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2008 Jeep Wrangler



  • tcs2tcs2 Posts: 11
    Thank you very much for the info. Mine goes back next week for try number 2. I will tell them how to handle the leak situation. My leak was also on top of my NAV system and into the vents. I am also having speaker problems. Getting 7 new speakers next week too, even though I am sure that is not what the problem is. But they insist this must be done.
  • I have an 08 wrangler with a hardtop that leaks. We got the car in November and it started leaking in December, but just drips while driving onto the NAV area. I am worried about bringing it in because I also have a Commander that I just got back 2 weeks ago that has been in the shop since Oct for air leak. One of the previous posters said they sealed or gooped up the hard top and it fixed it. Does this make it where you cannot take off the top?
  • jr318jr318 Posts: 17
    Hi MIne leaked around the winshield/speaker on the driver side.I took it back 3 times the 3rd time they put all new seals/gasgits(sp) and for one month or so i have had no problems at all.crossing my fingers good luck
  • jr318jr318 Posts: 17
    I have the Wrangle unlimited 2008 4 door freedom top and the soft top hard top is the one that was leaking seems to be good now tho
  • hey yall
    i was wondering what exactly the difference between the unlimited and trail rated was
  • tcs2tcs2 Posts: 11
    Mine has been in service since Monday morning for this same issue. I also have stereo issues. Before you make two trips to the dealership, try putting in a cd that has bass in it. Turn up the stereo and make sure you don't hear popping noises from all speakers. I have been told by a stereo retailer that the amp in my jeep can not handle what the NAV stereo is sending out. I told the dealership to keep mine until both problems have been fixed. I will let you know the outcome!
  • I bought an 08 Wrangler the day after Thanksgiving. It was that same week that the roof leaked for the first time. I brought it back to the dealer to have it fixed. They suggested that I had put the top on wrong. I still have yet to take the top off for the first being winter in New England and all.... They call me up, "All Fixed" They gave me the free carwash and did such a half-assed job I took it to the touchless automatic.Imagine my surprise when I drive out and the water pours in. I dropped it off for a second visit, they replaced the seals. It rained really hard one night, but I wasn't worried because the problem was fixed....HAHAHAHA The leak was back and worse than ever. Today a tech from jeep is visiting to fix it up. Hopefully I will have the same luck as some of you that have posted that this is the visit that the leak stops.

    I have two questions 1- Jeep acknowledged the issue of the leaky roof in 06 when the 2007 Wranglers came out, Why have they continued to manufacture the flawed design?
    2- Ok, let's supposed they fix the leak. What happens when I do decide to take the top off in warmer weather? When I put it back on will those seals seat properly or am I looking at more head aches and a leaky roof? -Shame on me for buying a vehicle based on it's outstanding reputation and not doing my homework before making this purchase.
    Good luck
  • What did you do to stop the leaking. I just purchased an 08 Wrangler three days ago and discovered yesterday that the hardtop is leaking.
  • jr318jr318 Posts: 17
    They changed all the rubber stuff (seals and gaskets)around the doors and windows of my jeep i had to bring it back 3 times before they fixed it right.its very good now. It seems to be a common problem so ask them (if they dont already know) to call other dealers because it is very common there was 3 in my dealership already!My dealership was in Troy New York google it and call them yourself if you want.. good luck still lovin the jeep!
  • tcs2tcs2 Posts: 11
    I am hoping the 3rd time fixed mine too. But I have not had a really good test yet! They did the same as jr318. Replaced all the guts. But they have to do this in a certain order is what my dealer told me. But this is the same dealership that put a new nav systems, 7 new speakers and a new sub in my jeep before they realized there was a bullitin out from Chrylser that called for a simple download to fix my stereo popping problem. Good luck on fixing yours!
