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Jeep Cherokee Grand Cherokee Noises and Sounds



  • trek87trek87 Posts: 49
    If it's happening while in 2WD it likely rules out the TC or the front differential. Tire balancing would not produce a noise like you describe, but it would manifest itself as a vibration at certain speeds, for example.
  • I have a 2002 4.7 L all wheel drive GC. I recently have had the power steering pump and hoses replaced due to the whining or squeling noise you here when the pump is going bad. Now I keep hear a noise in the front end when making right or left hand turns and my best description is that it moans. It only does it once the jeep has warmed up say 10 to 15 minutes of driving. Took it and had the brakes checked/replaced but it still moans. Can anyone shed some light on this one. Thanks
  • Here is a quick check to look at. It's a jeep service bulletin for the moaning/whining problem.
    I tried it and it seems to have corrected the problem. All I did was side the hoses part did not even have to loosen as stated in the bulletin at $0. I have provided the link below.

  • muff22muff22 Posts: 2
    2004 grand cheroke at first i thought it was a bad left front rotor ... makes noise when brake pedal is applied ..put new rotors on noise and vibration still there when brakes are put on
  • gbb116gbb116 Posts: 2
    thanks for the replys. this is where im at thus far ( original post325)

    i had tranny rebuilt, new tires, new u joints on rear end, new wheel bearings. none fixed the vibration i feel on my feet and the humkming noise.

    what i did find out is that i took off my front driveshaft and drove it the noise was gone, or to a point i couldnt noitice it. i am rebuilding that drive shaft tday ( new u joints (3) and the (cv joint centering ball joint)) i have a feeling it isnt it because the u joints felt ok wheni had the axle off. so what im thinking is that the drive shaft is being the amplifing method of the bad product, either the front differential or the transfer case. what i dont get is that i am not even in 4wd. i am in 2wd. i dod notice that the driveshaft is moving with the wheels when im not in 4wd is this normal?
  • trek87trek87 Posts: 49
    i don't know enough about the driveshafts to say whether or not it's normal for both to be moving when your TC is shifted to 2WD mode. it could still be the TC, though. have you tried disengaging it while moving to see if the noise goes away?

    i've been hearing murmuring (a bit like noisy tread tires) and other noises coming from my front-end too. i just had my whole drivetrain evaluated at a local jeep dealer, and they found that my TC bearings and VC are worn out and need to be replaced (i have quadra-trac II). when i go back to have the TC work done at the end of the month, i'm going to ask them to check out my driveshafts and wheel bearings/joints as well.

    i'm curious to know if you find a solution - i'll update my findings here in a few weeks. good luck.
  • msa3msa3 Posts: 6
    My 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee intermitently blows warm and cold air at the same time. The dealer said it was a bad door in the dash and removed the dash and replaced it once under warranty and it still is doing the same thing and the warranty is over. When it does this all you have to do is shut the engine off and start it again and the problem goes a way until it happens again. It sometimes takes days or weeks to happen again.

    Also, something that just started happening is when you turn the vehicle off you hear what sounds like a vent door opening and closing coming from the passenger side under the dash.
  • trek87trek87 Posts: 49
    so after quite a bit of research and my Jeep mechanic taking me under his wing, we think we've tracked down these issues (repairs scheduled for the end of the month):

    1) my OD output unit was making a lot of noise, which explains why it was kicking in around 3rd gear. the unit sits between the TC and the transmission. the slight rattle is just some stiffness in the drivetrain - it goes away after i drive a few feet down the road after a cold start and i'm not concerned.

    2) the intermittent slight (and it really is barely noticeable) slippage on sharp turns on a loose surface was another symptom of my TC (also related to item 1 above). my viscous coupler inside my NP247 is worn out. i ordered a reman. since i'd rather just have all new internal TC components and never have to worry about it again (the VC alone is more than half the cost of whole unit). both of my differentials are in perfect shape.

    3) & 4) for whatever reason, these issues are gone. who knew? my dealer adjusted my throttle linkage and replaced my idler pulley on another visit, but i don't think this explains it. hey i'm not going to complain.

    i will update this post again once i've had all the above work done.
  • When Im stopped in drive, I get a vibration on the floorboard in cargo area right at the back seat. I checked under car at gas tank I hear it but cant find it. 2001 sport with 84000 on it. You can feel in in the car but cant find anything loose underneath. HELP
  • trot986trot986 Posts: 1
    hey, did you ever figure out what that noise was?? i have a 2004 jeep too and they can't seem to figure mine out either!! ugh!
  • jbaronejbarone Posts: 1
    i have a 99 jeep grand cherokee loredo it is making a clunking noise in the rear it is the loudest when i go over bumps at a coasting speed but still there slightly when going at faster speeds it seems like it happens more when the jeep rocks side to side a little instead of up and down hence louder when coasting i replaced the rear sway bar links and it still does it someone please help it is driving me crazy lol
  • trek87trek87 Posts: 49
    update as promised:

    1) had the OD output unit replaced, and the loud grinding noises i was hearing when the OD kicked in are gone. if you're experiencing a really noisy OD, i'd urge you to get this done if your mechanic identifies it as the problem.

