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Jeep Liberty Power Windows



  • also, the front doors seem to be ok, its just the control box in between seats the problem. I found a piece for 65 and im gonna put it myself to see if it fix the problem
  • afalk462afalk462 Posts: 1
    I think at this point...a Class Action Lawsuit needs to be filed against Chrysler...this is a known issue across the board and it seems like unless you are still under warranty , Chrysler dosn't care...this will be the second time i am having a window fixed..or i should say ,"it's being reviewed by Chrysler".
    Why should we have to pay for defective equipment? They know its a problem, yet they think we will do nothing about it.
    If enough of you feel the way i do. send me an email. I am researching Class Action Lawyers, if there are enough of us, we can get something done.

    [email protected]

    Andrew Falk
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Your're probably better off going to small claims court unless you want to wait three years to get a coupon for $500 off a new Jeep, and maybe a bottle of Windex.

    A case in which the only winners are lawyers (MSNBC)
  • rb15815rb15815 Posts: 1
    Yes I have a 2006 Liberty and it's 1 year over the 3 yr and 7,000 miles over the the mileage but I have the bumper to bumper warranty on it. I only have 43,500 mile. :confuse: :lemon: :lemon: My FOURTH (4) window mishap on the liberty. Took it in and the dealer said OH SORRY IT"S OVER THE WARRANTY TIME AND THE EXTEND WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER. Look at the extended warranty it cover window motor but not acuator? Also told them that it was never fix right and you have a new acuator that suppose to fix the problem and by the way we have to replace your window but thats not cover. THE COMPANY SHOULD HAVE A RECALL AND FIX THEM ALL. I DID LIKE MY JEEP BUT MORE I HAVE IT THE MORE IT COST ME. Someone need to wake-up
  • ckddckdd Posts: 1
    Hello I just paid 348.56 to have my left regualtor fixed as well and the dealershiip said it should have been recalled. I only have 30,417 miles on my truck and I still ahd to pay now I'm waiting for the next one to break as they all are not working well
  • 2006crd2006crd Posts: 1
    Well, I'm glad I'm not alone... I've had the Jeep in the shop four times for the rear windows; it's alternated between the left and right, and I haven't had problems with the fronts. Maybe it's just a matter of time.

    What I've done so far is to call 800 992 1997 to get a case number assigned. After that, I took the Jeep to get diagnosed at the dealer (I don't know why; it's the same stupid problem as every other time). Fortunately for me, since I've taken the Jeep there for all its oil changes, the service advisor was pretty cool with me. Normally they'd charge for the diagnostic, but he didn't. Anyway, Jeep assigned a caseworker to me, and she called today. The process continues like this:

    After Chrysler (Jeep) decides that yes, I do own a Jeep, and that yes, the windows keep breaking, and the dealer calls Chrysler to let them know that I'm not full of it, they authorize the repair by issuing a Repair Order and assigning it to your case number. You take the Jeep in and get it fixed, either paying for it fully (if you don't have a service contract or the warranty is expired) or the deductible (if you have a service contract). After the repair is complete, you send a "Letter of Explanation" to Chrysler (because the people that read it don't know why your asking for money from them) along with a copy of your RO (repair order) and proof of payment (the receipt) to Chrysler. You have to include your name, address, phone number, last eight digits of your VIN, and the case number in the Letter of Explanation. Then, after 30-45 days, Chrysler will reimburse you.

    I argued with them saying that the other windows in the Jeep all contained the same part, and that it was only a matter of time until the other windows did this again, and requested that they authorize the dealer to use the new metal part that Chrysler uses to permanently fix the problem, to which the customer service agent politely said "no."

    So I, along with everyone else that has this problem, can apparently look forward to speaking to Chrysler at least four times for the exact same problem. I guess it's job security for their customer service folks...
  • tjrodestjrodes Posts: 2


    OR this to file the comlaint. Can get to from any of the above links as well.
  • scottsreaderscottsreader Posts: 3
    edited May 2010
    I did all that and Chrysler still wanted to charge me $100 a window! They will not take responsibility! That service repair guy not putting in the metal replacement should be sued! Our service guy said our vin # wasn't under the list to get the metal repair, even though Chrysler told us to have it done. Don't let anyone tell you different, it is a nationwide problem.
  • vicvillevicville Posts: 19
    I have a 2008 liberty and had my drivers side go out about 2 months ago...I cant believe these issues...
  • Hello Andrew,

