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Dodge Dakota - Club Cab

bonnie_rickbonnie_rick Posts: 115
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  • My club cab still hasn't grown - it's still a club, not a Quad ;-)

    Home at last!!
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Andy, it's not your truck that needs to grow up!


    PS Glad that the Dakota regular and club cab owners finally are finally being recognized.
  • and I always thought he was one of us (Quad) guys. Once again, sorry for the delay. Looking forward to some different stuff in here. %-)
  • about time "we" have our own place to chat
  • I just bought a 2000 Club cab with the v6. It has 2800 miles on in now and I'm extrememly unhappy with the way it idles. It shakes the truck. I've had it back to the service department 3 times now. I'm told it's normal. Service manager says they all do it and showed me a 2001 as an example. I can't believe they would market an engine like this. Any one else have a similar experience? I'd like to know. I've already written DaimlerChrysler yesterday....
  • Did you test drive a somewhat similar model before you bought/ordered/whatever the one you now have? Did it do the same thing? Surely not... you might bring that up... anyway, look at the injector issue, PLUS, you might take it out somewhere that it's totally dark and pop the hood and look to see if any plug wires are 'leaking.' Just a thought. And what type of fuel are you using? Try a tank or two of Chevron and maybe a can of Techron (sold by Chevron) in the tank as well. It'd clean up anything like deposits or carbon, etc. Good luck.
  • I purchased a Dakota 2000, 4x4 with the new 4.7
    liter V-8 in January 2000. The vehicle is a great
    truck in every respect except one, gas mileage.
    About the best I've been able to get, unloaded and
    on the freeway at 65mph is 16.4 mpg. Since I have
    two friends with Chevy, Z-71, 4x4 pickups with
    larger engines that get better gas mileage I'm
    somewhat perplexed. The Chevy's weigh more than the Dakota and they have a larger engine. About the only thing I can come up with is the gear ratio in differential match up with the engine torque. To my knowledge Dakota only has two options for differential gearing, 3.58 or 3.9?, mine has a 3.58.I believe th Chevy's have a 3.47. Anyway I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing a similar disappointment or has any suggestions to improve the mileage. Getting a Chevy is not an option as I really like this truck.
  • is confused and confusing. I ordered a 2001 Club Cab on Sept 6. Called DC on Sept 13 and was told it was scheduled for build the first of Oct. Called today and was told that my truck was shipped on the 20th. Confirmed with the dealer. Not complaining, just confused.

    I have some questions regarding the Mopar seat covers. The parts dept could not determine what the catalog meant by "3 Piece". They do not seem to have separate numbers for bucket and split-bench. Do the same covers fit both? From past posts I had the impression that the seats were different widths. I ordered a set but I'M not sure they will fit.
  • I wish I could get 16.4 mgp like mike183 does on the highway. I do almost strictly city driving with my '00 4wd club cab and I'm lucky to get 11(!). The 4.7L in traffic is really bad, but I've gotten around 18 mpg on the highway traveling at 65 mph. I imagine putting a cover on the bed would give you a couple miles more. I use only 87 octane, I don't think switching to 89 would help any.

    Here's a good question maybe someone can help with: how large is the gas tank supposed to be? When my low gas indicator turns on and I fill it, I put about 16 1/2 gallons in. If I run it down to empty, I put a little over 18 gallons in. I was under the impression the 4wd Dakota came with a 22 gallon tank, but this doesn't seem to be the case. Anyone know what the deal is? Thanks.
  • I have a tough time trying to top off my CC. I think the plumbing/venting fill tube for the gas tank is poorly designed. After the flow shutoff sensors trip I can still get in another 3-4 gallons - a painfully l-o-n-g process. That may be why your only able to get 18 gals. in when empty - it's still a few gals. away from a top-off. BTW, I wouldn't expect much more than a 1 mpg improvement with a tonneau and that at highway speeds - these trucks LOVE their fuel!
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    David, the fuel tank capacity on the 2000 Dakota Club Cab is 24 U.S. Gallons, the same as the Quad. Your mileage sounds poor, and I agree with Willie that a tonneau cover will make little or no difference in city driving. My 4.7, 4X4, 3.55 LSD with 5 speed averages 17-18 mixed (some traffic but not rush hour stop and go). I have an A.R.E. LSII fiber glass lid and I know that it helps with
    the road mileage. My trips to the New Jersey shore
    yield around 20 MPG (relatively flat terrain, cruise control and few stops). How many miles are logged on your odometer? Maybe it will improve.

