everything, then hit the highway and set your cruise...stop and refill when you get to your destination (before you start roaming through town) and see what you're getting in a true "highway" setting.
  • We just got our 07 this summer. I was kind of unhappy with the MPG but we took a trip from Albuquerque to Louisiana. I got 30 on the highway and about 20 in the city. We love the inside and the ride. Since we have been back the MPG has gotten better.
  • levellevel Posts: 34
    City driving in Atlanta:

    I consistently got 23.9-24.1 MPG during winter.

    During summer with a/c consistently get 23.2-23.3 MPG.

    Better on hwy, add 2.0 MPG to winter and summer city average.

    This is very good to me. What do you get?
  • levellevel Posts: 34
    Impala 2006+ owners - Does anyone get pain in their right foot after driving awhile? Pedal seems to have more spring resistance than other cars I've owned and my wife's Buick. (I get no pain when driving my wife's 2006 Buick.)
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    '06 Impala SS - no problems whatsoever. The interior is very comfortable, seat, pedal and ergonomics fine. Specifically, no right foot discomfort.

    Have you tried adjusting the seat?
  • rysterryster Posts: 571
    I will be replacing the OEM Goodyear tires on my '06 Impala LT week after next with the new H-rated General Altimax HP touring tire. I am hoping it will quiet down the road noise as well as enhance wet weather performance and handling.

    Anything will be better than the OEM Goodyears :)
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    My OEM Gooddyears on my '06 Impala SS are actually very quiet. In fact, the whole car is very quiet with very minimal road or wind noise. A very impressive ride indeed. Couldn't be happier with the car.
  • rysterryster Posts: 571
    Chevy uses 3 different Goodyear tires on the Impalas. Models with the 16" wheels, like my 2LT, are mounted with Goodyear Integrity all-seasons. Models with the 17" wheels, like the 3.9L 3LT and LTZ, are mounted with Goodyear Eagle LS2 touring all-seasons. The SS 18" wheels are mounted with Goodyear Eagle RS-A performance all-seasons.

    The RS-A tires are 100% better than the Integrity, and are overall better performers than the Eagle LS2. I have had cars in the past with the RS-A and they were an acceptable tire. They are most certainly not worth the high replacement price (I believe they average $230/tire in the SS's 18" size). The RS-A is a $130 tire in the 16" size. There are much better tires available in the $75-$100 price range.

    Overall, the Goodyear Integrity that came on my Impala is horrendous at speeds above 40mph. Below 40, it is relatively quiet and comfortable. Once you go over 40mph, the ride gets noisy and it just doesn't handle road impacts very well. It is a good "around town" tire for predominantly city driving, but doesn't inspire confidence in multi-condition driving. Wet traction is downright nerve wracking. :surprise:

    Overall I like my Impala, but feel that better tires may considerably add to the ride and handling of the car :)
  • tjrptjrp Posts: 3
    I am having issues with my 2007 Impala LT. It has shut completely down on me 3 different times. I am just driving along, and the entire engine shuts off, no power, no brakes, nothing. The dash shows no lights, and onstar can find nothing in a diagnostic check, because it is not running. In about 5 to 10 minutes I can restart it, and just wait for it to happen again. Have had it in the shop once. The first time it shut down, they said, "if it does it again, bring it in". Then exactly 8 weeks later, it shut completely down again. I did take the car in to the dealer and they gave me a rental car and kept it for 2 weeks, changed some part, and said to "try it". Well needless to say, that scares me to death. Then yesterday, after only 2 weeks out of the shop, it did it again. I called the dealer, got a tow truck and they have it again. I am in a rental car again. They can't seem to find the problem. I know I am not the only 2007 Impala owner that has this happening. It is a horrible safety problem, because you never know where you will be when it shuts down. The next time I may not be so blessed to live thru it!
  • What state you live in? Most states if it happens one more time ( for a total of 3 times) & they do not fix it. The lemon law would work for you. How many miles is on your car now? Now you know they have computers on these cars, so when they hook them up at the repair center they will know every time it's happened, "so I've been told anyway."

