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Jeep Cherokee Grand Cherokee Noises and Sounds



  • Depending on where you live, the climate and road conditions can definitely be factors. Even with low miles it could still be bad.
  • ed04ed04 Posts: 9
    thank you for the info. i do love i t for the price hope it last long! do you think its possible that rear bearing went with only 38000
  • ed04ed04 Posts: 9
    sorry its late do you think it might be rear ball joint? thanhs for all the info ! what are you coments toward the 2004 jgc?
  • Yes, the rear link balljoint is your problem. The only comment I have towards the '04 GC is that I wish that mine were that new. I prefer the slightly different grille design/shape that Jeep started using in '02 as opposed to what my '00 has. If I find one cheap I'll probably get it to update the look of my GC. Let me know if you have any more questions.
  • I own a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee. In September of 2007 I started to notice a water noise coming from behind the passenger dash area. It makes a sound like if you had a cooler half full of water with ice in it and then shook it side-to-side. I know this is an odd description, but that is what it sounds like. It is especially noticeable when I first take off or turn. I have checked the condensation drain. It is clear, as best I can tell and I have no moisture in the floor. What do you think this could be? Any ideas? Thanks to anyone that can help.
  • Have same problem but with a 93 Grand Cherokee that i recently installed new motor into. Anyone have any answers?
  • I just bought a 2008 Jeep Gr.Cherokee Laredo 3.0L Diesel. When stopping, or reversing and stopping abruptly, you hear a loud knock/clunk in the rear of the vehicle. This is more prominent when the fuel tank is between 3/4 to full. The service at the dealership said that it is the fuel in the tank swishing around and that this knock is "normal" as this tank does not have baffles. Has anyone else experienced this knock? And what do you do when the dealership tells you this is "normal"??
  • my 2000 jeep grand cherokee is making a flump-flump-flump rotation noise while in motion..heard when in motion and while acclerating...noises gets fast as i accelerate....what is it? tires? axle? please help
  • jeepguy5jeepguy5 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Grand Cherokee 4.7L with 45000 miles and this morning I started it and a loud clicking started that sounded like it came from the dash area so I turned off the air , the radio and then shut it off. I restarted the engine and the noise continued. It did stop after a few minutes. This is the first time that this has happened. Any suggestions?

    Thank You
  • Tires should be the first thing you check, then go from there.
  • Are you sure that it is coming from the dash, or could it be in the engine compartment?
  • sneallsneall Posts: 3
    For Jeepins. You need knew brakes mort likely. Brake pads come with a little wear tab built into the side and once you use up most of the pad over time the little tab begins to drag along the rotor when "A your backing up" or "B your driving with out using the brake" if your problem is the brakes you should get it fixed soon before that tab damages the rotor beyond its resurfacing point or you will have to replace the rotor as well.
  • alcu77alcu77 Posts: 5
    I have a 2001 JGC Limited, and the rear axle has been making that similar noise for 2 years now, but it sounds more like a high pitched whee-whee-whee, and it also accelerates as i pick up speed. I had tires, brakes, and rotors checked and all was ok. It was chalked up-to a bent axle, because removing the wheel showed the rotor cocking side to side when rin drive and vehicle on hoist. To summarize, you'll need to take your jeep to the mechanic, put it on a hoist, put it in drive and watch both wheels on front/back axle (whichever one noise is coming from). then remove the wheels and see if sound is still there. if not, its your wheel. if so, watch your rotors when in drive to see if the cock from side-to-side, if so, look for scoring on the rotor and uneven smoothness when rubbing your finger across rotor face (perform when vehicle is in park only ... be careful b/c rotors may be hot). if rotor is uneven, then change your rotors or get them turned (cheaper). if rotors are smooth, even, and not scored, then most likely you axle is bent (5K to change ... just live with it - that is my problem)

    Hope I helped. My issue now, is when I turn on the driver side A/C, it blows heat, but passenger side will blow cold air. we hadn't used the A/C in about a year. it is also a climate controlled system.

    have any advice?
  • alcu77alcu77 Posts: 5
    my 2001 JGC limited will not blow cold A/C on drivers side. when at coldest setting, passenger side blows cold A/C, but driver side blows Heat!