    2) my new TC sounds a lot better too - all new internal components. turning is also smoother (slight hangups as mentioned in previous post are gone) and handling is better (i have full-time AWD).

    so, in summary, replacing the above components made all the loud grinding noises i was describing go away. nothing was ever wrong with the engine, just had some noise issues that were signaling component wear/tear (142K miles) that i wanted to address before they really became a problem.
  • rpaterpate Posts: 3
    My oo had the same issue. There is a control arm that goes from the rear housing to the right (pass.) side. On top of the housing there is a ball joint. It is funny looking triangular steel plate with the ball joint attached vertically. Available from the dealer only, about $45. I replaced mine and I could not believe how bad the old one was. Nonetheless, this was the source of the clunking when going over bumps or "side to side" bumps. Drove me nuts until I discovered it and replaced.
  • maxximamaxxima Posts: 1
    i aswell just purchased a 05 jeep grand cherokee. it has a noise coming from what i think is the valve cover. possibly a rocker or lifter by the sound of it.
    did you ever figure out the noise from your jeep?
  • tex42tex42 Posts: 1
    2006 grand laredo, makes a noise like something is loose. the noise is coming from the driver side rear tire. it happens just driving down the road from time to time, and when i brake . bumps also cause the noise. it sounds like something is loose and rattles around. makes you think that something is going to fall off! i checked all the suspension parts i could see, all bolts nuts etc, cant find what could be causing the problem!
  • kite1kite1 Posts: 4
    94JGC,4.0L6cyl.177Kmi. Has a loud popping sound in the front end. Repl.upper&Lower control arms/track bars (lower) shocks, drivers side wheel bearing,sway bar. Everything has been tightened down,lubed but the popping sound continues. Only happens when turning left/right at low speeds/backing in or out of driveway. Very frustrating. Would appreciate advice as to the fix. Other than that I enjoy driving this car.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    drivers side wheel bearing,sway bar

    Have you definitely ruled out the passenger side sway bar?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • kite1kite1 Posts: 4
    At this point I won't rule out anything in order to solve this problem. I was unaware that there was a "passenger side sway bar". I thought there was only one sway bar in the front and one in the rear. I need to check my service records and make sure that hasn't already been replaced.

    But directly to your response, would it make sense instead of replacing the passenger side sway bar just replace the bushings?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I may well be wrong about the sway bar but my thought was that, at least for myself, it's not always easy to determine the direction from which a sound is coming. The problem may well be the bushings but I will defer to anyone who has the technical expertise and hands on experience with the Cherokee.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • rigger2rigger2 Posts: 1
    I visited my parents this weekend and I have a 4x2 Jeep Cherokee and had to go through a couple of rough mud holes to get there, after that it has a slight vibration that comes and goes, not during any specific rpm or speed, it does it in park and neutral and isnt bone shaking, but noticeable I tried cleaning the engine a lil, but not sure what coupld be the problem, please help.
  • eb106eb106 Posts: 1
    I have the same car and the same problem. Have you ever found out what causes the noise and how to correct it?
  • thundythundy Posts: 6
    I have 2001 Grand Cher. Lmt. 4X4. 98K miles on same exact problem.
    Although the vibration occurs when weather is HOT & when i needed to use my air conditioner, it does vibrates more & it is LOUD!!!! super annoying..
    All my oil temparuature inside my dash board is normal as well as engine temp.
    I took my car to my mechanic, he plugged into diagnostic test over the computer system but nothing came out abnormal. He suggested to take the engine out & go from there.. however, i'm afraid that it will cost me over $800.
    anybody had same problems previously, please let me know.
    it would tone of help!!!!
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    what do you mean take the engine out? could be the belt tensenure has a bad bearing as the ac realy puts a strain on that part or ac compressere get second opinion
  • kite1kite1 Posts: 4
    I took the Jeep to a line-up shop and the mechanic pointed out a rusting (turned rust red) axle joint aka u-joint on the passenger front wheel. I replaced that and the popping stopped when I turned the car to the right. I also replaced the axle joint on the driver's side front as well. Then I had one of the u-joints replaced on the driveshaft. The other two were determined to be in good condition. There is a total of three on the drive-shaft.

