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    just went thru the whole thing. NNA didn't do anything to help, wasted a week of my time. just got my 2005 pathfinder back after a month of service and $4100. is there a class action las suite for this does anyone know?
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    Yes, someone has already started a list and we are on it!! Take a look at message #281 and you'll find a name and e-mail address.
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    Here is a funny one ~

    In the mail yesterday we received a sales promo letter from our local Nissan dealer addressed to us personally as an "exclusive customer". They are offering blue book + up to $1,500 if we trade in our 2005 Nissan Pathfinder.

    I guess they haven't checked their service lot since it has been sitting there now for 3 weeks!!!

    HA HA LOL :P
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    Just took my 05 Pathfinder in to the dealer, same issue, the transmission fluid leaking into the radiator and vice versa due to broken radiator. They say that they will replace the radiator under warranty but not the transmission. To me it does not make any sense, as water from the rad has obviously been in the transmission for months, corroding seals, metal and electronic equipment. I called the dealer on it and they told me that they have to follow the 'standard procedure' as set out by Nissan Canada - which I guess means replace the rad, flush the transmission and send me on my way to see what happens. I talked with the mechanic and he had nothing good to say about this issue - he was obviously well aware of it.

    I called a couple of transmission guys who told me that in this situation the transmission is completely written off and it will last for a while but not long. I cannot find anyone on this web site who has replaced the radiator without having to replace the transmission. Also, if I Google 'water in transmission' I see that clutch plate material will debond, corrosion will happen and then there is a computer called a TCM that is located inside the transmission - imagine what will happen if that gets saturated.

    I think this is a safety issue, since we lost power for three seconds on the freeway in rain, heavy traffic and evening darkness. It seems like this is getting worse by the day as more and more people have this issue. I took the car in to the dealer in November '09 with the problem but 'could not replicate' Importantly, they did the test AFTER the scheduled transmission flush which would make sense to me that they would not be able to replicate.

    I am writing this as there are obviously people who have had their transmission and radiator replaced by Nissan. I would appreciate getting your contact info so that I can use that as an example to show that there are cases where Nissan has owned this 'farce' and done the right thing.
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    After calling Nissan North America a few times and working with my dealer, had both replaced. Both under warranty, but I paid 1/2 Dealer labor cost ($450). Sounds like a good deal, but, I shouldn't have paid anything. I sent e-mails to local TV stations and my Congressman in Washington , DC. also reported it to DOT in Washington.

    If everyone with this problem starts making a fuss and contacting their reps etc, maybe Nissan will have to recall the vehicles.
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    That's weird they will replace the radiator and not the transmission under warranty. Your transmission has to still be under warranty if the radiator is, right? How many miles are on the Pathfinder? It took me 3 weeks of serious arguing with Nissan NA for them to agree to pay for both my radiator and transmission. Keep going up the chain of command and be persistent (which everyone on this site told me and it worked). It's totally their fault and they need to fix it and they know it but will do their best to get you to give up before they will do the right thing. Good luck!
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    I haven't had the problem yet, maybe because I have 2003 , however when Toyota had there gas accelerator problem and then more people got up in arms, maybe this is what you and all the rest of the unhappy pathfinder owners have to do,follow the suit that made Toyota give in or else. just an opinionated idea to help everyone.
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    Well Well. So- fuel pump. Replaced it in 2007. Paid for it. Now there is a recall. My vehicle not in recall. go figure.
    Now, at 114000 miles I feel the vibration. Take it to York, Pa Apple Nissan. They tell me my tires are cupped but recommend a transmission flush. I say what?? ? But agreed to the flush. Not two months later, same vibration (not the tires, Im not stupid) but then the oil change mechanic said wow, you have milky substance in ur radiator. My father looked at it and said um, not good.
    So, I called Selingsgrove Nissan, Pa. They said, oh yes, we know. We are aware, bring it in, itll take 30 mins to check it out and verify. So I took it in and yes, its screwed! Need new transmission. They told me, however, that its a temperature coil thats placed inside the radiator thats the problem!!! If it were located w/ the transmission, the tranny warranty would cover it. BUT Nissan has been saying since its location is inside the radiator that they wont cover it! GARBAGE!!!!!! Anyway, I now have another regional Nissan specialist looking into it. Big deal, right? Well, Im ticked that Apple nissan two months ago had me spend a couple hundred for a flush and now I have to repay for the new transmission. I DONT THINK SO! I said I want my vehicle under the recall, I want my money back for the flush and now I want them to assist if not pay for all of this tranny business crap.
    IM FURIOUS! There are federal trade laws against selling parts of anything that are faulty!!!!! I think Ill take my little veterans benefits and get a lawyer w/ it and file civil suit. I cant affort thousands to keep my car running that I worked hard to pay for! If it were natural wear and tear then so be it. But ill be damn if I entrusted a large name like Nissan to have them screw me/us all around! Once the regional manager contacts me on Friday..thatll be it. Ill call the news station and bring light on it.