    I have a Jeep Liberty 2004, when I bought the car the back window at the left was not working, but the dealer fix before give me the car, and now (6 months later) the same problem happened with the window at the right side. They are asking me for $365 to replace the machine and the mechanic said this is the most common problem with this model. We should do some thing!!
    My email is [email protected]
    Andre Vale
  • Hello all
    Is there no way to fix this in a non authorized mechanic for a cheaper price? Because each time we go to the Crysler dealer we need to pay $360, so I want to solve my problem, but I don't want to pay that much!!
  • sampson9sampson9 Posts: 1
    My 06 liberty also has bad regulators. Ive allready replaced the passenger rear now the drivers rear broke. I work as a service advisor for an auto repair shop. Even with a parts discount and doing the install myself im furious with chrysler not taking care of this problem. I understand its a design issue thats not good enough. I own two jeeps and convinced the wife to buy the liberty. This has been one of several other issues, like the blower motor recall or the paint peeling of the rims whats next. Being in the repair business im considering not buying another jeep especially not a liberty. Never thought i would say that being a jeep guy.
  • Great news! I had my 4th window replaced today at a Jeep service center. Crystler had agreed to only charge me $50 as an 'extended warranty' deductible.
    The service guy came out with my keys and told me there was no charge.
    He said the Crystler agent that approved my case to pay for the fix minus the $50 said there is an official recall in the works and not to charge me the $50.
    Good luck to all of us!!! I hope I get the money back on the other 3 windows I paid for. :-) :-)
  • crjeepcrjeep Posts: 3
    I have a 2007 Liberty and just had this happen yesterday for the 3rd time since I bought it in Sept 2007. It's always the rear windows- rear drivers, then rear passenger and now rear drivers again. I have filed a complaint with the govt website listed earlier and will be calling Chrysler as well. This is ridiculous! I really hope there is a recall soon.
  • poppi1poppi1 Posts: 1
    I've bought american cars all my life.
    My last new car was a Chevy Impala.When the intake manifold problem occured the mechanic laughed and said "Well Chevys have been having that problem for years." There was never a recall or any apologies from GM.
    So I went American again and bought a Jeep Liberty. The rear drivers side and the front passenger side windows are broken.It hasn't reached 40,000 miles yet.
    I don't expect to see a recall on this car either because American Auto makers don't seem to give a damn about quality anymore.
    I'm just another American Patriotic Sucker.The jokes on me.

  • There are ways to fix this yourself, even with minimal experience.

    Do a search online for replacement kits and "how to" guides (they are included)...a little bit of research on your part will pay off.

    I have a 2007 Liberty Sport and I'm going in for my servicing (just hit 63K miles) and my driver's side window is dragging when raising it. Just another window issue (I've had the rear drivers window also fail at around 16K miles).

    Anyone have issues with their air conditioning? Mine sucks. I've never had a good "cool" from it.

    My wife has a 2008 Jeep Patriot and her A/C works great.

  • smurrowsmurrow Posts: 5
    You know, it is really sad that people would HAVE to "fix it themselves". The problem is that it isn't considered a "safety" issue so they can't be forced to do a recall. And it won't be, until some kid falls out of a window, or some woman is attacked returning to her car at night b/c the window fell down on her way to work and someone just hopped in the car and waited....and even then, the media would have to publicize the story and cause a lot of negative publicity for Chrysler before they would do anything. Anyone know any reporters out there?

