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Ford Escape Seats

huskerrfanhuskerrfan Posts: 1
edited December 2018 in Ford
I have to say I am impressed with this suv but the seats seem really uncomfortable. They are really hard. Does anyone else have this issue?


  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 573
    Haven't noticed any problem with our 2007 Limited seats. Of course we haven't been in the vehicle for more than an hour at a time as of yet. However, the door armrests are a real elbow breaker. Overall we also are very impressed with our Escape.
  • I have the 08 Escape Limited and the seats are very comfortable.
  • fjb37fjb37 Posts: 5
    I agree with huskerfan. My wife has an 05 Limited that I hate to drive because of the rock hard leather covered seats, the poor gas pedal angle that forces me to hold my foot up to control speed, and the cheap hard plastic arm rest in the door. The tilt wheel is a joke. I wonder if Ford engineers ever look at a Chrysler or GM steering column. The column in our 94 Grand Caravan is perfect. Great range and ease of adjustment. The column in our escape hardly moves at all. Very little adjustment range. The windshield wiper controls on the RH stalk are kind of dumb too!

    The wife loves it and it does go straight in the snow which is handy when you live in Chicago. Ford could have done better IMHO! Just my $0.02

  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Its called the 2008 Ford Escape. You mention a few of the things that they changed for the better, Definately check it out when you get ready to replace your 05. In 2010, we should have the 3.5L engine and 6 speed auto.

  • My husband just got the 2008 Ford Escape and I can't believe how awful the seats are. I drove around the block and my back is killing me. We had a Ford Explorer and it was fabulous. Stay away if you are on the road very much.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 573
    Are you sure the seat is adjusted correctly? We have an 07 Limited and our daughter has an 08 XLT. The seats are quite comfortable in both vehicles.
  • hcjrhcjr Posts: 1
    I have a '08 and I "completely" agree those seats are horrible, I hate them. I drive 45 minutes to work and back. Ford used a new type of seat made out of 100% recycled matrieal for '08. Out of all the cars I've had, the Escape has the worst seats in terms of comfort. I also don't care to much for the comand seating. The seat sits too high, even at the lowest position.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
  • I just purchased an 08 and I love the seats. I would classify them as firm but not uncomfortable. I disagree that the seat is too high. I am 6'5" and I have no issues with the seat being to high. The recycled fabric is "interesting" I dont want to know what they recycled!!
  • joe19403joe19403 Posts: 13
    My 2008 escape is now a year old and the driver side seat seems to be wearing. The cloth on the right side of the driver side is "creased" and the foam seams to be creased as well. There is only 7500 miles on the escape. Does any have the same problem?
  • dwoodberrydwoodberry Posts: 3
    These are my problems with the 08 Escape 1.both front seats has metal poking throuh the seats 2. The seats are wearing out..3.he cd player when ejecting a disc it doesn't come all the way out and sometimes feeds back in. The dearlship and Ford Company are working together to fix the problems i'm having. I have been to several dealers and they tell me that this is how the seats were made in the 08. If you feel your back fronts seats of your 08 you will know what i'm talking about.
  • nadia42nadia42 Posts: 1
    Can you explain to me what Ford and the dealership itself are saying about your seat problem? Are they willing to fix it? Have your headrests warn all the way through??? I see the problem you are talking about but is Ford willing to help or not and if not "what are they saying"

    The CD only pops half way out so it doesn't fall on the floor and if you don't take it out in 5 seconds or so it will go back in....
  • dwoodberrydwoodberry Posts: 3
    Ford Motor Company are not returning any of my phone calls. The dealership tried to fix the seats but the problem is still there with the seats. All they did was put new seat covers over the seats. The metal rod is still there. If you can only see what i'm talking about. This is really a small vehicle and getting in and out brushing against the seats can be like hitting your funny bone.
  • I also have an 08 Escape and the seats are bending and wearing too. The seats are so bad that rain water makes permanent water spots on your seats. I've had them steamed and shampooed. They stain easily and even the Ford Motorcraft cleaner left a stain. I hate them!!!!!
  • kmausskmauss Posts: 74
    I test drove a 2006 (or was it 2007) and ruled it out simply on the basis of awful seats. I figure if I couldn't get comfortable in a 10 minute test drive, there was no way I was going to take one home. I'm going to take a look at them again next year when I start shopping seriously again, but if the seats haven't improved, it's going to be a quick look! Kind of a shame because I really liked a lot about it, but no seats, no car!
  • I agree! The rain has left water marks, the slightest moisture from anything stains this thing. I have 19000 miles on my 08 Escape and it looks like it has has 119000. I have never seen an interior so awful before. I am deeply disappointed. I am working w/ the dealer now to fix this. They have detailed it, put protection coat on it and still it stains. I have to detail again and have more stain gaurd on but I am thinking that Ford needs to recall the interior for its consumers. This is insane! Do Not Buy an Escape!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Greetings all-