    Ill keep you all posted. BTW, I was quoted about $4000 for the transmission replacement total.
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    Stacy20 - Thanks for the reply. It would be very helpful and probably save me three weeks talking to these people if I could use your name as an actual example. They are obviously being extremely inconsistent (as shows in this forum), but in the end accepting that they are 100% responsible for this mess. If you could share the details confidentially, then I would forward that directly to Nissan and they would have to address this. We all need to work together, as Nissan obviously has a massive mess on their hands and are trying to avoid their responsibilities.
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    No Stacy I dint go through it yet, and I may not have to because it seems that the 05 and 06 has their problem, If you look through the site you will see others that are actually going through it now and have them get something going with you ,like a partition?
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    Did I ever ask you if your 2005 Pathfinder is still under warranty? What was the mileage on yours when it "died"?

    Anybody have any clue why mine waited till it hit 100,000 miles?
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    My Pathfinder in a 2006 that was manufactured in 10/05. My problems started at about 76,000 miles. My truck was out of warranty with the exception of the catalytic converter which has a manufacture warranty until 80,000 miles. My suggestion to all is to go and get an extended warranty before it is too late.

    Nissan really needs to do a recall !!!! This is getting expensive and out of control !!!
    So, please make sure you all call Nissan to report your troubles.
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    I had 39,000 mi on mine. And, yes it was a factor in my settlement;but they should do something no matter what the mileage is. Bottom line--it's their fault for installing defective radiators.
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    Just an FYI ~

    I tried using her name, the guys name from Hackensack AND the guy from Puerto Rico! So far it has gotten me NO WHERE!!

    I'm contacting a local SoCal TV channel that I saw do a piece on Toyota's GPS system that isn't up to date in some of their cars. I THINK WE HAVE A BIGGER ISSUE HERE!

    We need to somehow pool ALL of these sites together. into_transmission.shtml
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    I am located in Pa. I had the regional specialist call me back (after I had my car inspected to verify it WAS the "PROBLEM") and he nicely imformed me, "Im sorry ma'am but your vehicle is no longer under warranty and because it has such high mileage (114,000) we cannot assist in the expense at this time" I SAID NO &*%$# BUDDDY! Really? Its not under warranty? GEEEEEZ, I really didnt know that. Thanks for taking two days to investigate this to tell me that!

    Good thing- Nissan of York, Pa (Apple) did agree to refund my money for the transmission flush they did. After speaking w/ the service manager and losing my cool on him for a few minutes, he apologized and verified that he was not to blame for the faulty vehicle. He did agree to refund the money because the flush did not fix the vibration and the vibration was happening BEFORE the flush, the primary reason I took it in in the first place. So, that should be a $$ toward the $4000 I have to pay, oh along w/ the rental car I have to pay for while its in the garage.

