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Let me first say that I love my 2006 Liberty. I have had my Liberty since December of 2006. In the past 11 months I have taken her in four times, each time to fix each of my 4 power windows because they fall off the track. My dealer says that this is common in hot weather (I live in AZ) as the part that keeps this from happening deteriorates in hot weather and since this is selective in occurrence, a recall is not possible. I am getting ready to take her back again as my driver's side window is showing signs of slippage again. Anyone else have this issue and what are our recourses? My warranty is up next month and then no freebie repairs on this chronic problem. What to do?????


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    My 2006 Liberty is on 3 windows in 10,000 miles. First and last Chrysler product for me.
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    Just out of curiosity, Fleetofmany, do you live in an area where the weather is comparable to Arizona's heat? The reason I ask is, as I said before, Jeep is blaming this "glitch" as exclusive to Libertys that are exposed to enduring hot weather :shades:
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    I have a 2006 jeep liberty and it sucks as far as the windows, Three of my windows have come off track and I'm always in the shop. They said this isn't the first problems they've had with these windows. Plus all my rims are peeling.
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    As I am trying to compile a case for a recall on this window issue, could you tell me what part of the country you live in and if heat is an issue for where you live? :confuse:
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    Hello....yes, I have a 2005 Liberty and have had numerous issues with my Power Windows. I have had the car almost 2 years and have had to bring it in 4 times, so far. It just turned 40,000 and now they want to charge me $375 to fix the regulator on my drivers side passenger one. I just had the drivers side front fix a little over 2 months ago...just barely under warranty.

    Let me know how you make [email protected] Thanks.
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    Been a long time since I installed a car window in its holder. A spongy semi-tough semi-sticky strip of rubber-like material was used then to hold the bottom of the window glass in the frame. It’s an interference fit. The bottom of the frame is held solid, the strip is put in place and the window is just shoved straight in until it bottoms out. The problem I am having with the heat theory is that the installation material would tend to get softer while getting stickier – unless the heat dries out the material and it hardens losing its stickiness. That should take about a decade to happen unless the material is low quality. I suppose there could be a design problem fit between the glass, strip and groove.

    With the method I am talking about the mating surfaces of the glass and the frame need to be very clean. The strip needs to be accurately positioned and the window needs to be bottomed out in the groove.

    What to do?????

    Your might stop by or call an auto body supply store and ask what they are using these days to hold automotive window glass in the frame and see if the dealer’s story holds water. Our local store is called “Auto Body Supply” and they have it all.
    Then try to make sure the dealer is using the right stuff. ;)
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    AWESOME ANSWER! Thank you for that. I've gotten a few responses from other Liberty owners who are experiencing my same problem. I will do my research at local Auto supply stores and even auto glass replacement businesses to see what materials are being used.

    Thank you :blush: , thank you :blush: , thank you :blush:
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    My '06 Liberty has had the Drivers side Window Regulator replaced under Warranty . The Passenger side is now acting up and is the next candidate.
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    Spinnakerbabe, after reading a number of posts including Adrianj's, about having the regulators replaced I'm not so sure my response to you was all that good. The potential problem that I discussed does not require replacing the regulator. Maybe there are two separate problems, maybe not.
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    Heat is not the issue as told me by my dealership. I told them about your problem when I took my jeep there again. I live in Tn. Just had another window turn loose and drop in the door just setting in my driveway.
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    Charliee2....did the dealership give you a reason as to why this happens? All I ever hear is that it's an inherent problem that Libertys have (good to know that it's not the heat that does this). That, for some reason, isn't acceptable to me. Seems as though if there's a pattern of problems, the maker of the vehicle would stand by their product and correct it and continue to fix it for those of us who already have purchased the vehicle and are experiencing problems. But what do I know? :confuse:
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    My dealership says there is a big problem and It's not the heat or the cold it's a Chrysler problem. All my windows have had problems 1 replaced regulators 3 times, another 2 times, and both back doors replaced all the insides said the cable broke. and this last time my jeep was setting in my driveway just fell in the door. I've emailed Chrysler about 16 times and one time they emailed me back and said my problem had been taken care of as far as Chrysler and not to email them again. I'm emailing them every day and I would hope anyone who's having problems will do the same and maybe they'll listen to us. I'm emailing everyday and I'm not stoping. This is a problem that needs to be fixed!!!
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    Good for you charlee1! Could you post the email address you're using? This way anyone who reads this thread of posts concerning malfunctioning power windows can email as well. Maybe, just maybe, if enough of us hound them daily about this problem, they will honor repairs and see to it that this doesn't occur any longer. Optimally, they would do a recall on the power window mechanisms on any Libertys. Like I said earlier, my dealership said it didn't occur enough for them to do this. Well it sounds like it's happening across the country and that Jeep just doesn't hear enough complaints from consumers. Individuals probably don't think they can change policy, but with all of us doing this together, maybe WE can!

