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Chevrolet TrailBlazer Electrical Problems



  • I also had to replace the camshaft position sensor which is a small device with a short wire that sits on the top of the motor. This is not active when the car is off. The only burn problem I have had is the small wire harness inside the headlights. It actually burned off the bakalite connector.I don't know when this happened as I discovered it when replacing a "failed" headlight bulb.
  • Okay, in regards to the electrical burning part. I was informed this morning that my Electronic Brake Control Module or EBCM shorted out and caught on fire. I was also informed "You're very luck sir because the fuel line runs about 4 inches below the EBCM and that could have burned your house down." I was told to file a claim with my insurance company since this was not a mechanical or parts failure but a freak electrical accident. $3000 dollar repair estimate. I'm not sure I want this POS back in my garage. I'm outside of warranty and I found a list of possible recalls in the future for grounding problems on the EBCM for multiple vehicles within the GM line.
  • eckruteckrut Posts: 2
    Just wondering if you ever found out what the problem was, I am having the exact same problem.
  • The Electronic Brake Control Module shorted out and caught fire. GM replaced as a manufacturer defect although my insurance had to cover the initial repairs. Just yesterday I returned the Trailblazer to the shop due to the ABS / Stabilitrac lights coming on again. This was the same set of lights that came on the day before the EBCM burned up. They better figure this out and soon because it's the fifth time it's been in the shop since the original fire.
  • mincheyminchey Posts: 2
    No, never heard a word or suggestion. Since it was so cold, I ended up unplugging the windows inside the right front door. Thought I was unplugging just that window but none work now. Since it's warming up outside, I need a proper fix. I just know it's going to cost an arm and a leg. Good luck.
  • I have had my Tb since Dec '03, my airbag light has been on almost since the beginning...the dealer replaced the instrument cluster at least twice, once on them and once on me....the light is still on...I just ignore it and live with it. While turning 164,500 miles, my 3rd gear clutch pistons began slipping...4500 rpms to do 40 mpg...solution...replace transmission ($3000.00 parts and labor). I need more light at night while doing daily night driving in Dare I risk running HID's ? Will they fry my wiring? Will 8000's get me pulled over? R GE Nighthawks a better solution? Can I up grade my headlights to a new one'10 ? I need more light at night....HELP!! (hopefully my rebuilt tranny is a done deal)..thanks
  • kimmi4kimmi4 Posts: 1
    I own a 2002 Chevy TB, after 6 recalls before my warranty went out, its been a mess. I am currently experiencing what seem to be electrical problems. My air bag light sometimes comes on, my cruise control works then doesnt, my a/c blows cold then doesn't. Its been in and out of the shop for the last 6 days and the mechanic cant seem to figure it out. Check engine light back on after sensors were replaced. The panel for radio seems to get blazing hot when radio is on. Anyone had these problems, if so what did you find out that it could be?
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Do you mean that sometimes after you start it certain things don't work, but other times they do? Or do these things just stop working randomly? If it's the first, I would look at the ignition switch.
    The hot radio panel was discussed lots of times early on and I expect it's just normal. The heatsink for the output driver transistors may be close to the front, I don't know for sure but it's a possibility.
    The A/C has always been quirky on my 02, it has to do with the cooling fan design. It's a long technical explanantion. If the A/C is not working at all that's another story.
    The most common reason for a CEL to come on is the fuel cap being loose, crooked, or the seal on the cap being worn or cracked. I found the latter to be the problem on mine. The seal isn't just an O ring but a special grooved extrusion (kind of like an O ring with a lip) that gets small cracks over time. I was able to just turn it over and get another year or so out of it before I replaced the entire cap (couldn't just get the seal). Keep in mind that the CEL won't go off right away on it's own even if the problem is cleared. It will take several start cycles. It can be reset through the OBD connection however.
    I've had the airbag light stay on after starting a couple of times in 8 years, but shutting it off and re-starting has always taken care of it.
    I don't remember 6 recalls. I remember the wiper motor, tail light bulb socket assembly, and the trans lockout button (which I opted not to do). There was also a few TSB's that were done during service but those aren't "recalls".
    Good luck finding your solutions.
