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Jeep Liberty Power Windows



  • I have a 2004 Jeep Liberty and today a second window has fallen with me in less than a year. I have just printed all these complaints and will contact Chrysler for "us". Wish me luck. This is ridiculous!!!! This is just one web site I have found the same complaint on.
  • albaybalbayb Posts: 5
    I emailed Jeep's customer service complaining about the windows on my jeep and got a personalized response so I know that somebody actually read what I had to say. They even looked up my service history because I gave my VIN number.

    It wouldn't hurt if everyone else emailed Jeep with your situation/complaints too.
  • Do you have a physical address to where I can send these complaints? Thanks!
  • albaybalbayb Posts: 5
    Unfortunately I don't have a physical address because I just went through the website, but here's the address that the response came from
    [email protected]

    Hope that helps!
  • Thanks - I found this if anyone wants it:

    DaimlerChrysler Customer Service Assistance Center
    PO Box 21-8004
    Auburn Hills, MI 48321-8004


    I stopped at Ace Hardware to get some plastic for my window until I can get it to the shop. When I walked in I explained to the young man that I needed some clear vinyl for my car as my window fell down. He immediately said "Do you have a Jeep?" How strange was that! The manager there owned one and had the same problem and his neighbor has a Jeep and had the same issues!

    I am also sending everything to the NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association)

    National Automobile Dealers Association
    8400 Westpark Drive
    McLean, VA 22102

  • I just talked to my local Jeep Dealership Service manager. When I started to explain saying I know he has heard this before he asked me how many windows have fallen, I said two, he asked me how many miles I had on it, I said around 60,000. He said to bring it in when I can and if I pay a $50 deductible they will take care of it. So, be sure and check with the Jeep Dealerships in your area! Maybe they have realized they are going to have to honor these complaints if they want our future business.

    "There is only one boss. The Customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else."
    Sam Walton (1918-1992
    Founder of Wal-Mart
  • emmabemmab Posts: 43
    Good to hear some are getting a little help.
    Our dealership said never to expect anything from Chrysler as they are totally in another country and will do absolutely nothing.
    Currently working on ditching my Jeep, as I barely go anywhere anymore and my spouse and I can probably make it on one vehicle.
    Much as I like the size and driving my Liberty Sport, I am just holding my breath waiting for the next window to fall.
  • I just got back from my local Jeep Dealer. They said that Chrysler IS authorizing them to fix the windows. ( I drive a 2004 Jeep Liberty) I paid a $50 deductible and was on my way. So I cannot stress enough to stay on top of your local Jeep Dealer and if they do not honor the repairs to let Chrylser know they are not cooperating with you. Good luck! I will check back to see if anyone else has had any good results. I will keep my fingers crossed for all of you.
  • emmabemmab Posts: 43
    That's good to know. Hope everyone can check in if they do have this done, and their dealership does cooperate. If it is true, we're moving up from "We've never heard of that problem..."
    Now if they only had a way to deal with the stupid rain staining seats.
  • When I was at the Jeep Dealership yesterday I asked them if there was anything they could do about the $200 I spent to fix the first window that fell down a few months ago. I told them I didn't realize at that time it was an issue and took it where I knew I could get a good price (I have a friend at a different dealership). They said I would have to take that up with Chrysler. I am going to write to Chrysler and see what they say. I have been told if they do not want to make some kind of adjustment, I can take it to small claims court (no expense to me!) and they would not want to go there. So I hope the ones who have posted in this forum will follow through with whatever they can do to get their issues resolved as well. We just have to keep after them to get results. Taking just to each other won't get it. Good Luck to everyone!
  • emmabemmab Posts: 43
    Well all, saying good-bye to my window problems (and my red jeep).
    I will miss the Jeep, but not necessarily the worries about staining seats in the rain and windows falling in.
    We have a small business that, like many is down right now.
    We pay for our vehicles through the business, but we also have two business vehicles.
    So, we decided to be a one car family again (and we dont have kids, just dogs).
    Bought a 2006 Touareg, VW, loaded with everything.
    Probably more electronics than we need.
    Got good money on the 06 Liberty, which had no warranty left.
    Got a three year extended on the VW.
    Got good money on an Infiniti.
    Lost a whopping two loan payments and ended up with a good deal. Hopefully will save even more on insurance payments.
    I guess I will say best wishes to all of you, and I only hope my 'new' purchase does ok for us.
    My husband is happy to have his GPS, since he uses it for work.
    I'll just be happy if the windows keep working...... ;)
  • Chrysler has now recognized this window issue. I took mine in after the driver's side got stuck and have had the other 3 replaced more than once. I was told that anyone bringng in a Liberty with Window problems were to have it all re done. They ordered parts and totally re did all 4 windows. I can't remember when they hav elast gone up and down so well. it is so nice to be able to go through a drive thru once again. About lease is up in a yr
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Be sure to come back and visit the Jeep Forums once in a while. In the meantime, we'll be looking for you in the Touareg Forums! :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • emmabemmab Posts: 43
    My husband thought it was dumb to come here and say good-bye, but I truly wish everyone the best and am glad to see that the repairs are starting to be covered.
    Now, I dont want to scare myself by reading anything bad on the VW forum......... ;)
  • techctechc Posts: 3
    I had to pay another co-pay of 100 dollars to get my window fixed again. The guys at the shop know there's a problem,Jeep knows there's a problem ,yet all are being extremely tight lipped. Please keep sending letters to Jeep and Chrysler and your local dealerships and I am sure this will have an impact. As suggested by someone else in this forum also send letters to the BBB. The more letters we send the more eyes get opened. Keep at it because I am.
  • I would contact Chrysler and ask why you had to pay $100 deductible and mine was $50? I think I will send the 50 pages of complaints I have printed to the BBB as well as Chrysler! Thanks for the suggestion.
  • Please have the dealersip check with Chrysler if this is not your 1st fix. I have a 2007 that I had one rear replaced twice and 2 others replaced once. When the driver's side went i was told that Chrysler acknowledges issues and they completly replaced all 4 with new parts etc :)
  • ajdufajduf Posts: 2

