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2008 Toyota Sequoia



  • Yes I would like more info. What are the features of the new Seq ? Does it has power 3rd row as I have heard ? Did they move the shift off the steering wheel (that is the worst). Any other details would be great. Thanks.
  • 2toyotas2toyotas Posts: 104
    Yes the shifter is in the center. The 3rd row is manual on the SR5 and power on the limited and platinum. 4.7 is standard on SR5 and Limited. 5.7 is standard on Platinum, and an option on the rest. Same horse and torque as Tundra. It wasn't specific, but said class leading 10,000 LB towing rating. Leather is standard on Limited with heated first and second row seats. Perforated leather is standard on Platinum with heated and ventilated first and second row seats. The standard configuration for SR5 and Limited is second row captain chairs with armrests. Second row bench is an option. Platinum gets second row captain chairs with a center console, and it is not available on SR5 or Limited. Bench second row is not available on Platinum. 4 zone climate control,18 inch wheels, 20 inch for platinum standard, an option for the others. Same 4WD system as before. 10 inch rear diff, and 8.7 inch front diff. Platinum will AVS suspension which will adjust the ride according to road conditions for comfort. Any more questions feel free to ask. All and all the vehicle is really nice, when I saw it without all the covers it was a lot nicer than I originally thought. They did a great job.
  • Thanks for the specs. Any idea what gas mileage will be on the new Sequoia???

    I love my '04 Sequoia but don't want or need a bigger vehicle -- if Toyota really wanted to compete with the GMC/Chevrolet SUV line, they should have offered two size versions of the new Sequoia just like Tahoe/Suburban or Yukon/YukonXL, Escalade/Escalade ESV.

    Even better would be for Toyota to come up with a crossover that competes with the GMC Acadia -- more legroom and cargo room than the Yukon/Tahoe but better gas mileage. The Highlander doesn't come close to competing with the Acadia in terms of interior space.

    I'm really going to miss my Sequoia :cry: but time to move on to a more earth friendly, garage-friendly vehicle that doesn't do battle with the side of my garage a few times a year! ;)
  • djk5djk5 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info!

    Several questions for you if I may.

    1. I thought that the 5.7 was standard in the limited and platimum?

    2. The captain chairs in the limited, do they fold flat, or can they be removed?

    Thanks again, it sounds real nice!
  • Curious as to why a column shifter is "the worst".
  • Are there any features of the Platinum that cannot be added to the Limited as options?

    We are definitely not fans of the captain's chairs, and need a bench for the kids. I generally like to get my vehicles pretty well loaded, but it sounds as though the Platinum would not be an option for us.
  • My friend is sending me movies of the MIAMI car show of two new 2008 Sequoias: They look so much like the older model, the front looks nothing like the Tundra. It looks very nice, really very similar to prior look, just a little sleeker. Tomorrow is the Press conference at the Miami car show. The 20 inch wheels look nice, but my friend says it needs 21 or 22 inch wheels in his opinion. Either way the wheel brand is BBS.
    He's showing me in real time... looks nice. there is a black limited and white limited at the show.

    PARTS: 60% U.S. 35% Japan. Assembled in Princeton Indiana.
    Transmission is USA.

    [quote] Bench second row is not available on Platinum [/quote]

    that would be disturnbing if true. The width is nice to lie down!! I defintely want the Platinum, but want a very nice bench row so people can lie down... I also like to remove third row seats personally...
  • Does anyone know if the Platinum is coming out later or will it be available in December? Tomorrow is the pres conference... I want a bench for second row, a really nice bench...
  • sirrafsirraf Posts: 55
    I agree, the captain's seats look nice but they are worthless.

