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Chevrolet Blazer Noises and Sounds



  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    The AC system drain from the heater box is passenger side right behind the engine compartment AC box and firewall and it actually is a hose with a flat end so that may be clogged (hard to see as the inner fender liner is up in there too). With AC on and condensation/water should be dripping down there behind the front wheel and frame area.
    No drianing and it can run down into the passenger compartment - and make sure its not dex cool smelling or the heater core may have a leak as the AC raises the engine temp and if it is watch the reservior level. Don't feel bad it you can't find the drain they are hidden but an AC shop should be able to do it in a few minutes and give you an AC check as well before summer anyway.
  • mkobmkob Posts: 10
    I have a clunking noise - well it actually sounds more like metal grinding while I am driving. It stops when I stop and is consistent with noise the time I am driving, it does not get louder at higher speeds. I am not sure what this could be? I heard it might be my cv axle, but is this what it sounds like when it goes out?
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    It could be brake pads low (chripping or squeeling), calipers sticking, hub bearings (grating sound), CVs (looked for grease and ripped boots), or if just a clunk on suspension travel the lower ball joints. Have to jack it up and test/feel components play.
  • mkobmkob Posts: 10
    I know it's not the brake pads, the calipers seemed to be in good shape when I changed the brake pads. The CVs seemed to be in good shape also, it sounded more like the grating sound. As for the hub bearings, what happens if I am unable to change this right away?
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    They get worse and the hub can wobble if really bad or fail/lockup in extreme failure. Normal is just the grating and loose front end and many drive them like that for some time until they figure out what it is. But you are the one driving it so you have to decide how bad it is.
  • I have a 95 blazer 4wd Automatic trans. When i shift into drive, I get a loud "clunk" that seems to be coming from under the rear seat (in the transmission area). Any ideas to point me in the right direction?
    Also, I just had front driveaxles, shocks, ball joints and the front right idler arm and wheel bearing/hub assembly changed and got new tires and an alignment. I still have a good vibration in the steering wheel and what sounds like a bad bearing in the front passenger side. I plan to check it out this weekend, but I could use any advice or suggestions I can get. Thanks everyone.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Check this out: Chevy Blazer 4WD Noise

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Check the U-joints for wear. Then the rear diff in many GMs gets the clunk when you put it in D as the clearances get sloppier. Check the front diff and transfer case for fluids. If the front rotors are way off (balance due to wear or rust)or the brakes dragging at all you will get front vib.
  • Dumb question, but where are the U-joints and where can I check the transfer case for fluids?
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    U-joints are on each end of the driveshaft and if you grab the shaft near the end and can feel play in those T shaped caps with roller bearings they need to be changed. Transfer case has 2 plugs on uts rear, upper to fill and check level, lower to drain it and replace all fluid.

