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Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems



  • jab40jab40 Posts: 1
    I was hoping to find others with this same problem. I was fortunate in that I bought an extended warrantee. I figured many others were out there who hit around 80K who weren't so lucky. Around 10k miles ago my Pathfinder started to make a whining noise. I took it in, and was blown off. Took it in again and was told that it was a bad camshaft solenoid. That was replaced. No change in the whining. Finally the shuttering started. I took it in and demanded the mechanic ride with me in the drivers seat. It shuttered 2 times between 25 and 50 mph. I offered to take it on the freeway, and he nearly jumped out of the truck. He was adament that I take the vehicle back to the dealership. After 10 minutes on the lift, the service manager came to me with the news that I needed a new trans and new radiator, and refused to let me take the truck home while I waited for parts to be ordered.

    The whining persists, the shuttering is gone, but now the oil gaged dips down to the lowest range of normal when I brake, and spikes up the highest range of normal when I hit the gas. But, not all of the time.

    I too have friends and family in the legal field. I will be sharing this blog with them. This is unacceptable that a known problem such as this was not grounds for recall, so all vehicle owners without extended warrantees were offered the free correction.

    Does anyone else have issues with the vascilating oil gage, or failure of the heater to work at times?
  • :lemon: I had the same exact problem, but unfortunatly I had no warrenty in my Nissan Pathfinder, But I did took it to my Mechanic and he told me that I definetly needed the radiater replaced and the transmission replaced. He also check the oil gage fluating flip flopping and he told me it was the engine going bad. I had no choice then to trade in my Vehicle. I Will Never Buy A Nissan, And I will Share my story with my family and friends. I do Agree they should of had a recall on this problem, but i guess they dont want to deal with it. Good Luck with everyone who owns a Nissan Vehicle. :lemon: :mad:
  • I am have the same issue minus the oil guage. I went out and bought an extended warranty just waiting to use it until I need to. Don't know if I have to wait thirty days and so not want to take the chance.

    The heater was not working unless I was driving at a higher speed. That was my heater core which was not too bad. The part alone was $160 then I had my tires replaced because my now "old" mechanic told me the rumbling was my tires. The labor for the heater core is at least six hours. My new mechanic said it took him longer but did not charge me the additional labor.

    Now just playing the waiting game for the warranty. I figured I would do it in august when we are due to go away and I do not my car.

    Good luck to everyone!
  • gharpmangharpman Posts: 88
    Had trans and radiator problem. Got it taken care of after several communications with Nissan NA. Paid $450 (half dealer labor charge). Filed complaint with DOT.Sent E-mail to my senator in Wash DC. Got to be relentless to bring Nissan to justice. They are no different than any corp. in any business. Sacrifice a few. Hope you don't get caught. Pretend to have the consumer's best interest at heart, "We care about you."" _________is a name you can trust." Deliver on the bottom line. Only way to get back in long run is not buy their product.
  • Hi, All

    I've seen this same complaint posted everywhere, and am having the same problem with my 2005 Pathfinder. I'm in the process of filing a lawsuit against Nissan to have this problem fixed. If you're interested in joining me in the suit, please email me.
  • mtcamaramtcamara Posts: 2
    Yet another 2005 Pathfinder with the same radiator trans issue. Mine has 70,220 miles(my next service at Nissan Servicentro Hato Rey, which by the way is excellent!)was to take place at 70,500 until the check engine light came on - I guess a little too late...I heard a funny humming everytime I got to 40mph little did I know that the radiator fluid would leak into the trans,etc. and that my car would die, just like that. The repairs in San Juan, PR can also add to $6,000.00. The check engine light should come on once the radiator begins to crack, this design really sucks! Nissan should also be sued for this....
  • stacy20stacy20 Posts: 15
    My 2005 pathfinder is in the shop now (for almost 2 weeks) getting the radiator and transmission fixed. Shockingly enough, Nissan is covering everything. The dealer (where it's getting fixed) called to tell me all the hoses need replaced also, which had messed up my heating - sometimes it worked and sometimes not. I immediately called Nissan of NA and talked to the manager who had agreed to pay for the problems and she said Nissan would also be covering the hoses. I do have to pay for a squeaky belt and a couple minor things not related to the radiator/transmission. I think they maybe coming to grips with their responsibility here, dare we hope?!
  • srexy1srexy1 Posts: 7
    I wish there were a way to put together a database of everyone on here that is having or has had the Radiator/Transmission issue, Heater issue, etc. Would also be nice to include mileage at diagnosis, date of diagnosis, VIN number for location of assembly, cost of repairs, who got fixed under warranty, who got partial reimbursement, who didn't, etc. It would be nice to know how many have had the issue and when Nissan first knew about it. I seriously wish they would have informed me of the issue when they were first informed about it. That way I could have replaced the Radiator for the $600 - out of warranty - and not had to deal with the transmission issues. If anyone is working on such a document, please inform all of us on here to be included... Thanks...
  • condrenvcondrenv Posts: 9
    Congratulations !!! That is amazing....I spoke to a number of people at Nissan NA and I got no where. I can not even get them to fix my fuel gauge that was recalled on most not all 2006 Pathfinders and mine was broken. I decided to invest in an extended warranty for 24 months or 24,000 for $2500. I will continue to drive my truck until tranny competely gives up. When I purchased the warranty I went to a different dealer that had no idea I was having issues. Good Luck :)
  • audhamaudham Posts: 31
    2005 Nissan Pathfinder Off-Road *New Transmission AND Radiator?
    R U KIDDING ME? :mad:

    It figures > 1 payment left and just about to hit 100,000 and WHAM!!! Maybe buying a first year new car design wasn't the best idea. Can someone explain how water from the radiator can get into the transmission? And if $5,600 is the most "cost effective" I would HATE to see what isn't. Can you say :lemon: Maybe NISSAN will react to a class action lawsuit? :P
  • gharpmangharpman Posts: 88
    Call Nissan North America and be forceful. Forget the mileage. It's their error.

    The coolant leaks through the trans cooler into the tran. And the trans fluid follows the reverse path to the radiator. Repairs can run between $5000 and 7000 without Nissan's intervention. I just contacted one of the local Tv stations' News Dept. and told them about the problem and thatn there should be a recall.

    Here's the e-mail. Maybe you can use some of it to contact your local Tv station.

    Nissan is trying to ignore and cover up an important problem with their 2005 Pathfinders (could also be some 2006's involved).
    They got a bad batch of radiators,installed them during assembly, and the result has been leaking of coolant from the radiator to the transmission and corresponding leakage of tran fluid in to the radiator, rendering both and all possibly, delivery components (hoses) damaged. The first sign of this problem is a vibration in the rear of the vehicle, especially on the highway. The end result could be radiator and/or transmission failure. There are over 26 pages of complaints and stories on -Nissan Transmission problems (here's a sample))

    The out-of-warranty repair costs between $5000 and $7000. Some disreputable dealers (as described on the Edmunds site) replace other parts and milk their customers.

    I had the problem. I had felt the vibration. Because of my background with cars, I suspected it was the transmission. Coincidentally, I went to my dealer, Hackensack Nissan, for a cooling system service. Upon completion, they told me that they found trans fluid in my radiator while they were doing the service. I called Pat Barrett Transmission (who I use for various repairs) and they told me about the extent of the problem and told me to have the trans and radiator replaced along with the hoses if needed. They also said that my trans should be covered under the vehicles Power Train Warranty.

    I went back to Hackensack Nissan who said they would work with me on the problem. I then called Nissan North America. Initially, Nissan said that the trans, but not the radiator was covered by the warranty. I told them that there was a synergistic effect present. The leaking radiator caused the trans and radiator problems. After several phone calls, they said thet they would replace both parts, but I would have to pay $450 - half of the dealers labor charge from Nissan. I also would get the money back if there was an official recall on the problem. I agreed to the settlement, since there was no better alternative. Hackensack Nissan was agreeable all the way and did a careful and excellent job replacing the parts, testing the vehicle and returning it to me. The entire process took about 2 weeks from diagnosis, only because I was relentless. I have to add that a big factor in Nissan N.A.'s decision was that I only had 39,000 miles on the vehicle. I have to commend Hackensack Nissan and Pat Barrett Transmission for their help in resolving my problem.

    As noted in The Edmunds Forum, there are many customers who have not faired as well. It seems that mileage is an important factor in Nissan's decision. And even then, they have held back from helping customers on this and other issues such as fuel guage malfunction,etc.

    If you read any or all of the pages relating to this topic on The Edmunds Forum, you will see an underlying or maybe overt reluctance on Nissan's part to correct this problem. Once again, an auto manufacturer is hiding its head in the sand hoping to not get caught and have to spend millions to right a problem. So much for "Good Will."

    Thanks for your time.
  • Does anybody have any VIN nymber correlation to the Transmission problems? I have an '05 manuf. in 3/05. I replaced my rear ujoint at about 80,000 miles and thought that was odd. Then I got to digging around on the internet and I cant help but think that the reason it went bad is because of water in tranny.....Not sure though. Everything else seems ok.....Should I bypass that cooler and add an aftermarket one? I feel like I am going to vommit.....
  • gharpmangharpman Posts: 88
    your pathfinder has two trans coolers. you can reverse the hoses on one which acts as a bypass. If you live in NJ, Pat Barrett transmissions in westood can do it. they are the best. honest and skillful;or find a knowledgeable dealer/mechanic that understands the hookups and can do the job. good luck
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    edited April 2010
  • gharpmangharpman Posts: 88
    someone mentioned that they had trans problem on 2003.
  • audhamaudham Posts: 31
    Our 2005 Pathfinder is also at Nissan in their service shop "waiting" for disposition from NISSAN NA since 4/6/2010. Would you be willing to share your dealer name and location?