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    I have an '06 Liberty, bought July 06. I have had this car in five times already for the window regulator to be replaced, the most recent was two of them at once a month ago. The drivers window is particularly bad. It slipped off its track this morning on the way to work (I am so pleased!) and we are getting an ice storm tonight. Most of my problems have occured BELOW 70 degrees.

    As an aside, I was told that the Liberty uses the same window regulators as the Mercedes M-Class. My husband has an M-Class that we have had constant problems with as well (to include the window regulator). This appears to be a systemic problem with Daimler Crysler and it needs to be recalled! I don't want to be shelling out $400 bucks every time this goes out after the warranty expires.
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    For more discussion of this problem:

    link title
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    I love my '06 Liberty, but I see from the forums that the power windows are terrible and people's experiences are worse than mine. I've had my Liberty since December 2007, took it in about 3 weeks ago to get the driver side window fixed (yes, the regulator was broken), and it broke again last week. It's covered under warranty, and I really enjoy taking the Liberty to a dealership at the crack of dawn and taking the complimentary shuttle to work with a whole bunch of other bitter, ticked off people, BUT I'm wondering if there is a way to replace the regulators in our windows ourselves? Is there another regulator that fits the Liberty? Might be a dumb question, but clearly this is a Jeep/Chrysler problem and I feel it is in the best interest of my mental health to not get it fixed again until I do further research.

    I have another problem with the paint though...I have a whole bunch of tiny rust spots (I have a white Liberty) all over the car. It is actually pretty amazing how the paint is so uniformally dotted with them. You can't see them unless you get really close to the paint, but I don't want to wait until it gets worse. Has anyone ever heard of this problem before? My neighbor thinks it might be a paint defect...I live in Phoenix, Arizona, so there is absolutely no reason my car should be rusting...Thanks for everyone's help!!
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    Your rust spots sound like "rail dust" and a clay bar usually removes them pretty easily. Mother's is one brand but a good auto parts store should carry two or three brands. The last one I got a year ago cost around $10.
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    Thank you Steve! Is rail dust actually rust, or is it something else? The spots on my car are definitely rust, because when you try and pick it away it makes it worse. Will a clay bar fix it?
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    Hello everyone, I too have the same problem with the rear windows in my 2004 liberty. Going on thursday to have my 5th window fixed!!!! And of course with the big 3 year/36000 mile warranty up Ill have to fork over the 375 again, I mean the extended warranty will!!!!! Youd think after they spent almost 2000 in repairs for the same thing theyd speak up????? This is the only issue I have with the liberty!
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    It really is rust from iron dust created by the trains that settles on the paint and oxidizes. A clay bar should get rid of it although you can ask over in the Paint and Body Maintenance & Repair discussion for more details.

    Sherwin-Williams has an interesting link about it.
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    Whiteaz58....are you in the PHX area and if so, what dealership did you purchase your Jeep from? I'm wondering if we combine forces here, maybe we can appeal to Damler and see what can be done for the chronic window problems. :shades:
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    We live in Phx AZ and we have had replace our 2004 Jeep Liberty driver's side rear window regulator 4 times and the passenger side rear window regulator 2 times. It is an ongoing problem. The dealership today told us that it is only a problem in AZ because it is hot and caused by the heat and that Chrysler will not recall because it is only happening AZ.

    We were also told that Chrysler does not have an email address -- if someone has one -- we would also like to join in and email them regarding this. The dealership told us to crack the window down and/or clean a "film" that appears on it every once in a while. This is ridiculous and is something that Chrysler should be accountable service rep asked if we considered buying a new vehicle.

    We're are so glad we found this forum -- at least we know that we are not the only ones (and not only in AZ) having this problem.

