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Jeep Cherokee Grand Cherokee Noises and Sounds



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    It could be something as simple as a stone stuck in the tire tread.

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    I finally resolved my Thump and Clunk problem, yes it took sometime but its fixed. DO NOT install Monroe Sensa-Trac shocks. Like fixjeep stated on previous post Quote:Stiffer shocks can transmit noises through a unibody like the jeep. Although I tried to get the KYB's there were problem with shipping & I just couldnt wait anymore the Thump and Clunk was driving me CRAZY. I settled for the Monroes Matic Plus and Now the Thump and Clunk is GONE. Im very disapointed with Monroe, I wrote to them numberous times of this problem but they still insistef that Sensa-Track was the shock to go with. Well this will ne my last purchase from Monroe.
  • ssmssm Posts: 4
    thanks for the input-I checked there doesn't seem to be a stone. but looking under the boot at the wheel-there is a CV joint ,not a u-joint, I've been told a worn cv joint will click .
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I found this in our archives. I think it's worth a look!

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  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    did you service the trans? if so fix noise? would like update thanks
  • I have a 95 Grand Jeep Cherokee, that I think has the same problem. I've had the belt changed, twice and then the harmonic sensor gave out and I also had the belt clutch replaced. And it still makes the noise. Have you had an luck??? I'm going insane!!!
  • I noticed that this has been posted before. I have a Grand Jeep Cherokee Laredo 95 with 140+ miles on it. The noise seems to be coming from the fan belt area. I've had the fan belt replaces twice, the last time the harmonic sensor had to be replaced along with the fan belt clutch. The noise is still there, though. I'm going insane!!!!!!!! And spending way too much money. Please help.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    it is prob the auto belt tightner bad bearing change compleat assembly
  • In the past 2-3 months I have been hearing an annoying squeak from the front end when going over small bumps. I have a 2002 Grand Cherokee Laredo. I have installed new Bilstein shocks around 2 weeks before the squeaking started. I have also installed new front sway bar bushings. Anyone have any idea on what is causing this squeak? I am stumped.
  • I recently purchased a gently used GC LTD with a 5.7 HEMI, 24K miles. I noticed that when I have my windows down driving in town, stop and go that the engine is noisy on acceleration. When I say noisy I mean like an exaust leak around the exaust manifold or something. It almost sounds like what a header would sound like with a blown header gasket. It is not over bearing load, but I notice it and I was just wondering if this is normal, do all hemis sound like this?? Other than the noise, I am very pleased with this vehicle so far. Suggestions???
  • I just bought a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. I noticed that when accelerating from a dead stop you can hear a whine. It sounds like its coming either from the transmission or the transfer case. This Jeep is the Quadra-Trac. Is this normal? Can anyone give me any ideas as to what this might be?
  • hoping some of you have had this issue and can help me out with this one. My 04 GC has developed a "popping" or rattling sound which sounds like the rear hatch window OR rear hatch is not closed tightly. When I hit a dip in the road or just a bump I hear this coming from the rear hatch area inside the vehicle. It started out minor but it seems to be getting worse. I've got a little over 62k and it seems like I'm noticing alot more squeaks and rattles in general now. Is anyone else experiencing any of this with their Cherokee's? I bought the Jeep brand new and only driven to and from work all highway and has never been offroad driven hard or abused. Oh and I've also had the typical brakes, power windows and other issues that seems common with the GC I've read about here also.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    try changing you shocks they have a ten to thunk when going over small bumps when they get bad
  • I have a '96 JGC, and when I let off the gas there is a gear noise as it decelerates, but it goes away when I'm back on the gas. Sounds like it's coming from the front. Is this the transfer case, diffential, bearings, or some unknown poltergiest? Thanks. Matt
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    check where the drive shalf goes in see if it is loose sounds as if you have loose pinion bering
  • i just got my cat convcerter replaced and then i went on a road trip and it sounded like i have a crocth rocket underneath my truck. I got back form my road trip went back to the machinc and they said it was my trnasfer case. But the sound was making it while i was stopped and while i was moving so if it was the transfer case it would only make it when im moving right i think its a bad cat any suggestions
  • i just replace the cat and every since that it sounds like i have a crothc rocket underneth my truck. I took it back to the mechinc and they say it was the transfer case. But the sound was there i wasnt moving and when i was movnig so it cant be the transfer case. I have no idea what it is. it only happens when the trucj is really hot like ive been driving it for like 30 minutes the i start to hear and only at sertin speeds. any sugestions would help
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    def not transfer case if not there when you changed cat must be cat
  • Hello again. My Jeep 99/00 grand cherokee 4.7 V8 Ltd auto has an awful knocking/banging noise when i come off the throttle over 70 mph. I can`t feel any play or vibration on the steering when this happens or at any other time. Have had a look underneath and there is some play on the prop shaft. That being said there is a CV? joint at on end. Any ideas ? Also, can anyone recomend a good parts supplier in the UK ?
    Many thanks, Matt
  • avmbaavmba Orange County, CAPosts: 27
    I am actually noticing this with my wife's 207 JGC OVerland with the 5.7 HEMI. I thought it was an exhaust leak as well and don't remember noticing it previously (we've had the car 6 months).

    I plan on taking it to the dealer and having them look at it and firing up a couple of new JGCs with HEMIs to compare.