  • I have a jeep with a leak that has been looked at by a Chrysler tech. I am returning to have it looked at a fourth time. Don't blast the dealer in a survey. It is their job to sell Jeep, not their job to design them. Call Chrysler customer care at 1-800-992-1997 and tear them a new one. Also, try doing what I'm doing, I placed poster board in the side windows and in large letters it tells people why not to buy 2008 Wrangler. The poster board is most effective on the weekends when you park your jeep along side the 08 Wranglers at the dealership. Park it and wander around the lot for a while. If anyone is shopping for a Wrangler they will most likely change their mind. And, it will make the dealer move a lot faster on your repair issues.
  • I also have a 2008 Wrangler with a leaky roof. The first time I brought it to the dealer they said they tightened some nuts that were loose, water tested it and it was fixed. The second time I brought it to the dealer for the same leak in the same spot they replaced the seals. The third time I brought it back with the roof leaking worse than before an "expert" from Chrysler replaced the seals. I had seen similar posts from others saying that this is the point when the leak actually gets fixed. I now have to return because the "expert" didn't get the job done either. I have 3600 miles and am now going to be returning for a fourth time with the same leaky roof. Shame on me for buying a Jeep because of the outstanding history and reputation. Hope everyone has better luck than I am. Also, call Chrysler customer assistance 1-800-992-1997. You'll need the vehicle ID number handy so they can research the history.
  • Just test drove the Wrangler Unlimited Sahara the other day. I really liked it but I don't know if I am ready to spend $32,000 to get one. Heck, I don't even know if I am even ready to buy an actual new car. Anyone have an opinion on trying to get a left over 2008 when the 2009 comes out? When does that happen? What type of price drop can I expect? Any other opinions on the Sahara vs. the X? I don't do too much off road, some beach driving and since it never rains I would love to have the top off or down. I am very confused on if I should get the dual top package. Any information for someone new looking to get into the “Jeep thing” would be great. Thank you all.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    For the most part, the X and Sahara differ in finish (painted fenders, upgraded seat material) and accessories like Sirius satellite radio, compass, outside thermometer, trip computer, fog lights, power windows and locks, cruise control, fancier bumper treatment,and other nuances. Mechanically, the Sahara offers the mono-shocks, and the 18" deluxe wheels. I have a 2008 Unlimited Sahara with the six speed manual and really love it. I hope that i didn't miss anything. Along with all that, we have a wonderful dealer, Douglas Jeep in Venice, FL. They are not the closest dealer, just the best. Happy Jeeping.

  • bsfman97bsfman97 Posts: 2
    I bought a 08 Wrangler X 3 months ago.In the past month the fan belt has come off 4 times.It has been in the shop a total of 17 days in Feb.Every time I take it on gravel roads with 8 to 12 inches of snow the fan belt comes off.I havent even taken it four wheeling yet(scared to).I used to own a 78 CJ 5 and never had a problem.This new one is a piece of junk and I will be selling so I can buy a real Jeep.I guess I'm lucky tho the freedom top doesn't leak.Oh yea they've also had to replace the alternator and its been in the shop 7 days waiting for a new power steering pump this last time(still there).I call it the DriveWay Queen cause it looks real pretty sitting in the driveway just dont take it anywhere without a tow truck.
  • If you are considering buying a Wrangler I strongly urge you to reconsider. I bought my Wrangler the day after Thanksgiving in 2007. It has been back to the dealer 4 times now with a leaky roof. The last 2 times that it was "fixed" the work was performed by a tech. from Chrysler. I picked my vehicle up this past Wednesday, it rained. Thursday I got in to go to work and the water started pouring in. Chrysler has already asked if they could interest me in another Chrysler product. Chrysler has known about the leaky roof problem since late 2006 when the 2007 model wranglers came out with the 3 piece freedom top. They sent memos to their dealers telling them what to expect. So, for over 2 years now they have continued manufacturing the problem and passing it off to the consumers.