    When I turn to the left (usually backing up) I still get the popping sound. Another line-up shop has made a speculation what the cure is but I won't share that with you until there is positive results. It appears at this point the "popping noise" may have more than one origin. More later......
  • branskebranske Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee. When I brake I get a popping noise in the front (front left I think). I had the had it checked out and the mechanic told me that Jeep had updated the front disc brake calipers and I needed to replace my old ones with new ones to stop the popping noise. I am a little skeptical but wanted to check it out. Has anyone else heard of this?
  • kite1kite1 Posts: 4
    This is the follow-up to my previous post. The problem has been fixed. There is no more popping noise when I turn to the left or to the right. As it turns out there appears to have been two issues. First was replacing the rusty axle joint (u-joint) on the front passenger side. Second I have replaced the front hub assembly and bearing on the passenger side. That did it. I probably will replace the hub assembly on the driver's front in time, because they both have the same mileage on them (179K). But for now the noise has gone away. These things can be very expensive to figure out and some mechanics as we all know just like to throw parts at them until eventually they fix the problem. Answer to prayer. :)
  • I have a 1998 Cherokee that has been making a popping noise when I turn. Sometimes it pops so hard that I can feel it under my feet while I'm driving. This issue first started happening back in June of '08. I brought it to my mechanic at that time and they replaced the u-joint on the drivers side. The problem continued but after spending $200 on that I decided to ride it out for a while. When the warm N.C. summer weather passed the popping noise went away. Suddenly it started popping again about a month ago and it is as bad as ever. I don't know if the warm weather is a coincidence or if it helps tell a story. I'm just trying to narrow down what it is so I don't have to drop too much more money into this car. I've read it could be anything from a hub assembly to bushings to track bar mounts. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  • mfd72mfd72 Posts: 1
    1997 same noise- 277000 km
    just replaced all front u joints and wheel bearings- noise she be gone!!!!!!
    save some money and get the balljoints changed while they have it all torn apart its worth the extra 150 bucks.
    hope that helps- the popping noise comes from the bearing snagging on the spindle when you change the angle of the wheel by turning. :)
  • Had a radiator hose leak (upper) that spewed out antifreeze all over the engine. Replaced the hose no problem. Now have a combination of noises: 1) a sputtering that sounds like a pressure cooker that's random in speed and goes away after the engine is warmed up 2) a whine upon acceleration 3) a rattle at acceleration that progresses at gear shifts (automatic). I've had no loss or change in performance. I thought perhaps antifreeze had gotten into the oil, so I've changed the oil. I've added STP to a full tank of gas (put in high-octane gas). So far I've driven down about half a tank. The noises seem to be dissipating, but I'm not 100% sure yet. I can clearly pinpoint them beginning at the time of the hose leak. Anything I should be concerned about or more I should be doing? I feel like the noises are coming from the belt/pulley area right in front. Thanks for any insight.
  • I have a similar humming problem on my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee, but it comes and goes. It feels like I have a flat tire or I am driving on a bumpy road. The steering wheel shakes too. It is usually bad between 30-35 miles and it will stop if I speed up or stop.. It is driving me nuts because I have not had time to take it in to the shop and I feel like every time I drive I am making it worse. I am also scared they will tell me they don't know what is wrong. I am a girl and work 50-60 hours a week and car trouble grinds me down :(
  • OK I'll try and do this step by step as it happened. 1998 Cherokee 4.0L 151,000 miles. About 2 weeks ago I noticed the Alt. gauge dropping-it comes and goes but still starts and runs OK. I was planning on replacing it this coming week. Of course yesterday we got a foot of snow (just to add to the upcoming aggravation). Awhile ago I went to start it and the key wouldn't turn in the ignition. So I did the usual twisting, turning, wiggling, etc. Finally it broke free but with some effort and started fine. However immediately I noticed the following warning lights- "Brake", "Air Bag" and "Check Engine" (I quit paying attention to this one several years ago). As anyone knows who has ever owned one of these models usually a good "Fist to the Dash" makes the warning lights go away. Not this time. Then I noticed no wipers, radio, pwr. windows, turn signals. All gauges were reading OK. So I go ahead and drive to the local mini-mart for supplies. I left it running just in case. After a couple minutes a VERY loud grinding noise started coming from the engine compartment. I only live about a mile away so I put it in drive and hoped for the best. Immediately the noise stopped. So I make it home and put it in park and it starts again. After more scratching my head it only makes the noise when in park or neutral. Still no wipers, radio, etc. All fuses are OK. I don't have a garage and I'm to old and spent way to many days and nights under a car in this kind of weather to mess with it any longer. My first guess is the bearings in the alternator finally went but I've never heard one that loud. And also why only in Park/Neutral? And why no wipers, radio, etc.? Any help is appreciated.
