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Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems



  • What is surprising is the inconsistency with both the prices for replacement/repair and Nissan's response to the problem. Mine happened with just under 60,000 miles and first they replaced the radiator and flushed the transmission at no charge. Once the transmission started acting up again (after about 1,000 additional miles), they replaced the transmission, again at no charge. No excuses at all about the radiator causing the problem.
  • srexy1srexy1 Posts: 7
    Victim # 14,265,000..(kidding) Just put in the shop today. Service manager was surprised that I knew exactly what was wrong with it... Tells me it will cost $5,100.00. '05, 108,000 miles. I had it sitting in the driveway for almost a month before deciding to get a 'loan' to get it fixed. It would be nice if I could pay off a vehicle completely before dealing with issues like this. This is my second consecutive new Nissan product (out of warranty) with a major repair prior to paying off the initial loan. If anyone knows friends/family with this vehicle, direct them to this forum and warn them ASAP. My thought is that this will end up with lawyers and a bunch of unhappy customers. I think we are the initial wave of victims, and as others reach higher mileage totals, they too will have the same issue...
  • srexy1srexy1 Posts: 7
    Per someone's request on here, Vin number for my 2005 Pathfinder with the radiator/transmission issue is: 5N1AR18W95C712047

    Hopefully others will do the same.... Thanks...
  • I have a 96 LE pathfinder--I think it has a sensor problem--While driveing after it warms up it sometimes goes into a downshifting mode and the RPM jumps up and after awhile it will shift back to a higher gear.It has gotten bad over time.I think it may be a heat sensor in the transmission but I am not sure.Has anyone had this problem--Sometimes it will change gears 3 or 4 times in a short time.Never does it when it is not warmed up Thanks
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    theres a speed sensor in the tranny usually on the side, let a good tran ny guy look at it and adjust it or replace it.:sick:
  • The mechanic told you the right thing, I have 2006 pathfinder and it does the same on slope roads in terms of being in drive but it would role back alittle which is normal.I wouldn't shift gears on the slope or even park on it to be honest with you because the owners manual said that the pathfinder should be parked on even grounds.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    What is your question the roll back or not shifting? :confuse:
  • How's that class action suit coming? My issue with all of this is... If I hadn't done any searching about the problem online, I would have never known about it. I took it into service and already had it diagnosed for them. Nissan has obviously known about the problem for some time now. You would think they would have informed their customers about it so they could have the option to do some preventative maintenance, if nothing else. Even out of warranty. I would much rather have replaced my radiator, instead of the radiator and transmission. But wasn't given the choice...
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    was this a radiator defect or the tranny :confuse: cooling lines iside the radiator defect?
  • As I understand it the main problem is not really with the radiator itself but with the transmission fluid cooling line within the radiator that is prone to failure. The solution is not replacing the radiator but by-passing the cooling line within the radiator so that even if the cooling line eventually fails the possibility of coolant contaminating your transmission fluid is completely eliminated.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    so if you bypass theinternal cooling line you need to reconnect it with a tranny cooling line bypass kit ,is this correct?
  • Yes. It looks like a mini radiator, with one inlet and one outlet. Doesn't matter the flow as long as it goes through it.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    that should do it just make sure its getting air sucked trough it in front of the motor fan, I set one up on an older car that I used for hauling my boat to the launching places and it worked very well,after a long haul I pulled the tranny dip stick out and felt if the fluid was overly hot and it was just warm ,that's good ;)
  • :confuse: I'm crossing my fingers I caught the issue in time. I replaced the radiator and I've spent $300 in fluid flushing the transmission. Its been about 8k miles since the incident and it seems to be OK, but I'm starting to get some slipping on the highest gears. Add me to the class action lawsuit. I'm $1500 into this repair job and don't look forward to another $5k.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    :lemon: did a dealer do the job or even a shop should back up there work ,if you have 3 or more repairs done on the same problem ,then it falls under the lemon laws
  • i have had my transmision replaced 3 times under warranty. thats 4 trannys including the original. the last time they told me i had a problem in the radiator. now i'm 11000 over the warranty and my wife tells me her truck was taking a long time to warm up. so i check the coolant and it looks like a milkshake. the oil looks ok and the trans fluid didn't seem milky. i a m going to the dealer tomarrow to see what they say. my question is, if they deem it be trans fluid in the antifreeze the trans will probally be no good down the road even though i can't notice anything yet. should i persist that it is no good because of the fluid alone and go after the lemon law. can i go after the lemon law even though i'm out of warranty. i have about 25,000 miles since the last trans. as i've now learned my fuel gauge not working seems to be a common problem also. i hope having had this many trans problems that i will have some ground to stand on!!!!!!!!
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    the lemon law comes under a situation where the same part has an attempted fix of 3 times and did not get fixed, :lemon:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Depends on the state. The dealer gets five bites to fix stuff in Idaho; pretty worthless.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    :lemon: New York # 3 strikes your out. or there out. :lemon:
  • Hi, What Model/Year is your Pathfinder ? I have the 2006 model 4x4 , just figured out after my trip for oil change that my Radiator is leaking into Transmission too. Also, I have a check engine light on that just came up showing that its a catalytic converter prob. I guess a warranty covers me on the Converter since its 78000 miles at the moment.
    So, how did u fix yours? Thanks
  • The links below will lead you to instructions on how to by-pass the radiator cooler which will eliminate the problem in future. r-bypass-42555/

