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Ford Escape Seats



  • buddhamanbuddhaman Posts: 7
    So we're clear the stains on my 2008 escape's seats were caused by water falling onto the seat when you open the doors during or after a rain.
  • assuming that's dirrected at me-

    I have methods to clean seats- but you go ahead and stand behind Escape seats can't be easily cleaned- have a nice year
  • i'm not *that* stubborn. what is your method?
  • babbs3babbs3 Posts: 50
    Yes your post says it all. My 2011 Escape also had the mystery stains within a month of purchase. I thought I took the stains away (I use a non-chemical cleaner called Incredible). The problem is, I got new stains of which I did NOT cause. The person who insists that the seats are easy to clean just does not understand that some of us got material (as you stated) that was not properly tested. Shadescapes is stuck on "seats are easy to clean" and their car has thousands of miles on it and seats are beautiful". What a lucky person, we are not! We are not making up our seat problems but they sure act like we are. It is interesting how every post Shadescapes makes,he or she enjoys making an insulting remark as well as mis quoting us. I wonder if when they were a Service Mgr. they treated other Ford customers with the same contempt?
  • shadescapesshadescapes Posts: 21
    edited July 2012
    For those interested
    I cleaned and treated my 08 Escape front seats- will do the 09 next
    Bissel Pro Heat Pet- small attachment
    Walmart Great Value Pet Formula Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
    Walmart Scotch Gard fabric & upholstery Protector

    heavy traffic Smartmix setting
    went slowly over the seats spraying them good
    let sit for 5 min
    sucked it up with repeated over lapping back and forths
    set the Smartmix to water only for the rinse
    went over the seats slowy
    let set 5 min
    overlapping back and forth passes
    let sit with doors open 3 hours- 100 degrees

    sprayed the Scotch Gard on in 3 light coats- side of seats- same as cleaning
    let sit for 3 hours with doors open

    wanted to see how coffee and coke would be on the one seat by dabbing each on in two spots
    wet clean cloth wipe back and forth
    not a mark on the seat

    wife was standing there watching-

    she wants her seats done

    just thought you might like to hear

    course only time will tell- but it sure looks like it works

    take care

    ps- I'd take a picture of those seats but I don't think I'm allowed to post pictures- yet
  • mew4mew4 Posts: 2
    I have been dealing with my local Ford Dealer (where I purchased my 2008 Escape) over this issue since we bought it. Last year he kindly replaced the upholstery on the bottom of the front seats. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! Any marks at all are easily cleaned as has been my experience with all my previous Ford vehicles.

    However, on the original upholstery there are marks that only get worse no matter how I try to clean it. I rarely have any passengers in my car at all but am frustrated with the many water marks caused by opening the door to get out my snow brush or opening the moon roof on an occasion where there has been dew, rain or it has been cleaned in the previous several hours. I plan to keep this car so it has been quite a frustration to me to have my car look so horrible. I would never have kept a piece of upholstery with this problem and am frustrated that Ford won't even meet me half way to have the rest of the upholstery replaced. They can not clean it either. Once again, I'm going to try to figure out something else to clean it, and will post if I have any luck. Barring that, has anyone considered starting a class action law suit?
  • babbs3babbs3 Posts: 50
    Too bad that there are so many of us who received the strange fabric that contain something that causes the stains. See the messages 124,134,135,145,148,149,150,153,154,161,167 etc. One guy (Shadescapes) sent me a message calling me a liar;regarding stains that just appear. I have had luck removing stains (product called Incredible) but my problem is the new ones that pop up. Why would we spend time complaining if there were no problems? Going to the dealer is not how I want to spend my free time. It is apparent that some folks did not get these 'green" seats, even in 2008. Get ready for some insults from Shadescapes cause he's the only one who knows how to clean seats, even when the dealers don't. See his step by step instructions (while his wife watches). OMG what a kidder!
  • you so sweetly come at me

    you should ask in detail how your dealer tries to clean your seats
    you should go to a reputable Detail Shop and get their details

    most seats are porus- meaning something can be in the material under the top coat and work thru

