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Jeep Cherokee Grand Cherokee Noises and Sounds



  • my 2000 does the same thing. What I did this afternoon was put it in drive and held my foot on the brake, had two friends crawl underneath the back and listen from the inside. It is not exhaust related because its a new exhaust system and its solid as can be, its not vibrating against any part of the car. Ive pinpointed it to be around the gas tank, almost from the top. Though I cant figure out how the gas tank would be directly affected by being in drive at an idle, but it sounds like the fuel pump may be rattling due to differing amounts of aceleration. Try this to see if we are dealing with the same thing, have someone put the Jeep in drive but hold the brake, lay your head in the middle of the carpet in the cargo area over where the gas tank would be and see if that is where your "golf ball int he tank" noise is coming from. Im about ready to have the tank dropped and a new pump installed due to this..BTW my odometer reading is 93,850.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    wait till you see how much a new pump cost
  • ambrosjbambrosjb Posts: 3
    I have the exact same problem with my fiance's 2000 Cherokee Classic. I've always assumed it was the exhaust rattling around, but it seems like I might be wrong. I plan on hopping under there this weekend and have someone put it in drive while I'm under there. If anyone comes up with a solution PLEASE post it. I'll be sure to do the same.
  • pmayo38pmayo38 Posts: 1
    Did you ever find out what it was?? I'm going through the same thing!
  • cbull82cbull82 Posts: 1
    I have the same noise as well as a grinding sound when I turn sharp turns. Any suggestions?
  • if the jeep "jumps" around when turning it's the transfer case, but if it only makes a loud POP when turning you need to replace your front axles
  • over the past months my 94 has been making a loud popping noise that has been getting worse and worse. it sounds like you're making popcorn under the hood. it only does it when you hit the gas and moving. i've tried holding the breaks to the floor and hitting the gas to see if it still did it but it doesn't, only when moving. also doesn't make noise when turning, so i wouldn't think its the differential. any ideas?
  • fixjeepfixjeep Posts: 7
    This noise is driving me to sell. thumping in rear sounds like loose or broken shock but its not, tightened everything, happens over medium large and some small bumps on or off brakes. I only noticed one thing , both rear axles have some up and down movement possiblly from bearing or axle itself.Anyone run into this?
  • nvtitannvtitan Posts: 5
    I had the same issue although probably not as bad as your discription. Are your shocks still the originalls from time of purchase? I recently replaced my 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport (55402 Miles) rear shocks with Billstein shocks. No more thump noises. I would also check your rear stabilizer bar bushings, I noticed mine were badly worn and will require replacement soon. If you have never replaced your rear shocks beware of the frame side mount bolt heads snapping off. I had two, one on each side break off and could not get them out even with an easy out. Took it to dealership and had them removed for $120--was not expecting to run into this issue on such an easy task. Use anti-seaze compound on bolts when reinstalling them.
  • nvtitannvtitan Posts: 5
    Double check the tension on the belt. Had the same issue after changing my belt and thought I had the tension pully tight enough against the belt. Took it to the dealer and they tightened the tension even more to were the belt has almost zero slack.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    could be the tensioner bering this is a auto adjust item and has marks on it to tell if belt is ok

    maybe wrong belt?

    installed right

    when all is right belt is tight and i mean tight
  • pit1pit1 Posts: 7
    I'm also expericing the same sound. It seems that when I changed the original shocks this sound started to occur. I installed Monroes Sensa-Tracks, should I have installed the original one from the dealer. Someone told me that the sensa-Tracks arent made for SUV's. First I thought it was the exchaust system that was making the clunking sound. But this was not so. Can anyone help !!
  • fixjeepfixjeep Posts: 7
    I raised jeep in the air and had a helper move the rear wheels up and down while i sat in the drivers seat and the noise appears to be what i'm hearing. i was told there should not be any movement up and down just in and out on the axle. I suspect worn axles and axle bearings or both.I ordered axles and timken bearing kit and will tear it apart next week , will update this post soon.
  • gotjeepsgotjeeps Posts: 2
    I've got a 1993 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4x4 that's been squealing for about 3 months, i originally thought that it was the belt b/c it really only did it when it was wet or it rained. now it's doing it all the time. i then thought it was my water pump b/c it was starting to almost over heat. i put some coolant in and i'm no longer having the overheating issue but it's still squeaking. could it just be the bearing on the water pump?