    we have a 07 impala, but the SS, we haven't had this problem yet. "thank god!" We are just really upset with the gas mileage & of course the depreciation of this car. We can't even sell it & trade it off now. The D!mn thing depreciated almost $10,000. bucks on us alread, & we havent' even had it a year yet.
  • tjrptjrp Posts: 3
    I live in Georgia. Yes, I know of the Lemon Law, and I should have taken it in the first time this happened, but they said to wait and see if it did it again. The computer hook-up showed NOTHING, and they, of course, can't get it to do the shut down with them. This is twice in the shop and GM is working on this now. I may not get to live thru another shutdown to take it in for the 3rd time. The first time it did this my car had 7,100 miles on it, the second time, 9,300 miles, and now 9,818 miles. I just bought it in February, so it is only a few months old. I am very disgruntled with american made cars. They all seem to have mounds of problems.
    We had a nissan previously, and it was great, but it was a van, and I wanted to downsize to an automobile. My gas mileage has dropped considerably since we purchased this car also. It started out getting 22mpg in town, and is now down to 17!
  • ricschricsch Posts: 540
    My father is looking at purchasing a '07 Impala LT w/3.9 engine. A local dealer has the car with 17k miles and it apperas and drives out nice.

    For those of you that own the '06-07 Impalas, would you recommend them to your friends? I've been reading up on some of the problems and curious if he should or shouldn't go for it or keep driving his reliable Oldsmobile 88!

    I'm surprised to see GM hasn't figured out the intermediate shaft problem on many of their vehicles. Any other possible issues to be aware of?
  • wow, not for sure but isn't it 10,000 miles to declare it a lemon in your state? I'd have to look that one up to be for certain. If they say the couldn't find anything per the computer. I'd be praying it to happen for the third time, "but of course not in a situation where you are going to get hurt." Has anyone else been in the car when this occured to be a witness for you.

    I know this sounds crazy, but you could always get or maybe rent a camera in your car and record this actually happening then they could not say it's not happening.

    I know cars depreciate so quicly these days, We are in the hole over $9000 after buying our 07 Impala SS. Believe you me if I could trade it off, I"d do it in a heart beat. If it's possible I'd trade the darn car off.

    Hope you can get something done in regards to this potential death trap.
  • I can honestly tell you , by owning a 07 SS Impala , that I would sick with the old Reliable. It it works , don't fix it if you know what I mean. These cars do not get what they are supposed to get for gas mileage. Not for sure but you might check out They gas mileages on these cars are over stated on the cars factory stickers that's for sure.
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    I would recommend the new Impala without reservation. It is an excellent car and a huge value. I have the '06 Impala SS and could not be happier.
  • I have a 2007 Impala SS (V-8 engine) and have had an oil leak since I got the new car home. I've had it to my local Chevrolet shop eight (8) times for the leak and I still have it. I keep getting conflicting answers from them about where the leak is coming from. Is there such a thing as a "lemon-law" and if so, how does it work?
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    You should have gotten a booklet (I think) when you bought the car that details the lemon laws in your area. I just bought a car on Friday and I know part of the info they went through in the finance office was to confirm I'd been given this booklet.

    I think things vary state-to-state, but generally there's some rule about going back to the dealer X number of times to rectify the same problem, and there are also rules about the number of days the vehicle is out of service while being repaired.

    Can you provide any more details here regarding the leak? Are you seeing drops/puddles/oil slicks on your garage floor, or is the vehicle losing oil but you're not seeing it anywhere (either burning the oil, or perhaps spraying it out when you're in motion).

    I guess I'd just like to have a better feel for the symptoms you're having with your car. For instance, my current project car is a 1980 El Camino that had been in storage in a barn for several years. I thought I had a major oil leak at one point, but upon closer investigation discovered my problem was actually the fuel pump that was spraying gasoline out on the lower portion of the engine when at speeds above idle, and the gasoline was basically washing off years of grease/oil buildup on the engine and leaving puddles that looked like oil, but smelled of gasoline. My mechanic and I thought the worst, and assumed gasoline was getting into the oil in the engine, and then I noticed an area on the underside that was grease-free, and traced it back to the fuel pump and an external problem/easy fix.
  • I have 5800 miles on a Impala LTZ 2008. Great car, no problems. Great Bose radio, love the heated seats. Enjoy the ride.
  • tjrptjrp Posts: 3
    My car did stop on me the 3rd time on November 14th and it is still in the shop. They put a recorder under the hood with a button to push inside if it starts "acting up" again, but I keep telling them, it does not act up, it just shuts off like someone reached over and turned the key off. They are to check it thru this next week, and if they can't get it to do the same with them, I have to take it back. The lemon law in georgia says up to 1 year or 24,000 miles, but it also says if they have it in the service department for a 30 day stretch that will cover it also. They will have it 37 days on the 21st, when they plan to give it back to me. I am going thru all the right channels, but they just put me in touch with the person that takes the calls and refers to someone else, and then gets back to me. Their service people do not even know where to look for this problem. In fact, when I go by the dealership, my car is out on the lot just sitting there. They drive it to run errands, or to lunch, but they don't have it in the shop running checks on the computer or anything. I would not buy another chevrolet. We did check to see about trading this one with the dealer that has it, just to see what they would DO FOR US, but I would pay more for another new one, by $5,000, than I paid for the one they can't fix.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    I recently managed just under 28 mpg in my '06 Impala SS. I think if you're having such a problem with gas mileage, maybe you're having trouble resisting the urge to "punch it" whenever you get a chance. Honestly, I can't see why someone who is so concerned with gas mileage would even consider buying a V-8 equipped vehicle. But, then again, everyone needs something to complain about. ;)
  • Not for sure why you are messaging me , I do believe you've replied to me already in another subject or maybe this one. about your cars gas mileage. .

