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Mitsubishi Outlander Navigation and Electronics



  • Informed MMNA corporate and the dealer of the problem. The dealer "couldn't replicate the problem," but he did believe me when I was describing the issue. Apparently, MMNA is thinking that it might be a problem with the am/fm reception that is causing the issue. Because I called corporate ahead of time, the dealer was fully aware of the problem and told me that MMNA might be looking at a different radio/software that might fix the problem.

    Once again, if you're noticing this problem, then I suggest calling your dealer and MMNA so they can find a solution.
  • Had the same problem with my XLS not having the rear DVD installed at the port. However, my local dealer did not trust their own guys to install it and sent my car to Milwaukee to have a national group install the DVD. It's apparently better than the original a Rosen T10. I'm expecting it later today, and I'll let you know.
  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    I have seen the XLS with factory installed RES. In Canada the NAVI and RES are bundled together in a package, available only on the XLS ($4,000 CAD). One thing I noticed is that the headliner is different than the one in the models without the RES. I suspect that if they install it properly, they would have to replace the headliner too.
  • I wrote 1st post. I had dealer write 'i-Pod promise' in contract. Dealer had a 'detailer' install an i-Pod adapter that also powers the 1-Pod. It disables the i-Pod volume control (use radio volume control), and plays thru an unused FM button directly into the radio (not thru the antenna). I have the lighter free to power my cell phone. I have the special 'base' model outlander, but I tinted the windows, and now w/ the i-Pod, I am more pleased w/ the car (3,000 miles).
  • Update. I talked with MMNA on Friday. According to the customer service rep I talked with, they are aware of the issue and trying to track down the cause. They indicated it would be taken care of with a service bulletin, and that the bulletin would likely be out within the next two to three months.
  • I have the base radio with the six cd changer.
    I live in Pittsburgh and we have alot of local FM stations.
    I'm not happy with the radio reception.
    I have owned many cars and have never had this problem.
    The radio fades in and out with the highs cutting out just as others have posted. Also many station don't even play in stereo. I will be watching this post, please let me know want Mitsu says about this problem.
  • Make sure you call MMNA to report your problem. They need to fix this sooner rather then later. The more people that have an issue, the quicker things get resolved.
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    And since you guys brought up this issue, I'm starting to notice it in my Navi unit radio. When the car gets moving it'll get a little muffled, which I would describe as a loss of volume (a little bit, about 1-2 level lower) and a loss of treble. I wouldn't notice it if I was concentrating on the road but since I am aware of this issue, I took particular notice and indeed there'd be times it would act up.

    I have not tried turning off the speed compensated volume control. I still have to see if this could be the culprit. It is set to "ON" by default.
  • About three months after I purchased my 2005 Outlander, my radio reception dropped out. I could still get some FM stations okay, but I lost all AM reception. After taking in to the dealer, they found the "AM amplifier" defective and replaced it. The radio then worked fine for the last 16 months until last night when I lost my AM reception again. The AM amplifier is located under the base of the antenna inside the vehicle.

    Does anyone think there could be an electrical problem or a problem with the cable running to the radio that is subject to electrical interference or surges of some sort? I am going to get this repaired again, but it is getting a bit annoying...
  • ctgradyctgrady Posts: 9
    I am still having problem. I have bombarded the dealer, and they kept my car for a whole day while also fixing my hub bearing issue. If you have a clunk while backing up or taking sharp turns take it in. The Radio issue is a known issue. i have been told that Mitsubishi will be sending a letter to everyone that owns a outlanded to tell them they need to replace the actual radio. This supposedly affects all radio units (Nav, and Rockford fosgate). I have contacted Mitsubishi by phone and they are supposed to call me back in a day. Please contact your dealer or call to raise a stink.
  • marrigo13marrigo13 Posts: 15
    Update, my dealer called me saying the Mitsubishi has called them asking them to ask me a few questions regarding the issue with the radio (what it sounds like, when it does it etc...). The dealer informed me that Mitsubishi is working with the manufacturer of the radio to find a fix and that they will likely have to either replace the tuner or the entire radio. No time frame was given.
  • ctgradyctgrady Posts: 9
    I have received call back from corporate mitsubishi and they say same thing about it being a known issue. Bla, Bla, Bla. If you have the problem, forget messing with your dealer and call 1-888-MITSU2006. We all need to put some pressure on Mitsubishi. This was first posted on Jan 19, so they obviously aren't moving that fast. Do we have to wait another 5 months? I am trying to at least have them put in an auxiallary jack for the inconvience. I will see if that goes anywhere. I don't know how bad everyone else has it, but my radio changes volume at least 2 or 3 times a minute. This is driving me Crazy!!!!!
  • solowalkersolowalker Posts: 118
    I don't have this issue in my XLS with the standard 6 CD radio....Do you have the Navi and Sun and Sound option?
  • ctgradyctgrady Posts: 9
    No I have the LS with the standard radio. The dealer and corporate Mitsubishi are telling me its happening to all radio models. I am now waiting on the district manager from Corporate to reply to my request. It only happens on am and fm radio. Maybe its not every radio, but I am over it.
  • I called corporate regarding the radio reception.
    I got the run-around for the most part.
    They don't have anything listed on the radio issue.
    They want me to go to the dealer.
    I'm sure that will be a total waste of my time.
    I guess I will call my service manager and let him know that I'm having a problem.
  • blackb13blackb13 Posts: 35
    MMNA now thinks that it might be the actual radio going in and out of stereo/mono and that's causing the problem. I'm currently on a waiting list to try the newest radio when they come out with a replacement.
  • ctgradyctgrady Posts: 9
    let us know if you get the radio. I am supposed to have some resolution this week on what they will do for my inconvience. I will let you all know. I am now working on my third problem with this car. the radio, the hub bearings and now I hear the noise coming from the drivers side door. Should have bought the Honda CRV. It would have been cheaper and probably less hassle.
  • blackb13blackb13 Posts: 35
    Nah, I'm very happy with my Outlander. The problems we're running into are actually pretty minor (aside from bearings) and don't affect safety.