    Anyone have any idea what this might be? It is much noisier than I would expect from ANY SUV.

  • phanselphansel Posts: 3
    I have a 98 JGCL and I have been to two mechanics now with the same problem. When I turn or when I am backing up there is a popping noise. I have had axels worked on, sway bar replaced, something with the ujoint fixed, and wheel hub replaced, no idea what is going on still...what are they missing?
  • Thanks for the reply, I swear it did not sound like this when I test drove it!!! I have an appointment Friday, hopefully they can track it down, It sounds like a POS!! I will let you know what I find out. Thanks!!
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    remove front drive shalf and try that if no poping prob front shalf or transfer case but have to elimate stuff one thing at a time
  • burnyburny Posts: 1
    i own a 1994 jeep grand cherokee 8cyl. and a 4x4. the problem started about a week ago, it made a small but kindof loud clicking noice towards the front of the car. then one day while taking my brother to school, the engine forced itself ( a loud vroom) then for no reason it stopped. i tried to shift it into park but it made a scandalous clicking sound (almost like a knocking). a mecanic added transmission fluid and it ran good. but then on the second drive, it did the same thing and now, it does not shift at all and it still does the loud knocking sound when i try to put it into park. please someone help me....bad!
  • dvan23dvan23 Posts: 1
    My 2002 jeep like yours is doing the same thing! My question is; what did you do to fix your problem? The noise is very annoying and i am afraid it will cause a more serious problem. I obviously DO NOT want to have to take it to a dealer ($$$$$$$$$!) So, what was your remedy? Thanks
  • phanselphansel Posts: 3
    thank you, I finally called the mechanic back, he said it is where my axel goes into differentail, my bushings are bad? Please, does this sound like the problem? I have shelled out $700 dollars now. He assured it's ok to drive for now.
  • nwwnww Posts: 1
    my 02 GC I6 4.0 when engine is at operating temp , if you stop at a stop light, the oil pressure drops to the first mark above (L), then goes back to normal when you speed up. any ideas?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    if you realy don't need 4 wheel drive just remove drive shalft let front run free other wise bushings? will ware out (have know idea what he is calling axel bushings )the out side is suported by wheel bearings and inner by diff bearings
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    when last oil change ? if just done wrong oil weaight my 2000 recamends 10W30 or 10w40 i use mobile i and have never had prob
  • phanselphansel Posts: 3
    thank you for your help, will try to get fixed with this info.
  • My JGC '97 4x4 Vehicle information center is not working. I have checked the fuses. Is there a light bulb behind panel that may be out? Not having the clock and vehicle display is driving me crazy!
  • I am currently trying out a 2007 jgc. It has the reverse noise you are talking about. Did you try to partially engage the emer hand brake and see if this made any difference as previously suggested? I will be looking further into this but I feel that jeep engineers must have the answer.
  • Dude, why would a mechanic who works on exhaust know anything about Transfer cases and such. If it's exhaust it's exhaust, you have to diagnose where the problem is comming from before you can diagnose the actual problem. If there were any issues with exhaust related to temperature I would lean towards the manifold. Sound travels which make noise while driving impossible to diagnose. I have spent mucho dolores fixing problems that weren't there trying to chases down noises. When your car heats up the gasket for the manifold could be failing or a weld could be comming open. But if the noise is there while your not moving then crawl under there and start moving stuff with your hand. The best way to see where the noise is comming from is to listen for changes in the noise as you poke around. WHen you move somthing and the noise changes then you have found your problem....maybe. :shades:
  • I have a 2005 Grand Cherokee 5.7l with a Hemi, when I back up and turn and then go forward the car feelks like its going over a rumble strip or a wash board, I have had her into the shop 3 times now and they kkep changing fluids !!! Its ljke they do not beleive me !! The jeep has only about 24,000 kms on her and this noise is relativily new, any ideas???
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    noise from front or rear?

    if from front have you changed tires to a bigger size could be rubbing tire edge
  • 2001 jeep cherokee sport 4.0L.I had the valve cover gasket replaced. Due to it leaking oil. When i got my vehicle back from the dealer, it started making a gurgilling noise. occationally it goes away. And the noise speeds up with acceleration. When in gear or park it sounds like a water bong noise? Please any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    open hood listen around engine area see if can pinpoint where it is comming from
  • I have a 1995 jeep grand Cherokee limited. I was driving down the road and it made a load popping sound it sounded like it came from the front right tire . Then about 1 mile down the road it started popping and the transfer case started trying to pop into neutral. I was told it was the front right axle i replaced that and it done the same thing. I took the front drive shaft out and it still makes the popping sound but the transfer case does not try to pop into neutral. Does anybody have any ideals . thanks
  • jaco4jaco4 Posts: 5
    I have just bought a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo,40,000
    miles, This tapping sound only starts when you first start it in the morning. I brought it to my mechanic ,he says it is
    not my lifters! He did a through inspection of my car before I bought this beauty! I need help. Now this car is protected under the 70,000 mile power train warranty. Do I take to my Jeep dealer? Is this serious? Please help me guys (and girls)!
    Would 40,000 miles make these lifters go bad already? By the way the tapping sound quits after about 30minutes and does not happen and till the next day> Thank you. HELP!!!!
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