    As far as the A/C, no, I've never had a problem with mine. And I live in Denver, where we are a mile closer to the sun, and my liberty is dark green, so I do use it in the summer!
  • crjeepcrjeep Posts: 3
    I just had my window fixed today- no charge. I called Chrysler and made a formal "complaint" about the window issue. I got a case number assigned and the rep told me someone would call me back within one business day. Someone called the next day and told me that Chrysler has acknowledged that the regulator is defective and that she would contact the dealer where I was having it fixed and there would be no charge. She also said that if it happens to any of the other windows in the future that I should call Chrysler to report it and they will pay for the repair. I had the regulator and the glass replaced. I was happy that both Chrysler and the dealer did not give me a hassle- I was prepared for a fight but was pleasantly surprised when I didn't get any push back. The service rep at the dealer said there was no recall "yet". I did stress to the person at Chrysler that I felt that this was a serious safety issue-especially since I have two young children in the back seat and driving around with no window was dangerous. I really hope there is a recall soon before anyone gets hurt. I also hope this is the last time I go out to my car and find there is no window! Good luck to everyone and make sure you call Chrysler when you have a window problem so they can have a record of it and arrange to pay for the repair. If you have already paid for a repair call them so you can get reimbursed.
  • Well dang, it's about time they owned up to the problem, I'm on window #3 replacement, the first 2 were covered under warranty, I have been driving since winter with my drivers side passenger window taped up!
    I will call today!
    Thank you,
  • I'm a new forum member and am replying to an old but worthy post. For all you about to be at the end of your warranty... THIS POST IS FOR YOU. My husband has a nack for fixing mechanical car problems. He's fixed 5 power windows in the past year (3 on a '04 F150 and 1 on a '83 Benzo and 1 on a friends Jeep Liberty). Jeep Liberty has an ity bity part on the power window made of plastic. When the dealer 'fixes' your window, they replace it with the same defective plastic part. There is a company that makes a replacement part for $100 but you need to find someone to install it. Most places will charge you $200 for labor. The good news is... once you install the METAL REPLACEMENT part, your window will most likely stop breaking. Feel free to contact me for any other info... I'm sure I can ask my hubby for the answer :).
    P.S. we are in Vegas so that plastic part is notorious for breaking!
  • sarah1389sarah1389 Posts: 3
    You need to suck it up. I have had all 4 windows replaced in my 2006 Liberty. Just accept the fact that NO CORPORATION takes responsibility. As for American Auto makers not giving a damn about quality anymore I'm not sure if you have heard of them but there's this company TOYOTA that's been in the news and has had some major issues.
  • dlafoot1dlafoot1 Posts: 9
    Thank you for this blog. I now do not feel alone. I own a 2003 Jeep Liberty with 53,000+ miles. The window regulator issue - same window - rear driver's side - has happened to me twice before. Last year I finally contacted Chrysler and after a while - was reimbursed. Well lo and behold, while attending my nephew's graduation out of state this past Thursday, it happened again. Well fortunately I had a GPS to locate the closest Jeep service center who could lock it up overnight and repair it on Friday - to the tune of $415 !! Fortunately I found some posts out here from others with similar problems. I contacted Chrysler a few minutes ago, was given a case number and a promise of a return call by 8pm tomorrow night. So hopefully I will be reimbursed. However, this really does not fix the problem. At this point, I am tempted to post a note on my window to make sure that anyone in the back seat never even THINKS about lowering that window. So frustrating.
  • dlafoot1dlafoot1 Posts: 9
    Thank you for your info. See my experience below.
  • Im on my 8th repair. So crazy. Today the man said the next time I would have to pay a co/pay cause it would go on my extended warranty. I think that this should just be covered by chrystler cause they keep fixing it with a faulty part.Im calling them to see what they say. Im never ever going to buy a jeep again.
  • travlinsamtravlinsam Posts: 7
    edited June 2010
    If it wasn't for a few minor items, I'd say this Jeep Liberty (2007 Sport) has been one of the best vehicles I've ever owned and I enjoy it very much.

    That being said, problem. Fabric seats stain with water drops, but I've been able to clean them easily enough with a over-the-counter fabric cleaner. Oh...and the A/C is not the coldest...but other than that...I love my little Liberty.

    As a fix to end the frustration, do a search online for a replacement kit. There is a guy online who builds metal replacement kits and has good instructions for you to do it yourself. Before you ask, I can't give out the website...sorry...I got told off for giving out the website before. Just do a little search/investigative work and you'll find it.

    Even if you don't have the mechanical ability, this is an easy fix...have a friend do it or hire a local garage to take care of your problem window.

  • dlafoot1dlafoot1 Posts: 9
    So I contacted Chrysler and they are going to reimburse me 50% of the price of repair. Better than nothing. In the future - I am hoping this does not happen again, but to make sure, I may not even use that window at all - since it is the same one each time. Also if it does happen again - as noted by someone in a previous post, I will certainly be 'surfing the web' for a metal fix.
  • dcworlddcworld Posts: 3
    Had my Jeep windows fixed 3 times under warranty. Now i am out of warranty with 3 windows tied up and the 4th one about to go.

    I called Chrysler on Friday and got my case number. They called back Monday and setup an appointment for Wed. so the dealer can diagnose the problem that we all know what it is. Dropped it off today and the delaer said they will fix all 4 windows at no charge. :)
  • amy103amy103 Posts: 3
    Just wondering, where/who did you call exactly to get some help with this problem....I just had my fourth window regulator replaced and of course not under warranty anymore. It was nearly $500 to replace! Did you just google Chrysler and get a main contact number?
  • dcworlddcworld Posts: 3
    Here is the number 1-800-992-1997. Just got my Jeep back yesterday with 4 new windows and regulators at no charge. Hope you have as good a luck as I did.
  • smurrowsmurrow Posts: 5
    What I'd like to know is what are they replacing it with--is it another cheapo plastic piece, just designed differently (so you have to replace the entire window also)? Or have they finally figured out they should make it out of metal?
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