    Merry Christmas,
  • Almost everytime i brake, there's a clicking sound coming from the rear of my car...idk if its the brakes or not...just wondering if any of you guys have had the same problem as me or not..and if so how to fix it..
  • do you have a part number or the actual name of the part?? i have this same problem with my 04 grand cherokee limited.
  • I have a 2003 Jeep grand Cherokee. When I shut off the engine, in approximately two minutes, a clicking noise occurs. It sounds like someone tapping their finger nail on a Formica counter. It will last for between 72 and 74 clicks then stop. It's been doing it for about two years, so I can live with it, but I would sure like to know what it is. I had blend door problems with this car and assumed it was related to that but I recently repaired that problem (Heater Treater Kit, highly recommended) but it has nothing to do with that. Any suggestions???
  • I have 99 JGCL and i have the same problem that you have with rear end making noise when going over bumps. did you get a cure for your problem. thanks Christian
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    heck lower shock mount bolt make sure it is good and tight
  • ampy1ampy1 Posts: 1
    ive got a cherokee v8 2000 model and it makes a bad whining noise on full lock and it feels like the brakes are on but when i straighten up it stops
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    check front joints on the axles also front drive shaft
  • I was driving on a slight incline and heard this grinding/clucking noise underneath the bottom in the center I continued to drive no noise then as I came to the slight inclined I heard this noise again Has any one else had this to happen What is this noise?
  • joe284joe284 Posts: 3
    I have the same problem. Were you ever able to figure out what was wrong? I took it to a mechanic he said maybe some bad suspension bushings, nothing he would worry about.
  • branskebranske Posts: 2
    I took my Jeep to the Jeep house and had it checked out. I am not confident of the answer I got but I was told that I needed to replace the front brake caliper with a new design that Jeep had come out with. To be honest, I thought the answer was a bit flaky so I just left it. It has gone on for some time now. I thought I would try one more time but, no, I can't say that I have sorted it out yet.
  • nlb71nlb71 Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Grand Cherokee with approx. 160K miles. There's a squeak that sounds like it's coming from the rear drivers side. It's almost as if something needs to be oiled? Has anybody had this problem; and if so, what was the cure?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    rear wheel bearing or you have to replace the emergency brake shoes i would at least check them
  • nlb71nlb71 Posts: 2
    Thanks ... I'll get it checked
  • nichman63nichman63 Posts: 1
    Daughter has 95 Laredo that I cannot locate/fix ticking noise coming from underneath front passenger side of dash. Noise is 24/7 when key is either removed or inserted. I can only assume it is occuring when engine is running also. All lights, and flashers seem to work. Has anyone got this figured out?
  • joe284joe284 Posts: 3
    Thanks for your reply. My front tie rods had a lot of play in them so I thought I would change them on the drag link. I thought maybe as the weight shifted when the brakes were applied the noise was coming from the rotation of the drag link bar. Even after the tie rods were changed the noise is still there. I hate to keep guessing and throwing money and parts at this but before my wife drives the vehicle I'd like to get it fixed. Thanks for your information.
  • joe284joe284 Posts: 3

    I just changed my front rotors and the popping has stopped. The rim of the rotors was really pitted. The rotors were rusted on there pretty good too. I had to take a dead blow hammer and beat both sides off. I replaced the rotors and the noise has stopped. Hopefully this was the issue. Good luck.
  • The A/C went from cold to cool to nothing. Vacuum system recharged and the compressor is working. Still not cooling.
  • Sounds like something needs to be oiled. I've paid $750 so far on my 1996 Grand Cherokee Limited. When I start the jeep, it sounds like the engine is coming apart. Long, loud and continuous screeching comes from the front of the serpintine belt area , near the A/C compressor and alternator. They've changed the belt, (twice) replaced the compressor and clutch, installed new a/c dryer and piping, supposedly checked all pulleys and adjusted the tension-something or other. The car worked great, the three times I took it from the shop. Ten miles of driving or the next day, after being in the garage all night, the noise repeated louder each time. Jeep has 105,000 miles The sreeching sound lessens after driving it for a half hour or so, but then it continues with a constant chirping noise. It seems to chirp faster and slower with the vehicles speed .Any wizards or magicians out there? Thanks E R Failla mad:
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    replace serpentine belt tenser and spring replace hole unit not only the pulley
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