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Mitsubishi Outlander Navigation and Electronics

We're consolidating related discussions into a single topic including, e.g. radios, stereos, navigation, communication and so on. Enjoy!

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  • My salesman said it could be done so I could play my I-Pod directly into the radio. I pre-paid the addition, but the parts people are unsure which part will work. Does anyone have any experience with this mod, or know the correct part #?
  • rjxgrjxg Posts: 5
    I use a Sansa mp3 player, which uses a 3.5mm jack. I have the Navi and Rockford Fosgate stereo. The dealer may have another/better solution but here is what worked for me.

    I purchased a special retractable cable (3.5mm to 2 RCA jacks). If you put the Navi unit on AUX, it will take the infeed from the RCA jacks located behind the middle arm rest (in the rear passenger foot area). just use your mp3 player as normal.-it will not display any info on the head unit. The name of the jack is th Zip-Linq compact audio 3.5 mm M-RCA, I got it at Its not a perfect solution, but works for now. I am in awe at why a 3.5mm jack wasn't built into the system?
  • I may be wrong on this, but in another forum there is a picture when the navi screen is open to access the cd player. On the bottom of the screen is a jack. Looks like a jack to plug in an ipod or mp3 player. I don't have an Outlander so I can't check and I am just going off a picture.
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    if ghettofabulous still visits this forum, i know he/she has some info about the ipod jack.
  • rjxgrjxg Posts: 5
    I tried that with a 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack while the unit was down in the load cd position and in AUX and it didn't work. I had to leave the head of the unit down to fit the jack in. The clearance won't allow for the jack to be in place when the unit is in normal position. Maybe there is a flat adapter, but looking at the clearance it would have to be very thin.
  • mucoolmucool Posts: 24
    I have an iriver clix mp3 player and I have tried both things , the jack at the bottom of the nav screen and the RCA video input below the middle arm rest, couldn't get it to work either ways :( . I am wondering if its mp3 player dependent (if Sansa worked). Was confused with the "Full Test" review on edmunds "Jack for portable MP3 playback is hidden behind head unit. Dealer can hook it up for a fee or, if you're handy, you can figure it out yourself".
  • You can't use a component hookup to get your IRiver to work? I bought a component adapter (one of those with the red, white, and blue ends) to hook up into the backside of the middle arm-rest section. This hooks right up to my IPod and plays through the stero. Hopefully that made sense?
  • mucoolmucool Posts: 24
    Nope. Doesn't seem to work for me. I am using the following audio cable (Featured Accessories).Should've been straightforward! Need to spend some more time figuring this out :confuse:
  • The jack on the bottom of the open navi screen does not work. This is not the place to plug in for the ipod. The aux jacks are located at the bottom of the center console in the back seat. I used cables from Best Buy. See link: product&cp=1&id=1051384698297
    Ipod also sells Ipod AV cables which are "compatible with all ipod models with color display." We plugged an "old skool" mini ipod in with these cables and it also worked. After you plug in the cables and connect to the earphone jack in your ipod, be sure to touch "aux" on the navi screen. You will not see the music on the screen. You have to control music selection through the ipod.

    I hope this helps. :)
  • mucoolmucool Posts: 24
    Seems like the link does not work in my last post(if it does not work this time too, my apologies):

    Nope. Doesn't seem to work for me. I am using the following audio cable.Should've been straightforward! Need to spend some more time figuring this out
  • The link still didn't work. Try what Ghetto suggested above. That is how I play my MP3 Player in my Outlander and it works fine. I'm guessing it should work the same with an iRiver player.
  • mucoolmucool Posts: 24
    I borrowed a friend's mini IPOD and that worked just fine with the setup outlined by ghettofab (including my audio cables). I had to turn up the volume a bit on the audio system. I wonder if my Iriver not working was just a volume mismatch!! I will check that again. But it works~~ maybe just time to change my mp3 player :)! Thanks for the help here folks!
  • As an audiophile and former MECP installer (6yrs), this problem has been driving me up the wall lately. The radio will decrease the higher frequency (treble) and then fade back into being crystal clear. The SUV doesn't even have to be moving for it to do it.

    For example:

    I'm listening to a rock song. The song is crystal clear with the "highs" sounding crisp and clean. Then all of a sudden, the "highs" will decrease and the sound is now dulled and crappy sounding. The volume remains the same, but the clarity is gone. It sounds like the radio is automatically turing the treble all the way to the negative, and then back up...every 20-30 seconds!!!