    Most transmission shops can check the cluck for you and usually give a free estimate.
  • My Blazer is making a low pitch humming sound when driving. There is no noise while idling or standing still. The noise seems to eminate from the rear wheel and is louder when coming in from a longer trip. Could this be a bearing problem and how can I test the bearing(s) to see if they have failed. If its a bearing how much is the fix $$? Thanks...
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Could be but I would look at the front hubs first. The U-joints could be getting worn also. As for the rear make sure you have a full differential - pull the plug about half way up and 80w-90 gear oil should be to bottom of hole. Also make the trans is full.
  • I began having a very loud sound after driving @ 60 mph. It sounded like an 18 wheeler was coming up behind me & had to downshift to avoid colliding. I looked around & didn't see a truck, but pulled off the highway to assess. I drove the distance home without any further incident & since fluid levels checked out & no service panel lights glowed I presumed it had been a truck. I proceeded to drive around on city streets no problem. Then when driving again on the highway about 45 minutes into the drive it happened again. The sound was constant even though I was decelerating & continued until I parked. 45 min. later I get back in & proceed to drive 100 miles on the interstate without the sound . The dealership cannot find a thing wrong. The car only has 55K miles, though almost all of these are in town miles verses highway. Needing to drive again on the highway the sound came back after an hour into the highway drive. IT makes the loud noise but doesn't conflict with performance that I can tell. You do not lose pwer nor any indicator lights blinking. You can continue to drive without incident again once the car has sat for 10 min. or so. A friend diagnosed a bad fan clutch which I propmptly replaced. Thinking my troubles were over I drove the 150 miles home with no problems. Making a return trip, it happens again after 4 hours of highway driving. Now the noise happens sooner than the hour mark, of course it is summer & 95 degrees.The sound tends to diminish greatly when I get up to higher speeds but when accelerating up or decelerating down it gets progressively louder. I have now heard a brief clicking sound in both the extreme right&left in cabin by wheel well. This is making my life miserable especially when the experts cannot diagnose the issue. The U joints were inspected & I've been told it can't be anything electronic or the computer would have flagged it. Any advice at all or similar experience is deeply appreciated.
    Margaretanne & Michael in Jefferson City, MO
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    Check the muffler carefully. With this many years and these few miles, the internals may have collapsed. Just had a similar thing happen on a '99 with 78K miles. Makes some awful noises, but not all the time. Check to see if there is a lot of discoloration on the body of the muffler, and rusty looking drainage from the weep/drain hole on the back of the muffler.
  • Interesting, good tip, I will check. Can you describe the awful noise that you were having & was it primarily after running at higher speeds for 30-40 minutes? I say that my noise, which my partner believes is at around 100 decibels, is coming from around the cockpit area & only when wheels are in motion. So glad to have some ideas coming forward. I am at a great disadvantage when several experts have looked it over & can't diagnose. In fact, every thing electronically reads out as tip top shape. Thanks so much for your input jl. Margaretanne McJunkin
  • hi im new. i have a 2000 blazer with a problem i cant find. after owning a 94 for 5 years youd think id be able to find it.
    anyway..... the problem is, is that something is squeaking after the truck gets hot. but only hot from driving. not from idling. its a high pitch squeak. if i start the truck cold....about a half hour into driving, the squeaking starts. and it follows the speed of the engine, you know?
    ok, one day i jacked the rear and drove it for like 45 minutes, but it wouldnt do it. as soon as i dropped the back and started driving, it started the problem.
    so its only under load. now....if i drive for about 30 minutes and stop....and idle. it wont squeak. but if i drive for an hour and stop and idle, it will do it in park, nuetral, reverse, everything.
    so..... i havent much time to try to find out where this is coming from, becuz once the temp goes down just a bit, the noise stops.

    ok, i replaced the belt, and so far thats it.
    i wd-40'd all of the pullys and stuff.
    what i am afraid of is....when i bought the truck, they replaced the tranny with one from a junkyard.
    could something inside a tranny make suck a noise? ANY ideas would be helpfull!!
    it is so aggravating i wont even drive the truck anymore. please help!!!!!!
  • Reposting / DESPERATE/ all advice welcomed, especially REPAIRDOG
    Vehicle recently inherited/ 56K on the clock/ Most likely never driven more than 45 miles in one direction until my recent ownership, May '07
    Fancy, Michelin tires may not be original

    EXTREMELY loud noise, at least 100 decibels
    Occured predictibly, at first, 45 min. into highway driving @ 60 mph. noise continuing until turning off engine ( have driven up to several miles). Starts back up & no sound ( usually drive another 70 miles with no incident)
    Initially sounded like an 18 wheeler had to downshift from high speeds on top of me

