Chevrolet TrailBlazer Electrical Problems



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    Let me know when you find that trouble free German car, I'll consider one myself.
    Anyway, how do you know the problem is the battery? Was the voltage checked?
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    I have an 03 LT Trailblazer, never had any major issues with it, bought it used and have been very happy......until last summer. I noticed that the left turn signal was real dim when not in use and if you tried to use it it would blink really fast... when the left turn signal was dim like that the air conditioner would not blow cold air......I'm not sure why but things went back to normal for a little while, then they started again and have escalated. The left door speaker and dash speaker won't work, only part of lights on the radio-heater console work, part of the light in my speedometer don't work, sometimes the cruise won't cooperate and today the windshield wipers just stopped and the lights would not come on.

    We've been loyal Chevy owners for many years, my 3 month old 93 s 10 pickup sat in my yard went boom and burned, alternator shorted out, GM took responsibility and I got another truck. In my 95 I bought a new GMC Safari van and didn't get home with it, some sensor went out and I drove a loaner for a week......but I've stuck with 'em cos they've always fixed what went wrong, not now, nobody knows.......I need help with this please. :(
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    there are 4 studs sticking up in your fuse box under the hood, one of my had a little wiggle in it and when we tightened it up it has fixed the headlight problem right now. So try this maybe it can help you too.
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    2003 trailblazer. Running light on passenger side went out while the brake light still worked, same bulb. I detatched the wire harness from the tail light circuit board to find the pins corroded and broken. I've got the replacement circuit board and wire harness, but have no clue how to remove the old harness or how to hook the new wires into the vehicle. in the new package there are five white wires and five small orangish tubes. Just moved to a new city, don't know anyone, and don't want to get pulled over for it AGAIN!! any suggestions??
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    2006 Trailblazer, something draining batter. Some things I've noticed: A few months ago, low beams went out, did some research and replaced drl relay under hood. everything was great again. About 2 weeks ago, dead battery. Odd, but jumpstart did it good and everything was well again. Yesterday, dead battery again. I don't believe it is the battery. I've noticed that sometimes (not always) drl's will stay on longer than usual after shutting car off. Another thing I've noticed is that sometimes, (not always) drl's come on automatically when opneing the car door. I think this could be what is draining the battery excessively. Could this be a faulty dlr relay again? I've tried to search, but cannot find anything specific to this problem.
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    Is it the original battery? If so, it's about time to replace it. It's also a good time to check the charging system.
    Otherwise what's happening seems normal to me.
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    I traced it back to the drl relay under the hood. I know it seems normal, but I park in a garage and could tell it was excessive the way that they were coming on. They would come on when opening the door to get in, not just when shutting off and exiting, and they had never done that before. Knowing that the relay is a notorious problem with this model, I decided to check it out. As I wiggled it to get it out, lights would come on and off sporadically. That confirmed it for me.
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    Interesting. Did you find out what was causing it though? Was the relay bad (shorted contacts or something) or was the problem in the socket itself?
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    Gotta be somewhere in the relay itself cause a new relay does not flash the lights when wiggled.
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    What part number is that relay? My 07 TB LBs just turn off but sometimes work for days or weeks then shut off and start working 10 minutes to an hour later. Very dangerous. I would like to replace the #46 relay. Where can I get it besides the dealership?
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    The part number is the same as the relay, 15016745 and it was the #46. I got mine at Napa about $40, took a day to order.
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    I have a 2004 Trailblazer which I purchased new, within the last few months have gone through 5 batteries, 3 parasidic draw tests as well as an alternator test and have come up with no fix.Mechanics only suggestion to "TRY" and find problem is to get it towed to them next time it just dies???? I do see several posts with people having the same fustrating problems and none with concrete resolve to this issue. Does a recall exist somewhere on this ongoing Trailblazer problem?
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    I had similar problems...after about a year and a half of continuous attempts to fix the problem, new battery, new altinator among other things, I discovered that the yoke on the steering column where the keys go into was set off. So when I turned off the vehicle and removed the keys, the yoke was off and continued to drain the surface charge off of the battery. I had a friend mechanic take off the yoke and reset it so it did not continue the charge. I have not had to jump my vehicle for about 9 months now. No continuing problems since reseting the yoke, though now that i said that it will probably fall apart now. Let me know if this works for you.
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    Also when you turn off the vehicle and remove your key look to see if the red battery light is still lit. That indicates a continuous draw on the battery. I was told the same thing by mechanics to tow it in when it doesn't start. not realistic.
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    My 2006 trailblazer has serious electrical issues all of a sudden. I thought it was the alternator or the battery. took it to my mechanic and he said that both of those were fine. every time i slow down and stop for things like a stop light all the gauges become unreadable and bounce around. I usually have to keep one foot on the break and one on the gas slightly so my car doesn't die all together. also when i'm driving i could be fine for 2 months and than all of a sudden out of no where i'm driving down a highway and wham lights go out and i cant see anything and have to pull over and wait for them to turn back on. Does GM plan on doing anything about this since it seems to be a common problem? I have always been a loyal customer to gm and would hope that something gets done about this or else i will never be buying another gm car again. pretty terrifying when your driving in the dark on a freeway.
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    We all know what you mean about the many electrical issues especially on our Trailblazers. The low beam headlights going out is such a common problem that you'd think GM would resolve the issues once and for all with all the complaints. Alas, all we can do is hope. I been extremely satisfied with my 02 Trailblazer as I now have over 315,000 miles on her and she looks and runs great. Have many of the little issues like the headlights and funny as this remark sounds I believe many of the problems with the TB's can be related to heat or cold weather causing havoc with the cars electronics.

