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Ford Escape Seats



  • the seat cover replacement is part of a recall. ask yr dealership if you're covered, despite having the warranty expired.
  • davichodavicho Posts: 190
    The seat cover replacement TSB only applies to newer (current generation) Escapes.
  • I just purchased a 2010 Escape XLT and I must say, the seats are extremely comfortable in this vehicle. I have had a history of back pain and had surgery January 2010 to fuse my L4-L5 and I LOVE the seats on this vehicle. They sit you very correctly and offer a lot more lumbar support than vehicles I have owned in the past. (I don't have additional lumbar support on the seats.)
  • Does anyone know if Ford has corrected this seat staining problem with the recyled/synthetic cloth on the 2010 models (I have a 2008 with the same problem as everyone else)? I am thinking of trading in for a 2010 or maybe waiting for the 2011's but I don't want to go through the staining issue with the cloth seats again. Thanks.
  • joe19403joe19403 Posts: 13
    The dealer replaced the front seat covers on my 08 escape and no problems with the new one. So the problem should be fixed.
  • yes, the problem's been corrected. if the only reason you'd be wanting to trade yr 08 for a newer model is the seat problem, check with the dealership re getting the covers replaced for free. ford issued a recall. the dealer should have it on file.
  • snj2000snj2000 Posts: 3
    So I have a 2009 Escape that I bought from the dealer Aug 2009 - Cash for clunkers on my trade :)

    This Demo was the only Escape they had. There was a stain on the seat & it took them a couple times before they could get it out.

    After a few weeks I noticed every time the seats got wet from rain or whatever, they would stain. I asked the dealer about that & they played dumb like they never heard of any issues.

    I brought it back and complained agian & mentioned there is much discussion of this issue here and elsewhere online so they took some pics and said they would look into it.

    No reply.

    I called them back and gave them the TSB # 09-23-3 and now they say, oh yeah, they do replace the seat covers under certain conditions for stains, but my stains aren't the right kind. They have to have white rings around them. Mine just show dark blotches anywhere they get wet, even after it dries. :mad:
  • marypalmarypal Posts: 10
    Sorry that you got this "clunker"!! You have to do what I did with mine. I figured no matter how bad it looks after this, it can't look much worse than it already does, but it worked. Go buy the turtle wax foam cleaner with Oxy clean in it, I got mine at Walmart. Take a bucket of hot water and a rag and soak the whole seat. Scrub it really good with the foam and the brush on the top of the foam can, and wipe it down really good with the hot water, getting rid of all of the soap. Make sure it is a sunny day, or you don't need to drive it anytime soon. Scrub the living sh*t out of it, and leave it out in the sun to dry. (mine took 2 days to dry) Once it is completely dry, scotchguard the living sh*t out of it. I did that last year, and so far (knock on wood) no more stains. You will need to air out the car for a day or two, the scotchguard is pretty strong smelling. Good luck!!
  • snj2000snj2000 Posts: 3
    Thanks, I will try that. It is HOT but as humid as can be right now so I don't know if it would ever dry....lived with it this long, I will buy the stuff and wait until the humidty breaks then give it a try.
  • yeah, the stains have to be white ringed. the ones on my front seats were, so they replaced those covers. a dark stain on the back seat cover didn't qualify. :mad:
  • This information has been helpful... Is there a website to get other TSB information.
    I have checked Ford Recall and can't find anything.
    Our new 2009 has a front end rattle...
  • davichodavicho Posts: 190
    There is no website to my knowledge of where you can find this TSB, and since it is not a "safety" issue it will not be mentioned under recalls. I know of this TSB because I work for a Ford dealer and I can access OASIS (Ford's Service Mainframe). Sorry!

