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Dodge Dakota - Club Cab



  • dewdog1dewdog1 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info spike50. I called the dealer and they said that there is a OEM Fog Light Installation kit with Instuctions for $117. I am pretty sure I will have to cut the inserts out. I will keep everyone posted on the gas mileage I get with the 3.9L V6.
  • camdudecamdude Posts: 4
    I currently own a 99 Dakota SLT club 4x2. I love the truck, however it is not fulfilling my needs. I
    have two children who currently ride in booster seats and the room is pretty tight. As they grow, it will only get tighter. Anyway, I will eventually be moving to a slightly higher elevation and will be in need of a 4X4. I do not want anything smaller than a 3/4, as for the resale and payload. Here is my delema: When I am at play, I do medium to medium heavy hauling but may need to haul
    heavier cargo, as per my move. Also with the gas prices soaring in CA, diesel fuel is significantly cheaper. So, I am indecisive as to which brand and type of cumbustible engine. I kind of like the sound of both types, each has its own.... how should I say... (arh arh arh). Its basically power vs torch. Reliability is of utmost importance. I will also be using this vehicle to and from work 8 miles one way, which is a lot of cold runs.
    Any advice is appreciated.

    If this was discussed earlier, just point me to the message out of the 273.

  • tuvtesttuvtest Posts: 237
    My .02$. It sounds like you would be a good canidate for the Cummins Turbo Diesel. If you can hold out through the summer, Dodge is comming out with a Quad Cab Ram which might just be perfect for your needs. I saw one at the Auto Show, and it is one sweet ride.
  • namfflownamfflow Posts: 202
    The poster was interested in a 3/4 ton. The 2002 Ram change is only on the 1/2 ton 1500 series. He will have to wait til 2003 for the 3/4 changes. Might be worth it might not be, who knows at this point.

    I would suggest taking this post over to one of the Ram postings. The Ram owners are in a better position to help you. There are pros and cons to any drivetrain choice. With the diesal you get massive torque but it is slow. Personally if I was gonna do this I would look at the V10 but that is just me. I like speed.
  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    When you say slightly higher elevation, that may be a question mark. Some diesels are not great ever 5k feet. Personally, with a lot of mileage being short runs, I would go for the gas engine. Depends on the loads you will be hauling. If you are doing less than 4000 lbs on a trailer or 1000 lbs in the bed for less than 20% of the driving, you could go to a Dakota Quad cab and be fine. Your best bet is to look at the area you are moving to and look at what the favorite work vehicle is. That may give you numerous clues as to what works in that climate.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Diesel engines will do well at altitude, providing that they are not naturally aspirated. Turbo charged diesel engines have no problem at altitude. Because diesel engine fire by compression as opposed to an electrical spark, they are prone to grasping more air to add volume.
    When the density of the air is reduced at altitude providing significantly less oxygen, the engine whimps out. The turbocharger forces in more air, and defeats that starvation situation. Sometimes turbocharged engines at altitude will tend to blow smoke. That is usually upon power demand where the fuel/air ratio is upset due to the availability of more fuel than air. This is where aneroid technology kicks in, but we'll save that for another bed time story kiddies.

  • camdudecamdude Posts: 4
    Thanks for the advice all.

    2003 is a little out there as my current 99 Dakota's lease will be up 3-02. I am pushing 40, so speed is not a necessity, I just want the power to pull a house down. Just the word "V10" sounds nice, but will it pass a gas station. I have heard one with flow masters, kind of got the blood flowing.

    Most likely, I will not be above 2K. As I like snow, however I do not want the head aches that comes with living in it for 3-4 months. At this elevation, it will just visit me a few times. The Dakota Quad is nice and spacious, but it does lack the bed length.

    The area I am looking at, is along route 49, between Oakhurst and Sonora. There is not too many newer vehicles around that area. It seems that old Dodges are still being used though. Next time I go, I will look a little harder. Great advice.
  • iowabigguyiowabigguy Posts: 552
    aneroid technology??? Isn't that something like a robot made out of flesh? Personally I think you are just blowing smoke at us! Rick
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Rick, great pun regarding the smoke. Over my head as usual, but Boo, my cat explained it to me, very sloooooooly. Actually Rick you are confusing the word "aneroid" with "android." Aneroid refers to lack of air, while an android is a guy from New Yawk pretending to be a genuine Mid-Westerner.

  • nmchopnmchop Posts: 27
    Hi ladies and gents...enjoying reading your comments and it seems most if not all like their Dakotas.

    I'm considering a 2001 model (or getting a used one). I've come across something unusal. a dealership in my area is selling a 2001 Dakota Club Cab SLT, V-6, automatic, cruise, sliding rear window, A/C, AM/FM/Cassette for $15,996...that's like $3400 below Edmunds TMV.

    I'm figuring they're having trouble selling it cuz it's a V-6, not a V-8. I don't really do much hauling at all...Kind of use a truck as a car, just like riding high and enjoy having the truck when I do need it (it's my only ride).