    Noise coming from cockpit area
    Don't lose power, can drive through
    No obvious vibration
    No steering difficuly
    No indicator lights on/blinking
    Happens when a/c on & or off
    Cruise control engaged
    Operating in 2WD at time
    Normally don't have noise in city driving
    Wheels must be in motion for noise to occur
    Last 2 episodes, brief clicking sound at extreme right then left wheel area (not at same time)
    Replaced fan clutch, with hindsight, apparently in error
    Dealer rules out anything electronic,no computer messages, clean bill of health
    UVC joints checked OK
    Noise occured uncharestically 20 min. into highway drive, of course temps. outside 95 degrees now.Using car 24 hours later, noise occured immediately when driving forward continuing to increase upon acceleration/deceleration, subsiding @ 70mph , 30 miles to home & sound gone

    Difficult to describe sound with language, giving above deets best I can offer wtih my limited expertise. Obligations require me to drive 2+ hours on highway 1-2 x/ month, current situation untenable
  • hikick1hikick1 Posts: 39
    My 2001 blazer is at it again. This time it is whining and screaching from the front somewhere. I cannot pinpoint if it is the brake rotors or under the hood at a pulley. It only happens at low speed. It also shudders or vibrates a little when I take off from first gear from stop. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions?
  • hikick1hikick1 Posts: 39
    I found out that the "new" brakes on my 2001 Blazer I purchased in June 2007, were worn completely out. Changed pads just in time. This eliminated the squeal. But I have developed a squeaky sound at low speeds, now. I still need any suggestions here. I'll check seems to be coming from the rear of the vehicle. As I speed up it seems to disappear until I reach less than 5mph again upon slowing down...
  • have 2003 blazer 4x4, no major problems, except bad gas mileage, was driving on ice decided to switch into 4 wheel drive hi, pushed button, it is 4x4 on the fly right? running 35 mph, pushed 4x4, got funny grinding sound, acted like didnt want to go anywhere, grinding, loud.. under blazer, so when heard the sound, pushed in rear wheel 2x4 and still had sound, slowed down to 15 mph, and pushed in 4x4 low, still had the grinding sound, then pushed in normal rear wheel drive, and must have hit a bump but felt a tug of the vehicle and a loud bang, and then it started driving fine again, needless to say, wondering why it happened and what it might have been, haven't used 4x4 since...could it have been frozen?, it was 15 degrees that day..took it in about 4 months ago to jiffy lube and they changed the rear differential fluid...could it have been something they did? thank you in advance
  • souzasouza Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2000 Chevy Blazer with 130,000 it didnt make any noise 1 month ago .. now i hear a noise all the time.. seems like since the snow, rain and cold weather came it hasnt stopped.. I dont plan on keeping the truck for long so i hate to put alot of money into it... any ideas what it could be or how it can be cheaply fixed its wa :mad: s in perfect condition when i bought it 2 months ago.. i paid 3800.00
  • I read mostly everything before posting as didn't see anything that covered this topic. I have a whining noise I can hear through my speakers. It seemed to go away right after changing the serpentine belt but 2 days later came back. It appears to be related to speed of vehicle. Any ideas? Thanks.
  • I just got an 02 Blazer with auto trans, 4wd, 4dr, 87K, and get a wind noise around the front door/window, has anyone had this problem or heard of it. :confuse: It only happens from about 35mph and up to highway speeds and does not go away till at lower than 35.It also seems to increase at higher speeds or when driving into the wind. I wonder if it's from the space where the door meets the fender or roof support, as there seems to be a lot of open space there, or maybe it's from wind hitting the mirror. I would really like to cure this, it's very distracting and annoying.
  • I recently bought a 99 chevy blazer just over 100K miles 4 dooor 4wd automatic 4.3 runs great. Just recently however, i put my turn signal on and proceeded to turn, but when i finished turning and shut off the blinker, the signals were still clicking as if they are on. the flasher located behind the glove compartment keeps clicking and never shuts off unless the car is off. ALSO very strange, when i'm driving it stops clicking when i apply the breaks. freaky i know. i changed out the flasher and all the bulbs are working properly. i dunno what to do next. open to any and all suggestions. thanks.
  • when the weather turns cold get a bad squeaking when you rock the truck in park or stop and go any hints????? it seems to be in front center greased all fittings, still squeaks
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