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Jeep Liberty Power Windows



  • Here's a quick fix if you want the window locked in the up position:
    (1) Push the window into the up position.
    (2) Get a heavy duty wire tie, put it through the hole where the window rail mounts to the top of the door.
    (3) Loop the wire tie under the cheap (and broken) plastic guide under the window, and pull tight.
    (4) Attach more wire-ties until you feel confident that they won't break loose.
    (5) Put the door back together.
    After reading your post I decided that I didn't really need to open that window anymore. We've only used that window about 20 times since we bought the car back in 2006, so it wasn't really an issue of the thing wearing out, it was designed that way. I found a quarter inch piece of plastic that had broken off inside the door, so it must have been a pretty cheap design.
  • I am currently using Grey Duck Tape on the two rear windows of my soon to be traded in 2003 Jeep Liberty and I tell everyone who passes by my vehicle about the cruddy design of the widow clips. So far about 10 people said that they thought about buying a Liberty, but did not want me to say I told you so if the widows fell. I would have them fixed but this is the 3rd time each of them have fallen. The 1st time each of them fell, it was before the extended warranty ran out so I had them fixed. The 2nd time was less than 6 months after each had been fixed and I had to pay $130.00 both times to have them fixed, because the dealership that I purchased them from in Thibodaux, Louisiana said that the replacement motor did not have a warranty. This time passenger rear window fell and I used clear Duck Packing Tape at first to fix it and used my vehicle to go into New Orleans, etc. a week later my 2nd window fell and with the wet cold and wet humid weather the clear tape was not holding anymore so I had to turn to the Grey Duck Tape and I can not go into New Orleans with both my rear windows taped up with Grey Duck Tape, so the Jeep has to my 4 year old niece and 8 year old newphew would say............
  • After duct tape (or transparent packing tape), this is probably the cheapest fix for these windows. You take out the two screws that hold the inside of the door on, pop the inside of the door off with a putty knife, remove the speaker and the vapor barrier, and then put on the wire tie. I'm not really describing this well, and it's better that you do a search to get better instructions on this. But if you've muddled through it once, you can probably do it in well under an hour. Which is most likely what I'll be doing when my other rear window fails!
  • I would just like to say that I called the Chrysler toll free number and spoke with a representitive. I made it VERY clear that I was not happy paying 30,000 dollars for a car to have the windows be like this. She was rude and I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told he would call me. Well the rep called me back the next and did a conference call with where I get my car fixed and they said if its a manufacturer problem they will fix it for free, if I pay a $50 deductible. So I brought it in and EVERYTHING including the windows themselves had to be replaced and Chrysler footed the bill. It doesnt hurt to call. It could have cost me over $800, but didnt. I also told the place where it was getting fixed not to put that junky plastic parts back in it and they said, they were upgrading it to a better system. I hope they stay working and not falling. Good luck all!!! :D
  • bought my daughter's 2006 used but we had one replaced this summer under warranty. Passenger window broke over the weekend. She took it in was going to cost $487. I printed out some pages from this website and the website from the guy who has made to part to fix this problem and went to the dealership. They agreed to fix at no cost. Wouldn't touch the other two windows that haven't broke yet. Guess I will have to go back at least two more times.
  • Anybody got any good ideas of who we contact to start a recall of the 2006>>2007 Jeep Liberty with bad windows. This is costing us all a lot of money.
    Also, Don't forget to email me for a copy of the MoPar Bulletin detailing the window/regulator problem. They know there is a Major problem.
    [email protected]
  • Please go to :

    Click on Safety Complaints
    Click on Search Complaints

    Fill in your type of vehicle, there are about 22 complaints registered concerning the Windows and regulators of jeep libertys. Please detail your complaint. If enough of us do this then there is hope that someone will investigate MoPar and why they are not issuing a recall.
  • I was wrong, I got it in pdf form, not jpg so carspace will not accept it.
    Any suggestions ?? [email protected]
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    There's a snipping tool out there (default proggy in Win 7 for example) that will let you copy anything to the clipboard and save it as a jpg.

    You may be able to open the .pdf on your screen and then hit the PrintScreen and paste it into Paint and save it.

    Or just email it to me and I'll try to save it and email it back to you. Click on my name for the email address. :shades:
  • ritzerritzer Posts: 1
    I bought a Jeep Liberty 2007 and we had 5 windows fixed so far. We only put on 8,000 miles since we are retired. We are still on warranty but we are worried about what happens to us after it is up!! It looks like this problem has been going on for many years. This is just rediculous!!!!!!! Has anything been done about this mess?
  • We all need to contact Jeep

    Send us an Email

    Contact Us by Telephone
    M-F 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM ET

    Contact Us by Mail:
    Chrysler Group LLC Customer Assistance Center
    P.O. Box 21-8004
    Auburn Hills, MI 48321-8004

    My 06 Jeep Liberty is at the dealer as I type and the dealer wants to change out ALL of my windows and motors/regulator and have me absorb 1/2 of the charges (which is 558). I called Jeep and told them this is a RECALL ISSUE! This truck should be recalled for this. I was told that there must 10,000 affected before they will recall the issue. Start calling my friends and let's get this issue fixed for FREE!