    I do not wish to give my vehicle back. Other than the leaky roof I really do like it. I've asked the Chrysler regional manager that I have been dealing with for a new top. There are many people with this problem, and on the other side of that coin there are just as many people that do not. It seems buying a new Wrangler is a crap shoot as far as the tops are concerned.
    The regional manager said they would take the Wrangler back and sell it at auction with a full disclosure. Here's the question- Will the person that buys it at auction disclose this information to the person that he sells it to? (The buyer that won't have the warranty that I have)
    I will be once again asking for a new top, perhaps the new one won't leak.
    If you are considering buying a Wrangler please take the time to research it. I did not. My purchase was based solely on the outstanding reputation that Jeep has had throughout the years. I think it is pretty sad that Chrysler continues to knowingly put this flawed product on the market. It bothers me that they are so eager to take it back and rush it off to auction.(ultimately screwing someone else down the road)
    I am now notifying Better Business, Consumer Affairs, and the Dept. of Motor vehicle. If I do give up my vehicle it will have "LEMON" on the title. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • Unfortunately I had already bought mine. It rained right after I bought it and sure enough, it leaked. I took it back to the dealer. The dealer sub contracted the work out to a place called the Water Doctor. The service manager told me it would be better to let the experts fix it than for them to attempt it. I left it with them for one day. I brought it home and washed it. No leaks. A few days later, it poured rain. No leaks. So far so good. I haven't taken the top back off yet to see if that will make a difference. It is supposed to rain tomorrow, so I am going to take the tops off and put them back on and see how it does. I'll let you know.
  • Well, I'm covinced they fixed the leaks in my top. I drove it for over 2 hours in pouring rain yesterday and not one drop came in. Looks like The Water Doctor knew what he was doing when he fixed the leaks.
  • fishjerkfishjerk Posts: 1
    I also have a 2008 Jeep that is 5 days old with a water leak by the front passengerside area. I baught it in Troy at Advantage Jeep. Do you know who you spoke to and should I take other steps on getting the leak fixed..... Thanks for your help
  • jr318jr318 Posts: 17
    Sales team is awesome!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    If you want to exchange dealer contact info that can't be found on the web, please mark your email address public in your profile so people can contact you, or set up your CarSpace page and use that email.

    That'll keep the conversation moving along and there won't be emails in the posts for the spambots to harvest. Thanks!
  • jr318jr318 Posts: 17
    Hey Joe,
    They deleted my post with my email in it.I have spoke and dealt with Lori.Two things to beware of when setting up an appointment are, call the day before make sure the parts are in, my jeep sat there for a full day with them knowing they didn't have the parts to fix it! So not right, also when you call make sure they have your reservation for a rental car.In my experience she called the morning of and they gave me a car with no 4 wheel or front wheel drive and it was snowing really bad.Totally unexplainable to me.I bought 4 wheel drive for a reason.Im not fond of driving in snow without it! At the rental place they also have cargo vans thats what they wanted to give me do to the fact she called the day i needed the car.They did after 3 times fix the leak.But now it is diverted to the door jam at floor level.The rain at night going down to the jam freezing and having a hard time with it opening doors because their is ice all on the bottom door jam like a half inch.I haven't gone up to address this yet.I bought new because im busy and i don't have time to waste(dropping off my jeep then going across the street to get the rental then going back at the end of the day time is money for me) so soon i will be making yet another appointment for the same problem.Advantage and jeep have known about this they told me after the fact that they have had a few back for this problem.She also told me there are holes for drainage on the floor boards.Can you imagine i know there is but come on..With all that said I do love it and can't wait to remove the top for summer fun.Im hoping all of this doesn't start again when i put the hard top back on in the fall.GOOD LUCK
  • When customers go to buy a New Jeep the Dealers or Chrysler should tell them about the leaking top. We have owned 4 Jeeps in the past and would have probally bought a new one, only without the hard top if they had told us about the problems they were having with the hard top leaking. We purchased our 2008 Jeep Wrangler in Dec 2007. As of today we have had it back to the deeler 4 times for the leaking top. We have heard every excuse you can think of, now they finally say it is a design problem. The service dept. has put in new seals twice. The third time they even put Silicone between the Hard top and fram (won't that look good this summer when we take the top off). Its in the shop now (this is the fourth). I cant wait to pick it up and see what the fix is this time. After Silicone its hard to tell.