    it's got 341,017 miles on it and is an inline 6 if that helps.
  • rodeoboyrodeoboy Posts: 8
    I have a 2000 Cherokee Sport with the 4.0L engine and the AW-4 auto trans with the Chrysler 8.25 rear axel with 91,000 miles on her. About a year ago, she developed a clopping or knocking noise coming from the rear suspension area. I took it into the dealer and they could not find anything wrong. I took it to an alignment/brake shop and they just tightened and lubricated all the rear suspension parts and that eliminated the sound for about four days, but the sound is back. Does anyone have any ideas on eliminating this annoying sound? It doesn't seem to affect the roadability, but is a little nerve racking.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    have you replaced shocks on the rear

    oem shocks have been known to klunk and squeek
  • tcristtcrist Posts: 1
    I have a 97 Cherokee Country that is similar and had the same problem at around the same mileage. I had recently serviced the rear differential. Shortly after that the rear end barked and knocked like a sea lion. Fortunately, I had a mechanic who knew exactly what was wrong. I had failed to add the limited slip additive with the gear oil. Within minutes the sound was gone and have over 140,000 miles on the vehicle. Hope this helps.
  • rodeoboyrodeoboy Posts: 8
    I will check into that additive. The noises started before the shock replacement. I know about that OEM shock clopping causer. I have always had the rear diff serviced at the Jeep dealer I bought it from and just assumed they knew what they were doing. I guess once again I may have learned about what you get when you assume. They were the same cats who told me my clogged transmission screen's humming noise on my old 1994 Cherokee was a bad serpintine belt. They just guess a lot. They say never to change the AW4's transmission screen....WRONG!!!

    Thanks a bunch. I will be so stoked if that was the issue, but very sad if my rear diff is damaged due to so much misdiagnosing.
  • rodeoboyrodeoboy Posts: 8
    I have new Monroe Sensa-Tracs and they are excellent for my 2000 Cherokee Sport. They are actually better than the originals. I would not say they are not meant for SUVs.

    The noise is in my 2000 and has been there ever since last August. One thing I found out is if I take it in to an alignment shop, they are able to quiet the noise by tightening and lubricating every part in the rear suspension, but the noise come back after a few days.

    I am inclined to think the noise is from dried out bushings or leaf springs, but I got a new tip that I may need a limited slip differential additive. The noise does not seem to cause any performance problems, but you are right, it is nerve racking.
  • pit1pit1 Posts: 7
    thanks for the info, the reason for the sensa-tracks is the thump and clunk started right after I installed them. You're right its not affecting the performance of the car, but Im sure its screwing up something else. Im waiting for the response from fixjeep, he seems to be heading in the right direction. I also think its the axle bearings.
  • fixjeepfixjeep Posts: 7
    well i ended up replacing all 4 of the stiff kyb gas a justs with softer kyb g2 shocks and man its 99% better . New axles and bearings didnt help any , i left the new axle bearings and seals in of coarse, i returned the axles to my wholesale parts source.I'm getting a slight noise now only over larger bumps but it doesnt bother me like it use to.I am ordering all new bushings front and rear , I dont see anything visually wrong, i want to replace all the suspention bushings to stiffen things up a bit cherokees are i believe unibodies so they amplify noises through everything.I still havent found anyone who knows what the clearance is supposed to be between the axle shaft and the axle bearing but it appears to be 2 0r 3 mm , i also have seen this clearance in alot of different c clip rear ends. seems normal to me.
  • pit1pit1 Posts: 7
    99%, thats great! I did some research, went on tire rack website they also recommend KYB gas shocks. Thanks again for getting back to us. I guess you know what i'll be doing on my long weekend.
  • fixjeepfixjeep Posts: 7
    heres what i put on , so far so good , still getting slight noise.but definitely">link title better
  • pit1pit1 Posts: 7
    did you start getting thump & clunk noise after you installed the kyb gas adjusts or before? My started right after I installed the monroes sensa-tracks. So it seems that this noise is most likley comming from the shocks.
  • rodeoboyrodeoboy Posts: 8
    Does anyone recommend any particular air induction system to improve my 2000 Cherokee's gas mileage and performance? She has the excellent 4.0L engine and AW-4 transmission. She's running fine and has 91,000 miles on her, but I like the Jeep so much I would like her to breath as good as possible. Bought the Jeep brand new and have never regretted a minute of having her.

    I heard the Air Raid system is good and the AEM Brute Force is good and the K&N FIPT system is good. Does anybody have one of these replacing their stock 2000 Jeep Cherokee air cleaner system? I'd like to know how they really work on a 2000 Jeep with the 4.0L engine only. I know they work differently on other mills.
  • fixjeepfixjeep Posts: 7
    Bought jeep with noise , didnt think it was the shocks at first because i didnt find anything loose or worn in the rear.I have discovered one thing the dana rear end in the 4x4 cherokee seems tighter in the axles. my jeep has the chrysler 8.25 rear end because its 2wd.Stiffer shocks can transmit noises through a unibody like the jeep more.
  • pit1pit1 Posts: 7
    well thanks again for all this good info. Im going to change the rears for now and see if makes any difference. I just installed all four about three months ago. But I think you're correct. What I dont understand is why cant the manufactures tell us this? I wrote to Monroe a few times and they were no help!
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