  • sher9sher9 Posts: 1
    I have 2005 trailblazer first thing that happened was fuel gage stopped working, then couple days later wouldnt start, when u turn the key all the lights come on but engine wont turn over. Towed it to dealer they fixed the fuel guage but still no start . so far it has been towed 6 times in 3 weeks they have replaced the starter relay, ignition, battery, and ecm. got it back yesterday with new ecm and wouldnt start this am. towed back to dealer today. good thing i bought the extended warrantee, But they cant figure ourt what is wrong
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello Sher9,
    I am from GM Customer Service. I apologize that you are experience issues with your vehicle. Can you please email me more information about the situation so I can look further into it? You can get my email by clicking on my name. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • I had the same problem. Checked for battery, alternator which battery was recently put in so none was bad. Finally, my brother changed the timing belt and has been 4 months now I haven't notice light flashing or battery gauge dropped suddenly again at night or day. Tensioner is also good to look into to replace if it looks like not functioning correctly.
  • flyleclairflyleclair Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Trailblazer problem. The tailgate will not unlock, the rear wiper is not working, and the keyless entry is not working all at the same time. The problem was intermittent and then finally didn't work. I took it to the dealer and they said it was a frayed wire and they repaired. Now the problem is back and is intermittent again. Any ideas where I could start looking?
  • pin06pin06 Posts: 1
    I am having a similar issue with my 2006 Chevy Trailblazer. I was driving yesterday and hit a bump in road. The car signaled to "Service Stabilitrak." As I continued to drive, less than 1/4 mile, power started to cut off to several parts of the car. The radio and a/c turned off and I could no longer get readings on my gauges. I stopped at the stop sign and it wouldn't restart. I'm not sure if it is the fuse or alternator. Yesterday, I looked at the fuses and they looked fine. Last night I went back to have the truck towed and it was completely dead due to battery drain. A boost got me up and running and I was able to drive it up on the AAA truck. It's currently sitting outside my house, but I'm concerned as to what might be pulling on my electrical system like this.
  • The only way we are going to get anywhere is by getting people to not buy Chevys. The way they treat their customers is criminal. My 06 Trailblazer has been the worst car I have ever owned and they will do nothing to fix it.
  • It's time for a change. Rather than being slaves to a corporation that sells us crap it's time to file a complaint with the NHTSA. The only way we will ever get a recall issued for or trucks is to get the government involved. Any vehicle problem that has the potential to leave you stranded is a risk to personal safety. These electrical problems that Chevy has been ignoring and charging the consumer for are a risk to your personal safety. It's time to mobilize people. Go to the NHTSA website and file a complaint.
  • frzdawnfrzdawn Posts: 15
    i agree .....its crazy that you have to spend so much more than the truck is worth to figure out all the mess thats going on with it....... :lemon:
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    "Any vehicle problem that has the potential to leave you stranded is a risk to personal safety". Unfortunately, the NHTSA doesn't look at it that way.
  • For a government agency to ignore a problem that has been ongoing is unacceptable. We as taxpayers allow bailout money to go to this manufacturer and then we allow them to continue to operate in this manner? Why don't we just hand every taxpayer that owns a chevy a shotgun and let them shoot their own foot off? If I'm paying for a government agency to enfore vehicle safety, I want them to enforce vehicle safety. Screw the semantics.
  • I had same issue with 2006 trailblazer not starting.pulled up the driverside floor sill and found several wires melted as they wore thru from getting in and out of truck.after connecting new wires and placing them under the sill no problems
  • Wiring from my blower motor to the resistor has gotten hot and I have found several damage spots on the Ground wire between the motor and resistor and including damage on one portion of the butt connector on the Resistor. I did my best to repair the damaged spots and replaced one section of ground wire. My work allowed me to enjoy my air conditioning for about a week. Its now not working again.
    What is causing my wiring to get so hot? Any suggestions?
