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Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems



  • Same problem here !! I was told to replace enrtire tranny and radiator, looking at 5-7K !!!! Need to get enough people complaining to Nissan about this, so they can do something about it as I believe their radiatord were faulty, what else would breakdown the wall between the tranny fluid and coolant?
  • same thing happened here !!!! this was due to a faulty Nissan radiator, need to start making them know this issue is out there !!!!!!!!
  • xtierraxtierra Posts: 55
    i cant believe that the radiator is listed as a 36,000 mile warranty item.... it should be at least 100,000 miles on it.
    for those concerned, it seems that corrocion is what is eating the radiator inside so your coolant has to be pure and not worn or diluted over time with heat. you can find online cooltrak test strips.......... this will help everyone determine the purity of their coolant. i have personally flushed my radiator 3 times so far just to be safe.
  • I actually have a file/claim into nissan Corporation. has anyone else tried to put in a claim or called them on it. Im awaiting a call from them to see if they are willing to help with cost out of "goodwill".
  • jbaumerjbaumer Posts: 8
    I have an 06 Pathfinder, seems most or all the transmission/radiator problems listed are 2005 Pathfinders. Are the 06's or later having the same probllem?
  • haven't heard any 06 being part of this. Might be in luck.
  • fummy my dealer just suggested i go after my insurance on my water issue into radiator, they do know something is going on, but don't wanna fess up. I have a complaint into North american corp. Nissan needs to become liable!!!!!!!!!!!
  • anything new on this issue. I have the same thing going on im after warranty, but i do have ny car at Nissan. Im awaiting Northern Cal rep to get back with me on the goodwill policy.
  • jetawayjetaway Posts: 14
    Do you all have to replace your trans? The coolant should take a while to do damage to the trans.Why not try bypassing the radiator with an external cooler and then have the trans purge flushed.Unless you are already having major internal problems.
  • I have just discovered that I have the radiator leakage problem on my 2005 nissan pathfinder. Just wondering what steps I should take with this issue as my warranty is out.
  • Sorry to say but just as I was told by Nissan SOL because warranty is out. I have since taken mine to a shop and I'm paying out of pocket. I have filed a claim with BBB (better business beurea). Hopefully we all can make Nissan aware of this issue and get them to re-call and pay for this s$#@$!!!
  • i have a '93 pathfinder xe 6-cylinder, with 235,000 mi. i don't want to get rid of it if possible, but the reverse isn't working. it won't back up, but put it in drive and it will take off like nothing is wrong. any suggestions. the car pretty much as the orginal parts on it still, i just kept a oil change and a tune up on it.
  • rickm3rickm3 Posts: 1
    Hello and thanks for your help in advance. I own a 1995 pathfinder 6 cyl. 4WD . I have started hearing a noise when I slow down , (if you can imagine a tin can with a handful of marbles rolling around )
  • My advise, take it to the dealer and insist that they replace the transmission/radiator even through the warranty has expired. If the dealer says no contact Nissan directly. The number for complaints/problems is in your manual. I was told by Nissan that if I had taken my pathfinder to a dealer they might have paid for all or partial of the repair even through it was after warranty. "They look at them on a case by case basis". I was told that they would have still look at the vehicle even through it was pulled apart at another tranny repair shop. They told me they can't reimburse me for any of my cost (5,000) since a dealer did not look at it. Also, another reason to contact the main Nissan number is if there is a recall eventually you might be entitled to a reimbursement at a later time. You put your complaint/problem on file with them. Good Luck!!!!
  • Most likely it is what is called the "brake band". When you shift into reverse, a plunger clamps down on the forward clutch pack (like a noose) and "locks it up" causing the gears to rotate the opposite way (which is reverse). Suffice it to say, the band needs replacing, which isn't expensive for the part, (around $20.00 is what I paid when I built my transmission.) but does require pulling the transmission. I know that's probably what you didn't want to hear, but it is what it is. However there is an adjustment on the top right side of the transmission. (it's a nut and requires an allen wrench to tighten.) You can try loosening the nut, (If you can even get to it with the transmission installed), then rotate the allen screw in the nut clockwise thus tightening the brake band. The band itself has a friction lining which has probably worn off over the years, which means the metal of the band will be running on the metal of the clutch pack causing metal dust to go through the transmission. (not good). My advice is this:
    if you want to keep the Pathfinder, rebuild the transmission. Two wheel drive transmissions in these things are a cinch to remove if you have any mechanical knowledge. ( you never said two or four wheel) Four wheel drive transmissions are much harder to remove, but it can be done. At 235,000 miles, your transmission probably needs rebuilding anyway.I bought the manual for it on e-bay. Good luck! :shades:
  • Thank You so much for that info. I have to admit that i was happy at the beginning of the message to know that it was probably something simple like the brake band, but of course i continued to read the rest and got depressed again. Well anyway i will certainly give your idea a try and see how much it would be to do all of that, i don't know how to fix cars like that. (i wish i did) and by the way it was a 2wd. I do want to keep it, but at the same time need to do something, keep paying insurance and tag renewal every year on a car that doesn't work. (it's been almost two yrs now). thankyou again "lildavidjax", i really appreciate it.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    This just happend today I was in park running engine ,automatic , and stepped on the brake and near the shifter console a clik noise happends when I step on the brake ,then when I put it in drive its quiet, it sounds llike RELAY OR SELINOID click, anybody ever have this noise? thanks for suggestions a 2003 pathfinder only 47K on it
  • It's your shift lock releasing so your shifter will move. It's a safety feature to keep the shifter from moving into any gear without the brake pedal being depressed. It's always happened, you just probably never heard it before. my '93 has it too. Have a great one! :shades:
  • yes your right I never noticed it before because I always push the [non-permissible content removed] lock in the same time I step on the brake. It could have gotten a little louder but it does work
  • From my comment on April 21st of 2009, and I quote:
    "So, I did not have the failed radiator issue and since my rig only has 57,200 miles on it Nissan is replacing the transmission for me at their expense under the original factory warrantee. I should note that I am the second owner on this rig, I’m glad that Nissan’s warrantees follow the vehicle and not ownership. "