    Anyway, when your low beams go out use high beams as a back up.

    I believe the fix has been to replace both the #45 & #46 fuses. Haven't done that yet myself as I just keep switching to my high beams and eventually the low beams will come back on.

    Good luck.

    Ditto on the ugh!
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    Well im so fed up with this truck whi le driving to work it suddenly lost power then regained power but was driving weird the speedometer is reading im driving 70mph when I prob was doing the most 25. im hearing this is going to cost me over 500$ . This will b the 2nd time this is replaced lucky the dealer I purchased it from took care of it the 1st time but that wad a year im sol this time..... I just replaced the tramsmission....alternator, starter, ignition switch all this year. This is,insane I hate this truck pure money pit.....can afford another car right now ;( :mad:
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    You might want to have them check the connections in the dash or the dash motor assembly. I had some of the same issues and the lights fading stopped as soon as my mechanic found some loose connections in the dash and tightened them. I've also had the speedometor go crazy and while searching on the internet for a solution I read that the dash motor can cause all kinds of problems if it goes bad. GM had a refund set up for 2005's and newer. If I can find the info on this again I'll re-post. Or you can search for it by looking up trailbazer dash motor problems.
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    Sarah @ customer service: We are senior citizens and our 2006 trailblazer only has 60,000 miles. Recently, we are also having this problem. Our Trailblazer is shutting off while driving down the road. This is very dangerous and has put us in very dangerous situations. We have taken it to get checked by a mechanic. The mechanic believes it is the computer system that is causing the problem. To fix this problem is going to cost us over a $1,000.00.
    Do you have any suggestions or advice for us. Apparently this is a major issue with these Trailblazers!!!!!!
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    "The mechanic believes it is the computer system " I wouldn't fork over $1000 for a repair that someone "believes" would fix my problem, unless they agree to refund the money if it doesn't help.
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    hi i have a trailblazer a 2004 and i purchased it at 70,000 miles by the time it got to 70,500 the computer died on the truck when the dealer was changing the oil .... i was told that the computer have a lifetime warranty on it i had to pay for the wiring which cost my 200.00... btw this truck is on the list of the most unreliable trucks in the us. im defin not suprised at all has been a true money pit... thank god im in the middle of purchasing a new car ... 3 yrs with this truck is wayyyy to long i damn near rebuilt this truck .. and its still begging for more money :sick: :mad: :lemon:
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    I have 2005 chevy trailblazer LTZ. i have recently purchased it as used car. i was driving suddenly a messaged poped up on DIC thats said low oil pressure i checked oil it was okay after cooling. it pops up i dont know y. i have changed oil but still no use. please guide me why this warning pops up is it an electric problem or something wrong with the engine. pls help meeeeeee
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    my 2005 Trailblazer has the same problem. First the instrument panel, then when using the defroster the car just dies, then both headlights just quit working. What is the $40.00 part and where can I find into on how to fix it?
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    My 2002 TB ignition will intermittently not work. It may go for days and work fine, then, for no apparent reason not work. The battery is fine; all the dash lights come on when I turn the ignition switch. I sometimes have to engage the ignition switch 50 or more times before the ignition catches. It may start fine for the next few times that I start the car, then once again it will take 50 or so tries before the ignition will catch. My mechanic has tried multiple times to diagnose the problem, but with no luck. Has anyone else had this problem?
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    I have a 2005 EXT that is doing the samething. I have not taken it to a mechanic yet but I am going to make an appointment because my speedometer is also not working properly.
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    Just recently after turning off ignition the driver side door doesn't lock with remote, only manually. Driver side panel also fails to operate any/all windows. Other doors lock normally when alarm/lock is clicked. Also after turning ignition off the radio would stay on for some time, now it doesn't, and btw my fuel & water pump took a dump last summer. Any guesses or suggestions?
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    I am also having many of these problems. My car wont start if it sets for 2 days or more. It starts with the radio resetting. It just happened this am, I stopped on the way to work, got back in my suv turned the key. I heard a weird gear noise then the radio clock reset. This has happened intermittently for the last 2 years. I have had the security system reset twice because the car will not jump start and I can't get the key out. I have gone through many batteries and a lot of stress, mechanics say its not the starter, its not the battery. BUT clearly it is something. please help
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    I bought it with 25k mile in 2007. In 08 the check engine light comes on and the codes read cam sensors. I take it to Chev and they replace the cam sensor, cam actuator and fuel gage in the tank get replaced and $726 dollors later I have to return the car 3 days later the same codes and the fuel gage reads empty. They have the car another day and they replaced teh fuel gage with a faulty one and say the cam issues are the car needs regular oil changes. Well per the owners manual I replace the oil when the sensor tells me or 5k miles. So the light has remained on since and I can not get the car smogged. Now I live in a county that requires a smog and no way to get this hunk of chevy crap fixed. Pretty sad when the dealer blames the problem on an oil change. By the way I have had pretty much all the electrical issues listed in the fourms but they have been intermintent.
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    I have a TB 2003 and I have many of the same problems I read about.