    So. I asked that regional manager who informed me my car was no longer under warrant DUH! ) to escalate it to his supervisor. He told me he could not give me her number but would have her call me by the end of the next business day. Guess what!!! NO CALL! Its now day 2. So, tomorrow, they will receive a pretty little phone call from me. I am ready to call the local news stations and/or even CNN, the major headlines. This is bogus and totally irreresponsible on Nissans part. ITS UNETHICAL!!!!! and in a middle of a recession. Come on!

    Im on the last leg, the Nissan is waiting w/ the tranny at their location (not York) so Ill be fixing my car next week.

    ---all along waiting for my VIN to clear the fuel pump recall.

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    If you have to replace the tranny and/or radiator (hoses,etc) see if you can find a RELIABLE tranny repair shop. Chances are their labor charge is lower than Nissan. If they install the tranny, etc. you can save a few $$$$. In my area of North Jersey, there's Pat Barrett Transmissions. Great Guys. Honest.Skilled. No B.S.

    Good Luck.
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    OH SURE! That's great for you people on the east coast :P What about those of us over on the west coast? :shades:

    Does your Pat Barrett guy know any people in LA? ;)
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    Well well.
    Upped the complaint to the regional supervisor and she was extremely rude in her way she handled it. She said because of many factors to include my dedication to using Nissan for services throughout the life of the car, and because of how far out of warranty my car was, they could not assist at all in the fix of my transmission. Then, with the fuel pump, she said they look at where the car was sold and blah blah.
    Im so irate! Its the Northeast region so good luck! They are shady, ignorant and unethical! They know damn well what is going on and Im furious!
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    You are so right, they are awful. I talked to a woman named Nicole (regional supervisor) and she was so rude and matter-of-fact about them not helping me. We argued for quite some time and she almost had me beat. I told her I was done talking to her and wanted to speak with someone above her. She told me that would do me no good because they had made up their minds (this was the 4th person I had argued with in a matter of 3 weeks). She finally told me she'd have her boss call me within 24 hours but it wouldn't change anything. Her boss, Jennifer, called me the next day and the first thing she said is "Nissan will cover all of the costs of the radiator and transmission". What?! I was on the verge of flipping out over this whole ordeal and/or giving up then all of the sudden they agree?! They are idiots. I hate Nissan. Mine is fixed but I have ZERO trust in this vehicle and Nissan! Looking to trade it in now that it is fixed.
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    I just looked up the specs and reviews in Tire = %2FT+D689&partnum=465SR7HT689RBL&vehicleSearch=true&fromCompare1=yes&autoMake=Ni- ssan&autoYear=2003&autoModel=Pathfinder LE 4wd&autoModClar=Standard Model

    and to my surprise those tires are rated low on tread wear and traction, they are Bridge stone 689 Duelers, does anyone have any problems with these tires?
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    So we have it planned for this weekend. We are parking our broken down Pathfinder right in front of our local dealer this weekend :P Should be good for business ;)

    My husband (who happens to be an artist) will be "decorating" our Pathfinder with the year 2005 and pictures of :lemon: all over the windows. We also have flyers made up with a picture of the 2005 Pathfinder and a note for 2005 Pathfinder owners advising them to have their transmission fluid checked IMMEDIATELY and REGARDLESS of the mileage. And of course a nice big huge "NISSAN WILL NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY TO COVER THE REPAIR COSTS FOR THIS DEFECT EVEN IF YOU ARE STILL UNDER 60,000mi". AVERAGE COST $5,600-
    I also included this website and the two others shown in message 322.

    We called our local law enforcement who confirmed that as long there are not any NO PARKING signs posted we can leave it there for 72 hours. They cannot have it moved prior to that time.
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    This is good to see. I am in Canada and we have the same problem. Nissan hopes we do not understand the workings of these cars. They replace the radiator and flush the transmission and send you on your way. It is well known that no matter how many times you flush a transmission, there will be water and glycol left.