    Phx AZ
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    Welcome to the Jeep Liberty Power Windows Suck Forum! It is quite evident that this problem is across the US and not just in AZ like you and I have been told. I hope to be able to print out this entire thread and present it to Damlier somehow someway. I'm doing well to just make my car payment every month and can't even fathom having to pay for regulators on a regular basis or allowing my car to be exposed to the elements because I can't put up my windows. I even met a Liberty owner who has told me that she won't even roll down her windows anymore because she's afraid that they won't go back up and she can't afford to have to pay for repairs. I've even thought about printing up business cards that direct Liberty owners to log on and present their case on this thread. I would give these cards to any Liberty owner that I meet at gas stations or parking lots or put them on windshields of Liberty's. This way people won't feel like they're alone with this expensive glitch of owning a Liberty.
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    This seems to be the salient post on this topic by gmctd on another forum:

    Problem being, they don't screw the threaded plastic end into the threaded channel far enuff, or they do and further handling results in it backing out by at least one full thread, prolly caused by the natural curvature of the flex-shaft - I de-riveted the replacement for the required correction - maybe it'll hang awhile.

    Gmctd is one of the more knowledgeable posters on the LOST forum. There is also mention on other forums about a class action lawsuit against VW for a similar problem where VW lost the suit and had to reimburse customers and extend the warrantee on the window mechanism. I have not verified this for myself. Apparently someone came up with a cheaper way to construct window regulators and it's not such a great idea after all.

    Why cut corners on something a fundamentally important as windows? But wait, DC took a similar risk on ball joints that are even more important to function and safety over the objection of top Chrysler engineers. :sick:
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    I'm in the Phoenix area as well with an 04 Jeep Liberty. I just went and had my 8th window regulator replaced. 6 for the left rear, 1 for the right rear, and 1 for the right front.

    I shared my sentiments with Chrysler just for a place to vent. Essentially nothing came out of it other than the fact it is "documented" now. :mad:
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    I've had two go bad on my 2006, one I never even used.
    Went to have the second one repaired and requested that every single window be fixed and inspected. Which they did.
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    I took my Liberty in today for the transmission and power window. The driver's side window makes a lot of noise going up and down and gets caught on something half way up. Is this the problem others are having? :(
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    My back window (which no one ever used), got stuck halfway down.
    A few months later my driver's side front window did the same, and you just about couldnt get it to go back up.
    I still had warranty, so I insisted every window be fixed.
    Guess what? Now the driver's side window is messing up again. It's only been a couple week.
    The Hyundai is looking better all the time.........
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    I just had to pay for my 3rd dropped window (2 in the last month!). I have a 2005 Jeep Liberty and live in the Dallas area. Like others, I never even use my power windows - especially in the back. I just walk out to my car and see the window open about 2 inches. Today I was like "here we go again." I guess I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with this issue but it is still unacceptable to me. I even have an extended warranty but it only covers the power window motor - not the "regulator". I wrote to both Jeep and the BBB. We'll see what happens. This sucks...
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    Now ya got me wondering.
    I had all four windows done. Two went bad, and I insisted the other two be fixed even though they were ok. Like you, I went out to find one off the track and down and then the front one just wasnt about to go back up.
    Now that they fixed it, the front one is making a sort of grating sound. I dont know what it is. It sounds like it is creaking when I drive along.
    I wonder if it is going to go bad again.
    I almost had a 2007 Hyundai last weekend. Just almost able to get what I need out of this Jeep and trade up a bit. But I cant quite afford the Hyundai. The Jeep value isnt so hot.
    I told my husband, the minute the thing is out of warranty I need to ditch it fast.
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    I hate reading this. Seems like my wonderful liberty shouldn't have any problems like this. I could cry!!
    My 07 Liberty Limited is going in to the dealer in 2-days for her 12,000 mile maintenance check-up. Such a wonderful car - but - a couple of days ago I tried to power up the drivers side window and it made slow motor sounds and stopped about 1/2 way up. I was able to get it all the way up by slightly pressing my hand against the glass and pressing - I tried it again so I could demonstrate the event to my husband when he got home from work. He said not to power it down and up again as it sounded like it was going to break. Geeze. It is under warranty but I don't like hearing that it will happen to all 4 windows and maybe time and time again. Should've bought that Wrangler with canvas doors!!!!

    Oh, P.S. We live in middle Tennessee. Libby is always kept in the garage and it is only June 3 - so - Libby has never even been really hot. I don't even roll the window down very often - sometimes at the ATM drive thru - so it isn't fatigue.

    I'm crying! My daughter has a 2001 VW Jetta that had window problems (they actually fell down into the door and crashed! VW recalled all of them and fixed the problem. She had a passenger side window fall into the door and crash while she was driving. At least VW recalled all of them and fixed them - that was about 4 years ago and they have all done well since the fix. Course now, she is having fuel system problems b'cause of 10% ethenol & the automatic transmission is about to go.