    You seem to be wanting to pick me out here from some reason? In your case everyone needs someone to pick on in a message board.

    I haven't replied to any of your messages in quite a while, so not for sure what your problem with me is?

    THis is a free country and if I want to say something about my car's stated MPG of 27 and it only getting 20 MPG and will do so If I F- en want to.

    Also for your Info. I baby my car, but I do believe I've already stated that in some of my past posts. So go drive you car or something!
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    I'm not picking on you, only rebutting your posts. In the past, you have admitted that you did not know how to operate the DIC in your car and was using the data in your car's computer as your SOLE source for your car's "poor" fuel mileage numbers. In order to achieve accurate data, you'll need to do your own math. Also, even though the computer in the 06+ Impala is very accurate, you will also need to reset it occasionally to filter out stop-and-go driving, repeated warm-ups, etc. from your calculations.

    You may indeed have a problem with your car but you'll never know if you don't know how to accurately calculate the mileage. I know for a fact that the SS can achieve over 27 mpg because I've done it repeatedly. Also, taking the revised EPA estimates into account, I can achieve higher mileage than the window sticker states.

    You impune the whole SS model line in your replies and I simply rebutted those remarks. YOU are having issues with fuel mileage which may or may not be attributal to YOUR car or YOUR driving habits...or some combination of the two. However, since you have previously exhibited a failure to understand the operation of your car's technology, I felt it was warranted to refute your postings specifically.

    You're correct, you're entitled to write pretty much anything you want here. But, you also have to accept that you can be called on your erroneous assertions. It's easy to start a bashing party here. Many of the people who come to these forums come to air complaints. When people are happy with things, they are less likely to voice those feelings. I felt it was necessary to inject an objective opinion into the discussion although I didn't see a need for implied cursing in your response. If that's your best way of expressing an opinion, so be it. As I've stated before, you should read your owner's manual and learn how to properly operate your vehicle. If you invest a little time, you may grow to enjoy your vehicle much more and realize you're complaining about things without warrant.

    So...go read your blankin' manual or something! :P :D
  • I have learned along time ago how to reset the Computer read out. The car is still getting not more than 20.9 mpg's.

    As I've stated several times , I do not stick my foot into it. I drive normally. My husband is the one who likes to put is foot into it when he drives it. I always reset the the thing after he's driven it. He puts his foot into it, and gets just a little less than I get when I drive the car.

    "Properly operate my vehicle", so now your saying, I do not know how to drive a car or what? Typical response, you must be a male.