    This is what happens when you buy a first year product. I'm sure the 2008 Outlanders will have all the bugs worked out and I'll bet they get better sunvisors...bastards! ;)
  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    This is what happens when you buy a first year product. I'm sure the 2008 Outlanders will have all the bugs worked out and I'll bet they get better sunvisors...bastards!

    If the sunvisors will be better in 2008 model, you could buy them as parts and replace them. They shouldn't cost you a fortune. I don't think Mitsu will change the bracket so they will still fit. They are not too bad either IMO. As far as I'm concerned, there are other things, more serious IMO, to be fixed with the interior fit and finish, which I don't think I will be able to replace even if they improve in the coming model years.
  • I'm more interested in an aftermarket dash install kit for an aftermarket receiver...never listen to the am/fm anyway.
  • djlonodjlono Posts: 11
    I spoke to my dealer. He asked me to bring the car during the weekday to check the radio unit. :confuse: Should I write a letter directly to MMNA? :confuse:
  • blackb13blackb13 Posts: 35
    You don't have to write a letter. Just call the 800 corporate number.
  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    For those of you regretting the Outlander purchase due to this problem, read the thread below and maybe you'll feel a bit better.
    RAV4 Radio issue
  • blackb13blackb13 Posts: 35
    I'm not regretting my purchase, but I don't feel any better because Toyota's are having the same issue. I do appreciate the fact that MMNA cares about fixing the problem though...unlike Toyota.

    I frankly don't care how MMNA fixes it, I just want it fixed.
  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    I understand, but I read posts where people feel that purchasing Honda or Toyota all the troubles would have been eliminated - radio, mirror rattle, wind noise, front clunk.
    I think each vehicle, especially in its first production year, has some sort of problems. To be true, from what I read so far on RAV4, CRV and Oulander forums, Outlander's issues are the least severe.
    Mitsu will probably address all this issues sooner rather than later.
  • zontarhzontarh Posts: 9
    This is what happens when you buy a first year product. I'm sure the 2008 Outlanders will have all the bugs worked out

    The Outlander has been available in Japan since 2005 so by now there shouldn't be any bugs left unless there were far more before which have already been fixed.
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    Japan's Outlander is not 100% the same as what we have in the US. They do have the steering clunk issue there, but we really don't know what % of the Outlanders in Japan have it. I doubt that problem was on majority of the Outlanders, because if it was, it should have been fixed by now. Mitsu warrants their vehicles, so it's pretty silly to continue assembling defective products and have it repaired after, which will be more costly than have it fixed in the assembly line. So this must be a new thing, or not very prevalent at least. Taking the radio unit as an example, Japan radio units are not the same as what we have. Theirs have a TV tuner, ours don't, so we can't go and say well the Outlander has been in Japan since 2005, how come they haven't fixed this damn radio issue before shipping it to the US. I hope you understand my point.
  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    I'm fully aware of the fact that the Outlander was launched in Japan in October 2005 as a 2006 model.
    However, the North American version is not IDENTICAL with the Japanese version. One obvious difference is that Japan does not have the V6 engine. Fitting a V6 engine in the same engine bay requires mechanical changes. I'm pretty sure that there are other less visible changes to the vehicle, especially on the tuning side and other mechanicals, maybe materials, etc.
    While I agree that most part of it is the same, any changes made would make it a slightly different vehicle so technically, the North American version is indeed in its first production year.
  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    Funny ..... I was writing when you posted. :)
  • zontarhzontarh Posts: 9
    You guys have a point with the different components for different countries I've read somewhere that the Euro models have a revised suspension more suited to Europe (what's the difference across the pond?). Could this be a discrete way of saying we had to address the front end clunk I wonder!
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