  • From the top:

    Tonneau covers make about a 9% reduction in drag - I have posted the scientific study a few times in various topics. As previously noted the affect of drag in city driving is reduced. 11 mph is lousy - I have a 2000 Club 4.7 and have never been that low. Most of my driving is highway, but whenever the traffic is snarled (have you ever seen the 401!!!) there is similarity with city driving, and I have never seen anything below about 14 - I do drive stick and I am sure that helps.

    Filling the tank is always a problem on pick ups because the tank is mounted on the centre line below the bed and so there is a long straight fill tube that slopes down to it. Pumps cutting out is often caused by the gas swirling around in the tube and hitting the cut out sensor. The location of the vent on the Dakota doesn't help any. My Canadian capacity is 82 litres, I have in fact put more than that in on one occasion.

    The 4.7 is designed to run on 87 octane. One fo the main design requirements for this engine was that it would run on regular gas, and there is no advantage to running higher octanes. In high mileage engines there may eventually be a need to go to 89, but I doubt any Dakotas are there yet.
  • I have a 2000 Club Cab with the 4.7, auto, 3.92, and full time 4WD. The worst I get is 14 city. As far as the octane goes I get the same gas mileage running 87 octane as I do with 89. I end up running 89 quite a bit, as here in Nebraska it is actually cheaper than 87!. Of course that is a 10% ethanol blend.
  • I broke out one third of my sliding rear window on my 99 dakota club cab. Does anyone know if I can get a replacement section or will I have to replace the whole slider?
  • tuvtesttuvtest Posts: 237
    Your truck's milage does seem quite a bit out of wack compared to what others are reporting.There might be a cure for this though. Based on your truck's build date, it may be you need a flash upgrade for your ECM. It has been mentioned before in one of the other boards, but I don't remember which one. You might want to investigate this with your dealer.
  • I thought I was getting bad mileage, and from your responses it seems like I was right. What is meant by 'ECM' that tuvtest refers to? I don't know anything about getting a flash upgrade; is this something I should look into? I only have 2700 miles on my truck, but 11 mpg is pretty horrible even for the break in period.

    As for the gas tank, if it gets capped off at 18 gallons, but has room for a few gallons more, why does the fuel gauge register full? Assuming a 22 gallon tank, the fuel gauge should be at about 80% full after the pump cuts out at 18. I wish this made more sense.
  • Forgive me if I oversimplify this.

    The ECM is bascially a small computer that controls various elements of your engine's operation. The Technical Service Bulletin that was issued authorizes the dealer to upgrade the software in the computer to correct some defects. This is known as a flash upgrade. It is possible that your bad fuel economy is caused by this software problem and the upgrade will help.

    As far as gas gauges are concerned there is a lot of confusion. The standard guage (or gage for my southern neighbours (neighbors)) of any manufacturer will always read above full when the tank is full to the brim. If the needle is directly on the full mark it means 'pretty full tank but you can get more in if you want'. Why do they do this - I have no idea. Incidentally the same thing happens at the other end of the guage - but take my word for it, don't try it!!!
  • themacguythemacguy Posts: 417
    I thought the reg and clubs had a 22 gallon tank. At least that's what was posted on the 2000 models I looked at before I bought my Quad, with its 24 gallon job - figuring Dodge thought it would make up the range differential for its weight penalty. we also have a R/C in the company fleet, and it only holds 22 gallons. Are there different tanks available w/i each separate model available?
  • I got this from the NHTSA web site by searching for 2000 Dodge Dakota TSBs. This is the only thing I could find that might be related to gas mileage for my truck. I'm pretty sure the 45RFE transmission refers to the automatic for the 4.7L V8. I thought I read somewhere on Edmunds that the "driver learning" software may need to be updated. I guess I'm just going to call my dealer and ask why I'm only getting 11 mpg when everyone else seems to be able to get 14 in city driving.