    Could you send me those 50 pages of complaints to Chrysler? [email protected]

    - mad in michigan :mad:
  • ajdufajduf Posts: 2
    I'm not a jeep liberty owner but our family friends have one, and it was being stored in my parent's garage. I simply moved it outside to move my car inside, and in the process, the window fell down 6 inches. I can move it clearly up and down. I called my local Chrysler dealer and they said the price would range anywhere between $200 and $400 dollars depending on what was actually broken. From reading this forum, I figure it's the window regulator; however, since I'm in college, have more debt than capital, and enjoy a project here and there, I decided to take the door apart myself. I'm completely lost... the window is on the track it should be and I can't find anything that seems out of place or broken. The motor makes noise when I flip the switch but nothing happens. Has anyone fixed their window on their own? If so, please advise. Or is it worth it to fight Chrysler for a free or reduced price fix? Thanks.

    - :confuse: :cry: :mad:
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    My daughter has the same problem on her vehicle, and it's not a Jeep. The window is driven up and down using at least one bicycle brake cable :(
    It's the tiny clip made out of a white-ish composite material catching the driving 'end' of the cable that breaks because it's too small (this 'end' is what you fix into the brake handle of a bicycle). Winter is a tricky season for composite materials, remember what happened to the space shuttle. I just broke the plastic centering pin of a headlight assembly plus the air deflector in front of my airfilter box while attempting to replace an H4 bulb. Plastic becomes glass when it gets cold.