    So I guess, i'm asking for opinions on this from you, the Dakota owners. It's clearly a good financial deal. I'm just wondering if the V8 is that much better? or some other angle i'm not considering here. Any other reviews of your trucks, particularly reliability would be appreciated (i don't wanna weed through the tons of messages).

    Thanks :)
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Jeff, while the 3.9 does not approach the power and performance level of the V8 engines (4.7/5.9) it sounds as though you are looking for a basic vehicle for transportation and occasional hauling. In that event, without researching, the price sounds very good to me. You did not mention how many miles were on the odometer. You should also consider negotiating some warranty extension in case the vehicle turns out to be someone's problem and that's why it is for sale. Drive the truck and you should quickly discover if the power is sufficient to satisfy your expectations. Then proceed from that point. Best of luck.

  • namfflownamfflow Posts: 202
    Assuming it is a 2 wheel drive that sounds like a fair deal. It all depends on the rest of the options list as a base SLT msrp isn't much higher than your figure.

    A V6 in a 2 wheel drive with no towing would be "adequate" for the average person. If you are satified with most average, everyday cars the V6 should be okay for you.

    For me personally I used to own muscle cars so I am addicted to power. There is never enough!

    The V6 is a strong engine for what it is. Just don't expect to get great gas mileage as you will be working it a little harder than you might a V8.

    Why don't you take it for a serious test drive? Put it through what you feel you would give it and then decide if it is enough for you?
  • ron35ron35 Posts: 134
    Jeff - I have a 2000 Dak with a 4.7 and I have several friends who have Daks with the 3.9 many have had problems. The 3.9 at 175 HP represents old technology, it is being replaced by a 3.7, which is derived from the 4.7. The 3.7 will have 212 HP and most likely be much better in the area of gas mileage and power. I would give serious consideration to going to a 4.7 or waiting for the 3.7 in 2002.

  • namfflownamfflow Posts: 202
    Well I have done and did it. I just got back from picking up Club Cab #2. Except for taking a killing on my trade in, (99 Dage Stratus ES) I feel I did pretty good. 99 bucks over invoice and a fair interest rate. Only one or 2 minor hick ups. There is a flaw in the trim around the passenger side quarter window. It is lifted up and looks like a weld bead in there which they'll have to fix, my liner is back ordered and I noticed there are no covers over the jack tray or the other one under the back seat like in my 97. Not sure if they should be there.

    Inspected the living L out of it before picking it up using the Dodge Ram checklist. Good basic stuff that we often don't think about. I recommend it for everyone.

    The order time was decent, the terms are okay. I hope it holds up like my other mopars. I have had good luck thoughtout the years with them.

    For those who are interested, it is a red/silver SLT with 4.7, auto 2 wheel drive and pretty much loaded. No 4 wheel anti lock brakes, hate them. All the heavy duty stuff including 2000lb payload, mainly for the bigger rear brakes.
  • namfflownamfflow Posts: 202
    Well, maybe my luck with mopars has started to run out. Not even 60 miles on the new truck and the engine malfunction light is on. When I went to start it up this morning there was a heavy gas smell.

    I'll see how fast this can be rectified.
  • bja4bja4 Posts: 67
    My Dakota has turned one. 2000 4x4 Sport Club cab, with 4.7 engine, 5-speed, 3.9 rear, sport-plus package, 2000 lbs payload and cruise. With less than 6k miles on it, I am still getting around 17 mpg mixed driving. The payload package was well worth the money ($35). The truck handles great. My brother's Sonoma with the Z? package needs helper springs, and possibly a rear sway bar to help with the 1000 lbs Halmark camper he just bought.
    Only minor new complaint is yellow/white foam moisture found in the oil fill tube during the winter months. I still wish there was a separate button for the AC, like on my old 92 Dakota. Bi-level on the 2000 trucks runs the AC, even though there is no "snow flake" symbol next to it.
    There are no covers over the jack compartment on this Dakota as well. I like the lever-mounted 4wd engagement system vrs. the push button. My neighbor's 2 week old 2001 Dakota Club cab has had to have the push button system fixed after one the first weekend of four-wheeling
  • bobs5bobs5 Posts: 557
    namfflow - this shows how to retrieve codes via ignition switch routine. on-off-on-off-on, where "off" is accessory position, "on" is the run position. It worked for me, although it took a couple of tries. If it works, the code information is displayed where the odometer readout is. - this shows the codes for obd2 in p format.

    If you have time, take it to the dealer before the light goes out, so they can scan for codes. I had the light come on at 1800 miles, 4 restarts later, the light was out and never came back on again. By the time I got the truck to the dealer, the light was out, and they gave me the standard Dodge response "could not duplicate".