    Service Bulletin Number: 211399
    Bulletin Sequence Number: 795
    Date of Bulletin: 9909
    NHTSA Item Number: SB607962
    Model: DAKOTA
    Year: 2000
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Jack, I just accessed and the printable specification sheet definitely shows the
    Quad Sport and SLT as having 24 gallon tanks while
    all other models are relegated to the 22 gallon tank. This is for 2001 models. Sorry for the error, as I trusted the information supplied by my brochure.

  • gsagnewgsagnew Posts: 10
    Presently own a 2000 Dakota Club, 4.7 Litre, auto. It seems I remember reading earlier messages about the use of Mobil 1 (5W30 or 10W30??) resulting in an improvement in gas mileage. Does anyone know about this? Also, I live down here in South Florida, and when I questioned the Dodge service department on the viscosity oil to use in my 4.7 L engine, they thought I was crazy to ask for 5W30 at my first oil change. Afterall the owners manual was pretty specific in mentioneing that 5W30 is the "preferred" viscosity.

    Any comments on the use of Mobil 1 and which viscosity of lil is best for the 4.7L down here in South Florida???
  • ohc_babyohc_baby Posts: 116
    I'm in Georgia and use 5W30 Mobil 1. My fuel economy improved slightly but with only 3000 miles, who's to say it's terribly accurate. Besides, it's an excuse to work on the truck, and there's no way that Dodge is touching the truck unless it's a warrantee issue. Just save receipts and fill out the service interval in the manual to maintain your warrantee coverage.
  • gsagnewgsagnew Posts: 10
    Thanks for the response. I will probably switch over to the Mobil 1 5W30 at my next oil change. I have heard that it does improve performance and mileage. At today's cost of fuel any improvement in mileage will help!
  • I currently have almost 12,000 miles and have used Mobil 1 5W30 since about 4000 miles. My 4.7 auto started out at about 16 MPG and am currently up to 18.5 to 19.5. This is mostly commuting @ 65-70 MPH, (only one stoplight just before I get to work). Who can say if Mobil 1 made a difference or not? I just know I feel better for putting in the best.

    Oh, and this is in Phoenix where summer temps averaged 110+ this year. Winter is almost upon us and the temps will soon be PLUNGING into the 70's.

  • My trip computer shows 17.2 mpg avg on my 2000 Dak CC 4x4 4.7l 5speed w/ LSD. I've got about 5k miles on now w/ about 80% hwy driving at 65-75mph. Most of the time I use 87 octane Exxon gas. Overall mileage is about what I expected - not great, but not horrendous either. I really like the that new 4.7l - what a sweet engine.
  • If there is anyone in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area looking for a black tonneau cover, you should be able to get a very good deal on one from 4 Wheel Parts. They have one in their warehouse that I will bet they would like to move out. If you want more info, post and I will fill you in.
  • tronsrtronsr Posts: 46
  • rustorusto Posts: 1
    Has anyone had a problem with the delay on the windshield wipers.On my 2000 the delay period seems to be working erraticly. Sometimes it's fine,sometimes delay control does not work and wipers activate every couple seconds no matter where it is set. Small problem and otherwise I am happy with the truck. 4wd Club Cab ,4.7 , auto trans., Gas mileage seems to be between 14-15 in mostly city driving. Only have about 1,500 mls. so far.Hope to see a small increase.
  • crimpcrimp Posts: 1
    We have a 2000 Dakota with auto-transmission.
    When selecting reverse it will intermittently act like it is in neutral. We have been back to the dealership 6 times - they can not duplicate. They have replaced the shift cable and module. Has anybody else experienced this problem?
  • gsagnewgsagnew Posts: 10
    I have the 2000 Club, 4.7L Auto, HD Cooling vehicle. Live in South Fla. Truck built in June 00, took delivery end of July. Just turned off the AC and turned on the heat for the very first time (just had our first cool snap). Noticed that the engine sounds different and the idle appears to be slower with the AC off and the fan directed to the "feet" position. Is this anything to be concerned about? Is the computer adjusting the engine speed since this is the first time the AC was turned off and the heat turned on. Anyone else noticed this?
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