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2008 Toyota Sequoia



  • My friend sent me videos from his cell phone. I do not have any stills. I think all of you who have not seen it will be suprised at just how similar it looks to the 2001-2007 original model. I think they did a decent job, it just looks like a slightly sleeker, slighly bigger version with almost the same overall look. The front end looks very similar to the old styling, in fact, I really thought it was a 2007.
    But the wheels are nicer and the body paneling is a bit better integrated... It didn't look that much bigger on the outside, but I guess it is...
  • Thanks for the info, Healthnut. Surprising that it hasn't changed that much. Any word on Gas mileage yet?? That's a deal-breaker for a lot of people right now.
  • That's kind of surprising, especially considering that, in the spy photos that are out there, it looks quite a bit bigger and the front end looks much more like the new tundra then the old Sequoia.

    I guess we'll know for sure within the next few days...
  • That is becasue the spy photos were [non-permissible content removed]... you will be suprised when you see it looks very, very similar to current model... Why what happens in the next few days? The Sequoia is already out at the Miami car show for the past week already... I'm just curious to hear about this mystery "Platinum"
  • sirrafsirraf Posts: 55
    Re. Miami Car Show...

    Hopefully, someone who has been to the show will post some photos of the new Sequoia to share with us who can not attend.
  • The new Sequoia is also being introduced at the LA Auto show starting tomorrow, Nov. 14. Maybe it will get more coverage there?

    If it's really that similar, I would have looked into getting an '07 but really wanted better gas mileage and a fold - f lat third row.
  • Just because it may "look" similar, doesn't mean it will be all that similar. Different motor, different interior, different will be a whole new truck.

    There is definitely a Platinum level, I saw a link to a dealer site that is taking pre-orders, and mentioned Platinum level (I can't find it now unfortunately, saw it over on

    Looking forward to will definitely get coverage...
  • The 20 inch wheels are nicer. The overall look is slighly sleeker but suprisingly not all that different: sure it is a different beast: I just thought the front end and overall body style would have a lot more change, it really doesn't look all that much different. Either way it is different and is improved.

    Looking forward to Nov 22nd when I can see it at the San Fran Auto show... My friend at the Miami show does all these big shows as he is a rep for one of the large manufacturers...
  • photoshop at play here .. it seems.
  • No doubt but now I think it will be fun to see how close the real thing comes!
  • That picture is a total joke! I'm telling you it looks near identical to the older look... Nothing Tundr-like about the front end... And the 20 inch wheels are actually nicer than the lame double spoke wheels shown on that photoshop butchery!! I can't wait until you all see it and just see how similar it is to the current body style.
  • that photoshop was done on another board, i believe toyotanation. Basically a quick job by some guy who heard that it was going to look like the tundra...and I think it's like 6 or 8 months old.
  • Thanks for the photos; they look legit. However, it still looks like a Tundra front end to me and a little front heavy overall. It also seems the third row window is smaller. Resembles the new land cruiser and highlander a bit in style.
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 318
    Nice and conservative styling. Look like Toyota will grab many customers from GM full size SUV. Hope the pricing stays on the conservative side.
  • Those are not the wheels I saw at the Miami Show, the wheels where single spoke 20 inch wheels... and looked nicer... Those pictures are much closer to what was at the show... It really looks very similar to older sequoia and Land Cruiser... I still think the pics are not quite accurate, but much closer...
  • Could you post the pics here please? Site requires login.
  • No login required. Click on the link and then click on photo gallery at the top to see the pics.
  • Looks pretty sweet..... :D
  • I am not overly impressed with the exterior. To me the front 1/3 looks like a Tundra and the back 1/3 looks like a Sienna. I will admit the extra features are nice.
  • I think it will be great and you all will enjoy it if you get it. It's a Toyota!
    I must say that I thought it would be a little bigger. I wish Toyota would also go more luxury with its Dashboards and control functions. The silver space age stuff looks kind of cheap and similiar to Nissan.
  • Toyota has finally posted pictures of the new Sequioa on their website. Looks like a winner to me. I'll look forward to more detailed info in the next few days. I plan on placing my order ASAP. I think this may have been worth the wait.
  • Wow that thing is getting BASHED on the autoblog site.
  • We have been pricing a 2007 Sequoia. The one drawback has been the lack of airbags in the third row. I feel guilty having a child back there not protected. It appears that the 2008 will have air bags for all 3 rows. Now, if they would release pricing!
  • from what i have heard it will be somewhere from the high 40's to 60k. I am going to the LA AutoShow Friday. I will find out if they will have pricing there. I understand they will be on sale before christmas
  • No pricing is shown at the LA Auto Show. Toyota dealers do have pricing and are taking orders here in So Cal
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