  • I bought mine in Nov. of 2007 and it has been to the shop 4 times to be fixed with no luck. Chrysler has offered to buy mine back. However, today it is really nice out and I took the freedom top panels out for the first time. Have you looked at the "seal kit" that they put in? What a joke. It's nothing more than pieces of foam tape. I really like my wrangler minus the leak and the whole thought of selling it back is really depressing. This is my first jeep. I have wanted one for so long and this is my luck. I am considering trying to fix it myself, I can't do any worse. I'll let you know if I find a fix. Good luck to you.
  • tcs2tcs2 Posts: 11
    Just curious.....Did Chrysler offer you even close to what you paid?
  • Chrysler .....what a joke!!!! I waited 4ever for my jeep.....and I am still waiting! I tried to order the 4 door Sahara Unlimited 6 speed manual with all the fun stuff when it first came out. Couldn't get the dual top...then they stopped production for awhile. Waited a year! Had one dealer nightmare at Massey Yardley in Plantation, Florida and went back to my fleet friend....he placed my order through another fleet dealer located within Eddie Acardie dealership....BIG MISTAKE...and I warned him!!!! Order was placed on 1/3/08. I waited until March...kept calling... is supposedly in....I went by to check the lot that evening of the call and looked online in their inventory...something close but not mine....wrong top, interior, and a smoker's group! They assured me that my jeep with all ordered features was there on their fleet side. They are about to drop it off on a flat bed to my office because it is Good Friday and they want to go home...I asked them to check order compared to what was on their lot! My fleet dealer friend's order was correct but....Of course.... it was the wrong jeep!!!!! They blamed the factory!!!! Their best response???? How about we put leather seats in it? What do you take me for??? It's a jeep! Can you imagine leather after one off road run with the ever so popular leaky hard top every one keeps talking about!?! She was supposed to call me back the very next morning about one in Calfornia that may match my order.....never heard from this dipchick again but heard from the Fleet GM 5 days later. He called to ask how well I was "enjoying my new jeep because with Chrysler and Eddie Acardie, customer satisfaction is their highest priority!""!!!!!! I think I am going FORD!!!
  • They offered a full refund. No usage fee, and they are liable to purchase any accesories that I put on or had installed. Originally I had asked for a new hardtop to try and solve the leak issue but they refused. Then I asked for a new jeep. They will offer me any Chrysler or Jeep product with the exception of a jeep wrangler. When I asked why not a wrangler I was told that the leaky roof is still an unresolved issue and that there would be no guarantee that a new wrangler or new top wouldn't leak.
    Isn't that nice of them? I didn't buy a wrangler because I really liked the dodge ram....I wish I were one of those people that didn't have a leak.
  • I wish the new liberty looked more like the Dodge Nitro that it was modeled after. I thought it would be cool with the retractable roof but I test drove it and it was like a soccer mom mobile feel. Anyway, I am back to square one. I don't know where to start..I am not paying 30+ for a link mobile that rusts after a few months. I noticed a co-workers 4 door Unlimited X is completely rusted by the exhaust and it is obviously only a year old at the most!
  • Mine also has some rust on and around the muffler. I've only had it 4 1/2 months.
  • So, DBJesus,

    Got a suggestion for me....think it is Jesus saying "not the jeep for ya" after I waited 3 months and the wrong vehicle came in? I ordered the Wrangler Unlimited Sahara, 6 speed manual with all the stuff. Meanwhile, on the older jeep I have, I got a new top for it from 4WD and it leaked on Easter Sunday...entire jeep flooded due to the downpour we had. I love jeeps but I am over all the hassle!

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