  • mayabmayab Posts: 1
    You are not the only one who is having electrical issues, if you type on Google you will see forums full of customers complaining about the battery drain on their car. There is a DEFECT in GM built trucks and cars. I have heard of Impalas having the same issue. But there are forums are out there showing 2002-2008 Trailblazers with battery drains, that lead to electrical problems throughout the whole vehicle. My friend is having the same issue with his car and has replaced batteries, alternators and everything else. Some forums say that its the BCM The body control monitor is to blame. But, there may still be another underlying issues. I am currently asking for legal representation to have petitions signed on behalf of GM customers that are experiencing these types of issues. There are so many out there, that are having to jump their cars everyday in order to get it to function properly, I don't know how many people want to spend $20,000-$40,000.00 on a vehicle that has to be jumped or that they have to take the negative terminal off the battery every day just to have their cars run properly, but I know I wouldn't. Please get the word out, that if anyone is having any issues like this with their Trailblazer to keep posting to this forum or any other Trailblazer forum that they can find! I will be sending links to different firms to see if it generates enough to get people's cars fixed~ You all deserve to have properly running cars!
  • yes definatly does not work at all chevy says total cost 378 or so :( :mad:
  • chevblazr05chevblazr05 Posts: 2
    edited January 2011
    I have tried to do some research on this issue but not sure what to do. The #5 setting for the fan won't work, I have read it may be a fuse, or maybe the Blower Motor Resistor. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Usually, the highest speed is connected directly to the 12v source via a relay. The blower resistor may only be a connection point in this case. You really need a wiring diagram to troubleshoot something like this. It could be a problem with the fan speed selector switch itself also.
  • We have FINALLY resolved our problem (cross our fingers) after 3 years of exactly what you just described. We had to unhook our battery every nite just to ensure the car would work the next day! I could go on forever.
    This is how we fixed it. As you know, you have to think outside the box. My husband started thinking about how the car is run by a master computer. Computers take time to shut off, slow down... you have to be gentle w/thm. So, when stopping our car, we turn the key slowly to the first shut off- at this pnt the engine is not running but all lights and radio are on. Then we count to 9 or 10 and then turn the ignition key again. Now we have turned everything off but the radio would still be running. We would wait til the car shut off everything itself- and NO one opens any doors until all turns off. Then the 1st door opened is driver door- keep open until all other doors are opened & closed. I swear it works! It took car about 2 months to reset itself, now when we go through process radio turns off immediately when you turn key in ignition to final off position. The car hasn't been dead for the last 2 months. You must follow routine. We do still go out at night once & awhile and make sure we don't hear anything draining the engine.... good luck......
  • my 2004 Trailblazer fan does the same thing - sometimes! Along with many other problems that all appear to be related to wiring issues. Radio works some days and not others. Speakers will suddenly come on and scare us to death.... right tail light is out, but the bulb is NOT the problem.... door alarms ding at strange times....some guages don't work anymore. I've found well over 200 complaints along very similar lines. Somewhere there should be a recall and fix for this problem!
  • I took a look behind the glove box the other night turned the fan to 5 and then moved some of the wires around "wall - a" it works Scary, yes I think so. Not a good sign for sure. I guess I will see how long it works. Biggest problem is you can't see anything very well under there so it is hard to diagnose anything. Like I said I guess I will see how long it stays working for now untill I look into it any farther.
  • My Trailblazer brings me to tears almost every week. I bought mine 2004 new and had problems from that day on. I have called Chevy many times to complain and get a lemon law passed to fix all the problems. Why should I pay $39,000.00 for a vehicle and then turn around to spend more money to fix it. I'm glad my brother is a mechanic so the labor is free but because I go to him GM doesn't recognize my problem do to the fact my brother doesn't work for a certified GM dealer! SO I can't claim any of my problems! My brother has my Trailblazer now due to the same problems you are having. I talked with him last night and he thinks it is the BCM before this he replaced the dash cluster which had a short. If I let the SUV sit more then 2 days I had to jump it so they (I brought it to a GM dealer to look at) thought it was the cluster. My brother replaced the cluster and still having problems and now we are on to the BCM being replaced. I would love to get GM to claim the problems!
  • Just received a phone call from my brother... he tells me that the power seats are drawling lots of power. I looked online to see if anyone else was having the same problem and I did find others. I told him that someone cleaned the power seat switches with contact cleaner and the battery stopped draining. Lets see if that helps with the draining battery problem!
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