    on perfectly clean seats with perfectly clean backing material- stains don't majically appear- that was my statement

    have a nice day
  • I purchased a new 2012 Ford Focus with light grey cloth has been back to the dealership 5 times & counting and they have their service clean them & will continue until it's out of warrenty. Eventually they will get tired of paying for it....would be cheaper for them to replace the seats. Currently talking to Customer Care in Detroit to see what can be done....if only more people would complain they may have to recall them. They know there is an issue and refuse to do anything so far. Rain Water, Bottled Water should not stain seats. We have had plenty of cars over the years and it has never happened. Please anyone with this issue - Contact Customer Care - Detroit and make your voice heard.
  • mew4mew4 Posts: 2
    I wrote a couple days ago about my frustration with the upholstery in my 2008 Escape. The reason our dealer replaced the upholstery on the bottom of the front seats is because when he tried to clean them they looked even worse. I had worked with him over two or three years and this year asked him to meet me half way with the back seats and he refused to do so. I took it to Customer Care who I think was involved in the decision to replace the front seats last year. They left it in the hands of the service department of the dealership who continued to refuse to do anything more. I then wrote to Ford Management in Dearborn and received a terse response that there was nothing they would do after a careful review of my case. After always owning Ford vehicles, I'm sad to say that I feel completely free to look at the competition for future purchases.

    Now, the good news. I read everything everyone has written and decided I had nothing to lose trying one more time. I followed Shadescape's suggestion to make sure the entire seat was wet. I also followed someone else's suggestion not to use a lot of different chemicals. I used a sponge to wet the entire seat with lukewarm water. I had a very light solution of Fels Naptha and water and used a scrub brush to brush it back and forth over the entire seat for several minutes. Fels Naptha is a mild bar soap sold very inexpensively (in the midwest) in the detergent section of a grocery store. I think any mild soap would do the same probably. I used the sponge and scrub brush again to add clear water several times to remove all the soap. Then I used beach towels and pressure to dry the seats as much as possible. As the day was about 88 degrees with very little humidity, it was easy to dry the seats within a day, probably half a day just by leaving the windows open.

    Unfortunately, while I was at it, I also tried to clean one spot on the top of one of the front seats. Now instead of the spot I have a large ring where the spot was which looks worse. It is frustrating that in order to remove any spots at all one must completely soak the entire seat so that there are no marks. This is especially frustrating when the spot was only caused by water to begin with.
  • keytexaskeytexas Posts: 20
    I did much the same as you did, contacted everyone from the dealership level up to the corporate level. I included copied pages from these forums where scores of people complained about the disgusting seats. What chaps me are the suggestions regarding how to clean the seats. Folks like mean well, and the interim of trying to get Ford to do what is right for the customers it can be helpful to try. But the fact of the matter is..... we shouldn't have to do that. Most Escape owners paid $23K plus for their vehicles and they shouldn't have to deal with the seats! Ford should recall the Escapes with the horrible fabric seats, in OR out of warranty, and replace them. I am dumbfounded when Ford corporate customer service continued to say they get few complaints. Well, guess again. However in spite of my sending the scathing testimonials about the seats - they do nothing.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    But the fact of the matter is..... we shouldn't have to do that.

