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Ford Escape Seats



  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 13,555
    we just got an '09 too and the leather seems to be of better quality than our '04. although the leather in the '04 has held up well, it has never been very soft.
    both have better leather than my '02 explorer, although the wear is mostly with the driver's seat.
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  • newbobnewbob Posts: 5
    Yes I have as well. I sat in an Eascape today and was considering buying another domestic auto again untill I sat in the dam thing. A park bench is softer. I had a friend with an economy Ford of some type. He was all happy with his new car. I didn't want to say anything but was I glad when we got home. How can they sell crap like that. What can I say that was all it took for me. My first car was a Ford a 1955 Failane 500. Had it through high school. I bought a Chevy soon after that. I noticed one thing right off. (had a car that would start now). Seriously though I think the Escape is ok if ya want the same old re-hashed Mazda motor.And you plan on a trip to the upholstey shop.
  • jdensonjdenson Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 Escape and the seats stain so easily. I HATE the waffle pattern type cloth seats. I've never owned a vehicle with that type. My interior is a light grey. It was recommended by my Ford dealer that I take it to a place to have it cleaned and then put seat covers on. First of all, seat covers aren't going to fix the staining if something gets spilled. Secondly, I paid a crap ton of money for this vehicle and it looks like it's 5 years old. I plan to get the seats cleaned and then Scotchguard them but how well does that really work? How many times am I going to have to do this process. I'm not happy FORD!!! I want a refund!!. I don't know what kind of material it is but it sucks!!!
  • i agree re the seats. i bought my escape used (a year old) and it was very clean throughout. except that i noticed a stain on the front seat. i read up on cleaning the seats--that's when i found out that the stain was probably here to stay. a while after getting the car, a passenger in the back dropped a greasy french fry on the seat. i should've just left it alone. i made that stain worse trying to clean it. now i have a grease stain *and* a water stain. the seats are made from some recycled material. great idea, but lousy results.
  • I have been reading the post in this forum about the Ford Escape. My seats are HORRIBLE. I have a black interior with the black and brown seats. The stains have completely taken over. It is so ridiculous to have to pay for a vehicle that looks like a piece of ****. I am embarrassed to even open the doors when someone is around because it looks like some threw up all over. I have been to the dealership and they have stated no one has ever complained about this problem. The service manager told me that he thinks its dirt on the seats. I gave him a copy of the professional cleaning that I had done on my seats 1 month prior. I had the seats scotchguarded at the sametime because I knew they would say that. I told him that if he thought it was dirt, that he should have his detail people try to clean the seats to see if he could get the "dirt" out. He declined, to say the least. I have contacted Ford about this problem, they have said that no one has complained about the seats discoloring. Please people if you have this problem, call FORD, the more we make our complaints known, they might fix this problem once in for all. It totally makes no sense that we have to pay for a poor product that FORD has put into these 08 Escapes. If they want to put cheap material in the vehicles, they need to pony up and take responsibility for when it fails.
  • I have personally talked to a senior executive this week at Ford Corporate in Dearborn and it was indicated that they are working to resolve the 2008 Ford Escape seat staining issue and for us to stay in touch with our dealer. This kind of response to this situation by Ford is the reason why I own three Fords. They are taking steps to backup their slogan, Quality is Job #1. Way to go, Ford. :)
  • I talked to my dealer about the seats and they say "what problem". Can you post the name and number of the Ford executive.

  • I called Ford Customer Service today after receiving a form letter as a response to my complaint letter to them about the HORRIBLE fabric seats in the 2008 Escape. Cynthia, went over my complaints, put my hold to go "see what they could do for me" and returned to pretty much blow me off. "We just don't have any complaints in our office about the Escape so that we would consider a recall".
    So much for your "Way to go, Ford". You may want to call that Senior Executive again and get an update.
  • I bought my Escape slightly used from my favorite Ford Dealer as a former "executive car" (driven lightly by a Ford Executive) and was pleased with deal although in mourning for the Escape I traded in. I was worried about the light grey and tan cloth seats, but my kids are all grown and I figured I could keep them clean. The first week I had it the rain stained the driver's side. I jumped to the conclusion that the car seats had been cleaned when the car went up for sale and they did not get all the cleaner out. Then I've been mad at my daughter because she drove it to the lake and it came back with what looked like a huge coffee stain on the front passenger seat. She swore that they only rode in it with wet bathing suits. I've been yelling at the dealership about how they sold me a car they knew had problems. Both parties are off the hook now, but I am printing out this forum and taking it straight up to my dealer and the repair department and I am calling Ford. I've already posted this problem on Facebook, next is Twitter.
    I have had good luck cleaning the seats with my little carpeting steam cleaner that is for quick cleaning spills and spots. When you use it though, it produces all sorts of dark brown dirty water, which is why I thought it had been cleaned incorrectly by the dealer. I am not sure the stains go away, I just think it sort of stains it evenly so it looks better.
    I'm at 53,000 miles (I drive 50 miles a day back and forth to work) and I just had to replace the front brake pads and pay over $600 to replace some coolant coil thing. That doesn't seem right to me! I'm wondering if I should get rid of this car now, but it suits our needs so perfectly, I have no idea what else I would buy. That is why I bought a second one. My first one was yellow with the big plastic bumpers and leather seats. That thing looked new even though it was horribly abused and had 130,000 miles I wish I had paid to have the axle fixed instead of getting a new one! I am pretty sure that the gas tank and axle were ruined by the giant gravel on my country road I drove on for 2 years while they were getting ready to resurface it.