    Head light off
    Can’t remove the key
    4x4 change by itself
    Can’t open passenger door or back door
    Music volume control

    I read also that you are in GM CustSrvcDptm, will you direct me to the solution?

    Thanks Rafael
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    You get to blaze a new trail when you are on the road!
    Ok...low beams go off and on at will. Replaced all fuses, had so much service, checked wiring, problem still happens and we can't figure out why. On a cross country trip, we spent more time in Chevy garages than on the open road! New plugs, new filters, new ignition switch, and lots more. Now the Check Engine Light is still lit, lights still go off, and now...when we add gas, the car runs rough for the first few minutes! Sometimes even stalls! The right hand outside mirror is frozen in space. But most of all...we can't run it in two wheel drive. NOISE comes out like as if we are popping popcorn! We had a complete new transmission several years ago. Chevy garage is no help...since it is all intermittant! HELP! we spent over $6000.00 on the road getting it road worthy enough to drive through the Colorado Mountains and Reno Mountains! Still not running right. HELLLLLLP
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    Hello All, So a few days after I posted Any one want a 06 Trailblazer?? I got rid of the piece of crap. I got a dealer to give me 10k for it only owed 7 so by by hunk of crap. I think that is the only way to fix it give it to a dealer. Hope they enjoy it!!!!
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    My AC was working on/off again, started with one speed, then another now it is dead. My low beams go on and off when ever they like and my OnStar is starting to send emergency impact notifications. I was in my car at work listening to the radio, eating lunch when OnStar comes on asking if I am okay and saying they show I was in an accident.
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    i have the exact same car and problem. i've changed the battery, ignition switch, fuse panel, relay module all with no solution. starter checks out fine. chevy dealer says they can find the problem because they can't duplicate it.

    it's obviously electrical but what the heck is going on? i would love to know.

    any info would be great. i think it's between the fuse panel and the starter.

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    For what's it's worth, the answer to the problem was the starter motor itself! Although it tested ok it was an intermittant failure. After Chevy charged $350 for a starter switch, another $500 for the module and entire fuse circuit board, the same problem persisted. It's a good thing I didn't change the key tumbler, the next suggestion. Finally just by replacing the starter motor (not at Chevy service) it cured the problem. I had been suspicious of the starter because the problem was sensitive to temperature and humidity but Chevy said their techs best guess was to change out the above items. I wonder why?
    All is well now and I'll keep the beast until it dies.
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    Good morning Bill,

    I apologize that the different components replaced by our dealership did not resolve the concerns you had been having with your Trailblazer; it's good to know that you were able to find the root of the problem (the starter motor) and that everything is back up and running.