    That's about the size of it. No one else is routinely cleaning seats on the forums like Escape owners.
  • marms1marms1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 escape and have had lots of water stains on the seats. I had it detailed today and the seats look brand new! I am getting ready to trade it in on a 2013. The salesman assured me that the seat fabric is not the same. It did look thicker and better quality. Also the new ones have what I have missed which is the recirculating option. I love the look of the 2013s . The get up and go is much better, even with the air conditioner on!Can't wait to get a new one.
  • Beware, I have a 2011 Ford Escape and had to have the driver seat fabric replaced after a week of ownership. I would even go so far as to have the dealer spill some water on the seat in the showroom and see if it stains.
  • i would also do the water test before i sign on the line for this car. ford replaced my water stained front seats on my '08 in '09. the allegedly "improved" material stains just as much.
  • My 2009 Escape died in a car accident about a year ago. The bright spot in losing that car was that I didn't have to be embarrassed by the seat stains anymore. It made us look like we were a family of incontinents, and I tried everything suggested on this forum. The seats made from recycled material are the problem, NOT the cloth ones. So I wish you all well, but that material is not going to suddenly clean up beautifully, and Ford knows it. And one more thing, a 15 mph "tap" to the front end totals the car. Insurance companies don't want to replace all the fancy and expensive electronic equipment. Loving my `98 Mercedes E 320 bought on Craigslist for 3G though. And guess what I love best - leather seats!
  • southtxsouthtx Posts: 14
    The stone 'leather' seats on our 2013 are FILTHY after 6 weeks of use. Now, it's been in the shop three times, so maybe the service guys' trousers were dirty... but these get dirty much easier than the 'leather' in our old '08. Leather cleaner/conditioner cleans the material... but guess what color the stitching is after the cleanup?
  • babbs3babbs3 Posts: 50
    Sorry to hear about your accident and total status as l5mph. Even though your description of condition (incontinents) made me laugh it really isn't funny. Here's something I just found out 2 weeks ago. My brother had a 2008 Focus that spots were appearing out of nowhere on all his seats. He only told us AFTER he sold the car. His daughter had a 2011 Lincoln SUV with leather and she had stains from her denim jeans that the dealer tried to get out more than once. She made the dealer promise to not reduce price on the trade in. She bought a different car. Sounds like Ford just doesn't get it with the seat problems. I hope the 2013 seats are different. Wake up FMC.! Good luck with your new Benz.
  • Hi Everyone. I think I can help. If your a DIY kinda car owner and do not want your vehicle detailed, here is what you do. Go buy a Bissell Pro Heat Pet 2x hand held machine from walmart (97 bucks with tax). Spray the heavy soiled areas lightly with a mild all purpose cleaner that is safe for fabric. I recommend Woolite Oxy Deep. Then scrub and extract with the home spot shampooer. Make sure to cover the entire seat including the sides. Move the machine through each area slowly to extract as much water as possible. Repeat this process twice to be safe and and extract at least 3 more times. Total time should be about 20 minutes per seat. Next coat your entire seat, while still slightly damp with Scotch Guard Auto (4 bucks). Move in straight lines up and down, then left to right to ensure total coverage.

    The Ford seats you are talking about are a recycled material that has been made fire retardant. It is these features of the fabric that cause them to water stain. By evenly cleaning, drying, then protecting the seat, it should solve your problem. Good Luck -Adam-
  • 2011 seats, even with leather are not comfortable for the average built. I am 6-4, 230, so any seat is uncomfortable: short in the leg length & bad lumbar.
    I rolled up a towel for the lumbar, and cranked the back, way back.
  • Recently, bought a used 2012 Escape XLT with 10k on it. While on testdrive, noticed my leg ached once test was over, but didn't put 2 and 2 together and Bought the car. I drove it 5 miles and my Leg hurt for next 7 hours. Tried putting a car seat pad to fix problem. Worked for awhile. At first I thought it was high curves of the seat bottom, but now think it may be in the seat back. The bottom of the seat is shorter than my old honda accord and hits me funny. Also lower back is not supported, creating pressure on sciata nerve, which is causing tingling in legs, arms, and face. Now I've got pillows under my rear and behind my back., trying every position I can think of to stop my legs aching when I drive. Have thought about taking car to upholstery shop and shaving down curves, or going on line and trying to find a replacement car seat. Anyone else having these problems? And if so, how did you solve it? Other than I'm in pain when I drive, I love my pretty little suv.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "Anyone else having these problems? And if so, how did you solve it? Other than I'm in pain when I drive, I love my pretty little suv. "

    My wife had problems with her 2002 Civic. We bought a seat cushion that solved the problem. Unfortunately, I don't recall where we got it, or if it was online. But I recommend you try to find an orthopedic seat cushion. Ours covers both the seat bottom and the rear.