    SO the SS can get over 27 mpg's, than there really must be something wrong with our car then. Or as you've been suggesting , it's not the car it's me. thanks , I'am glad to now know that I can't operate a car. Been driving for 11 years, not for sure how I've managed. Not for sure how I suddenly went from being able to drive," when i was driving a 06 Malibu," getting right at what it was stated it was supposed to be getting per gallon. Went into the impala because of the advertised fuel saver system, showing the car getting the same MPG's as our Malibu that we traded in on the Impala.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Well, even though you have serious issues with me and are taking this personally, it is evident that my assertions are correct since you didn't refute any of them. Being able to push the two pedals and turn the wheel effectively enough to keep the car within the lines isn't necessarily an indication that you fully understand the features of your car. I've only pointed out these things because you obviously have not taken the time to read through the manual. Usually, it's us "males" who are accused of skipping the directions and then messing things up. :P I've just had to (painfully) get you to admit you haven't read the directions.
    To get a true measurement of your car's economy, take it out for a ride on a flat stretch of interstate at a time when you can drive at a steady speed for 10 miles or so. Once you're up to speed, reset the computer and check the reading after you've driven the 10 miles. Exit the interstate, and reenter in the opposite direction. Again, once you're up to speed, reset the computer and check the mileage at the point where you started the experiment. If the two numbers are about the same, the conditions in both directions were likely very similar and that would be a fair representation of the vehicle's mileage (assuming the wheels and tires are the factory originals). If the two numbers vary, it's likely that one direction was slightly up hill/into the wind/etc and vice versa. In that case, add them together and divide by two for an average (but it will be slightly less accurate). I'm suggesting resetting the computer AFTER you reach your cruising speed because in such a short trip, the acceleration would skew your actual mileage. Also, use the cruise control (resume on the return trip) so that speed is the same and there isn't any unusual acceleration thrown into the mix. Choose a speed between 55-70 mph to get a fair reading.
    If, after doing this, your mileage is still in the 20-21 mpg range, I would say you definitely have a problem and can tell the service rep exactly how you achieved this terrible mileage under controlled (to the best of your ability) circumstances.
    In the past, when you went in complaining about the vehicle armed with nothing but a number on the DIC, it's no wonder they didn't take you seriously (just as I didn't). But, if you go in with some stronger evidence, they are much more likely to listen.
    Believe it or not, I've only tried to help you in all of this. You have just taken my observations and suggestions as personal attacks rather than reading them for what they are. If you take the same attitude with your service department, it's no wonder they so quickly discount what you have to say. Good luck!

  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    My '06 SS consistently gets 28-30 mpg while cruising at 65-70 on level ground. I consider this superb performance for a 303 HP V-8 engine.

    There must be something wrong with yours or you may be driving a lot of hills or some other terrain which is causing unusual gasoline consumption.

    The DOD system in my car seems to work very well.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Agreed! I just managed to get my first 28+ mpg average during my trip home for Christmas. Of course, none of my trip is level consistently but the mileage of my SS seems to keep creeping up and I have about 31.5K miles on it now. I'm very pleased with the performance I'm getting. :)
  • zedo6zedo6 Posts: 7
    > I've owned it for about 10 months and have 17,000 miles on it to include 2,500 for a trip to Florida and back to Ohio. Since this is my first winter, I find that this car is evil in the snow and ice conditions with sensible driving in it. The back of this thing feels like a rear wheel drive car on BALDEENEES. It wallows. The tire pressure is always between 32/33psi and they have plenty of tread. Feels like a race car with the rear stabilizer disconnected. I'm just looking for input to see if anyone else have experienced this problem. Otherwise, I love the car for it's power, size, comfort and the sounds it makes. Most of you who write this forum talk about the gas milage. On my trip to Florida which was all freeway with hills and mountains, I averaged 25 mph. Daily driving it's a solid 18 to 21 which is the same as I got with my 2000 Bonneville SSEi.
    Anyway, what say ye about the handling? Thanks
  • Though I have a 2007 LT with the 3.9 V6, I've experienced the same issue. My car has 22,000 miles on it with Goodyear Eagle LS tires in excellent shape, but it's squirmy as can be on snowy roads. The basic traction going forward is very good, but the car just doesn't track straight at speed. It's very disconcerting.

    Naturally, I test drove it during a warm spell with dry roads, so I didn't learn about this car's downside until lately. I was hoping it was a problem related specifically to something on my car, but hearing you have a similar problem with a different model, I'm wondering if this is a shortcoming for all Impalas. If I would have known this earlier, I don't think I would have bought an Impala.

    I'm seriously thinking of trying a different brand of tires, but am cringing at the cost. Anybody else have this problem?
  • zedo6zedo6 Posts: 7
    > I don't think that it's tires although maybe worth concidering. I believe that the car doesn't transfer it's weight effectively. As soon as the suspension is called upon to level itself as the snow has groves from other cars that have passed before, the car starts to wobble in the rear. I'm going to look into altenative stabilzers and springs. It feels like the springs/shocks are tired already. Although I like the car, had I known how evil it would be in the snow, I too would have looked elsewhere for a car. The 2008 Impalas have STABILITRAC now. Hmmm, wonder why they added that feature. I'll add any addional findings when I have them. I might also look into the new G8 Pontiac.
  • rysterryster Posts: 571
    I have a 2006 Impala 2LT with the 3.5L traction control. My car is perfectly stable in the snow. I still have the OEM Goodyear Integrity all-season tires on it and even with over 21,000 miles on them the car had no issues in our last snowstorm (2"-3" on untreated roads). My car is actually better handling in snow than it is in a rainstorm.