    any advice for personal troubleshooting?
  • hmessingerhmessinger Posts: 3
    i have been noticing that as i drive on any kind of bumpy road i hear a loud clicking under my car by my front tire, and i am not sure if it is dangerous. i took it to a mechanic, but as soon as i got there it stopped. they checked the area out and said they didnt see anything, but i know somethigs wrong. could it maybe be shocks or struts? or maybe wheel bearings? i dont know but i am really worried. if you have any info please help!
  • tango04tango04 Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2001 Cherokee. It drives great and is smooth, but when stopping, a thump, thump, thump noise comes from under. Only when stopping. Have looked for the obvious but found nothing. Any answers?
  • bknight2bknight2 Posts: 1
    2001 Jeep Cherokee grinding noise when in Park and Nuetral + No pwr windows


    I have a 2001 Jeep Cherokee Laredo and recently observed that when the jeep is in park and nuetral there's a very load grinding noise coming from the engine. In addition, the wiper, radio, pwr windows, etc does not work while this is going on. Left the Jeep with my mechanic over-night, the next morning the problem cleared up...gone, no more noise.
    Suddenly the same problem re-appeared again approx 5wks later with the same results.

    Any idea what is the problem and the repair solution.

  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    would think that the charging system is at fault pos bad alt or regulator as the other items are powered by electricity
  • damndamn Posts: 4
    How can I check and see if my 4x4 is working? I heard a pop sound like a rock does under a tire sometime. it seems to engage fine no weird sounds or rattles I checked everything under the jeep no leaks or anything all seemed ok . Thanks Jake
  • 98jeep198jeep1 Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0ltr Auto
    For the last few months it has picked up a problem when on full lock either left or right, forward or backwards there is a clicking noise and its there no matter how fast or slow you go but once you take it off full lock its gone! :confuse: I changed the CV Joint hoping this would cure the noise but nothing! :cry:
    Can anyone help?
  • ecunniffeecunniffe Posts: 6
    sounds like a u-joint to me. try jacking front and rear up on jacks. take tires on at a time and move back and forth and watch u-joints. there should be no play where caps are.
  • We are thinking about buying a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee with about 26,000 miles on it. Its a V8 4x4 4.7 Liter. As we test drove it and made a heavy acceleration it made a really deep echo squawk. When its just idle in park and you rev the motor it does it just under 3000 rpms. Any ideas or information of what this could be before we buy this thing. Its still under factory warranty but I just dont want to buy something that is going to have problems later on down the road.. thanks...
  • zeke52zeke52 Posts: 1
    I own a 2005 JGC 5.7 with all time 4WD. About two years ago the front wheels started making a grinding noise when backing up and turning the wheels. It sounded like my old JC when in 4wd low. I took it for service where I bought it and they changed the fluids and told me that sound was normal at start up and it would go away as I drove. It did. The intensity of the grinding has only gotten worse, so I took it to another dealer to diagnose the problem and they said I needed some special additive in the fluids but some grinding was normal. It is now to a point where the grinding is much more intense at start up and the noise and feeling in the steering wheel persists for the first 5 min of driving when making turns. It never quite seems to be a smooth driving as it was when new.

