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2008 Toyota Sequoia



  • eagle34eagle34 Posts: 22
    Nice call mack. QX is still 3000 cheaper and has many more features. Keep trying you'll eventually find another 62000 vehicle with a 1500 dashboard and seats. My son's 4runner sport is nicer than that Sequoia for half the price. Didn't even need the "applique enhancement option package" to gussy it up for the unsuspecting public.
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    You listed several features and said that Toyota buyers don't want those features. Yet Toyota offers some of those features on vehicles w/MSRP's half of the Sequoia. That makes no sense. Ck back on pg 48 or so.

    I like your comparisons....have you even driven or been in any of these vehicles recently? Can you make objective observations about the leather quality, other materials in the competition v. the Sequoia? We all know that numbers don't tell the entire story.

    My comments to you have been primarly b/c you make very generalized comments that many of us here shopping these vehicles dispute. That is why I made the reference about rose-colored Toyota sales glasses. It is one thing to believe in your product. It is an entirely different thing to blindly believe that your product is worlds better than other VERY comparable products or even refuse to asknowledge who that competition is.

    You probably would not like customers like my wife and I b/c we would challenge general comments that you make here. Challenge may be a bad choice of words, but we like for sales folks to point out the differences in their product vs. somebody elses. But we also want the points to be as objective as possible bc we'll follow through on the observations and confirm them with our own eyes. Once credibility is is very difficult to gain it again.

    Again-nothing wrong with being proud and confident in your products, but there is a fine line btwn knowing the competition and feeling the need to knock everybody else's product to hide the Sequoia's faults.

    Quick for a previous SUV. We were going in to close the deal on one and my wife, on the way over to the dealership, asked to go see something else first. I was ticked since we had made up our minds, but did the right thing and took her there. But first I wanted to let our salesperson know why we would not be in to sign the paperwork. He was great...he did not attempt to talk us out of going to the other dealership. After we came back the next day to close the original deal, I asked him why he did not attempt to hassle/pressure us into coming in. His simple answer...."I knew what you guys wanted and that you would not want the ________. I knew that our ________ was the best SUV for you guys". Quiet confidence....I liked it then and like it now.
  • trebor129trebor129 Posts: 176
    "The Yukon Hybrid starts at just under $53K and goes up to just over $56K. The MB GL320 CDI starts at just over $53K and goes up to $77K. For under $54K MSRP you could have a high quality, highly efficient, tow vehicle with plenty of interior space and far greater resale value than a Yukon Hybrid. "

    Mercedes stripped it and sells the needed features as options. The Yukon has more standard features. The reality of it is that you can get the Yukon with nav/DVD/leader/hitch for $56K MSRP whereas the Mercedes would be $73K MSRP. That is $17K difference. In reality it may be more as the GMC will be discounted more.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I would like to see an EPA test on a hybrid at 1000 miles and again at 60000 miles.

    If you'd trust an owner instead, you can follow the real world mpg discussion for the Prius (or whatever hybrid).

    For example, over 65k and over 47 mpg:

    kdhspyder, "Toyota Prius MPG-Real World Numbers" #488, 14 Jan 2008 8:55 am
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Well keg, I don't know what else to say. I do believe in my products and know the competition quite well and have driven their products. Call me a Toyota homer but I know quality, dependability, and reliability. And Toyota has those three in the bag. I'm not putting the others down just pointing out their shortcomings and our advantages. I could post more advantages that are not listed in the brochures or online but it would be pointless. Enjoy your SUV. And I would win you over as a customer. I like challenges and I know my stuff, after I had shown you the Sequoia and driven it I would dare you to check out the competition and if you found something better to buy it.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    No. It's not 3k cheaper. I compared MSRP TO MSRP. Not dealer inflated mark up. The 4runner doesn't compare to the Sequoia. Two different animals.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    I just looke back at my posts and I never said it. You are actually the one that did. To wit:
    "I can't believe that you would really say that "Toyota owners don't want luxury features". :P
  • I love Toyotas and prefer not to say bad things about other products. However the QX is one of the most troble prone vehicles that is sold in the US. Go back a couple of years and Forbes, Consumer Reports among others had reported it to be one of the least reliable vehicles. THe main problem is that it is has too many gadgets and they break down.