    Do you know if the Sequoia will have Blue Tooth and available back up camera? Also, does your information show the choices of carpet color? Hopefully they will have at least one that is dark, we don't want an SUV with light carpet that shows everything.
  • sirrafsirraf Posts: 55
    One last question... will this be a 2008 or 2009?
  • 2toyotas2toyotas Posts: 104
    It is not specific on gas mileage figures except to say it is better than the current model. Also no mention of an extended size model.
  • 2toyotas2toyotas Posts: 104
    4.7 is standard on Limited, 5.7 is standard on platinum and an option on SR5 and Limited. The 2nd row folds level with the 3rd row, and you can also fold the front passenger seat for level space from the back to the front.
  • 2toyotas2toyotas Posts: 104
    It will have bluetooth, and a backup camera is an option with navigation.
  • 2toyotas2toyotas Posts: 104
    It will be a 2008 model.
  • 2toyotas2toyotas Posts: 104
    First, after rereading the features heated front seats are standard on Limited and an option on SR5. Front and rear heated seats are standard on Platinum, with ventilated front seats. 2nd row heated seats are only available on Platinum as is the ventilated front seats. Also only available on Platinum, is AVS Adaptive Variable Suspension which controls ride comfort on different roads, Perforated leather seats, and a little different 20 inch rim. Another feature I forgot to mention is a power rear hatch door. It is standard on Platinum and an option only on Limited. I am still working on interior colors. I assumed everyone knows it will have an independent rear suspension. There is also a headlight cleaner standard on Platinum and an option on SR5 and Limited. Laser cruise control is an option on all models.
  • yea, i dont like it on the steering column. too old school for me and feels weird. and for some reason i like to rest my hand on the shifter of my 4Runner. Did anyone say of their is power third row seat ??
  • What is the final word on the Platinum? Is it possible to have a bench for the second row? I'm confused as to why they would force the captains chairs for second row. Also, how much cubic volume are we losing due to fold flat seating? I personally liked the ability to be able to maximize cubic volume by being able to remove seating as needed. I never use the third row seating anyway.

    How do captains chairs fold flat in second row? If you have the Platinum, you get stuck with non removeable chairs? I wonder how easy it will be to turn a Limited into a Platinum, but I assume the AVS suspension would not be an option... I just hope there is an option for a second row bench for the Platinum. The 20 inch wheels are a must for any of the models in our opinion. In fact, all of the vehicles should have had 20 inch wheels, the Platinum should have come with 21-22" wheels or have that option. In any case, 18 inch wheels just do not cut it for this vehicle.
  • I've never understood captain's chairs in an SUV quite frankly. It would be one thing if they were like a "chair and a half", but they're not extra roomy at all. I understand that it gives some space between the seats,but what good is that?

    It's nice that they have armrests, but benches generally have fold down armrests in the middle anyway now.
  • $47k base & $60k loaded for a new gas guzzelling depreciating SUV!!! With gas going to $4 gallon buying one would be one huge financial mistake for me and my family. Since houses are forclosing all around us and many people are losing their jobs a new sequoia in my driveway right now would be like rolling out the red carpet for a home invasion robbery.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,110
    Park it in the garage. That was the first thing I checked. I made sure the 2007 Sequoia would fit along with the LS400. Plus being able to open the doors without banging the other car. This is a good time to buy an SUV. I got 10 grand off without a big hassle over the Internet. That was $4k under invoice. If you do not want the added size then it is a waste of money and gas. I just feel cramped in the CUVs I have been in.
  • I have noticed many of the SUV message boards with political postings . It is obvious that many posts come from people that were never interested in buying an SUV in the first place. Look at the post a few above... a) The economy is doing well, adding in excess of 140,000 new jobs in the last quarter. We are at a level of employment that doesn't exist in any other major economy . b) "Homes are foreclosing all around, a new Sequoia would be like inviting home invasion"... yes, a new Toyota is really going to "invite" home invasion. Dude, it is a Toyota, not a new Bentley.
    c) $4 a gallon gas... yes, that is the reality that many of our decisions has brought to us. You will also put $4 gas in a 24 mpg mini van. If you are in the group that is having a home foreclosed on, than by all means don't buy an expensive SUV. For many of us looking at this car, gas prices add less than $1000 a year to the operating costs to the car. That's less than $100 a month. If you are purchasing a $60k vehicle, than this shouldn't be a big problem. Many of us need a large vehicle, and are unwilling to neuter ourselves with a mini van. Sorry to rant, but I've seen this going on with various sites, and it appears to be a bunch of childless Al Gore followers trying to "make a difference" by dissuading people from purchasing new SUVs.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,110
    Your logic pretty much parallels mine. I figured for the $10 grand I saved on the 2007 Seqouia I could buy all the gas I will need for the 5 years. Even if it goes to $5 per gallon. I do not put a lot of miles on a vehicle. Our 1990 LS400 just passed 90k miles. sacrificing comfort to save a few bucks makes no sense if you can afford not to.
  • Nobody will have probelms with the new BMW M3 because it is a small car... although it will be a V8 and use just as much gas as the 5.7 liter Sequoia, particularly with the way people drive the M3 and it is higher revving. Morons target SUV's just because they are big. That being said, I really do look forward to the day when we can havea full size hydrogen burning SUV.