    Come to think of it, we got it at a store here in LA, which helped because they were able to assist us in getting the seat just right.
  • babbs3babbs3 Posts: 50
    I recently got out of my lease on a 2011 Escape which was one of the surprise seat staining units. I leased a 2013 Edge S.E 3.5 eng. I received the car on Dec 26th 2013 and it was during a bad snow storm. That night, it was in my garage and the next morning I went to place items in car(new mats, tire gauge, dust rags etc. I was shocked to find 3 big stains on the drivers seat. OMG I was fit to be tied. The biggest reason for not getting another Escape was the seat spots. Here I am with a bigger, more expensive car but those awful recycled,stained seats. Due to the product I have (Incredible) I can remove the spots but this is just ludicrous that Ford has been shoving these bad seats on us since late 2008 and when I asked the dealer 3 days later they looked at me like I was crazy. The stains had to be from the snow but come on, why doesn't the water just dry up? I really don't think cleaning seats constantly on a brand new car is acceptable. I thought Ford was changing the composition of their seats to avoid this problem. Ha They know that people will keep on buying them(after all, no one is being injured). I'm locked into a 2 year lease and when it's up I will be looking at another car company. This is the 3rd Ford in a row with problems. I am very disappointed with Ford.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 573
    Wow! Never heard of this in an Edge. Try a different dealer.
  • babbs3babbs3 Posts: 50
    Yes bdyment, It was shocking to me also. The Escapes have had trouble with their seats for a long time but having a 2013 Edge I thought no way. I did find out (much later) my brothers Focus (2009) and his daughters Lincoln (leather) had stains that the dealer couldn't remove. It may sound funny but all of our family really keep our cars spotless and NEVER eat or drink in the cars so it is disturbing that Ford continues to pump out these recycled products. I will continue to use INCREDIBLE (no chemicals in it) but I think it's unfair to ask us to be constantly shampooing our cars.!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    edited January 2013
    Apparently Incredible is vinegar, soap and water, if you can believe other posts on the net. Trademarked in '85 but no easily found information about the company in Houston or the ingredients (no MSDS sheet that I can find, for example). Looks like it's getting hard to find on Amazon.
  • babbs3babbs3 Posts: 50
    I have been using Incredible for over 6 years and I don't think it has any soap in it (leaves no residue) and if it has water in it, it is slight (on Fords seats water leaves a ring). I originally tried to order from the mfg, and found that the shipping was more than the price of $5.00. Can buy it at BED Bath & Beyond. I have used it on chocolate, wine, sauce etc. No fumes, no footprint left by this product. love this stuff but still hate cleaning seats in my 2 Fords.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 14,680
    We have 3 Escapes. All have black leather and even the '04's seats are still in good shape.
    I just use a damp cloth to clean and occasionally put on some leather conditioner.
    2019 Lincoln MKZ Reserve 1, 2017 Ford F-150 Limited
  • babbs3babbs3 Posts: 50
    Good news about your leather seats in the Escape. I have not heard any complaints about the leather (except my nieces' 2010 Lincoln) I think that the leather used in the past models was very good (and not recycled) My complaint, is only with the cloth recycled stuff Ford is using now. I did like my 2011 Escape but couldn't live with the spots. Now in my 2013 Edge they appeared overnight. Yuk
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 14,680
    edited January 2013
    Why didn't you just get some seat covers? Then you don't have to look at the stains any more.
    When i have a car with cloth seats, the first I do is spray some Scotch Guard on them.
    2019 Lincoln MKZ Reserve 1, 2017 Ford F-150 Limited
  • babbs3babbs3 Posts: 50
    edited January 2013
    Seat covers? really? We are talking about fabric seats that spot up just with water! I don't think you were being sarcastic but the last time I saw seat covers was in the 50s on cars my dad bought, because the interiors were all white vinyl. Imagine a 2013 car with seat covers,omg, I don't even think they would fit well on the bucket seat! If a person can afford leather (I can't) than they can not imagine how we feel with these spotty seats. I am afraid to spray my seats with Scotch Guard if they mark up when water hits them, what will the Scotch Guard do?
  • I have a 2008 escape and went through the staining problem and the dealer replaced them and no problems with the new covers. I was going trade it in for 2013 and called Ford to see if the problem with the seats was fixed and they assured me it was. Decided to keep the 08 and picked up a 09 madza x5.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 14,680
    I was trying to be helpful, but I see you just wanted to rant.
    Are you happy now?
    2019 Lincoln MKZ Reserve 1, 2017 Ford F-150 Limited
  • babbs3babbs3 Posts: 50
    Sorry if you thought I was angry at you. I am just in shock over these awful seats and thought Ford (after 4 yrs) would listen to all the folks who share this problem. Didn't mean it to be abusive. Seat covers just don't seem viable.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 14,680
    Things can get misinterpreted by the reader, too.
    2019 Lincoln MKZ Reserve 1, 2017 Ford F-150 Limited
  • I am going for 2013 Ford Escape with Stone leather seats. But after seeing forum posts about stained seats, I am tensed and now in double minds.