    Hope it is not a serious problem.

    good luck,


  • bobs5bobs5 Posts: 557
    Happy birthday.
    I think all of us with the 4.7L have the yellow/white foam or sludge in the oil filler tube. I just wipe it out occasionally. The 2001 models have a separate a/c button. My 4x4 system has been flawless.
    I got the recall notice about the transfer case re-programming, in the mail, and have to make an appointment for that.
    Overall, I'm happy with this truck
  • namfflownamfflow Posts: 202
    Bobs5, thanks, I'll check out the scan codes today at lunch. Actually I think I may have caused this myself. The first thing I did when I got home was replace the gas cap with a locking model. I think the parts book is wrong because the 01 gas cap is different than others I have seen and the locking one I got is like the one on my 97.

    If I "correct" the problem by putting the OEM cap on and this indeed was the problem would the MIL go out by itself or does it need to be reset?
  • bobs5bobs5 Posts: 557
    Ah ha, the change out the ol gas cap maneuver eh?
    If the new cap was not sealing correctly, this can set off the light.
    I assume the light went on after the new cap was installed?
    Try the original cap and see what happens. The light should go out eventually, it may or may not be right away. When my light was on it took about 4 restart sequences to go out. I seriously doubt the computer will need to be reset by the dealer.
    Good luck,
  • namfflownamfflow Posts: 202
    Bobs5, One thing I forgot to mention is that after I did the swap, The truck sat til the next morning. When I started it up I had an excessive amount of fuel smell.

    I'll keep my eyes on it. It runs fine, no hesitatation or any other issues you would normally associate with an engine malfunction.

    Well, I better get my tail in gear, don't want to be late for work.
  • namfflownamfflow Posts: 202
    Thanks for the codes folks. Just checked it out and what I have is: P0455  Evaporative Emission Control System Leak Detected (gross leak) which makes sense because the locking gas cap was not sealing right.

    Oh the piece of mind it brings. Now I won't be worrying my troubled mind over it.
  • bobs5bobs5 Posts: 557
    Glad the code retrieval worked for you.
    Have you replaced the cap with the original yet and has the light gone out?
  • namfflownamfflow Posts: 202
    I replaced the cap last night when I suspected it. The light hasn't gone out yet. I called the dealer and mentioned what I did and the codes. They indicated that it should eventually clear the light but the code will stay in the computer, (fine) and that they charge 45 bucks just to reset the light!!!!

    So far I have only driven about 15 miles in heavy traffic. Tonight I will have about 20 miles of highway driving at "normal" speeds. That should clear up any system pressure problems. We'll see.
  • namfflownamfflow Posts: 202
    Update on Code/gas cap. When I got off work yesterday the MIL was off and evrything is hunky-dory again.

    Hate to go to the dealer and pay 3 times the price for a locking cap. Oh well......

    Other than that, no problems. Can't wait to save some pennies and put another set of Pirreli Scorpion Zeros on this one. Love those tires, stick like glue.
  • bobs5bobs5 Posts: 557
    Glad to hear everything is OK.
  • I just bought a 2000 Dakota 4x4 Club Cab Sport V8/4.7 slighty used (less than 20k miles) and am really happy so far!! This is my first Dodge. I took a lot of time with this purchase. Test drove a lot of trucks. It came down to a similarly-packaged F-150 and the Dakota. Driving them both, I liked the Dakota much better. I paid just under 18k. Sound reasonable? It is loaded!

    I just stumbled onto this site today and enjoy reading everyone's comments! Now, I know what to look out for in the future months/years. Hopefully, I can provide information as well.

  • nmchopnmchop Posts: 27
    I realize i'm basically seeking advice from those already sold on Dakotas, but i've had my resolve shaken.

    I kept shopping after posting about the V-6 2001 Dakota I found (most advice was to go V8)...I've now found a 2 WD, magnum V-8 (4.7), 2000 Dakota Club Cab SLT with 22,000 miles on it (Dark Green). It has P/L, P/W, cruise, tilt, A/c, am/fm cassette, automatic. The price just dropped to $14,580. Seems like a deal to me.

    In this process, i've had quite a few people trying to shake my resolve to buy a Dodge saying they have serious transmission problems blah blah blah. That and the gas mileage "issue" have me a little confused I guess. It's kind of between this dakota, a blazer or god knows what.

    This truck will be my main ride. I probably don't need a truck, but I like riding high, enjoy the comfort and of course the convenience of having a truck when you need to haul or move or whatever.

    Anyway, what do you all think? Thanks for putting up with this post in your club...I might be a member very soon!

  • bobs5bobs5 Posts: 557
    Sounds like a good price.
    What is the history of this truck? Service records, lemon law, etc.
    How does it run and ride?
    I have the 5spd manual tranny so I can't really comment on the automatic tranny question.
    Gas mileage seems about the same between the V6 and 4.7L V8. In certain situations the V8 will get better mileage than the V6, such as towing or hauling heavy loads.
    I'm sure the V8 will put a bigger smile on your face. :-)
    Good luck with whatever you choose.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Jeff, looks like a very reasonable price. See if they will throw in an extended warranty or at least sell you one for a preferred price. This will tend to make you feel comfortable. Service records as Bob(bobs5)suggested is also a very good point. Good luck.

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