    Is there a perfect car - other than my 97 Miata that is?
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    We bought our '06 Liberty a month ago. We took an identical model for a test drive and in testing the windows, one went down and would not come back up. So, they brought this model out, and we bought it. Two weeks later, the window broke. I had all four repaired under warranty, which cost me zero dollars, and going without the car for a day and a half.
    I e-mailed Daimler-Chrysler this a.m. and referred them to this web site and told them about the large number of dissatisfied customers. I told them the ethical step to take was to fix their problem and make their customers happy. I am awaiting a reply but I tell you this, complaining among ourselves does absolutely no good Every single one of us is capable of contacting this company and telling them what our problem is. Strength in Numbers! Write them, on their Jeep site, today!!!
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    First of all, request that every single window be fixed even if only one is broken. That is what I did on window number two that went bad.
    I have warranty left, but I am determined to bail on this vehicle before I invest any money in it. And I did complain via the Web to their web site. I doubt it will do any good. At least around here, the dealership refuses to even admit to any problems. They said this web site and this forum was totally meaningless and they will not even talk about it.
    It is truly sad.
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    I was riding along with my nephew and a friends daughter in the back seat when we hit a bump and my driver side rear window started slipping down. I thought my nephew might have tried to roll it down, even though I had the child proof lock set, but unfortunantly when I went to roll it back up we heard a horrible grinding noise and the window would not go back up. Before I could stop and push the window up it fell into the door. I was leaving to go on vacation, so I had to store my vehicle in a neighbors garage and have it fixed when I got back. Cost me $100.00--my warranty deductable.
    Less than 6 months later the same window (drivers side back window) slipped back into the door. I was the only one in the jeep and I did not touch any of the window buttons. This cost me another $100.00 + I had to rent a vehicle because the dealership did not have the part for almost a week.
    This past Friday, I was driving to pick up my niece and nephew to go out of town and my passenger side back window began to fall into the window. I had to stop off on the side of the highway and push the window up several times, especailly since the parish road I was driving on (I live in Louisiana) had lots of bumps. When I returned last night I dropped my vehicle off and it is going to cost me $100.00 again and I had to rent a vehicle for the day again.
    I feel that this is a sign from my loving deceased brother Michael telling me to get rid of this Jeep Junk and buy a GMC or Chevy product. As soon as I can decide on what I want I plan on doing just that before this vehcile costs me any more. My warranty will soon run out I have about 2,000 more miles and about 5 more months which ever comes first.
    :sick: :sick: :sick: :lemon: :confuse:
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    Thank you for contacting the Chrysler Customer Assistance Center regarding your 2006 Jeep Liberty. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you and appreciate the timeand effort you took to write to us. In response to your email regarding the door windows, we would like to inform you that it is always a concern when a customer is dissatisfied with our products. Over the past few years, we have made tremendous gains in improving levels of customer satisfaction. The information received is used in product development and quality analysis. Your dissatisfaction has been documented and forwarded to our Research and Development Department. After a proper inquiry of your concern the recall decisions will be made by our Management. Please accept our sincerest apologies for the problems you have had. We hope we will have another chance, sometime soon, to restore your faith in us. Furthermore, our records do not indicate you as the current owner of thevehicle. It appears that you recently purchased your vehicle. Our corporate owner information database needs to be updated to reflect yourname and mailing address as present owner of the vehicle. Please provide the entire vehicle identification number and verification of theowner's name, address, and phone number. Once this information is provided, we will update our records. In the future, should your vehicle be involved in a factory recall campaign, you will be notified promptly by U.S. mail. Thanks again for your email and for sharing your concern with us. Sincerely, George Ray Customer Service Representative Chrysler Customer Assistance Center

    So, folks, it's a start. Please, write and politely complain to them. It will have an affect!!!!!
    John Schwendler
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    I have an 06 Liberty as well... there is a TSB (technical service bulletin) out on the power windows coming off track. I have had mine replace too many times to count as well. I puchased my liberty in 11/06. I just had 3 windows replaced again and picked my suv up from the dealership again today! tell your dealership to check the bulletins and take care of the problem properly. Also... call chrysler directly... you also fall under the lemon law.
    good luck.