    I've tried every setting in the book, remained parked, moving, etc... It doesn't matter which stations, FM/AM, etc...

    This only occurs while listening to the radio (am/fm) and does NOT occur while listening to the HDD or CD system.

    Please listen to your radio and tell me you're experiencing the same thing!!! This problem needs to be fixed! Do I HAVE to go back to the dealer?

    Concerned in Chicago,

  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    On my side, I don't have that problem. I am 100% totally satisfied with the sound system. Can you reproduce the problem with Sirius?
  • Yup, I have the exact same problem on my LS. It's driving me crazy. Just like you, I only have the issue with the radio, not the CD. Sounds like someone hits a muffle button or something. It does this both when the radio's speed volume control is on or off. I was afriad mine was an isolated incident. At least now it seems like it may be a production problem with some of the radios so maybe Mitsubishi will get a service bulletin out on it.

    I did bring mine to the dealer. They tested the speakers and found them to be in working order. I took it for a test drive with them and was able to reproduce the problem. They suggested waiting to see if a service bulletin came out before they started pulling the sound system apart tying to locate the problem.

    I'm going to write Mitsubishi informing them of the problem.
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    From both of your complaints I figured this might be an issue with the radio head unit. Mine came with the Navi, so this might a different model. The good thing about writing direct to Mitsu is that they can call your dealership and give them technical info on how to go about diagnosing your car. So that's way faster than waiting for a service bulletin.
  • I have the base radio system with the six disk cd deck.
    I use an Ipod. I bought an Monster IcarPlay FM Transmitter/charger. I plug it into the power outlet upfront, under the dash. It works great! The sound quality is very close to using a cd. I can't tell the difference myself but I'm not a audiophile. I like the fact that it charges my Ipod as well as letting me listen. Monster makes differt models for your type of Ipod. It interfaces thru the USB port on my Ipod, I dont have to connect anything to the audio jack. I got mine for $17.00 on plus shipping.
  • I have the same problem. I have taken to the dealer three times already. They have only replaced the antenna on the back of the vehicle and this has done nothing. They have admitted that other dealerships have seen the problem and they don't have a fix. Ah, sounds like they need to upgrade me to the nav system :). I will be calling them again tomorrow.
  • I am having the same problem as well.
    I thought it was just a reception problem but I guess it is more.

    I haven't spoken to the dealer about it yet.

    Has anyone noticed any problems with Satellite?
  • One more sidebar, I see that some of the other manufactures are making FM transmitters with RDS that will allow you to see the track and artist info on the radio or nav screen. I can't vouch for this one but here is a link.
    If anyone is using one with RDS please post, I'm wondering if it will work as good as the Monster brand did in my Outlander!
  • Sent a letter one week ago regarding the radio problem. So far no response. Anyone have an idea how long it typically takes for Mitsubishi to get back to customers who write in with an issue?
  • djlonodjlono Posts: 11
    I am having the same problem. :( For me it is a reception issue. I haven't spoken to the dealer yet. Any answer from Mitsubishi?
  • Nope, I called Mitsu last Friday asking why I had not heard from them. They informed me that they would contact me when the received the letter. Still no contact. I'm giving them until tomorrow, which will be two weeks, then they are getting another call.
  • ws01ws01 Posts: 11
    Guys, I don't have Outlander but I have been browsing this forum for some reviews and opinions.
    In one of my cars I have Blupunkt receiver that has a feature that is described per manual:
    "The HiCut function has the effect of reducing interference noise during poor radio reception. If interference occurs,
    the system automatically reduces the treble thus reducing the interference level"
    In this particular unit you can turn it on and off or even set sensitivity.
    I thought, I would share...
    Listen to the radio again and see if that "HICUT" appears when reception is a bit worse than normal. :)
  • Thanks for the suggestion! I think however that we have a different situation here. There is no "hicut" that appears on the screen. This problem is not affected by reception. It happens when I'm parked in my garage and doesn't matter which station I listen to.
  • I ordered and received a 2007 Outlander XLS with navigation system and accessory rear entertainment system (RES). The navigation package was installed at the port in L.A., and according to the dealer the RES "should have been installed there as well, but wasn't". So the dealer installed the RES system. This being the first 2007 Outlander that they had sold, they didn't seem to know a whole lot about the different options and configurations available. I suspect that I did not get the RES that Mitsubishi intended for the 07 Outlander and believe the dealer just sent it to a local car audio shop for whatever system they had. This is b/c the rear DVD player does NOT play audio through the main audio system of the car when I put the front navi unit in "Aux" mode. The RES DVD player will only play audio through the headphones or on an FM frequency. Worse still, when I set my stereo to either of the FM frequencies reserved by RES, the audio reception is poor and full of static.