    Personally, I am going to two car mode, one small and one big. To me, and SUV cannot be big enough since it serves many purposes: trips, pickup truck/moving, etc... I'm finally going to have an SUV that won't be a daily driver... all the more reason I want one with as much cubic volume as possible: the more people, luggage, equipment and 'stuff' I can fit, the better. I wish the new Sequioa was even a little bigger.

    I want to impress upon people that have not yet seen the new Sequoia just how similar the look is to the prior Sequoia. It really is very similar. the drive is much better according to my friend who took out a limited with 20 inch wheels yesterday for a test drive. He is going to ask today at the press conference and the Toyota reps at the car show about the Platinum and the ability to have a bench in the second row. This would be a huge mistake not to offer a bench in the second row and I sincerely hope the one person here who claimed that the platinum cannot have a bench in the second row is wrong. I'd still appreciate input from people who are considering buying other full size 2008 SUV's... I'm still curious about the extended, larger version of the 2008 Escalade, the 2008 Infinity (modded Armada), and any others I may have missed... What ever happened to the Lamborgini with optional machine gun turret?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I have noticed many of the SUV message boards with political postings

    Luckily, most people can filter out the noise. It would be handy if we could automatically reroute political comments to Politics. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Amen. Well said.

    If parking a new Toyota SUV in front of your house is going to invite a home's simply time for you to change neighborhoods
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 318
    don't forget to mention some morons target SUVs because they simply can't afford one. plain jealousy.
  • Indications are the prices for the 2008 will start at $46k. Is this a reliable expectation?
  • My friend asked the Toyota "product specialists" at the Miami car show about the "Platinum"... they say they never heard of the term and only the SR5 and Limited are in the literature... so if there is a Platinum, there was just nothing known about it by anyone there...

    I have to say, I really searched thru the full size SUV's and almost all of them, except the sequoia have some sort of bad feedback... I don;t trust the american made full size SUV's... shame but true. The GMC Denali extended seems to be the biggest, but I just don;t want to deal with 'rattling' and poor quality down the road. I'm still at a loss why American car companies on a whole, with all of our great technology, don't build better cars?? I have to admit I am a bit tempted by the Cadillac Escalade ESV with 22 inch rims and nice luxury to go with the big cubic volume... but I'm afraid it will break down, whereas the Toyotas seem to be trouble free for the most part... As long as the Toyota is priced right and has some incentives off the bat, I'll probably go with a Sequoia. If they try to keep the price up in December, I'll consider the Cadillac 2008 ESV with 22 inch rims.
  • sirrafsirraf Posts: 55

    Do you have pictures that you can share?
  • I have to say, I really searched thru the full size SUV's and almost all of them, except the sequoia have some sort of bad feedback...

    I was the same way when I bought my 2004 Sequoia (2WD, 4.7L, 4A). I had been a controller for a professional firm in Dallas and part of my job was the fleet manager for the company vehicles. I had seen the problems first hand with the Suburbans, Denali's, Avalanches, Rams and Expeditions. I had also read in consumer reports that the Sequoia had one of the highest satisfaction rates of ANY vehicle. I bought the 04 in November 03, it has 76K on it and it runs and drives just as tight as it ever did. I am so impressed with it that I bought an 07 Tundra (2WD, 5.7L, 6A) which currently has about 6K on it. Here is what may surpise some people - they both get 17.4 MPG on average, which is about what you REALLY get in a Mini Cooper S. If you are looking at a truck like this, you are proibably more concerned with safety than mileage, but the mileage isn't really that bad and the quality is all-the-way there. I will never sell either one of them, although I may add a bigger sequoia to the family in a few years.
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