    I am working my way through their heirarchy now. They basically ignore me. If this was a plane engine, it would not get off the ground without a total overhaul. Is the safety of our families worth nothing?

    I bought an extended warranty in November for $2000. I told them of the 'rattlle' in the transmission at that time. I believe that Nissan knew about the problem then. I payed a couple of hundred for a 'schdeuled' transmission flush. 5 months later and my transmission is flooded with water and glycol.

    We need to organize and get the word out. I have never in my life seen such a blatant disregard for customer commitments.
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    Are you my BC person? If you are a different providence let me know and I'll mark it down. I'm keeping a log to see if we can cover the entire North America ;) I'm pretty close to it!! LOL
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    If you are a different providence ...

    It may have been providential that you two met up but I believe they call BC a province up there! ;)

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    Hey! I'm a blonde southern CA girl :blush: What do you want from me? At least I knew they didn't call them states :shades:

    Sorry Mr. Canada :D
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    Hey, that's okay. Some Brits still refer to us as "the colonies!" :confuse:

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    This is an update.

    Nissan's protocal was to replace the radiator and then flush the transmission. They would not service the transmission. The next day I took the car to a well known established transmission specialist in my city one day later and he found water and glycol in our transmission. Nissan is voiding their own warranty.

    I have sent letters to Nissan and the dealer, with this evidence, and, I am waiting for a response.

    Nissan appears to be practicing 'don't look, don't tell'. The longer they are able to wait, the more money they will save. Warranties are reaching their termination every day. Every one of these cars that Nissan can get to 'limp' past the finish line will allow them to save $5000 on the transmission.

    It is amazing to see. I worked at Procter and Gamble for years. We conducted recalls when we were at fault. It was good for business, short term pain and long term gain. If anyone at Nissan is reading this, take note. Your company will suffer, especially with what is goin on with Toyota. Do the right thing and start the recall.
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    [email protected]

    I found this article online and gave me some confidence. Just need to do some research first and make some phone calls locally.

    Im located in Central Pa, dealt w/ two Nissans, bought my pathfinder in Hawaii, at Tony Nissan. Called them yesterday, they didnt have any pathfinders over there yet they are aware of. I think maybe lack of consistent long highways to notice "vibrations" or to crank up some mileage.
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    We actually received a phone call today from a lawyer!!!


    Let me know by replying **OR** see e-mail shown in message #281

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    Here is the link if you are interested. This is specific to the 2005 Nissan Pathfinder and the radiator coolant (fluid) leaking into the transmission.
    Fill out the form on the bottom portion of that page.
    Enter Current Case Name "Nissan 2005 Pathfinder"
    Allen Wong is our actual contact there.

    This will help them collect and manage all the information they receive.

    xoxo ;)
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    "We have been getting emails from folks who also have experienced
    transmission problems"


    They have set up investigation pages specifically for the 2005 Pathfinder
    problems, and have asked people who email him to use these pages
    to provide basic info. The links are:

    In order to make sure there database is complete please provide the
    requested info on the online form.

    Please provide these links to anyone who would be interested in contacting us about these problems.

    THANK YOU!! :shades:
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    we have a 2006 Nissan pathfinder SE we bought it used in 2006 with 28,000 miles and bought the extended warranty package the problems we have had was:

    1. check engine light came on and would not go off it was airbag frontal recall had that replaced

    2.fuel system gas tank recall replaced our gas tank gauge kept reading inaccurate and we had to pay 500 warranty deductible

    3. now we are having a issue when we drive and reach 40 mph or higher the truck starts vibrating and shaking it feels like u r driving on those rumble strips I am concerned since checking on the Internet I have found an abnormal amount of people having the same issue who say it is a issue with the radiator fluid leaking into the transmisson causing the radiator and transmission needing to be replaced and Nissan will not issue a recall or refund even though there have been numerous complaints filed.
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    At least as a 2006 model you were able to get the recall on the fuel system issue. Mine is a 2005 and therefore NOT covered. I have had the fuel system replaced 3 TIMES since I purchased the car new in 2006. I am also dealing with transmission issues for the THIRD time. The dealership in Richardson, TX are NOT helpful. They have never suggested the radiator fix to prevent future transmission overhauls... Would have been nice the first time.