    I know there are some differences in options between the LS and XLS (no option for factory navi and factory RES on XLS) and (no center console 110V AC outlet on XLS).

    So my questions are this: Anyone out there have an XLS with navi and RES? If so, what is the make/model of the RES DVD player? (mine is a Rosen A8). Does the RES audio play over the car stereo speakers when you put the front head unit in Aux mode? Did the dealer install the RES?

    Possibly related, I do not have the RCA type auxillary input ports on the bottom of the arm-rest. If I take off the center console's back cover there are some open quick connector type wiring harnesses. Could this be something else that was missed at the dealer or port? Or the console aux ports this only something that comes with the Sun & Sound package? The RES DVD player has RCA aux ports, but then my MP3 patch cables are going to be hanging down from the ceiling all the time... ugh.

    Sorry for the long post. Thanks for your guidance.
  • Has anyone tried to pull the hard drive from the navigation unit (mitsubishi multi communication system) and look on it? I would love to hook it up as an external drive on my PC and see what format the music is stored in, how the phone numbers in the address book are stored, dates in the calendar, etc. It would be great to dump all my music files, phone numbers, and important date reminders onto here all at once instead of manually entering them while in the car.

    I'm also curious how GPS data will be updated as maps change.

    And of course - look at upgrading to a larger capacity hard drive...

    Has anyone made an attempt at this?
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    From what I understand, the files are in MP3 format but uses proprietary compression, and cannot be read back by standard MP3 players. Although yes, I too am curious about the data file structure.

    GPS data is by Navteq, but browsing through the Navteq site, I can't find the 07 Outlander among their list of OEM vehicles. Maybe to be updated later. But with regards to maps, Navteq has a Map Reporter tool (or something like that), where you can actually send a request to Navteq to update a certain portion of the map. Like in my area, some of the new homes and newly created streets are not yet on the map, so I plan to send a request to Navteq to have this part of the map updated. And they're suppose to include the newly updated map as part of an annual update CD, which for some makes like GM, are being sold for $100+. I am not sure though how things are with Mitsu. But I am hoping map updates through the dealership during the 5 yr new vehicle warranty will be free.

    Gracenote CDDB too has free updates, just in case you have a couple of new CDs not in the database. Haven't tried it yet, but I found out you can actually update it yourself using a self-created update CD.

    Larger capacity drive? Sounds cool. :shades: Too bad my DIY skills are a little bit rusty. And maybe we can have RDS hacked too and have it enabled for Navi FM tuners. I have this feeling it's in there, waiting to be unlocked. ;)
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    From what I understand from your post, you ordered an XLS with no factory options, is this correct? And you just had the Navi and the RES installed on the vehicle. So I guess this would explain why you didn't have the RCA jacks. I am not too sure from what package is the RCA jacks included, but my XLS with Navi and S&S have those RCA jacks.

    This is b/c the rear DVD player does NOT play audio through the main audio system of the car when I put the front navi unit in "Aux" mode.

    I was told by the dealer, and have read in one of Mitsu's press releases that in factory installed RES, you can actually watch the DVD playback in the Navi screen from the RES. What's not clear to me though is if it's at all possible to do this trick with a dealer installed RES. But my feeling is that because they made that statement, that it's not at all possible to watch the RES video in the Navi screen on a dealer installed RES. I guess this has something to do with the wiring.

    I suspect that I did not get the RES that Mitsubishi intended for the 07 Outlander and believe the dealer just sent it to a local car audio shop for whatever system they had.

    This is what the genuine OEM RES system should look like. Is this similar to what's installed in your Outlander?

    Also, I would have liked the 110v outlet on my XLS, although for now I don't really see a real need for it other than using my home outlet cellphone charger, and not buying an extra 12v charger just for car use. But I guess rather than being charged extra, buying a good inverter would be a better, and cheaper.
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    Quick search revealed this:
    Rosen A8

    So I bet you don't have the genuine OEM RES. Too bad, we could have confirmed if RES playback was indeed possible on a dealer installed genuine OEM RES. Did you signed for a genuine Mitsubishi RES? Because if it was me, I'd take it back to the dealer and have it replaced with 100% original Mitsu parts.
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