    I am just wondering if this really is normal with nothing to worry about or can I expect a major breakdown sometime in the future.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  • I am having the same problem. It is getting worse everyday! Let me know if you figure anything out and I'll do the same! Good luck. - Robyn
  • damndamn Posts: 4
    I have an 03 grand cherokee when I turn on the ac the check engine light comes on and temp gauge says it is over heating. As soon as I turn off the ac the temp goes down and light goes off. Do I need a new compressor or just freon? Thanks Jake
  • First off, when you turn on the A/C, is it blowing cold? Does the blower operate properly at all fan speeds? If these two things are working properly, then your compressor is fine and you don't need any freon. Does the temp gauge show that it is overheating while driving, or just when you're parked? If it does this while the truck is moving, your A/C isn't causing this problem. It sounds like more of an electrical problem to me. Check your connections, especially at the battery and the alternator, and see if that solves the problem.
  • damndamn Posts: 4
    It heated up wwhile sitting.the ac does not blow cold it is about as cool as a regular fan in the house does.Thanks Jake
  • With the engine running and the A/C on, look under the hood and see if the compressor is kicking on. If the freon is low, it should kick on and off every few seconds. Let me know what you find.
  • mangulomangulo Posts: 2
    we have been having for over a year a very loud clanking noise in the front. it started on one side now it is both sides whenever you back up or turn. we have had it to the dealer and different repair shops. have been told to drive it to dead and also have spent about $3,000 on trying to fix it. have been told trans trouble, brake trouble but not what i think (heaven help me a lowley women) it sounds like something in the power steering or something that is connected with the wheels and chasis. nobody on the other sites has answered me yet and it is embarassing to drive with my husband when the other car is in the shop, you should see the people jump when we turn or back up. what wrong with this ****car?
  • ecunniffeecunniffe Posts: 6
    Hvae you had the front bearings replaced yet? You can check these by jacking the front end up and try moving the tire - if any play the bearings are gone and need to be replaced, cost for bearings are about $160 each.
    Another thing to check is the wheels themselves, are these stock or aftermarket? some aftermarket wheels will loosen up after few miles of driving on them and need retorquing/ tightening.
  • We just got our jeep into the dealership. It was the transfer case. Luckily it was under warrenty still! Good luck with the grinding!
  • pell312pell312 Posts: 8
    I know that noise too well.......Loud clunking noise from what sounds like the front driver's side axle or wheel? You can feel a thud under your feet? TRANSFER CASE . Jeep knows that they installed defective transfer cases but refuses to be responsible. I'm replacing mine for the SECOND time (1300 bucks!) Jeep recalled 1990-1998 model years GC 4X4's for defective transfer cases. Mine's a 2000, so Jeep says, basically, it sucks to be me.
  • Fivestar2,

    I had a 2002 Grand Cherokee Limited and had the problem of "water sloshing behind dash"...what happened was my water pump went out and I had blown a head gasket and that was antifreeze "sloshing" around in there...it cost me $1000 to get it fixed...I made the mistake of running it till the engine locked up and it had to be thouroughly cleaned and nearly 3 oil changes to get the gunk out.

    Hope that helps.
  • tena2tena2 Posts: 1
    I to have a 2004 Jeep with the same noise. The tie rods, sway bar bushings and
    shocks have been replaced. Still the noise is there. The dealership is at awl and cannot find the problem. Help!!!!!!!!! a $1000.00 later no answer.
  • cwfitzcwfitz Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 GC Overland with this rear driver's side thud noise whenever I go over the smallest bump in the road. I have the Up Country suspension and learned the hard way that new Edelbrock IAS Performer shocks aren't a good replacement for the Up Country set up. So, I replaced them again with new factory Up Country shocks. But the noise was still there. So, now I've replaced the rear sway bar bushings (upgraded to Energy greasable bushings) and upgraded to an Addco 1" thick sway bar. The noise is still there...and my local Jeep dealership has no ideas (big surprise!). Does any one have any helpful ideas of what to check next. I see that most old posts say it's the shocks, but I've replaced enough to know it can't be the shocks at this point.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    check that the shock mount bolt is tight

    i would put a lock washer on the bolt by the head and tighten the bolt sure sounds as if shock is makeng your noise

    could try and remove shock and drive over some bumps if noise is gone then you know that the shock bolt is bottoming out before it pinches the shock mount tight in the mount
  • Zeke - since your post in July, have you nailed down the problem? I have a '96 GC 4x4 and there's sort of a grinding sound when turning left or right, and sort of a low grinding or growling sound going straight. it used to be heard in the rear as well, but it turned out the cause was incorrect diff fluid; the rear is a slip-diff which requires fluid that is synthetic.
  • I have 1997 Grand Cherokee and a few weeks ago I discovered a roaring noise while driving. Purchased a new wheel bearing for replacement. While driving home I placed the Jeep in Neutral and the noise stop. (55 MPH) Placed back in gear and the sound was back. I went one step further by turning off the over drive. Driving without OD the sound goes away but with OD it still roars but the pitch changes if I wiggle the transfer case while in High range. Taking the wheel bearing back. Any Ideas? (Quadra Track)
  • im having the same problem i have had it to a mechanic 3 times and thought we fixed the problem with a steering stem bolt?? well nope it any time i turn the wheel i have a 99 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo i am losing my mind with this someone please help me!!!!! :confuse: :confuse:
  • Well I have some bad news for you... you need to decide whether you want to take your vehicle to a transmission repair shop or a dealership... either way it is going to cost a thousand or more dollars. The problem lies within the transmission... actually to be more precise with the overdrive section of the transmission. Earlies Jeeps 1993 to 1998 were frequently having these problems..

