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2008 Toyota Sequoia



  • I am thinking about the same issues. I plan to keep a movers rug that I can put on top of the seats.
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    The hard drive nav unit, memory card slot, keyless "go" and HID lights are not something that Toyota owners want.

    I stand corrected on the "luxury comment", but the above quote is from your post 931.

    My point is just this....why do several Toyota cars/SUVs costing thousands less than the Sequoia (some half the cost of the Platinum) have keyless "go" while the Sequoia does not? You can't say "b/c Toyota owners don't want them" b/c that makes no sense. Guess only the Toyota owners buying a 25K Camry/Prius want it, not a Toyota owner buying a 60K Sequoia.... I could understand it if the Camry/Prius were brand new designs while the Sequoia was not. But that is not the case. Toyota obviously made a concious decision to not put this (and several other nice or "luxury" features) on the Sequoia. Yet Toyota chose to put a MSRP on the Platinum Sequoia that clearly puts it up among the luxury SUVs. I suppose that Toyota feels that the Sequoia will sell based upon the powertrain, flexible interior, and the perceived reputation of Toyota quality.

    Comments like this (your post 962):
    Here's the Armada..uh I mean the QX similar to Sequoia but still lacking.

    are just childish. I don't see the vast majority of folks here making comments like, "my base Tundra Sequoia Platinum dash is beautiful". Are there critiques of all vehicles being made on these boards? Absolutely! I just don't see the need for juvenile and immature comments to get made here and then expect to have much respect for your opinions. Those are the comments that would irk the heck out of my wife and I when shopping for a new vehicle and just further the public perception of the greasy plaid sportcoat-wearing salesperson who will say anything to close a deal.
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    Good points. It has been said but the the first two years of the QX/Armada were rougher than normal for a Japanese builder. I think that you'll find significantly less issues with the '06/'07 builds. Several previous owners who upgraded to the '08 have noted how much better built the new ones are.

    Let's also be honest....Toyota is not bulletproof anymore. We all know that Consumer Reports did not wholly endorse all of the Toyota/Lexus products this year. My parents bought a new '07 Camry and while mechanically they have not had any problems, there are some definite fit/finish issues that one would not usually find in a Toyota. Add to that, the Sequoia is a first year model and I would not lean one way or the other with the QX v Sequoia on reliability.

    Also, I read on another board that there will be a new QX, likely in 2010/11. It will be built in Japan and will be based upon the Nissan Patrol, instead of the Titan.
  • snw1975snw1975 Posts: 16
    ^^^ I REALLY want a Lexus ES 350. Unfortunately it looks as if owners have had significant problems with the transmission amongst other things.
  • trebor129trebor129 Posts: 176
    "For the same money I would rather have a fully-loaded 07 than a stripped 08 SR5. I did not need the larger engine.

    I paid $8500 below MSRP that included Toyota's rebate. Somebody else on this board mentioned getting $10k below MSRP. I also did not need the larger tow capacity of the 08 so that might have helped make my decision."