    I thought I was going NUTS watching my tan seats acquire every little stain. I don't eat in my Escape, I don't drink in my Escape, and yet the seats (17,xxx miles in) are all stained up!

    I had the dealer clean them when I bought it 7,xxx miles ago but they look bad again.

    Has anyone had any good luck with any particular cleaning products?

    I love my truck, but this is unacceptable!
  • I there are any issues with your seats, make them known to the dealership, as long as it is still under factory warranty. My problem was that my seats easily stain, even with water. I called the 1-800 FORD number. I was told that the more calls they get about any problem, the more engineers have to look into it. We may get a breakthrough if enough us us complain. Personally, I want my seats replaced with some that have better fabric. I've gotten my seats shampooed twice and the water rings are still there. Anyone have the same problem or similar? Get the 1-800-FORD number, tell the dealership and complain.
  • I have the same problems. Cleaning the seats actually make them worse. I bought some Ford Motorcraft cleaner and that made stains too. Tell your dealership, get them to make computer notes and then call the 1-800-FORD number, let them know who you are and complain. The more complaints they get, the more they have to look into it and possibly resolve the problem. I have 11,000 miles on my car and have had my seats shampooed twice already because of water stains.
  • If your car is still under factory warranty, they have to replace the CD player. I had mine replaced for the same problem.
  • I have the same problem, I brought my escape and the next day my mom brought hers, now she doesnt stop telling me what a mistake we made buying them, the seats look like someone hadnt make it to the bathroom, the water sports look horrible, and I just got back from the dealer and they said they cant do anything and were really rude, saying thats what happen when you dont get the transaprency plan or something like that. I have paid several car details to see if any of them are able to at least make them look a little bit better and no one is able to do it, I had a car detail for years and had never seen such terrible spots on the interior of vehicle, and i also have other ford vehicles and this had never happen before, i really regret buying an escape, and also their quality in customer service is really dissapointing.
  • OK, I'll start at the beginning. Bought my 08 XLT Escape with 13,000 miles on it. Saved thousands off sticker. The vehicle is everything my active family needs. V6, 4 doors, 4X4, great gas mileage. It had some faint stains in the tan cloth seats when I got it, but nothing major. Since I bought it less then a year ago, There are horrible stains developing on every seat. I have never seen a worse fabric in my life. Some of the stains are from water drops, and wet shorts coming home from the lake. I have other HUGE dark brown stains that have come out of the seats themselves. I have had 1 spill in it period. I tried the best stain Remover from the Auto Parts Store, and it made them WORSE!!! I took it back to the dealer which happens to be 50 miles away, and they claimed they had never seen the problem. Said they would try to clean them, but need the vehicle for a whole day, and they dont have loaner vehicles. Well by the time I take a day off from work, and get someone to pick me up, I might as well pay someone up my way out of my pocket to TRY to clean them. The Ford dealer near me, could not even get Ford to authorize a shampoo job on them. I called Ford directly, and told them of the problem, and they replied that they have not received enough reports on the problem to issue a re-call. I have found another thread on another Forum Where people are having the EXACT same issues. How long does Ford need to let this go before they act??? I am embarrassed to have anyone get in the car, because it looks so horrible. Have even thought of trading it, never to buy another ford, but I would lose too much money. I have heard people talking about seat covers, Why cover up the problem? Some of these stains are coming out of Ford's new Soy based seat cushens, and I dont know how they can keep denying it. What about when you go to trade and they take the covers off to check out the seats? It will cost me nearly 1000 dollars to buy leather seats out of a wreck and put them in my vehicle. Mind you this vehicle is less then a yr. old, and still under 3 yr. 36000 warrenty. If there is a Ford rep. monitering this forum, I would love to hear from them. I