    Jeep made a new motor/regulator that is NOT compatible with the window that is currently installed. Now if you get a new motor/regulator, YOU MUST HAVE THE WINDOW REPLACE! This is BULL and a RECALL if I ever heard of one! Start dialing that 1 800 number to get our Jeeps fixed!!!!
  • I think we all need to get back tire covers that tell the problem and say Crystler will not fix it. Then we can all take pictures of the back of our Jeeps with the cover on and send them in. Think how many people stop behind you at a red light that will read it. And while you are parked at the store, it would be well read!
    If anybody reads this post that may have access to tire covers at a discount price let me know. Heck, if we could find white covers I could stencil the message in!
    How much could it really cost? If we could keep it around $50 or $75 I'd buy one! It could save me several hundred if I can get my windows fixed because if it!
  • Heres a white one for $29.95: 12e2a880e227d81dc5085b10a97

    I'm looking into how we could put a message on it.
  • I emailed it to you !! Hope you can post it for everyone to see. I am getting tons of people requesting a copy and am responding to every one. Today we have someone who is going to start the petition and hire an attorney. Ed
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I got 'em - just haven't had time to try to convert them. :blush:

    Check your mail. :)
  • Got em Steve, followed your directions and I believe they are now on carspace for everyone to see. One of the people who emailed me for the bulletin is going to start an online petition and she is hiring an attorney to try and spark a recall. Anyone who needs me to email this bulletin to them please email me at: [email protected], [email protected] and I am still happy to send it to you as well as add your email to a list I am making to notify people when the online petition is posted.
  • i don't suppose that you would still have a copy of the link to the other guy that "made" a part to fix his? i would like to check his site out if you still do.
  • To print out a copy of the Bulletin sent to Jeep dealers regarding the replacement of the jeep liberty windows and regulators go to:

    Also the petition is on line at:
  • gh1961gh1961 Posts: 30
    ed, thank you for being an unpaid policeman for the world...i have beat on corporations so much that i am battle weary...i really appreciate what you are doing on this window issue...

    i have replaced the driver rear (can not remember using it) and the driver side is about ready...i knew this CRD that i love was going to be a torrent affair from the day i looked at the front passenger glass and saw that Chrysler emblem on is a good time to pursue this regulator issue given Toyota's concurrent media coverage...what can i do to help????
  • I have a 2002 Liberty and my rear passenger window regulator has broken yet again. This is probably the third time... Maybe the forth. Every other window has broken as well. Does Jeep / Chrysler recognize this problem in the 2002 also? I was quoted 340 for the repair. I too paid the freaking deductible too many times to count - I don't see that I should have and quite honestly should get a refund! I am having the dealership run my VIN and pull every time I got my windows fixed. Going to get on Chrysler's case if they don't do something. I love my Jeep but it is a money pit...
  • The problem with these window regulators is an extruded plastic piece which is part of the regulator. The plastic brakes actually shears away from use and there goes your window. Chrysler"s new fix is to replace the glass and the regulator because the design has been changed and it is now one piece.... very costly. If you"re out of warranty, you"re on your own. Fair... I guess not. Wating, calling and talking to everone gets very labor intense. It's not for me... I contacted Autosports of Daytona Inc. they told me how to take out the regulators. I sent the regulators to them and they sent them back repaired. promptly. Give them a call. They're located in Daytona Beach. Hope this helps.
  • Wow, glad to see I am not the only one with a continuing problem with my rear window regulators ( gee unlike my dealership lead me to beleive). I am so darn mad about this, after spending close to 500.00 to fix one due to the fact that the company decided to change the who regulator/window instead of just the part or better yet making it a recal as it should be. Instead my other window broke THE SAME DAY as the one I got the broken one fix. I absolutely refuse to spend another 500.00 of my hard earnedmoney on this problem. Unfortunately, I have 56,000 miles on my jeep that I purchased a little over 2 years ago so it has no warranty. I beleive that this should not matter and that the company should stand behind such a repetitive problem. I have requested Ed's bulletin and will be glad to support any petition.
  • I think the main thing is going on the DOT website an enter your complaint including your VIN number. I got a response from them so I know someone eventually reads those complaints. Rumor is that they need 10,000 to look into a problem. Bet it would happen with 1 death... With all this swirling around Toyota you can bet at sometime this agency will be scrutinized about their criteria for taking complaints seriously..anyway I think you can google it by typing in National Highway Safety Administration.
    Next, sign the online petition at:
    Next send me your email address at: [email protected] and join in the conversation with about 30 other people who have this problem and are angry about the cost and lack of concern.
    You would not beleive the various treatments we have all had with Chrysler and the dealers, NO UNIFORMITY !! NO POLICY !! Depends on a whim.
    I want a hacker to get jeeps parts records and see how much they have made off this defect in Windows, Regulators and Labor...They got my Money !! But they lost my business and a lot more.
  • Please go to this site and register including your VIN number.
    Please go to :