    Guess what? Over the past week the rig developed a heavy shudder when at low RPM and driving on a slight incline, typically when the cruise control was active and running between 35-45 MPH.

    I took it back to the dealer service department and they have determined that the replacement transmission is bad, good thing it was still under the 12 month / 12,000 mile replacement warrantee. Get this - the radiator is leaking into the transmission fluid now (!!!) the dealer is covering the transmission but now wants me to pay $663 to replace the radiator (sigh). This is the original issue that I presented to them as my primary concern back in April.

    Once I get the rig back I'm going to drive it for another 12-18 months then get something else (Non-Nissan!) before the problem re-develops and have to to pay for it myself out of pocket.

    Anyone at Nissan paying attention? You are losing formerly happy customers due to this obvious issue!

    Is there anyone out there still driving an 2005 Pathfinder that hasn't developed any transmission issues (hard shifting, shuddering, lurching)? I strongly suggest that you might consider moving on to a new rig sooner than later.
  • I recently bought a 2005 pathfinder LE with 2wd. Is this problem happening with 2wd and 4wd? Does anyone know if this was confined to a particular plant or manufacture date range? Mine has 45k, any suggestions on how to approach the radiator leaking into the transmission issue proactively?

    Thank you.
  • From what I have been reading in these forums, it is ALL 2005 Pathfinders. It seems that the company that manufactured the radiators obviously had a problem.I know you probably don't want to hear this, but if I were in your shoes, it would be a helluva lot cheaper just to change the radiator or bypass the the cooler in the radiator altogether by putting an aftermarket transmission cooler on it.Good luck!
  • Yes the other guy is right and its a lot cheaper to By pass the radiator and just plug to two tranny lines that were going through it so if they should ever leak internally at least the water wont come out . those bypass tranny cooler kits are on JC whitney web sites less than a $1oo.oo
  • what type and brand of fluids should I use in the rear end gear housing and the front drive housing on my 2003 path nissan LE V6 Automatic [Note] my first time 4 wheel drive vehicle, thanks any one :)
  • should you put the 4 wheel selector on a few times to circluate the oils or fluids when you drive in 2 wheel selection all summer say for 3 months ?
  • Any 90 weight gear lube will do.
  • Can't hurt! But it's NOT good to do so on a dry road, (unless it's dirt).4 Wheel is supposed to be used only on slippery (wet) surfaces or loose (sand and gravel) surfaces. Doing so on a dry paved road can cause gears to bind thus causing undue stress on the 4 wheel part of the drive train. :shades:
  • you mean [Its not a good] practice just to circlate the oils to put it in 4 wheel auto for about 3 turns around an empty parking lot ,if this is so what about the possibility that when it snows and you do use it you may have leaks or hard shifting? :confuse:
  • This past June I bought my first vehicle. It's a '95 Nissan Pathfinder SE V6 auto. I LOVE it! But one thing that concerns me a little bit is when I am backing up and am making a turn there is a slight popping feeling from the rear wheels. It seems to do it mostly when I'm turning, and it will do it on asphalt or on dirt. Also, very rarely when I'm pulling out while giving it a little more gas to get up to speed (Not flooring it or anything like that) there is the same momentary shudder or pop while it's pulling out.

    It doesn't seem to do as much anymore, but I still notice it now and again. It feels as though for a brief moment something is slipping somewhere. I'm wondering, is it possibly the transmission?
  • jan48jan48 Posts: 1
    I also have the same problem. Took in today. Will cost about $5,000.00 to replace transmission and radiator. Call Nissan North Amer. to file complaint. Now checking on starting a class action law suit for help. Anyone have more suggestion.
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