    Again, even the CEO of Nissan Carlos Ghosn said last month that he is thinking of stopping the production/development of Titan Trucks because they are not selling many vehicles. Given these statements why would you want to buy a QX 56.
  • amheck1amheck1 Posts: 44
    I heard a radio ad for one of the local dealers saying they are doubling all manufacturer incentives. I knew there was nothing on the 2008 Sequoia's but I emailed anyway, just to see what they said. Here's the reply.

    "At this point there aren't [any incentives]. The vehicle has been completely redesigned. I drive one as a demo and it is a winner. We currently have two in stock with an order of six more due in within a week to ten days. Most dealers are selling them at or above MSRP. I would be willing to give you a slight discount on one if you're interested. Let me know."

    Funny, cause I've talked to another dealer who will go $500 over invoice.

  • eagle34eagle34 Posts: 22
    Consumer reports needs to stick to ranking curling irons and microwaves. They rated the Tundra very low too. I've been driving trucks since 1984 and can honestly say the Tundra is the best so far. I don't put alot of stock in publications like that. I would much rather read forums like this to gather my info before a purchase. The QX does have documented issues but they are for the most part limited to 04-05. This is my wife's vehicle and quality of routine service down the road is important to her as well as a longer factory warranty. We eagerly awaited the arrival of the Sequoia and when the dealer finally got one we were very disappointed with the interior quality. So much so she did not even care to drive it. I know the powertrain is awesome but at the end of the day I just couldn't justify hopping in a 60k Sequoia everyday and thinking, yep just like my truck. As far as Nissan stopping production, I could really care less if they stopped tomorrow. Wouldn't be good for resale I guess but putting my wife in a vehicle she can't stand is not good either. This vehicle will be depreciated through my business so resale has never been a concern of mine anyway. If you're buying a vehicle based on resale value you should probably take a closer look at your financial goals. Buy what makes you happy and that's what we did.
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    "If you're buying a vehicle based on resale value you should probably take a closer look at your financial goals."

    Resale value shouldn't be the primary reason for purchasing a vehicle, but it probably shouldn't be ignored either. Its just another factor to be placed into the buying decision. All other things being equal (price, features, quality, reliability), I'd always take the vehicle with a higher retention of value (resale) over the vehicle that plummets in value after 4 years.

    Just good common sense in spending your hard earned income wisely.
  • eagle34eagle34 Posts: 22
    Agreed hd. Take for example the mdx. A good vehicle with great resale. I know because I had one for 4 years. We would not have been as happy with an 08 mdx as with the qx. I think it is more important to be happy with a vehicle you will drive for 4 years than to savor what you'll get when you sell or trade. Just my opinion, everybody's got one.....
  • Looks like GM vehicles run on air not gas. Todate there is no GM Yukon hybrid on the road. If they can build vehicles that are RELIABLE and give 20 mpg I would be first in line. Unfortunately I have not seen much evidence of that.
  • I was waiting for an 08 Sequioa while the 07's faded away. Got to drive one. I like a lot about it, but they cut the head room down by nearly 3 inches. Can anyone explain this? I'm nearly 6'4 and I brush the roof with my head all of the time in the car. I had way more room in the 07, and actually liked many things about that vehichle. Anyone else prefer the 07? Toyota killed the head room in the 4 runner when they went to the latest body style as well. I had an 01, planned to get an 05 and- no headroom, which is why I have an xc90 v8. I hope they don't screw up the next 4 runner.
  • trebor129trebor129 Posts: 176
    Resale value is a very significant factor in cost of ownership. now tracks 'cost per mile' of cars. This is brilliant and the cost-per-mile (to me) is really more important than purchase price.
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    I found the Sequoia to have less headroom than my Denali however after I adjusted the seat for my driver position I had more headroom because I tend the have the seat reclined further than most (I'm also 6'4"). I found the headroom acceptable however according to the specs it has the least driver headroom of any of the large SUVs.

    Sequoia 38.3"
    Tahoe/Yukon/Esc 41.1"
    QX56 39.7"
    Navigator 39.5
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    Just got word this evening from the dealership that my Black/Red Rock Platinum Sequoia has been delayed and has a new scheduled build date of Feb 20 and target deliver of the 2nd week in March.