    I wish you many more happy miles!
    GM Customer Service
  • billberkebillberke Member Posts: 3
    Thank you for your response. I'm glad you and Chevy show signs of concern. I must say that my issue was well documented as I searched through ciberspace for the answer. Chevy service centers should have a bulletin recommending changing out the starter before they do anything else. It would be nice to get a refund or credit on the money I spent on needless parts but at least it wasn't a heart and liver transplant only to find out it was my gall bladder that failed.
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Member Posts: 1,964
    Hello Bill,

    If you're interested in pursuing a refund, I would recommend speaking with your dealership. However, one of the considerations when evaluating different cases is whether or not you as the customer have invested money through our dealerships into your vehicle repairs. While this does not guarantee any end cost assistance as it is just one of many different variables we look at, it definitely does contribute to the case. Should anything arise in the future, please do let us know.

    GM Customer Service
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    Thank you so much for posting your process in finding the electrical starting issue. I have just started having this issue about 2 months ago. My mechanic has been unable to find any problems that would cause it to not start and not to charge. At this rate, it is hard to plan to go anywhere without knowing I can have a charge-up if needed -- even then hasn't always worked. Very Frustrating! Instead of being lead down your long and expensive road, I will start with the starter motor. Thanks Bunches!! :)
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    I just purchased a 2007 Trailblazer about a month ago from one of those buy here pay here places, which means NO WARRANTY. So a week ago I'm driving home at 11 at night and not one but both the dim lights went out. I can't see I'm panicking and I flip the switch to the bright lights just in time to see me about to miss rounding the curve in the road. I took the truck to a dealer who tells me it "may be your switch hun and I can look at it for $400 and hope that fixes your problem" SERIOUSLY no $400 better fix my problem not maybe so I go to a little one stop place and try them they say it's the switch and can fix it for $187 ok so that's twice I'm told the switch. I decided to go to Auto Zone and get a switch, $126, easy enough to change out and fix well guess what STILL NO DIM LIGHTS!!!! I have changed out the bulbs, fuses, switch, and everything I can think of on my own. I had a mechanic look at the wires and he says they are all good so I don't know what to do now. ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!
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    My 04 Trailblazer new battery started draining, after replacing a 4year old battery. A repair shop said it was corrosion between the body frame and the negative ground cable, fix $100+! How can this be? The battery light never came on, nor did the voltmeter show any discharge while the engine was running. Two days after this fix the gauges stoped working, why?
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    Hello All,

    I am having some trouble with my wife's 05 TB EXT LS. For a while the speedometer has been working on and off. Sometimes it marks good, sometimes it just doesn't move at all, or I could be going at 60-70mph and says is going at 30mph. No biggie on that, truck was still driving, so a quick app download on phone gave me speed.
    Sometimes the when at a red light, the truck would completely shut off...only has happened around 4-5 times in the 3 years we've had truck...would start right away, so we kept driving it.
    Check engine would come on and off, took it to auto part, forgot the code it gave, but they said it wasn't a big deal. The light would come off, so again we kept driving it.
    For a few months now, I've had a battery drain problem. Checked battery, was from 08 so decided to replace. No problems for a few days, then again, new battery completely dead. A jump start would solve the problem, for 2 I started digging into it. Started checking fuses under the hood, took off ignition and onstar fuses off overnight, put them back in next day, truck started without a problem. Thought it would be the onstar module, so since I don't use it, left it out. Next day, battery drained again. I took all the fuses out of the front, checked battery voltage every 5 minutes or so (after waiting around 30 mins for computer to shut off) and voltage kept going down. Figured the fault wasn't there, and since it was about to rain, I took all the fuses out in the rear fuse box to see if the voltage would stop dropping, yeah, probably a bad move on my part. I put everything back next day. voltage kept dropping. Now when I start the car and put on drive, it's apparently on 2nd gear! At all this the key was stuck in ignition, even when battery was fully charged. Had to push on the release to get key out. Ordered new ignition switch (thanks to all posters on the subject!) I left the battery connected without the ignition switch connected, for 3 days, no battery drain. Put new switch in, still key won't come out, and got a battery drain again. and to top it off...the temperature gauge now is all it got de-calibrated? it sits about a 180 degrees from 0 mark when engine is off and then it goes up (well keeps going its way toward the 0 mark doing a complete circle in the gauge meter)... No $ to take to mechanic..and wife going nuts for not having a car..she can't drive a stick shift so she can't drive my VW golf.