    You said you were going 55MPH and the noise went away when you shifter the transmission into neutral which tells me that the problem is most definately inside the transmission.

    I am sorry I can not be much help in this situation unless you know how to rebuild transmissions.... Furthermore... if there is anyone with any problem relating to Jeep Grand Cherokees 1993 - 2006 please let me know. I have researched every issue known to these vehicles from frequent brake pulsations to rear differentials blowing out. I am new to this site, but if anyone needs any help with any situation please let me know so that I can save you time, money, and most importantly your sanity...

    Good luck with you Jeep and just know once you get this overdrive situation repaired it will not happen again... just remember if you tow heavy things with your jeep... please please keep overdriver OFF while towing!! it will save your transmission and motor the pain of trying to tug something using half the effort in the process!!!
  • Hi, guys I'm new to this forum, very decent Home Mechanic, I have read the whole thing on the Jeep Grand Cherokee sound underneath and around the Transmission... Still a little lost, I guess two different answers;;;; My is a 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee Orvis Edition. AWD

    1. TRANSFER CASE (Loud clunking noise from what sounds like the front driver's side axle or wheel? You can feel a thud under your feet? TRANSFER CASE . Jeep knows that they installed defective transfer cases but refuses to be responsible. I'm replacing mine for the SECOND time (1300 bucks!) Jeep recalled 1990-1998 model years GC 4X4's for defective transfer cases.)

    2. TRANSMISSION: (Within the Transmission, actually to be more precise with the overdrive section of the transmission. Earlies Jeeps 1993 to 1998 were frequently having these problems.. )

    Which one do I do First, I guess the cheaper one, right.

    Dumb question, I hear that there was a recall from Jeep on the (TRANSFER CASE) between 90-98 years. I know recall also expire, how to I check with dealership? if jeep was every recalled for this TRANSFER CASE? problem.

    Still need help....
  • Hi !...I am new to this forum also. I am glad to see you are willing to help anyone who needs it. I recently bought a 2004 Grand Cherokee Limited from a Mercedes dealer. The car had 92k+ miles on it but it was well kept. The GC had a few issues which I discovered it had after I took owner-ship. The big one was it had no heat and nobody noticed that the a/c was always blowing cold air with no variance in the temperature no matter what the controls were set at. Who checks heat in the middle of the summer??!! To make a long story short, after reading about this problem on the web and learning about the "after market fix" I replaced the dual blend doors myself and the dealer paid for the part. Can you imagine that the jeep dealer wanted to tear the car apart only to put back another plastic part for $1400+ dollars!!!!!!
    Another issue I have which I will correct someday is the driver power seat with memory. The rear lift motor does not operate properly. When activated it tries to work but it sounds and looks like the gear on the screw drive is jammed. When I inquire about a new motor everyone, including junk yards, want to sell me the entire track. The dealers price looks like someones telephone # and the junk yards are asking half of that. I will have to take the seat out and remove the motor to see what's happening in there.
    The third and I hope last issue is one of the retaining clips on the filter air-box is missing. I figured that I might have to buy an entire set of four from the dealer at maybe a cost of $20 or so. The dealer told me that these clips come as part of the air-box which I would have to purchase if I wanted them????!!!!!!!! I bought an entire air-box on e-bay for 99 cents with $11 shipping.
    Anyway I just though I would share my experience so far with this GC. Driving it is a pleasure and I am ready for the up and comming snow season here in the north east................topat46
  • Hi all, i came across these forums while trying to google the question i have. I have a 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee and it has almost 150k Miles on it. Iv been taking good care of the car since iv owned it and iv had it for 8 years. Iv drove all across the country and back twice with it and i havent had any major problems except a valve spring on the cylinder head which broke causing missfire's which i replaced with the rest of them.