    The Federal Government has mandated that all vehicles have a stability control system as standard equipment by 2012, and starting in 2009 must be in 55% of all new vehicles.

    GM isn't adding Stabilitrak because of a flaw in the Impala's handling, they are doing it to remain competitive with other manufacturers and to start meeting Federal requirements.

    When Car and Driver tested an Impala SS, they made specific comments about the suspension and they way it goes about doing it's job. They said in June 2006:

    "Part of the reason the Impala SS feels so uncomfortable with the V-8’s power is that it doesn’t benefit from all the chassis tweaks bestowed on the Grand Prix GXP. Opt for the Chevy, and you don’t get the Pontiac’s wider front wheels and sticky Bridgestone tires, Bilstein shocks, and larger brakes. Although the SS’s chassis gets its own special anti-roll bars, bushings, and shock and spring rates, the suspension simply monkeys around too much. Any sporting input is foiled by a mess of undamped and uncontrolled body motions. Dive, squat, and roll control could be described as nautical. Hit the firm, easily modulated brake pedal hard, and the SS’s nose dives toward the pavement. A stop from 70 mph used up only 172 feet, a couple of feet better than the larger-braked GXP could muster."
  • zedo6zedo6 Posts: 7
    > Since I don't own a 6 cylinder, I can only comment on the SS. I also own a 2000 Bonneville SSei with Stabilitrac and never had the problem in the snow. The SS was fine when I first bought it. And, now it has excessive body roll and becomes amplified
    in the snow. I don't believe that GM put Stabilitrac on the SS due to competition
    or gov mandate. It's is my opinion that the handling goes off due to the transfer of engine torque. It wobbles and when you introduce snow, it amplifies the problem.
    In my opinion, Stabilitrac was added to help cure the problems that I write.
  • rysterryster Posts: 571
    You make it sound as though Stabilitrak was added to address an alleged handling problem with the Impala. It is not just the SS models, or only the Impala, that received standard Stabilitrak for 2008. GM has added it as standard equipment on many of the 2008 models.

    If the handling of the car was truly that dangerous in the snow, Chevrolet would either be voluntarily recalling all Impalas to address the "problem" or they would be required by the Government to recall and fix any "problem".

    GM has added it purely to meet Federal Government requirements, GM even states such on their own website:

    "The government will require electronic stability control on all new cars and trucks by 2012. GM will have StabiliTrak standard on nearly all vehicles sold to retail customers by the end of 2010."

    While I agree that tautness of the suspension on the Impala degrades quickly, I would not consider it a problem. The Impala is what it is, a family sedan more intended for long distance cruising than canyon carving. It sounds like you may be trying to get more out of it than it is ultimately intended for.

    Your plan to enhance the suspension may be the answer you to your concern. It could be a simple strut tower brace, and some better tires, would solve your issues.
  • zedo6zedo6 Posts: 7
    > I don't know how you can comment on the problem (not aledged) that I'm having with my SS when you have a 6 cylinder. My problem is everyday driving and NOT CANYON CARVING. If I want to do that I'll do that in my CORVETTE. I suppose you can quote an article from Motor Trend to tell me how that's suppose to handle too. I wrote this forum to see if anyone else with an SS is having a problem. And, it will be going back to GM. Tires won't cure body roll. And, it's gracious of you to acknowledge the possible softning of the suspension.
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    I've had my 2006 SS since June of '06 and there has been no degradation of handling whatsoever. The car handles fine and I have no complaints. The Car and Driver description of the handling is highly inaccurate in my experience.
  • rysterryster Posts: 571
    You misinterpreted my comments. I was trying to get the point across that the Impala (V6 or V8) is a cruiser that will perform best on the Interstate. As soon as it is asked to start shifting its weight around, whether on dry or wet roads, it is going to start to get grumpy.

    The Car and Driver article I quoted actually supported your concern and merely pointed out that what you are noticing with your SS has been noticed by others. What you are noticing is not necessarily unique.