    Sorry for the long post, but just thought i'd give and overview of what's doing and what i've done...Does anybody have any pointers for me? I'm good with a meter, and good with tools, I've rebuilt engines before, I'm an audio engineer by trade, with some electronic know how, but this is driving me crazy!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks, Fafel
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    I just bought this 2004 trailblazer ls (4WD) in february. A week after buying, it randomly started cutting off when sitting at a red light or just idling. Also the "service engine soon" light would come on and go off.

    About a month later the driver side dim headlight went out, we changed the bulb and it didn't fix it. My husband eventually got frustrated and knocked the crap out of it and it started working again. Every now and then we would have to hit it to make it come back on. Soon after, the passenger side side started doing it, sure enough we could hit it and it would start working again. Now the driver side dim light wont work at all and the passenger side light wont stay on, still though, the brights work. We have tried changing the bulbs.

    I haven't found anything to trigger this problem but at times the cruise will not work, it have fiddled with the blinker, bright/dim switch, and tried turning the car off and on.

    In the past month the face vents for the ac have stopped working, the feet and defroster still work fine. Two weeks ago, the battery shorted out. After changing the battery the radio stopped working for a few days, now my door speakers cut in and out constantly.

    My most currently developed problem; the transmission will not shift into third gear, we tried changing the fluid and filter, there were also very few shavings that had been dropped. It just rolled over to 90,000 miles so I would think it to be in good condition? There was no slipping before hand. I just started it and it wouldn't shift while on the highway. Could this be an electrical problem causing all of these problems or am I stuck with a lemon?
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    I had the same problem last week... Both head lights went out while driving. Luckily it was still light out... I managed to get home safely. My husband checked everything and didn't figure out the problem. I am going to take it in to Chevy but am terrified of the cost. We're you able to resolve this? Thank you!
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    the interior of my 2007 tb wont work. Lights, heat/ac, windows, raido, ect. I changed the battery and some fuses. what else can i do to get it working?
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    I had the same problem with my 2002 trailblazer. it had a faulty ignition switch which has been replaced four times in ten years and 78,000 miles.
    I noticed that when I turned off the ignition and removed the key that the red battery light stayed on. the key switch had some play in it so i made sure the switch was all the way in the off position and the light would go and that problem was solved. it would also do it with the key in if it wasn't all the way back in the off position. if it was overnite a jump would get it going without any memory loss to the radio so it apparently it wasn't discharging the battery completely. if I didn't drive it for a few days and the light was on it totally discharged the battery.
  • ngoodngood Member Posts: 2
    I had the same problem with my 2002 trailblazer. both low beams were out but the hi-beams both worked. i checked the bulbs and they were both good I gave in and took it to the dealer where they replaced the headlight relay which solved the problem.
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    I have a 2006 Trailblazer that has intermittent electrical issues. At random times all of the lights will dim, voltage on the battery will drop suddenly, and the fan for the heat or a/c will slow down. There are no problems with the radio except for the lights for the readout dimming, it will stay in tune perfectly. The car will not shut off and it actually corrects itself within about 10 seconds or if I hit the gas pedal. It's not something that is a constant issue such as the lights being dim all the time or going out completely. It usually happens when I'm at a complete stop though it has happened a few times while the car is in motion and my foot is nowhere near the brake pedal. It also seems to happen more on cold days though it's not limited to that, it has happened in the summer as well. The mechanics can't figure out what's going on because they can't duplicate it. The battery was replaced in January and has been tested, the alternator was also just replaced less than 2 weeks ago. It's not something that has been happening as long as I've owned the car. I had it for almost 2 years before this started happening. Does anyone have any ideas? This vehicle is driving me crazy!!!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252

    Were the mechanics you were working with at one of our GM dealerships? If so, we're happy to follow up on any diagnostics they've done. Please email us at [email protected] with more information (including your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, a summary of the situation, and the name of your dealership).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
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