    The worst part is, that already no one is going to get a decent trade in on these vehicles and it is really embarrasing at work when I have to give someone a ride or pick up a visitor.
  • You are most certainly not alone. I too, have a 2008 Ford Escape with fabric seats. They are horrible! They can not be cleaned effectively since even water stains them significantly. Two different times I have asked the dealership service reps about the problem and they just shrug their shoulders. I finally wrote to Ford Corporate Customer Service at the end of September, telling them that I had already talked three people out of buying new Escapes due to the manufacturing issues of not only the seats, but the crappy Continental factory tires, the refrigerant hose that spews goo down the front grill, the A/C switch that has broken twice and the ever-present Ford issue with the brakes. I had an Expedition previously that I loved, though with leather seats. I didn't even look elsewhere the motor on the expedition blew at 188,000 miles and now I regret it.
    Ford did reply to my letter with a form letter telling me they are "always concerned about their customer complaints" and that I should call. I called and talked with Cynthia in Customer Service. I explained the issues - much like yours - and she replied with the question, 'What do you want us to do to solve this problem?" I told her I wanted the fabric replaced. She put me on hold for about five minutes and returned to say my Escape is "past warranty" and that there is nothing they can do. I told her this isn't a warranty issue in my opinion, but a recall issue. They don't care. She also said that they "don't have any other complaints about the 2008 Escape fabric upholstery in their office". Uhhh... sure they don't. Well they do now since I went to google and printed off a bunch of blog complaints like yours (7 pages worth for starters) and wrote a letter to the Vice President of Customer Service at Ford Headquarters (mailed certified) and copies were sent to the GM's of both dealerships here in my area. I also emailed Channel 4, for the iTeam to have a look. I have no idea what will come of this, but Ford, like other auto makers are suffering huges losses and likely will not repair such a blatant manufacturing issue as the fabric seats unless someone sues them.
    You are correct that the trade-in value of the 2008 Escape with fabric seats will be pitiful. We have suffered instant depreciation in excess of what automobiles usually experience as they gain mileage on them. Most of us have significant balances remaining on our auto loans and can't even trade them in to get something better - though I may try if this is not resolved. We'll see.
    I hope more people like you continue to post their aggravation. Maybe something will get done. In the mean time I will continue to talk anyone and everyone out of buying a Ford vehicle.
  • To clean the seats get a bucket and fill it about half way and get some upholstery cleaner. Spray a good amount into the bucket. Mix well and wipe down the seats completly. Let this dry and the stains will be gone. I tried spraying the cleaner on the seats and that method left stains behind. I found this on a web site some where. Still mad as hell with Ford!!!!!!!
  • Reply to Joe 19403:
    Sure, I'll try that but I am not entertaining any "faith" that it won't make them even worse. Besides, just two weeks ago I had a big bowl of water, upholstry cleaner, Shout and whatever else I could think of and tried scrubbing the seats. What I have are gray, nasty looking dirty seats. The seats just cannot tolerate water or chemicals.
    How old is your vehicle and how many times before have you attempted to clean them?
  • Hi as well as you I have an escape and have posted here before, we have 2 escapes in the family, we bought them one day of difference so we couldnt know of the poor quality of ford on them, I have called the dealer went up there several times, call ford, for what to only get an associate tell me they didnt had any complaints and hang the phone on me, my mom as well try calling since she is the other owner of an escpae and receive the same answer. So last night we decided to get rid of them, and of course buy from another maker we also persuaded my brother of not buying a ford truck, since he was thinking of getting an escape because he is having another baby and his car is small for their babys, hoepfully ford will realize that treating customers as they are doing it will cost them business, for sure i know i wont ever get a ford again.
  • To Dianita:
    So were you able to get rid of the Escape's? Trade them in somewhere?
  • I printed out this entire forum and took it to my Ford dealer today. There was someone from the dealership sitting there - don't know if he was sales or service- but he said, "yeah he had a customer he had been working with for a year and a half on the same problem." So I guess they know about it. He said they are communicating with Ford and I asked them to make a note in my file. Now I will contact Ford and if I don't like the answer I will start causing trouble. Let's keep after them! :sick:
  • Hello All,