    I suggested to you both a strut tower brace and new tires. The strut tower brace will minimize the body roll you are experiencing. The Goodyear Eagle RS-A tires that come on the SS are not the best tires. I have had them on cars I have owned and they are not the performance tires they pretend to be. They ride too much on the soft side, which will soften up your ride. A strut tower brace and some ultra high performance tires (with stiffer sidewalls than the RS-A's) will go a long way toward making your SS handle tighter.
  • I have a 2007 Impala LS with the 3.5L V-6. Overall it has been a good car but still has its niggling problems. I bought it in April 07 as a fleet vehicle. It had 18000 miles on it with no Onstar and no folding rear bench... in other words no extras. I do have decent gas mileage though if I am on the highway. Straight city in winter 15 mpg, in summer 18 mpg, highway only as high as 39 mpg indicated on the computer (Not really that high at gas pump) when it used straight gas and not 10% alcohol. Right now with a mix plus some hillyness I am getting between 26 and 28 mpg. I do have the Integrity tires but hate them as the spin easy when starting off on wet or snowy roads. Once up to speed they work great. I keep mine at 32 psi though instead of the indicated 30 psi for each.

    The number 1 problem I am most frustrated with is the tranny. When trying to start out slowly to keep its fuel mileage up and to keep from spinning the tires I find the tranny shifts into second gear too soon. This causes a drop of the rpms to idle speed as it shifts to second. This causes the engine to bog and me to get heated. I might as well just put it in second at every stop. According to my GM dealer its working as its supposed to. If you are on the gas it works fine but if you try to start out slowly forget it.

    Number 2 on the list is there is no light in the trunk. This is so frustrating when you are unloading a deep trunk like in this car. Was a light offered in the normal cars??

    Number 3 is a real annoyance that just started happening. When I plug in something to the accessory power ports and they are first charging up i.e. IPOD with a dead battery and then go to start the car I get nothing at all. The second time I turn the key it starts fine. But every time I plug in the accessory this happens unless there is very little draw on the accessory port. Like when it finally charges completely. If nothing is plugged in then all is fine.

    Had it to the shop and all worked normal for them neither of us knew about the accessory drain. Going in today with a note for them to check the accessory port trick with my drained IPOD. We will see what happens. I wouldn't have thought an IPOD or bluetooth device would have enough of a drain to kill the electrical system of a battery with how many cca? I mean there isn't any clicks at all but the lights go dim and the fan shuts off and everything dies. Turn the key again and all is normal.

    This is the last GM I buy. I have had an Olds that had a bad distributor from day one for years. Talk about torque steer. It was a fun car but not reliable at all. I had a Chevy Monte Carlo with a Carb and Choke problem, I have had a Jeep Cherokee Sport (rear diff was bad at 36000 miles), Grand Cherokee (Had every problem in book), Brother has a 96 Ford F150 (Front wheel bearing and axle bad at 30000 miles) and he doesn't off road it, had a Sonoma extended cab (Never had traction, front shock was bad, bad seat release lever, blew the valve cover gasket and burned oil like crazy all within 20000 miles), had an 01 Blazer 4X4 4-door (You name it it happened to this vehicle, Wheel bearings, upper and lower ball joints, oil cooler lines blew, shocks gone, springs shot, ate gas filters, brakes always smelled liked they were burning but the culprit never found, had a wild shake above 65 that no one could find, brake dust shields rusted out twice in less than 50000 miles, a bad battery), and now this one.

    Oh I forgot to mention that this Impala also suffers from the dreaded paint chipping problem that almost all the reds cars and some other color cars have.