    ALSO... if you go to you can file a complaint for the NHTSA to look into a recall investigation. I just filed several for my 06 Liberty.
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    I just had a Chrysler engineer out to 'last repair attempt' my 06 Liberty... they tried... they think they fixed 3 of my four windows.. which have been repaired multiple times (I live in VA btw)... they failed... I picked my car up today from the dealership and the windows are still off track... so, I'm calling my lawyer back tomorrow and on goes the battle!
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    Posted by Gmctd on the LOST forum:

    Problem being, they don't screw the threaded plastic end into the threaded channel far enuff, or they do and further handling results in it backing out by at least one full thread, prolly caused by the natural curvature of the flex-shaft - I de-riveted the replacement for the required correction - maybe it'll hang awhile.

    Alright… the above quote describes only half of the problem, a weak structure. The other half of the problem is that the electric windows on the Liberty (my ’05 Liberty at least) roll up with way too much force! Using my hand as a sacrificial testing device I rolled up the driver side front window…yeeoow! :surprise: These windows roll up with serious force and the force is maintained! It is a good thing that the window controls are located in the center where they are hard to reach because a child could seriously be injured by these windows if the controls were on the doors where a child can reach.

    I tried the same test on a Suzuki Vitara and the windows roll up with less than half of the force of the Liberty. I also tried a VW Jetta and the windows roll up a little lighter than the Vitara, detect the pressure and roll back down – so Jetta windows are pressure limited.

    There is no shut-off of any kind on my Liberty windows. They just roll up and stall. If I hit the switch again pressure is applied again - no shut-off. I can actually see the front door panel flex slightly from the pressure. When the window is rolled down the panel flexes again as the pressure is released. :(