would post pics of the seats on here but dont know if I can. I felt I had to join this site, and add my complete displeasure with the way Ford is denying this problem. I am so pissed about this, I thought of listing the car on E-Bay, with a $40,000 opening bid, so everybody thats on there shopping for an 08 Escape opens my auction to see why its 40 grand to open, and have all the pics. be of the seat stains. And say in the description, Here's what your seats will look like, in less then a year if you buy this SUV with the tan cloth. In this day and age of uncertianty in the American Automotive industry, Ford should be more careful of wanting to keep what owners they have, satisfied. I hope people thinking of purchasing an Escape find their way to this thread BEFORE they buy. I wish I had. Thanks for reading this, hope it helps in your choice of vehicles.
  • I have a volvo with light tan cloth seats, and with that too, everytime it rains, it leaves watermarks on the seats. I even bought inexpensive seat covers, and unfortunately the rain wetness seeped through! (probably needed better seat covers..) Volvo dealer looked at me like I had 2 heads; "we have not had this problem before..." Yeah, right.
    I am now looking at an Escape, but with leather seats. The cloth seats nowadays are these sensitive, fine materials....they look horrible within a year. I was not inpressed with the Escape cloth seats either. My cloth seat experience with my Volvo is the primary reason I am selling it...
    If you can afford it, look into getting seats reupholstered. I know leather can be pricey, but with a 2008 Ford Escape, I would not be in a hurry to sell.
    I did have my cloth seats cleaned by the dealer, and the stains do come out, but who wants to do that every 9 to 12 months???
    Good luck everyone...
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 13,735
    spend 10 bucks for a couple of cans of scotchguard and put some on the seats. :surprise:
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2017 Ford F-150 Limited
  • This problem is well beyond what any 10 dollar can of ScotchGuard is going to fix or remedy. Thanks for your wise input though.
  • vg33e powervg33e power Posts: 314
    Beyond a $10 dollar can of Scotchguard, huh? time step up and pay $500 or so more and get the leather interior so you dont have to deal with stained fabric seats.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 13,735
    there must be a way to clean them. i don't see spots on the pictures of used ones for sale.
    i meant put on the sctochguard before you get them wet.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2017 Ford F-150 Limited
  • i have the same model. also bought in it in feb. noticed a cup ring on the passenger side seat on the darker woven material. decided to not even try to get it out. other seats were very clean. until a back seat passenger dropped a french fry on the seat. left a grease mark i didn't notice until after the fact. i scrubbed with some dish detergent and hot water. if it comes out, great. if it doesn't, i might contact the dealership. they already replaced a CD player that wouldn't eject a CD all the way. they seem to be responsive (i didn't purchase the vehicle from them).

    i'm going to keep an eye out re staining, based on yr post and others. i don't like the recycled fabric. it obviously doesn't repel stains. i plan to spray scotchguard on all the seats.

    i previously owned an '03 mini cooper with black cloth seats. they stained easily and were hard to clean. they also faded. i don't think the escape's seats could be any worse.
  • johnrunsjohnruns Posts: 10
    At the risk of sounding cynical, I truly understand why consumers move to Honda and Toyota.
    I have leather seats in my '09 and they are the cheapest quality leather I have had in a vehicle...they are more like vinyl. Additionally, the vehicle is about 7 months old and I've had to replace the seat track on the drivers side.

    I just don't understand dollar-for-dollar why the "Big 3" don't produce better quality vehicles like the imports. I've had the vehicle for 7 months and if I keep it a year from now that will be pushing it. Too bad, because I like the looks and size....just another disposable Bic lighter!
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 573
    We have a 2009 Limited and the leather is of a quite good quality. It is a grade above the 2003 Honda Accord EXL we had and about equal to the 2004 Toyota Highlander Limited we owned. Nothing to complain about here.
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