    I just purchased the 2010 Ford Escape XLT with fabric seats 3 days ago. I had a 2002 Ford Explorer w/leather seats and loved it. So I didn't even question purchasing an Escape. I thought it was just a smaller version of the Explorer which I was very happy with. However, I did hesitate about buying a car with fabric seats but thought since the kids were grown, I wouldn't have a problem cleaning them once in awhile. Then I started researching reviews on the Escape and came upon this forum. Now I'm wishing I had read it before I made the purchase!

    I brought the car back to the dealership after a slight chocolate stain and asked them what to use to clean it. A nice lady in the sales dept. offered to clean it for me. The stain came out, but then there was a dark mark left behind!

    The next day I called the Salesman who sold me the car and told him about the stain. He suggested I bring it in and have someone in the Service Dept. clean it. So I brought the car in that afternoon.

    I told them all about this forum, the complaints, how everyone HATES the fabric and how even water stains them. Everyone there sighed and said they knew all about the problems and felt awful.

    After discussing the issue for awhile, a guy from the garage took my car and cleaned it. The dark discoloration was gone and it looked new and clean again. I asked what he used and how he cleaned it.

    The Ford guy handed me a can of Sprayway Glass Cleaner! I was shocked to say the least that this would be used on fabric. But after reading the cloth is made out of waste from plastics, etc. I can understand now why the product worked. HOWEVER, he said you have to clean the ENTIRE seat to have continuity of color or else the spot where you cleaned would be darker than the rest and still look dirty.

    Later that day I went to Walmart and purchased stretchy seat covers and will keep them on when out & about to protect the seats. However, after shelling out money for a brand NEW car, this shouldn't be !!!

    I have printed out alot of the comments made here and may go back to the dealership to show them. Then I plan on getting an estimate to have all seats re-uphostered in leather and try and get the Dealership to pay for it. This is the 4th car I've purchased through them in the last 7 years and I am hoping that they'll eat the cost to keep me as a happy customer.

    For those who can't afford to reupholster, at least you now know that Sprayway Glass Cleaner works and its necessary to clean the ENTIRE seat. Keep in mind that the seat you cleaned, won't look discolored or different from the rest of the seats. You or anyone else won't be able to tell that it was cleaned.

    Maybe if enough of us go public, Ford will do a recall on the seats and replace with other fabric.


    P.S. Other than the seat fabric/staining I LOVE my new Escape. I have a 6 cyliner, 3.0 liter engine and love the way it handles and drives. Like the looks of it too. Great little SUV!
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 13,555
    other than the smaller size of the escape compared to your explorer, what do you find different in a better way?
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  • I have my 3rd escape a 2008 that has horribly stained seats from my daughter's water bottles. I read in one of the Ford magazines that they send you that they used recyclable material for the seat covers. Big mistake...I am embarassed to let anyone in my car. I sent an email to Ford customer service and never got a reply back. Is there any way we can get them to respond to this since it is not a safety issue????
  • My drivers seat has the same creasing on the side near the door in addition to the stains on all of the seats from plain water. I read somewhere that they used recyclable material for the seat covers. I emailed customer service and they ignored my email which really pissed me off. This is our 5th Ford vehicle.
  • marypalmarypal Posts: 10
    Yes, I too, have been duped by the cute little Ford Escape. I have the 08 and I also have the interior issues that everyone else is complaining about. I dropped a small piece of chocolate on the drivers seat and tried to clean it-what a mess. The chocolate came out, but the water stain looks terrible, Now that everyone is so sick with the flu, me and my husband are using the hand sanitizer like crazy, and he was driving and spilled some on the seat, now it looks even worse. I got out the manual and they said to get the Motorcraft cleaner for the upholstery, but that didn't even help, the seats look awful in that SUV, it is very embarrasing for anyone to see my interior, I feel like a total slob, but I just can't get them clean!! I really hope that they are happy with that recycled "green" crap that they are making our seats out of?? And by the way, on a long trip those seats are a killer, my husband has a little 03 VW Jetta that is so much more comfortable than the Ford, if it wasn't for taking our animals on trips with us, we would be taking the Jetta instead!!! Thanks FORD for the $24,000 piece of crap!!!
  • My escape is a 2008 and received it in April 2007. I cleaned them many times (6) by just spraying the seats with a cleaner and still looked stain. Then I tried the water in the bucket with cleaner on a Hot summer day and soaked the entire seat and they looked like new for a while. It poured here last week and they look like sxxx again. This is my third ford and just may be the last one too..........