    Here’s a suggestion. When you roll up your windows release the button instantly when the window stalls at the top. Then flick the switch quickly/briefly in the other direction but not enough to activate the auto-down. You might hear (with the engine off) a slight nump (sic) as the pressure is released and the window may or may not move very slightly. Releasing the pressure might prevent your windows from failing when not in use or when you hit a bump in the road. I am suggesting this as a stop-gap measure until a real cure is found.
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    Well, my Jeep goes back in for the same window on Monday.
    Btw, I got an Email from Chrysler too.
    They suggested I get another opinion at a Five Star Jeep Dealership.
    The dealership I use *is* a Five Star Dealership.
    They told me the people who answer emails are not even in the USA.
    Yesterday they finally admitted Jeeps have problems with windows and stained seats at the dealership.
    This after previously blaming the rain in my city, and saying no one on the web knew what they were talking about.
    I cant wait until I get rid of this thing, but right now I dont think I have a choice. :cry:
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    I bought a 2006 jeep lib less than a year ago , and one by one all four of them came down. I have e-mailed the company three times and called once, but because there is no recall on this they can't help me the gentelmen I spoke to on the phone told me to go to a differnt site He said that if enough people have the same problem and wrtie them about about it they have no choice but to recall them. It only takes a few min to do and its worth doing. Thank you for your time
  • emmabemmab Member Posts: 43
    My Jeep dealership said that Chrysler Listens, does no good whatsoever.
    In fact, they said they laugh because it is a big joke.
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    Hey, glad you brought up the window issue. I live in Vegas, and had one of my rear window regulators go out on a trip to Santa Fe NM. It started raining, and we all know what that spells for the seats in the Liberty. After reading this thread, I am conscious of the fact that this will probably happen again. As my warranty will expire in about 10,000 more miles, Iooks like I will be purchasing another extended warranty--it will be worth it in window charges alone! Thanks for the heads up.
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    there isn't anything you can do at that website, not that I see... just so you know... there has been a TSB (tech. service bulletin) out for the windows of Liberty's for years now (at least since 2002 Liberty's, if I remember correctly)... throw that at the dealership and Chrysler a few times... it doesn't do much, but oh well, can't hurt. They will never recall the window issue, because it is a design flaw. They would have to redesign the entire 4 doors/window tracks and that is VERY costly for all those Liberty's out there... never gonna happen, unfortunately... I have had my 06 Liberty since 11/06 (new) and it has had more than 16 window repairs/replacements in total!!! among tons of other problems. best of luck to you! Class action suit, that's what I think.... anyone else?
  • emmabemmab Member Posts: 43
    Are we out of warranty at 3 years or 36000 miles?
    I am at 24000 now on an 06, and I just dread being out of warranty with this thing.
    My spouse says we will be just fine. Easy for him to say, he just bought a nice sports car type thing! and he hated taking vehicles in for repairs over and over.
    I see it coming down the road.
    I want my Hyundai, or something.....
    I dont know if a class action will work?
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    i bought my 06 liberty in january 08, it has 27,000 miles on it. one window, right passenger side, just fell down into the door, for no reason. i have a friend that does that kind of work on cars, he said it's a design flaw, it's not the motor but the regulator, a plastic "chain" like thing. he put a screw in the chain to keep the widow up for me because we were leaving for vacation. while on vacation, the other side passenger window just fell down, we caught it before it fell into the window and taped it up with clear tape to get home. i just called my jeep dealer, come to find out the dealership has a really bad reputation, alas, i have a appointment for tomorrow morning.
    question: is this repair, on both windows covered under the warranty? i am not working, there are no jobs in Florida now, and i can not afford to pay to have them fixed. i asked the service manager and he said he "thinks" it covered, i don't want any surprises when i go to pick it up. thank you so much for answering if you know!
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    Beachpatty, my window was covered, but I also have an extended bumper to bumper warranty from a private company. I just got back from the shop today, after having a 90K checkup done on the car and paying about $660--I know, they overcharged me for parts and labor, but now my vehicle is running a little hot when the ac is on. I took it back and they said they couldn't get it to heat up like it did when I drove it so they did nothing. They said that it might need a new radiator at $500! Not gonna happen. So, now I am looking for a better fair dealing shop to take my car to. I hate it because I haven't had any real issues with this vehicle since I bought it used back in 04. Anyway, I am dreading this window situation. It is a design flaw, and it is caused by the window regulator. My warranty is almost up and now I am contemplating buying another one just in case. I am a teacher, and I need my car and don't have lots of money to keep dropping for unnecessary repairs. Let me know how your window deal turns out. Good luck, and don't take any crap from anybody.
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    My back rear window went down and wouldnt go up (never used the thing) and it was covered under warranty. My driver's side window went down and wouldnt go up and it was too. I also requested every other window be checked and fixed.
    Have not paid on dime for any of this.
    Yes, the regulator is the problem because after they fixed my driver side window the first time, it was making horrible horrible noises. I took it in and they insisted they couldnt find any problems. I got with them on the phone, and said yes, it is making noises go fix it.
    Lo and Behold they decided the regulator needed fixing. Hadnt they already done that?
    It's an ongoing problem which apparently happens a lot and so an extended warranty or trading in the vehicle is going to be the only option.
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    I love my Jeep Liberty CRD which I bought new in Sep 2006. I noticed coming home from work today that it sounded like the rear window driver side was slightly open so I tried to close it and heard a grating noise so I stopped pushing the button. Drove home. Got out and looked. Saw it was down about an inch. Tried to raise it. Same noise. Used my hands and pushed it up. Knew something was wrong. Got the husband. He pulled off the panel... We saw the orange regulator cord was not attached..... hmmm. Then discovered it was not screwed in to the motor on the other end. Broken plastic. Odometer reading 36150. Priceless. Thanks for all the posts on here. I will register complaints on every single one. For the record, I live in Colorado and no one even sits in the rear seat.....
  • zoecozoeco Member Posts: 18
    I had the same problem last summer. My rear right side window suddenly wouldn't roll up, and then fell down into the door completely. I was on a vacation so I had to find a jeep dealership in Santa Fe, NM. Their computers were down so I had to go to a liquor store, ask for a cardboard box, and drive back to las vegas with a Corona box in my window. It started raining just after I got the cardboard taped into the window. I also learned from this site that it is a common problem with all Jeep window regulators. I am waiting for the others to break now, and my warranty is almost up! I wish there was something that we could do to prevent the same thing from happening. Good luck with getting yours fixed. I am refraining from rolling down my windows too often--now I am paranoid about them breaking.
  • jromleyjromley Member Posts: 1
    My wife bought a 2007 Liberty last year. The power window regulator has gone out one three of the four windows and now, 500 miles outside of the warranty it happened a second time to the drivers door. I called the dealer and they said they recognize that it is a problem and would be so gracious as to give me 10% off the repair bill of $270. I'm a do it yourselfer so I tried it and was amazed at how easy it was. I bought the regulator with the motor for $54 at the dealer and it took me about 30 minutes using a phillips screw driver and an 11mm socket. If you are at all mechanically inclined, or know someone who is-try fixing it yourself. Jeep won't recall it and they don't even want to talk about it when I call them. If you need instructions let me know and I'll try to walk you through it.
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