    I think we have to be very careful not to force our windows to open if they are frozen during winter.
  • How Do you get Chrysler to fix them I just paid out of pocket (37,000 miles) 4th time dealing with this issue. Is there a Class Action suit????
  • tuffy3tuffy3 Posts: 2
    Hey Life is good Chrysler sent $100 refund for co pay on window repair. Be extremly persistant.They know they have a serois problem. Keep after them......
  • garybwpbgarybwpb Posts: 1
    In August 2006, my 2005 Jeep Liberty rear window behind the driver started to slip. It was under warranty, so they fixed it. A month later, the same thing happened and had to be repaired. In October 2007, it happened again and fixed, but it was intimated that they were doing me a "favor" by not charging me to fix it a third time.
    So, this morning, the same thing happened. I collected my past paperwork and went to the local Jeep dealer. I was told this is a serious problem and they've had 500 of them so far this year (in fact,the Jeep Liberty ahead of me in line had the same problem). He said they have a "new fix" for them because the manufacturer was at fault. They located the part and will fix it tomorrow. HOWEVER, the service manager then told me my warranty was up. I asked him, what does this have to do with this problem. You've "fixed" it three times and it's still broken. He changed his tune and told me not to worry, he'll get me out of there tomorrow without my having to pay anything, he just wanted me to know that my warranty was up. Right, and if I had taken the bait, I'd have to pay for it. DON'T BACK DOWN, this should be a recall item. Chrysler needs to pay for ALL these shoddy repairs.
  • shiggshigg Posts: 4
    After experiencing my own window woes for almost a year, I finally gave up and in and took my Jeep into the service center - having to get out the duct tape was a definite motivator when 2 windows fell and a 3rd didn't roll up right. I was expecting the possibility of paying and was prepared to kick up a fuss. As it turns out I didn't have the slightest issue beyond having to wait for the parts to be ordered. They are replacing all 4 window parts. Chrysler HAS sent out an action memo to their service departments that tells them to replace all parts for the Jeeps that come in. It IS something they are now covering under their warranty.

    The oh so nice man at the desk, unbelievably, hadn't encountered the issue before which might have lent itself toward his willingness to show me the notice that he'd just printed out while they were taking a look at it. All in all, its costing me nothing for them to replace the parts for all 4 windows and only 3 (ha) were having a problem. From what I read in that notice from Chrysler no one should have to pay a deductible or anything else as long as its under warranty and they should be replacing everything for all your windows. If you're told otherwise you might want to tell them to call Chrysler and stand there while they do so.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    Has the window problem been fixed on 2008 and 2009 models? I am considering buying a new left over 2008 Liberty. what other problems plague these vehicles?
  • chester5chester5 Posts: 9
    Any suggestions where I can get the service bulletins and such that are supplied by Chrysler for the service departments?
  • Same deal - windows dropped down in door and jeep out of warranty. I called a local Jeep service center who gave me the phone number to Chrysler - 1-800-992-1997.
    I told him what was wrong, very nicely and mentioned my expectations were the window be fixed at no charge. Was transferred to supervisor who put me on hold and called the service center. The parts are being ordered and should be fixed tomorrow for a $50 co-pay. Basically they are extended my expired warranty for this one repair. I'll take that for now.
    All in all, took less than 30 minutes to set this all up and I'm happy enough until the other 3 fall down! Lol. Life happens! :)
  • kyra2kyra2 Posts: 1
    Instructions would be great - I have a 2003 and this just happened - your guidance will be appreciated.
  • kenf3kenf3 Posts: 3
    With this kind of response to a minor design flaw in the vehicle, why would you even consider purchasing any vehicle from Daimler or Chrysler?

    From an engineers perspective, there is an obvious design flaw. My employer has paid over $1,000,000 to fix problems in my designs. This is not a bad investment considering they have made over $25,000,000 profit on these same products. Our customers come back. Why won't Daimler/Chrysler do so? The sad thing is they could probably fix it by switching to a different plastic in their molds but their engineering team is not capable of fixing this issue.

    So far this year, I have replaced 2 window regulators in my daughters 2006 Jeep liberty.
  • dustynutdustynut Posts: 2
    My Jeep Liberty dealer told me they are now back ordered 1600 regulators nationwide and have no idea when they will be able to fix my rear passenger window that fell down last week. The good news was they are at least making them, he said some replacement parts on some vehicles are not being made at the current time. They told me to keep checking back... What happened to them calling me when they had the part in? They wouldn't even take my information. Meanwhile my warrantee is running out—if there is one on this issue. Don't know from skimming some of the latest responses.
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