    Click on Safety Complaints
    Click on Search Complaints

    Fill in your type of vehicle, there are about 22 complaints registered concerning the Windows and regulators of jeep libertys. Please detail your complaint. If enough of us do this then there is hope that someone will investigate MoPar and why they are not issuing a recall.
  • I have had two windows fixed under warranty and one of the regulators broke and wrapped around the inside mechanisim that triggers the door to unlock/lock and wouldn't let my son out. I would consider this a safety issue. Each of the doors were okay for about 4 months and then they broke again.
    I am boggled why you cant get a replacement part of some sort made out of steel instead of plastic.
    I was just informed that I can't get a safety inspection sticker because my window would not go up and down as it should (driver side) because I may not be able to give arm signals; yes I know the blinkers have to pass to but I and others should not have to deal with this. I bet the CEO of Mopar wouldn't deal with this either. Anyhow, I have it wedged currently in the up position but someone could easily slide the window down and I would have to open the entire door to get the window back up.

    Im sorry but I can not afford $600 to get these windows fixed. Any ideas?
  • kavionkavion Posts: 1
    I see all of these posts on here with links, yet when I click on them none of them work. Can someone direct me somewhere about this issue. I love my Liberty and am shocked to find that thousands of us have the same problems. Mine has 57,000 miles on it. I came out of a store last night to find my window down. Thank God I wasn't robbed, but Jeep needs to do something about this. Has anyone contacted the media?
  • winneckewinnecke Posts: 3
    edited March 2010
    :mad: My windows keep getting suck and not rolling back up. I just got my 6th window fixed and it is the third time I have taken it to the dealership over power window issues. Twice, I have came out of work downtown to find my window completely down where you couldn't see it. Female in the middle of the night. Can you say safety issue? They said that the problem has happened to so many people Jeep decided to use 2 regulators instead of one, which required new windows that fit better with the 2nd regulator added? My factory warranty is up, so now I have to pay an $100 deductible with my extended warranty, which doesn't cover "broken" windows... my window was never broken though, it is just not the right "fit." I had to pay $230 for this recurring problem and they would not let me talk to anyone responsible for issuing refunds.

    It is not only the money, but the principle. I wasted 4 hours trying to file a complaint at the dealership today, and about an hour total at the rental car place. Along with the second time, when I had to get a rental car for 3 days and take off work to take & pick up my car. The dealership was NOT helpful. They said it was my responsibility to pay for this.

    I asked, "Why did you need to put a new part in?"

    He said, "Because jeep realized the original "regulator" wasn't working when everyone was having the same complaint."

    I say, "So, it is my responsibility to pay for your mistakes."

    He says, "You aren't the the original owner, so good luck. They are going to still make you pay for it. You have 60,000 miles anyways, what do you expect?"

    For you to help your customers and take care of the problems that were created by you.

    Good job guy. With that excuse I am sure everyone's going to running out the door to buy a jeep. He used every excuse he could to turn this on me. When really, all he had to say was... I am so sorry for the inconvenience and I totally understand why you are upset, let me see what I can do to help. Do you think I can call you tomorrow after I talk to my advisor? If any of my employees ever treated a customer like I was treated today, I would fire them on the spot. I am contacting Clark Howard. I am looking into who to contact about recalls and I am making sure we are not paying for Chryslers mistakes.

    This is my summary of my experience
    1. Jeep doesn't take responsibility for their mistakes. 2. They do not care about the resell value of their cars. 3. Once your jeep hits a certain mile marker, just expect for it to crap out. 4. They could care less about their customers.
  • winneckewinnecke Posts: 3
    I am looking into who would be best to contact at this point.
  • Please share if you find any help, I have the same recurring problem & can get no help. The Jeep dealer here wants me to pay $90 to "diagnose" the problem, I KNOW what the problem is and don't think we should pay 1 DIME to get this issue fixed! :mad:
  • Hi! i have the same problem with my windows, my front windows dont want to go back up, i have a 04 jeep liberty and i had a mechanic look into the problem. it seems that the problem is coming from the control box between seats. he showed to me and is not doing any contact with the doors. however the back windows worked fine
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