    I hope so :]

    Waiting patiently in SoCal :shades:
  • mtcamaramtcamara Posts: 2
    Well my advice would be to try for the service shop to honor a warranty on the trans through Nissan and then you pay for the radiator. Apparently this is the unofficial way they are dealing with the problem here in PR. The way I see it is that I pay for about $400 on a new radiator and save $3,000+ on the trans., legal fees,etc. The dealership would probably not help as much. Good Luck! :cry: I do not expect to have my car for the next 3 weeks! ">
  • gharpmangharpman Posts: 88
    dealer Hackensack Nissan, Hackensack NJ
  • audhamaudham Posts: 31
    edited April 2010
    PR as in Puerto Rico? Dang!! This is getting CRAZY!!! Let's see how much of the of the United States (and territories) we can cover with this problem.

  • stacy20stacy20 Posts: 15
    My dealer is in Northern Indiana. They weren't any help, it was a Nissan NA manager who finally agreed to cover the costs (including the radiator - so keep on them bc for some unknown reason to me they covered both). I just got it back and seriously, the air conditioning doesn't work. I wish I was joking. UGH!!! This car is going to be the death of me. HATE it!!
  • Where did you purchase the transmission for your pathfinder?
  • gharpmangharpman Posts: 88
    My Nissan Dealer got and installed it.
  • suxtbmesuxtbme Posts: 4
    edited April 2010
    Just bought our 2006 Pathfinder in Nov. 09, had 120,000 miles on it. Purchased privately. The guy kept it meticulous, all maintainance records. High miles due to his employment. Well- @127,000 miles a rumble starts to occur around 40-45 mph, also notices rumbles mostly in overdrive when torque converter locks in and when unlocks. I started to notice this about a month ago. My wife drives it 99% of time. Well this week she explained that it's not shifting correctly. Well now I really suspect something, going on. I pulled the dipstick out and low and behold it looks milky, not at all the nice red even slightly brown red, just plain milky brownish red. As any backyard mechanic would realize oh S#$T! I popped the radiator cap and found the anti-freeze amazingly similar in color as the tranny fluid. Well I got on computer, typed in 06 Nissan Parthfinder tranny problems and here I am. I really thought Nissan made a good quality product. We've owned mostly Honda's for cars and GM products for Trucks and SUV's. So this was our first test. I am afraid we need a new tranny which we really can't afford. I know the thing is out of warranty, but geez this is ridiculous. This is such a cover up by Nissan. I don't understand how not replacing radiators isn't cheaper than the lawsuits to come if they don't just fess up about the defect.

    Well, it's in the shop right now, but looking at everyones e-mails with similar issues, things don't look good. It's a good thing we still have our 97 Honda with 270,000 miles. I will do my best to get the word out to friends, family, BBB, Nissan, and who ever else will listen. :sick: :cry: :( :mad: :lemon:
  • suxtbmesuxtbme Posts: 4
    Same problem but with 06 Pathfinder, has 127,000 miles. See post #300.
  • suxtbmesuxtbme Posts: 4
    Have an 06 with 127,000 miles. Same problem occured with radiator/tranny fluid mixing. See post 300.
  • condrenvcondrenv Posts: 9
    Do us all a favor and call Nissian Corp. and report it. The more people that complain the better off we are. Not only do have the tranny problem I have a bad fuel sensor they wont fix for $500 and had to replace catalic converter . We have a Toyota with 250,000 miles that never needed any major work. This is a disgrace to say the least.
  • elfman1elfman1 Posts: 1
    I had the fuel gauge issue at 60K and it was fixed under warranty. In Jan 2010 my check engine light goes on and its both cady converters at 81K (1000 miles out of warranty), that's an expensive repair btw, then in April I get hit with the dreaded "coolant destroying the tranny" problem. Thank God I paid for the extended it was all covered. But my check engine light goes on again the day after I get it back from dealer and I am told that its one of the cady converters AGAIN!
    I love how this car drives and all, but I cannot keep shelling out time, money and emotional energy. I don't think I have any choice but to sell it and move on from Nissan. It is going to take a lot to get me to buy a Nissan again after all this.
    I do not know much about cars.....can the CC issue be caused by a bad fuel sensor or something else that might not show up on the computer????
  • i just purchased a 1994 pathfinder 4x4 and need to know what process if any should i do to tow it with a tow bar behind my rv
  • grimglgrimgl Posts: 1
    having transmission trouble, 68k miles no warranty, will Nissan cover the fix?
  • gharpmangharpman Posts: 88
    Not unless you kick their [non-permissible content removed]!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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