    I would guess a loaded 2007 would have an MSRP of $52,000 so I can predict you paid $43,500. That is exactly what I paid for my 2008 SR5 4x4 with the 5.7 engine, 6-speed transmission, independent rear suspension, Nav, leather in all rows and steering wheel, power heated seats, hitch, sunroof, JBL, Bluetooth, heated mirrors, headlight washers, power folding 3rd row, etc., etc. Every option except ultrasonic parking and Homelink/auto dimming -- both of which I added later for about $400 total.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    These are comments that I make on a public forum, not to my customers. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings but I am not the stereo typical car salesman. No plaid jackets, no greasy hair, matter of fact no hair due to chemo, but that's another story. And I have never lied to a customer to close a deal. Have a great weekend.
    Mack :shades:
  • mtufenkmtufenk Posts: 14
    Your sr5 is well-equipped. However, a fully loaded 07 also includes DVD entertainment system, memory seats, rear air suspension, 2nd row captains chairs with REMOVABLE center console, wood trim, homelink, special color, spoiler, skid plate, etc...
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    Trust feelings were hurt here. I just like civil discourse on these forums. I go to them for info...not silly stuff.
    You too have a good weekend!
  • wws42wws42 Posts: 1
    Do the second row captain seats on the Platinum fold flat like the second row bench seats?
  • I agree with your comments. Toyotas are not bullet proof anymore. My 2005 Avalon's battery died even though it is less than 3 years. However, they are a lot better than the QX which was at the bottom of all vehicles sold in the U.S in terms of reliability. Do you want a car with a few finish problems or even a new battery versus the one at the bottom in terms of reliability. To me the toyota's are a clear choice inspite of the recent reliability issues. If they get worse I will be shopping elsewhere.
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    As I recall, I'm 99.9% sure that you get a large and flat load floor when you fold the 2nd and 3rd rows. The console on the Platinum is even with the seats so no worries with that. From the 2nd row back, it is a well designed and versatile vehicle.
  • eagle34eagle34 Posts: 22
    Have you driven or even sat it a QX or do you just believe everything you read?
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 338
    When in the market for a big SUV both the seqouia and QX56 have positive and negative attributes. We chose a QX56 as my wife prefered the drive and handling over the 2008 seqouia. I drove both and l had no particular preference, but this is her vehicle and uses it for school pickup for the kids We traded in a 2003 seqouia for the 2008 QX56. The navigation system and DVD were not important to me, but were to her. The key is to see which vehicle fits your needs, as both are excellent SUVs.
  • I have driven one and I also believe reliable sources such as Consumers report and Forbes.
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    This is very interesting!
    I just looked at the Consumer Reports website. They no longer recommend the Toyota Tundra and we all know that the Sequoia is based on the Tundra. Now, I'm not trying to start anything, but if we're going to look at "objective" sources like CR, then they don't recommend either the QX or the Tundra (on which the Sequoia is based).

    I also don't see any reliability data from Forbes. It does have some pretty nice review information though. I would not have thought to look there for such in-depth information on cars!
  • Thanks for your insightful comments.They will definitely help me in my next vehicle purchase. You made an excellent decision in purchasing the QX. I am sure that thousands more will be grateful for your wisdom.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Consumer reports data is valid but on certain number of vehicles. We had problems with the first Tundra's that came off the assembly line and got to consumers. It was an insignificant amount and the problem was resolved. Now the Tundra has been named TRUCK OF THE YEAR by Motor Trend magazine.
    The other problem was with the 07 Camry v6 model. There was a transmission/software problem which has also been corrected. Due to these two issues CR decided not to automatically mark all Toyota vehicles under the "Recommend" check as they did before.
    The new Sequoia is on a modified Tundra platform and I don't expect any reliability issues with it.
  • eagle34eagle34 Posts: 22
    For what it's worth. Toyota and Infiniti are across the street from one another. There were 10 QX's on the lot when I bought mine 12/28/07.
    There was one Sequoia.
    Now there are 14 Sequoias and 6 QX's. Wouldn't say the Sequoia's are flying off the lot. I would definitely hold out for rebates. They're definitely coming.
  • mittie1mittie1 Posts: 11

    I have the same concern about lack of headroom. Did you consider ordering a Sequoia without a sunroof this will increase the headroom by 2-3 inches. I have ordered a Limited without the sunroof.

    Who really needs a sunroof on an SUV anyway? If might be cool for the first day or so but after that it's a useless option that only increases the cost of the vehicle

    Also, has anyone noticed that you can not get the the Sequoia unless it includes the Cold Kit, even if you don't want or need one. Toyota Regional Office seems to require that every Sequoia come with the Cold Kit. This option also inceases the cost of the vehicle.
  • There are atleast two reasons why the Sequoia's are not flying.
    a) Dealers are not bringing down prices much. I am in New england and I talked to several dealers. They are negotiating but not by much. The bigger dealers want full price.

    b) The dealers have versions that buyers do not want. I am looking for a black sequoia platinum with grey or beige interior. The dealer has special ordered the vehicle, could take 4-6 weeks.