    I am sending a letter to the President of Nissan this week. I currently have a 2005 Nissan with a poor transmission (even though I already did a complete overhaul LESS THAN a year ago, and got a new Torque converter last month again.) AND my gas gauge is broken for the THIRD time and hasn't worked in almost a year.

    The 2005 Nissan Pathfinder is certainly a :lemon: Stay away... unless you want to buy mine and put me out of my misery!
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    I love your idea post #329!! LOL! That is great! I just might do that if Nissan doesn't answer my letter to my satisfaction. You should organize a day in June where all unhappy 2005 Pathfinder owners do this near their local dealer.
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    WE SHOULD!! That would be too funny!!

    Our Saturday that we did this was soooo funny!! My husband had way too much fun ;)

    We parked the Pathfinder directly under their “Tent Event” sign. IT WAS GREAT!!! They actually brought out there own cars and wrote on their windows as well. They’re sooo stupid. They parked one in front and one behind us and they even tied balloons to them. They wrote “DON’T GO TO JIFFY LUBE” “ONLY HAVE NISSAN FACTORY WORK DONE” So we pulled out our Nissan work orders where they in fact did our oil changes ~ DUH!!!

    We even had print outs of the e-mails from the 3 websites and their salesmen were reading them. All they had to say was “So, why are you here? Why not contact NISSAN?” So we walk 5 steps backwards, look up at the big huge tent event sign and say “We’re in the right place, the sign up there does in fact say NISSAN”. And they say blondes are dumb :shades:

    Pretty much every single person who went in read our signs and paperwork. There were even people from other dealers coming over to take a picture of the pathfinder

    :P On Nissan :P
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    <my 91 pathy has had a few concerns lately. one is that there is a substantial rattling when i am coasting without the accelerator engaged. the next is more concerning. there tends to be a shrill screaching when i accelerate, mostly in the first and second gears. it is a manual. this screaching seems to subside when i warm it up for a few minutes. it sounds similar to a bad belt, but i don´t think that is what it is. if anyone has any information on this i would appreciate the feedback. thanks
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    My 2005 Pathfinder has the same transmission problem that everyone is complaining about too - a terrible shudder, bucking at 45 mph & 65 mph. I paid for a tranny flush which didn't work. I also paid for a fuel guage replacement too when it no longer gave a reading. Everyone is complaining about that too. Right from the start I had a engine belt and pulley problem, then the check engine light would come on and go off - told the gas cap was defective. Brakes squeal in reverse since the day we bought it. Nissan is making me jump through all the hoops, which I'll do. I am demanding they reimburse me for the fuel repair, approx. $400, the tranny flush, approx. $450, and that it replace my tranny too. Nissan is making me pay to diagnose the tranny problem - imagine, like it doesn't know what the problem is. I do not expect to have to pay to repair or replace defective parts, parts the manufacturer must admit are defective. I am an attorney and will not take this sitting down.
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    There is a known DEFECT in the radiator/radiator coolers in the '05, '06 and '07 NISSAN PATHFINDERS which causes the radiator and the transmission to fail. We learned the hard way when we were backing out of our driveway and we heard a loud clunking noise, our engine light came on and our car would not move forward. Our mechanic sent it to a transmission specialist who announced that not only do we need a new tranny, but our radiator was runined too because the radiator coolant leaked into the transmission fluid, which should NEVER happen.