    Thanks ford you suck!!!!!!!!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Here's another product you can try (Oxy Carpet) that was recommended over on the Jeep boards:

    jeepboy08, "Jeep Liberty Interior and Upholstery" #58, 26 Jul 2008 7:24 am
  • i was at the dealership the other day for an oil change. this dealership is quite good--the service manager actually admitted to a defect in the Escape last year (leaking tranny fluid). so i figured they'd be upfront about the upholstery flaw. nope. guy acted perplexed when i mentioned it to him. the only thing he would come up with is ford spray on product to clean it. i know from these boards that it won't work. i plan to keep this car for years so am not worried about the effect of any staining on the trade in. i also don't have small kids or others eating or drinking in the car. the problem is relatively minor for me. still, it's frustrating that the stains won't clean up and that using any cleaning liquid leaves even more of a stain.
  • Hey there I have an 09 escape the same problems have occurred after dealing with the dealership for over 6 months I called Ford.
    Finally 4 months later and lots of calls I got a call today from the service manager at our dealership where I bought my escape.
    Ford has finally said that the problem is something they are taking blame for.
    The fire retardent used on the fabric is causing the staining.
    I am happy to say that tomorrow I have an appt at the dealer to have new material ordered for new seat covers and they are going to give me a loaner car once the new materials come in since the car will be tied up for 3 to 4 business days.
    the posting was released by ford On 11/6/09 .Good Luck : :
  • It's good to know that some of the Ford Dealerships out there possess integrity sufficient to solve major issues for their customers. Unfortunately that is not the case here in the Lewisville area. Even writing a letter to the Service Manager at the local dealership that has always serviced our Ford vehicles, I have not received a response by phone or letter. The same goes with the head kahuna at Ford who received a certified letter. Nothing.
    So good for you "dianita", at least it seems Ford will come through for you.
  • Hey everyone like me that has the crappy Ford Escape Interior,
    I bought the foam cleaner by Turtle Wax that has Oxy Clean in it, got it at Walmart. I loaded the seats up with the foam and scrubbed them with the brush that is on the can. After I had them good a clean with the foam, I took a clean wet rag and hot water in a bucket and wiped them down really good and got them really wet. Don't plan on driving for a while, unless you want wet pants. The next day put the car out in the sun so the seats would dry. Once they were dry I sprayed the living sh%t out of them with scotchgard and let that dry too. That was about 2 weeks ago, and they really look pretty good. The smell from the scotchgard was pretty strong, for about 2 days I drove around with the heat on high and the windows down a little, but now it just has a nice clean smell, and the seats look new. Hopefully they will stay looking this way. I was scared to wet them like that, but I thought, "Hey, they can't look much worse than they already do"
  • Dear Pearl,
    Did they say what the purpose of making the seats fire retardant was?? I swear with everything that they are making flame and fire retardant, (mattresses, furniture, carpet, pajamas and now car seats), that is probably why everyone in this country is dying of cancer!! Why can't they just leave well enough alone??

    If someone is dumb enough to smoke in their car, then they deserve to have burn holes in the seats, or is that just in case the whole car is on fire, the seats won't burn, but we will?? How stupid....

    I am glad that they are at least going to help you with your interior, I guess you got a good dealer.
  • my dealership is good about some things--for instance, acknowledging that there was a mechanical defect re the tranny seal. i'm thinking that if i make a big deal about the seats, maybe i can get them to do something. i'm going to copy your posting, see if i can get the service manager to look into this more deeply. good for you, getting results!
  • Just called my dealership - a memo went out on Nov 6 - they're replacing our stained, water-marked seat covers!
  • Your mouth to God's ears, eamcconnell. Have you actually seen this memo?
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