    Infiniti dealers are willing to give much better deals because the car has been around for a while
  • I understand your comments. They sold 200000 tundras and less than 100 had camshaft problems. There was a big hue and cry about it. The failure rate is 1 in 2000.

    Mercedes sold 9000 blue tec diesels. They had to recall 7500 because of serious engine problems. The failure rate is 5 out of every six vehicles sold. Toyotas are not perfect but they are darn good!
  • even though i have had a lot of toyotas, i have had a lot of other cars too including a range rover, MB 320 and tahoe and by far the most i have ever enjoyed any vehicle is my new 08 Seq, i just love it. (and btw I am very skeptical of al vehicles). I am still gong to post some pics, i just have to figure it out
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    Just wondering....which of Consumer Report's evaluations are "valid" and which are not? I know you won't say that all of the "good" Toyota eval's are valid while the "bad" ones are not! ;)

    No matter, it does show that the first year or two of a brand new vehicle can be troublesome. According to CR (not sure if it is "valid" or not ;) ) the QX was rough the first two years but improved significantly in '06. They did not have any info on the '07 models listed on their website, but one could assume that the upward trend would continue.

    It will be interesting what happens to the new reliability rankings since the new CR Auto issue does come out soon (March, I believe)
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    Possibly the reliability issue is related to the camshaft (not sure where you got your failure numbers), but....

    CR has the '07 Tundra knocked down in 4 reliability categories:
    1. Drive system
    2. Body Hardware
    3. Power Equipment
    4. Audio System

    I'm no mechanic, but I'm quite certain that the camshaft does not impact all 4 areas.
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    You do seem to be correct on the V6 Camry since that is the only '07 Camry model not recommended. Both the 4 cylinder and Hybrid score well with the exception that all 3 have poor scores in the "squeeks and rattles" category. Any insight into that? Like I said before in a prior post, that is the only thing that I would mark as a negative on my parent's '07 Camry. The fit/finish is not quite what I would expect from a Camry. Otherwise, it is a nice, well thought out, nice driving/riding car.
  • trebor129trebor129 Posts: 176
    I got two flat tires today!!!

    The cold kit is a good idea for any climate. It is a higher amp battery -- who does not want that? It has headlight washers -- good anywhere. About the only thing that is not useful in warm areas are the heated mirrors.

    I don't care about sunroofs but mine came with one.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    I noticed that also on the 07 but it's something Toyota had begun doing with the 2005 Avalon. In my estimation the quality and fit and finish of the interiors were not up to par with the previous gen Avalon. Same thing with the 07 Camry. The center console pieces didn't seem to fit right and there were lots of gaps. Not what I'm used to with Toyota qc. There are lots of complaints about the dash. Our GSM put that out this morning at the sales meeting. It was something I hadn't heard before or had anyone of my Camry buyers tell me about. It's normal in cold weather for the dash to creak and squeak but as the temp goes up the squeaks and creaks go away.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    The other reason could be that production has ramped up hence there are more Sequoias on dealers lots than before. Normally during intro of a new model dealers get at least one to have on hand then a trickle and then a truckload. Sales have been slow this month overall as compared to last January. The mortgage crisis is having its effect on auto sales. Two separate customers I assisted today are in the process or refinancing their homes to pay off credit card debt and also cash out to buy a new car. What are the odds of having two customers in a row with the same dilemma?
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    Interesting. Now is that Toyota getting "too big too fast" and losing oversight over some of the smaller issues or do customers have higher expectations for a Toyota (or even other Japanese cars) and are thus more likely to report smaller issues? Or perhaps a little of both? Just a rheotiorical question....
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