    Delay appears to be related to the Red Rock interior. I don't know if that means they received more orders than projected or they're having difficulties with the manufacturing process. Curious if anyone else with an order for a Red Rock interior is seeing a delay? I'm glad I placed the order back in Dec.
  • mtufenkmtufenk Posts: 14
    I originally was waiting for the 08 but was a little leary after seeing some early sequoia photos. I was also able to get a great deal on a fully-loaded 07 as they were trying to push them out the door to make room for 08's. I am 6'3 and dont have a problem with headroom. I think the 08 has a lot of neat features but I personally dont care for the tundra front end and like a lot of people the appearance of the dash.
  • trebor129trebor129 Posts: 176
    I just cannot see buying an old one with the 4.7 engine after knowing the 5.7 aluminum is out. I would have to get $20K off MSRP to even want to occupy my brain to consider it.
  • Anybody have input on one vs the other...I thought the Toyota felt smoother to drive and my wife thought the Tahoe was quieter. I hate onstar and like bluetooth so that gives Toyota the edge. Flat folding 3rd row in toyota, terrible 3rd row design in chevy.

    Toyota financing is better but a similar toyota vehicle is about 7% more expensive than the tahoe. I'd like remote start which is only a dealer option with Toyota.

    What do others think the trade offs are between the two?
  • I have a 2001 sequoia and test drove the new one. THe inside is far more spacious than the older model. The ride is also far superior. Rather than buy a 07 seq I would buy an SR5 2008 for the same money. It is far better.
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    Eagle, Consumer Reports didn't rate the Tundra very low! Where are you getting this from?
  • Thanks for the response. I'm torn. I thought the old model was the perfect size, I don't need huge but I do like the fact that the rear seats fold down. Toyota seems to be forgetting about head room across the board. If you don't mind, what did you pay for your 07 because my dealer says he can get one, but there aren't any incentives at this point.

    Thanks again.
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    "Toyota seems to be forgetting about head room across the board."

    I posted these headroom #s before. Its also interesting to note that they reduced the headroom from the 07 Sequoia by 2". Not sure what the thinking could have been or the engineering issue they couldn't resolve. I know its not because they think Americans are getting shorter.

    Front headroom
    2007 Sequoia 40.4"

    2008 Sequoia 38.3"
    Tahoe/Yukon/Esc 41.1"
    QX56 39.7"
    Navigator 39.5"
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    "Anybody have input on one vs the other...I thought the Toyota felt smoother to drive and my wife thought the Tahoe was quieter. I hate onstar and like bluetooth so that gives Toyota the edge. Flat folding 3rd row in toyota, terrible 3rd row design in chevy.

    Toyota financing is better but a similar toyota vehicle is about 7% more expensive than the tahoe. I'd like remote start which is only a dealer option with Toyota."

    I think you've captured the major differences. The Sequoia is larger inside than the Tahoe but smaller than the Suburban. You might also want to check out the 2nd row in the Tahoe as well since they don't fold flat while the 2nd row in the Sequoia does fold flat.

    Sequoia has a higher tow rating. Tahoe has a higher Payload rating.

    You can see all of the specs and pricing side-by-side for a 4wd SR5 08 Sequoia against a 4wd LT Tahoe at this link styleid=100962663&maxvehicles=5&refid=&op=3&tab=specs
  • mtufenkmtufenk Posts: 14
    For the same money I would rather have a fully-loaded 07 than a stripped 08 SR5. I did not need the larger engine.
  • mtufenkmtufenk Posts: 14
    I paid $8500 below MSRP that included Toyota's rebate. Somebody else on this board mentioned getting $10k below MSRP. I also did not need the larger tow capacity of the 08 so that might have helped make my decision.
  • Is it just me, or does the sequoia look totally bland when viewed from the side?

    It seems to have vast expanses of metal without any real contrast, the armada has nice angles...does color choice affect the look? I was looking at the slate grey which I didn't really like...
  • gldwinggldwing Posts: 13
    I can not get a clear answer from any dealers re: the removal of the 3rd row seats on SR5 or Limited. Basically, 2 say "no" and 1 seems to think "yes". Have any of you taken them out. They do take up about 8". I can not imagine loading for example
    "mulch" or fertilizer (bags) and having 1 rip open-all over that nice 3 row.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Not removable.
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