    Can anyone with "stone leather" seats on 2103 Ford Escape confirm that they too see spots on the seats out of nowhere? Also, water/snow flakes creating stains is also a problem with these "stone leather seats" or is it only with cloth seats?

    This is going to be my first Ford car, so a bit nervous. Need to make up my decision in 2-3 days.
  • mikeo56mikeo56 Posts: 16
    edited February 2013
    I have the stone leather,
    No spots from water although not too much rain or snow has entered my car.
    They are nice looking but they do pick up the dirt stain easy.
    I have cleaned them with a mild soapy water and they have come clean no problem there with the water. I have 1800 miles and have cleaned them 3 times takes 3 minutes. If you are not worried about heat in the summer I would go with the darker color, my wife wanted the stone, although the darker color will get hot.
    Just finished our longest trip so far very hilly terrain almost mountain passes got 27 almost all hwy 32 degrees 70 mph traveling about 375 miles.
    1.6 ltr FWD No problems with the car. :D
  • donl1donl1 Posts: 112
    I have Stone Leather in my 2011 Taurus and that's why I ordered black leather for the Escape that I'm waiting for.
  • So we have had our 2008 Escape for about 3 years now and the seats were horribly stained. Some did have the white rings around them, some did not. Ford dealer said there was nothing they could do and I had tried so many things to get rid of them UNTIL my last resort was posting a message on Facebook asking my friends to give suggestions for stains. One friend sent me one that had been circulating on FB and to my amazement, it works!!! My seats are so much cleaner and the stains have gone away. It really is amazing that this works! The "recipe" is 1 C. Blue Dawn Dish Soap, 1 C. White Vinegar and 1 C. Club Soda. You put this all in a spray bottle and spray the seats liberally. Let sit for 5-10 minutes and then scrub with a clean brush. I also followed this up with wiping down with a clean white rag. If you have the awful seat stains, you MUST TRY THIS...I wish I could post my before and after pictures..I am totally amazed, still, at how great this works!!!
  • I hate in the summer and damn cold on teh butt in the cold weather. Rather have cloth. The so called environment seats feel like the old polyester seats of the 60's. And classless! To each their own.
  • naturally just after warranty is off, a $1000 expensive for the front suspension. A click sound which affected the tires. You hear it when you are backup up on a hill. Its the rubber bushing on the link that is worn out. Then there is rust forming on the left passenger door lip, & the rear tail gate, long before warranty. Unless its a perferation, Ford wont do anything.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 14,680
    What link are you referring to?
    2019 Lincoln MKZ Reserve 1, 2017 Ford F-150 Limited
  • DarDar LondonPosts: 2
    We have a 2016 ford escape..not much leg room on passenger side..seats very uncomfortable..passenger seat needs same seat control as the driver has for more leg room..should have same window control on passenger side..
  • DarDar LondonPosts: 2
    pbear12 said:
    My husband just got the 2008 Ford Escape and I can't believe how awful the seats are. I drove around the block and my back is killing me. We had a Ford Explorer and it was fabulous. Stay away if you are on the road very much.

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