    The first thing we did was to research the problem on the Web. We typed 205 Nissan Pathfinder transmission problem into Google and came up with pages of websites related to the problem. We found that Nissan installed the faulty coolers into '05, '06 and '07 models. We printed out hundreds of pages of complaints and information about the problem for future use.

    The second thing we did was to contact the Nissan dealer in Simi Valley, California and had our car towed over there, where it remained for nearly 6 weeks. That dealership was absolutely no help at all, informing us that since our car was out of warranty there was nothing they could do. They figured the repairs would be around $8,000.

    We then lodged a formal complaint with the N.H.T.S.A. (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration) which is the Governmental agency in our country who, among other things, issues mandatory recalls on certain vehicles when needed. On their website ( you will find many, many complaints about the Pathfinder's cooling system defect. There are alot of very angry Pathfinder owners who have spent thousands of dollars for repairs while Nissan (knowing there is a HUGE problem), refuses to issue a voluntary RECALL.

    We then had our car repaired at an independent repair shop recommended to us by a friend. the transmission repair shop was well aware of the problem in the 2005-2007 Pathfinders and had already repaired many of them. We ended up spending $5,000. on a new tranny as well as a new radiator and external cooler. He also rerouted the lines so this problem can never happen again.

    We have contacted our attorney to try to recoup our money from NISSAN. Our attorney informed us that we have a good case because whether you are out of warranty or not, when a defective part is installed in a vehicle, the automaker has to stand behind their parts forever. There are thousands os people on automotive websites all over the Web who are taking action by posting complaints and contacting the Nissan Headquarters, as well as contacting an attorney for help.

    Please pass this information along to anyone you know who has a Pathfinder because unfortunately this defect is not detectable to most mechanics until the worse happens. Fortunately this problem can be solved BEFORE the car fails by a competent mechanic.

    If all of us who have suffered this problem could band together, we might even have a chance to battle Nissan with a Class Action Lawsuit that would force them to issue a mandatory RECALL.....keep on fighting people, maybe we can win !!
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    I just posted a message you might want to read....
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    Thanks Imac. I read your post. I have filed a complaint with Nissan NA. Again, they are making me jump through all the hoops - which I must do so it cannot argue that I didn't exhaust my remedies. Then if I don't get my way, I will sue the dealership and Nissan NA for the reasons I stated. I love my Pathfinder, except for the transmission problem and the money I have spent on the defective parts. I am a loyal customer having bought 2 new cars at the dealership and have them serviced there too. So, I am expecting a happy ending. If not, I am ready to give it right back. Stay tuned. Good luck to everyone else. Regards, Steven.
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    WOW! It's good to see another SoCal person on this list. We were actually in Simi headed towards Ventura when the really bad noticeable symptoms started.

    I was starting to think I was the only one out here but I knew I couldn't be!! AND I got confirmation on 5/22 from the Nissan dealer in Valencia that they have had one in there with of course the exact same problem (coolant leaked into the transmission).

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    Had the 2005 Pathfinder diagnosed the other day, which Nissan made me pay for. Imagine. Remember, Nissan made me pay for the what must be famous now transmission flush, $500, a month ago which it knew wouldn't resolve the problem. Well, surprise, surprise, the recent diagnosis shows the radiator leaked fluid into the transmission which fouled it out. The dealer told me yesterday the radiator and transmission need replacement, and that he got me a good deal on a aftermarket radiator and a rebuilt transmission. I told the dealer to tell that to Nissan NA and gave the name and telephone of the person dealing with my complaint. They will make a decision on Friday. Don't let the dealer pull the warranty [non-permissible content removed] with you. Everyone knows the problem takes a while to manifest and it's a manuf. defect in the radiator - if any of this can even be believed (perhaps both the radiator and transmission were defective on manuf.). Remember too that I am a loyal customer (purch. 2 new cars from the dealer and had them both serviced there). Looking for refund of the charges I paid for the defective fuel guage replacement, $400, the bogus radiator flush, $500, and the 2 bogus diagnosis charges, $95 ea., plus replacement radiator and transmission. Let's see what Nissan decides on Friday. Good luck everyone else. Steven.
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    In my prior post I left out a very important piece of information that our transmission mechanic told us. He said that if everyone who has the coolant defect leak problem has their local Nissan dealership do the repairs, they will use parts that might fail again. We are looking for the right attorney to file a class action suit for all of us that have been ripped off by Nissan whether we had to pay the dealership for the repairs OR if we had our cars repaired by an independent auto transmission shop. In our case there was NO WAY we were going to let Nissan repair our car and have it happen again.