    I had a new muffler put on awhile back and i noticed the heatsheild on that thing which connects to the muffler fell off the underside of the car cuss it was totally rusted out. Im not very car savey sadly so i dont know what this problem is comming from that im about to tell you.

    Ok the problem is this. When i start the car and it sits idle or when i step on the gas doesnt matter its always there, the car is making a faint rattle noise underneeth. I dont know where exactly its comming from tho. Iv heared people say there car rattle's and when they put it in neutral it stops. I put the car in neutral and it doesnt stop so i dont think "well i hope" its not the tranny cuss it does this in park/neutral/drive ect.

    Another problem i have with the car is the left front side when i go over 30MPH starts to HUMMM really loud to the point where i need to turn the radio on lol. I took it to a shop and they said it was the bearing in the left driver side wheel which needs replaced. I dont have the money they want to replace it so iv been driving my other car for the last month. Does this sound right too that the bearing is bad ?

    Anyway thanks in advance

    Oh i forgot to tell you its a 4X4 4.0L Jeep grand Cherokee

    This was the part that fell off and here is what the underside looks like, it also seems like my oil pressure it always low after awhile i had the oil filter and oil replaced like 2 times now but when i started the jeep up today cuss its bad to keep it off for long periods of time i noticed the oil pressure mark was below the "40" mark on the dashboard. Is that normal ?




  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    just heat shied for cat

    rattle is prob the inside of cat as looks as if rusted prity bab so inside could be comming loose

    sure sounds as if wheel bering is prob yos $$$$$ to change have to replace inner and outer plus holder as not able to service as indivaul peaces part cost bout 100.00 bucks labor bout 200 not to safe to drive as if berings freeze up at 50 mph all hell can brake loose
  • jeep4life0604 or anyone that can help.

    I recently bought a 1999 Grand Cherokee Laredo, 4.0L 2WD, 111,000 miles.
    I knew the rear end needed overhauled due to rear end whine and light vibration in overdrive. Had the rear end overhauled by a reputable shop which took care of the rear whine but the vibration in overdrive from 48 mph and up is still there. The owner of the driveline shop took me for a test drive and pointed out that the vibration seemed to be from the transmission and recommended I take it to his friend at a reputable Trans shop nearby. I went for a test drive with owner of the Trans shop and he did not think there was a problem with the Trans. He said others with the same type of vibration in the Jeep GC have had the driveshaft balanced and other repairs, which did not eliminate the vibration and said possibly new motor mounts and Trans mount may help. I installed all new mounts myself but vibration persists. The vibration goes away when lifting off accelerator or shutting off overdrive?


  • I have a 2001 cherokee sport and I was recently getting a loud grinding sound from my rear axle. To make this short, I had my rear axle rebuilt because all gears and bearings were chopped up. Anyway, starting about 3 weeks later it is making a grinding sound again, but not as bad, it is more of a loud rumble. I went back to the mechanic and he said nothing is wrong. He says I have a bad cat, which does not seem to have anything to do with it.

    It still has power, smooth driving, and no vibrations. It makes this noise all the time. I tried putting the jeep in neutral while driving and it is still there, so I do not think it is my drive shaft.
  • unekgalunekgal Posts: 15
    My 2001 cherokee squeals very, very loud when using the AC or defrost controls. Squeals when in idle and gets louder as I begin to drive. It sounds like the belt is giong to fly off. When I turn the controls completely off, the squeal stops immediately???? HELP!!!
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    bad belt tighner change that and replace belt
    also could be bad comperssure as it runs when in defrost also
  • I have a 99 JGC limited with the same popping sound a lot of people seem to be hearing. I found by grabbing the front prop shaft I have a bit more movement than what seems normal, but what I notice most is the "clacking" sound is coming from the transfer case (NV-247)- would this be a stretched chain or possibly a bad gerotor? (157,000 miles- otherwise mechanically sound)

  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    if you have the cvc joint typy front drive shaft checj the cvc joint for rughf of binbing as that will make transfer do funney things
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