    If you go through the threads you will find different methods of doing the by-pass. You decide on the method to adopt.

    Goodluck to you! :D
  • No reverse and only one forward gear(2nd). Had vehicle about two months, no clue about Nissan. Also, the power/economy button or the overdrive button won't work anymore...I assume that is because it is in 2nd gear. Oh, and won't roll backwards when the shifter is in neutral. Somebody please tell me that this is something simple like a selector switch or a vacuum line or something. The fluid looks like the normal color and does not smell burnt. Thanks in advance for any assistance. Oh yeah, it is a 2WD with a 3.0 engine.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    your lucky its a 2 wheel drive make sure its parked level and running in park ,now check the fluid , if its right on the mark,then check for loose wires and connector plugs that plug into the tyranny. if you find as loose or hanging down unconnected plug that's it]],last of all take it to a tyranny place that really knows Nissan's,and have them run a computer diagnostic on it ,from there figure out the cost to fix it vs the cost of a rebuilt. ;) ">
  • My 2005 Nissan Pathfinder had the radiator leak, I had the radiator replaced, the transmission flushed and now I think that my transmission is ruined. My car is being towed at this moment to the Nissan dealership. Thank God my car has 58,000 miles. I am under warranty!! What is Nissan doing about this problem? Does anybody know?
  • I am having the exact same issue. What a mess.
  • Did you have a problem of coolant leaking into the radiator before this happened? Just wondering if its common among the 06' and up Pathy Models. Good for you since you are on warranty otherwise that would have been a Lot of money. Please share with us how thw servicing goes. Best of luck!
  • after the 3rd tranny. it appears that the radiator was not flushed properly during the last repair. they won't own up to it and i contacted nissan and they let me bring it to another dealer for a second opinion. that dealer thinks it was from the previous repair and now the radiator, hoses, water pump and heater core along with a series of flushes needs to be done to fix the problem of not flushing all the tranny fluid out from the last broken radiator. unfortunately i'm past the warranty. i hope nissan will own up to their mistake and take care of it for me. would have been nice to recieve the phone call i was supposed to get today from the regional manager.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    I have a 2003 ,would this year be in the same problem as a 2005 pathy :confuse:

    I have seen other posts a month ago on this issue and it seems the cooling line internally in the radiator bursts and let the tranny fluid mix with the antifreeze

    The fix is have the tranny flushed good twice and then add a tranny cooling kit in the front or rear of the radiator so air flows throught it and flush the radiator and plug the original in and out lines at the bottom of the radiator and you will never have this problem again
  • 2003 models should be fine. I think ,according to the forum here, the problem is common with the 2005's. I have the 2006 model. I'm beginning to notice a milky/Oily color in my coolant and radiator. The Nissan dealership here is suggesting I change the Radiator and do a flush which will take so much $$$$ . The indepentent Mechanic here said all I need is aflush that my radiator still looks good. So, now I'm confused.
    Ok, recently my Catalytic Converter went bad. I got lucky on that one. The dealership will be replacing it after xmas since My warranty has not run out. Nissan got somuchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh problems
    Thanks for your contribution!
  • Is this problem common with 2006 models of pathfinders?
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