    Also, all of us should be contacting the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration to file a formal complaint because we were told that the N.H.T.S.A. monitors auto websites like Edmunds, etc. to keep abreast of problems that people are reporting about their vehicles, and if they find enough evidence, they are the governmental agency that issues MANDATORY RECALLS. I'm afraid that if we all wait for Nissan to call a VOLUNTARY RECALL, they never will. I wonder how many employees of Nissan have had their Pathfinders fail on them? :)
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    For all of you out there with the Pathfinder Radiator/Trans problem, here is the ling at the NHTSA to report the problem, 973776

    If you have trouble try: and go to Defects and Recalls. Fill out the form and submit.

    Good Luck.


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    I have a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder I have both problems with the gas gauge and the transmission. I took it in to my local nissan dealer and they did a diagnostic test on it and told me that my transmission had to be replaced and it would be in excess of about $7,000 - $8,000 dollars.

    Since this wasn't in my budget I got it home to a well known and honest mechanic i knew and let him took a look at it come to find out my gears were burnt out, radiator was bust and water was in the transmission. The only thing the dealership informed me of was the gears being burnt out and water in the transmission, which meant if i had went ahead and replaced the transmission I would have still had a busted radiator.

    I contacted Nissan corporation and complained about both of my problems but off course my car wasn't on the issued recall for the gas gauge and they would not accept responsibility for either problem. So what I'm in the process of doing right now is contact Good Morning Americana and putting my story out their for my and all the rest of the consumers who are having this problem.

    If we all can contact them something can and will be done about this :lemon: :mad:
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    I have a 2006 Pathfinder with 44K miles on it and it too is shuttering above 40mph. I highly suspect that I too have the same issue with the radiator leaking into the tranny. I'll be taking it to a dealer this week to see what they have to say. I must say that this is a MAJOR issue that warrants a recall considering the number of people having the same EXPENSIVE problem. All vehicles are going to have some problems, but a NEW tranny and radiator after only 44k miles is ridiculous! If Nissan does not do right by me I will never buy another one, For those of you who are getting new radiators and trannys... Did they actually fix the issue, or just install the same defective components that will most likely fail again down the road?
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    How do we start a Class Action Suit?? With so many unhappy Pathfinder owners out there, all we need is legal advice to start the gears in motion !!
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    How did it go?

    In Canada, Nissan has totally abandoned me even though I have two years left on the warranty. Problem is still there. I got a new rad, but the transmission is doing the same thing, albeit not as bad. I dropped the transmission pan and had the fluid checked - water and glycol is still in there. I have now notified them that I am getting quotes to fix externally (transmission needs an overhaul at the very least), and then we go to court.

    I think that this problem is widespread. It takes time to pinpoint the problem, it starts out as a subtle one and then grows, so it is easy to miss. Then the flush buys Nissan time. I asked one guy in a parking lot last weekend, he had the same problem. He just did not know how serious it was - he has had a couple of flushes etc etc., just did not think about it This guy was Nissan's dream customer. I explained what water and glycol does to transmissions - he got it.

    Nissan hopes that everything will stay quiet while the warranties run out, it is a race against time. Get the word out to anyone who wil listen.
  • gharpmangharpman Member Posts: 88
    contact this legal firm. they are in the process of a class action. fill out the form and sulmit.
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