    However, my post is a copy and pasted duplicate of the actual TSB.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    The Edmunds Maintenance Guide has summary info. Sometimes we miss some - you can crosscheck over at the NHTSA. Getting the full text is a bit harder; sometimes the service writer will make you a copy.
  • What are the seat covers made of? Do you have yours installed now and is the problem eliminated? And when you say seat covers, I think of a sofa slip cover. Hopefully, that is not what they are but actual reupholstering of the seats. Am I correct in that assumption?
    My 08 Escape is going to the dealership this week - I'm really tired of the awful stained fabric seats - and we don't allow kids, pets or food in the vehicle.
  • yes, i mean the actual upholstery. they are made some recycled material. nice concept, but not when it comes to actual use. they will reupholster your seats *if* the staining meets the criterion. at least, that's what my dealership insisted on. the stains had to have a white ring around them. mine did, so they replaced the upholstery on both my front seats. the other stains, just as unsightly, didn't. so i have clean front seats (and easy to clean if they get dirty) and lousy looking back ones (where the kids sit). let me know how you fare w/yr dealership.
  • thank god I'm not the only one dealing with these nasty seats on my 2008 ford escape. I've been trying to clean them since I got the car and they just keep looking worse. I even ask a ford technician when I went to get my oil changed and he said to use purple power cleaner and dilute it with water it will clean anything. Well guess what when it dried it looked worse. I hate having ugly seats, I always clean my car and am embarrassed to have anyone ride in my car. I am going to check into getting new seats at my dealership but I'm sure they will give me a hard time, since I have 65,000 miles on my car already I bought it in 2007. Next time I'll buy leather for sure. My husband retired from Ford so he has some connections, I will let you know what we find out.
  • definitely check to see if your car was included in the seat replacement bulletin (it wasn't exactly a recall). yr dealership should've checked for you. i don't think it matters if your warranty is expired. i'm going to tackle the back seats after the winter since i know one of the steps to getting them clean includes considerable air drying time. good luck!
  • I have these nasty looking stains too and my wife makes me shampoo the car every month or so. Does this TSB cover 2008 escapes that are out of warranty?
  • don't know if the tsb covers out of warranty. i think it may. check w/yr dealership. tsb only covers stains that have a white ring. let me know what you find out.
  • Dealer refused to replace seats covers. My question is if I clean them good with sprayaway glass cleaner and wait for them to dry and scotch guard them will that stop the water stains?
  • i'm guessing that yr stains weren't the white ring type. altho, if i'm wrong, you should press the issue w/the dealer. as far as cleaning other stains, check the thread here for tips. so far, i haven't tried cleaning anything. some of the posters here have tried different methods w/some success.
  • cegl08cegl08 Posts: 1
    Ford WILL NOT replace seats out of warranty. When I first complained during 1st year, called dealership and ask how to clean - they didn't say anything about defected seats. I asked if OK to take to carwash and get seats clean and they said OK. Obviously, did'nt come clean and was worse. Didn't find out about a TSB until I checked this forum this summer. Now I'm past warranty. When I complained they said I should have brought the car in instead of calling. If they didn't say anything when I called what would make me think it would different if I drove it there. Dealership said they would work with us and replace seats for $900. No thank you. Have been loyal 6-car Ford purchaser up til now. Will NEVER purchase a Ford again. They sold inferior seats at time of purchase and should replace no matter if past warranty or not. Good luck to others. If anyone knows a magic trick to clean/make stains better - please forward.
  • I agree with mariposa7648. Ford has been completely irresponsible in their refusal to address the horrible fabric seat issue in the 2008 Escape. I will not buy another Ford either and have already convinced others not to eithet.
  • i had the front seats recovered when the car was still under warranty. i don't know what gave me the impression that, if the stains were white ringed, they'd replace the covers at any time. warranty or not, they wouldn't replace the back seat which was stained, but not with the "right" kind. even tho i think that ford was so off the mark w/these recycled material seats (did they not test them??), the replacement upholstery is fine. overall, i'm pretty happy w/my Escape. i've been taken care of by my dealership, too. when i go in for minor stuff, they either don't charge me or make a deal. despite their being slightly more expensive that an independent repair shop, i'll go to them for everything. i learned my lesson when i had to get major repairs on my previous car, an '03 Mini. the Mini dealership treated me like crap b/c i wasn't a "loyal" customer (meaning i wouldn't drive the 100 mi round trip for them to do routine maintenance after the warranty expired).
  • What about your back seat? They wouldn't replace your back seat covers? I just bought a 2011 Ford Escape. I've had it for two days and there is already a stain (out of nowhere) that I can't get off my front seat.
  • I would appreciate anyone's advice! I have had my 2011 Ford Escape for two days and the driver seat has a stain that I can't get out. The only liquid I have had in the vehicle was a bottle of water.
  • nope, no replacement of back seat cover. the service guy showed me the notice ford sent out--it pointed out the stains that were covered (the white ringed ones). i was glad that, at least, i got the front seat upholstery replaced. the new upholstery doesn't stain like the old one. to read that the 2011s have the same staining problem=?? i don't get it. i thought they stopped using that awful upholstery. :confuse:
  • i can't believe they're still using that same awful covering in the 2011s. as i posted above, my front seats were recovered w/upholstery that doesn't stain like the old stuff. it's gotten wet, i've spilled coffee, etc. and, when cleaned or the dried, there's nothing left behind. the back seats have a constellation of dark spots from whatever's been dropped on them.
  • I am going to make a number of calls to Ford after reading this forum. I have left the stain for the dealership to see. I will let you know what happens at the dealership. It's terrible that they wouldn't upholster your back seats also. What was the reasoning behind that?
  • definitely push the issue w/your dealership. i'd really like to know how it is they are still putting that awful upholstery on the latest models when they know how bad the stuff is. despite the fact i had already established w/my dealership that i was going to be a faithful customer, they wouldn't go so far as to recover the back seat for me. the reasoning must've been that they weren't going to eat the cost. i didn't push the issue as they have been excellent re replacing other more worrisome problems with my "08 Escape (a defect in the trans causing fluid to leak; a faulty water pump; non-working CD player). they also don't charge me for small stuff and/or give me a discount. yes, pls let me know what the outcome is!
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