    At least with Honda the workers seem to have pride in making their cars. I still have problems thinking of a high school graduate making $27 a hour or more just to turn one screw on every car taht goes by on the assembly line all day long. That job may not exist anymore but the price some of the union workers are getting paid are a little unreasonable. No wonder GM and Ford have to keep cutting costs, taking short cuts, and raising prices.
  • I meant my brother has a 2006 Ford F150 with those front end problems and his tires are almost worn out to boot because of the severness of the wheel bearing and axle problem the front end was out of alignment.
  • I'm "only" a high school graduate, but I make $90.00 an hour in cars' engine compartments.
  • zedo6zedo6 Posts: 7
    > I'm taking it in on Monday for Chevy to take a look. I was getting the impression from you that I HEAL and TOE my way to work. I don't but I do like V8's. Since I haven't driven a 6cyln, I don't know how it feels. Frontal traction is good in the snow but as it's pulling at safe speeds, the backend moves around when the road is not that bad as far as snow coverage. Ever seen a plane landing in a cross wind? You have to keep correcting the wheel to keep it straight. The torque that V8 produces seems like if it
    needs another top gear at any speed wet or dry. I like that feeling but sometimes I think that the constant load it creates doesn't follow well to the back end. My Bonne SSEi which is a 6cyln doesn't exhibit any problems even after 140k. I will look into tires before next winter but I'll just ride these out this year. As far as Stabilitrac, in principle, should cure what ails the SS. That's why I was curious about the 2008. I understand that 2008 will be the last year for this body style with the 2009 going to rear wheel drive. I'll let you know what Mr. Goodwrench says.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    I have never been happy with the front suspension on my '06 SS. It has seemed under-dampened (if that's the correct term) since day one. Body roll has always been a concern as well. However, both times I've mentioned it to the service department, they tell me it's within specs.

    Sadly, my sister's 3LT handles much better. Her car absorbs bumps whereas mine rebounds over them. I may try to get a favorable "opinion" one more time before my warranty expires but I'm not holding my breath. :)
  • Hey there Ron.. Still active I see...!! ;)

    Well i found out that No body roll is spelled .....MUSTANG GT :blush:

  • levellevel Posts: 34
    The feature with Remote Start is for the vent air to come on automatically and adjust to warm or cold based on the outside temp. i.e, warm air in winter, cold air in summer. When "you" use Remote Start how is your adjusted air temp?
  • levellevel Posts: 34
    The feature with Remote Start is for the vent air to come on automatically and adjust to warm or cold based on the outside temp. i.e, warm air in winter, cold air in summer. When "you" use Remote Start how is your adjusted air temp?
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Where the H*** have you been? Yep, I'm still active. Still lovin' the SS although I still have my same issues. How's your Impala holding out?

  • rysterryster Posts: 571
    Not quite sure I understand the question, but my Remote Start behaves just as you describe. In the Summer months, when I remote start the A/C comes on. In the cooler months a remote start causes the heater to come on.

    Incidentally, this feature only works on cars with the outside temperature display. For example, if someone owns a 2006 Impala LS which does not have the outside temp. display, and then has the dealer install the remote start package, when they remote start their car the vent system will go to whatever they leave it it set to. If they turn off the vent, then when they start the car the vent does not come on at all.

    LT, LTZ, and SS models behave as you describe since they all come with the outside temp. gauge.
  • zedo6zedo6 Posts: 7
    > The day before I was to take it to the dealer, I looked under the rear of the car to notice the inside tread on both tires was almost gone. HUH? I have rotated my tires
    every 4000 miles and was never informed of any abnormal wear. The tires have 18 k on them. The fronts were showing some inner wear but not that bad. The following day, I took it to the Chevy dealer to have a look. Be advised that if there is a mechanical problem that causes the distruction of a tire, GM doesn't cover the tire. I said to the service guy that I tought that that was kind of odd. He said GM's position is that they doen't make the tires. They don't make a lot of things on that car. Anyway, the problem with my car is that the front end was out and 3 of the 4 tires are out camber and caster. Never had that happen to me before. The streets of Cleveland are full of holes but one becomes a master of dogging them. Well, had to get 4 tires and since they have been on, there is not problem in the snow. There is is.
  • wbowl99wbowl99 Posts: 133
    I had the same problem. I complained of tire wear early and was told it was because it was due for rotation. Tires rotated but wear continued plus I was having a lot of vibration. I was told the vibration was the transmission, but that it was typical. I suggested another rotation and balance, but was told it didn't need it and service adviser wouldn't do it. I was in a number of times for other things, each time asking them to do whatever maintenance was needed. Didn't need anything they said. Then tires were really getting bad, so I asked for an alignment. Refused to do an alignment saying it didn't need it and all the wear was because I didn't rotate them when I was supposed to. (Duh, they were the ones that wouldn't do it again when I asked.) So, I had them rotated again, and they did agree to balance them. Surprise, part of the vibration was because all 4 were very much out of balance.

    This was all in less than 15-20K. Finally when tires were totally gone, I took it somewhere else for new tires and alignment. Both front and back were "way out" according to tire shop and probably had been since manufacture.

    Good Luck!
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