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GMC Envoy instrument panel problems



  • rayhitchrayhitch Posts: 6
    Thanks, Christina, for responding to my inquiry so quickly. The VIN for my Envoy is 1GKDS13S872209925. It would be a great help if you could find out anything on this problem. Best wishes.
    Ray (rayhitch)
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I apologize for your frustrations. Can you please email me with your complete contact information including a good number to reach you, current mileage, and involved dealer? I look forward to your response. Have a great 4th of July weekend!
    GM Customer Service
  • Is it possible you can emaill me the number for ISS? I would really appreciate it since I can't afford $500 for this fix. Please email it to, Thanks
  • I have a 2005 Envoy SLT. The check engine light started with my alternator, then the thermostat, the gas gage is off and I have to fill up and count miles and hope that me running the ac doesn't mess me up. One day I was driving and turned on the ac and the whole car shut off while I was driving. Had to replace the fuse box under the steering wheel ($600) and I've had nothing but problems from the car. The check engine light seems to stay on no matter how many times I take it to the dealership. At this point, I've pretty much given up and don't plan on putting anymore money into it until it completely breaks down...again. I know now not to ever buy from GM.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    I apologize for the problems you are experiencing with your vehicle. Could you please email me your VIN? I would like to look further into your situation.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • sunshyne057. GM's social media will set up a case for you, have someone from cust serv call you and tell you they wont cover your instrument panel failures. Even though 850,000 GM owners have problems with their instrument panels, they have not officially done a recall. I'm not exactly sure why GM social media trolls these sites to pretend to help all of us except maybe PR, but, they certainly dont help in any meaningful way like say paying for these repairs, but I digress. Please go to and make a complaint on your vehicle. The more of us that report our failures to NHTSA the better. GM certainly doesnt want to pay for faulty parts for 850000 vehicles. Here is an article that tells of their investigation. >> nvestigation-for-faulty-fuel-gauge/

    Go through the motions of sending in your VIN to GM social media, await GM's call from customer service, and then go make a complaint to NHTSA ( Social Media nothing but lip service.

    Julie Hopson
    2005 Envoy purchased new from Crown GM St Pete Florida
    Fuel Gauge inoperable/Check Engine Light always on. Only 4 more payments and the POS is all mine.
  • What does sending you my VIN number do?
  • Thanks a million!!!
  • pocketpocket Posts: 29
    With all the problems that the Envoy has, and the way that Social Media canvases this website with the pretence on trying to help people. You would think that someone would come forward and actualy say that they have been helped by social media. IF there is one person out there that has actualy been helped by GMC please post a message in here and let me know. I seriously doube there is one out there.
  • pocketpocket Posts: 29
    edited July 2011
    Could you please e-mail me the address to ISS, or their website address. I would love to get rid of my failed instrument cluster. Did you have to have your mileage reset? If so how did you do it? Please post a message in here, and I will receive it.

    Thanks, Pocket
  • pocketpocket Posts: 29
    I was browsing the internet for possible solutions to our problems with the Envoy instrument cluster. Everyone who owns an Envoy should go to their search engine, and type in GMC Instrument Cluster Settlement, and when the websites pop up, check out the website that is under Wikipedia. Seems that there was a lawsuit against GMC for failed clusters, and there are guidlines that you have to go through to get your cluster fixed. One of them is the vehicle has to be under 70,000 miles at the time of failure, and it has to be documented. Another one is for a vehicle with less than 80,000 miles at the time of failure. Like I said, it is too late for me, but maybe someone out there can benefit from this. Good Luck All!!!!!
  • frankie62frankie62 Posts: 21
    For Christina, GM Customer Service
    I have experienced yet another problem with my 2003 GMC ENVOY XL, VIN 1GKES16S936210018. Yesterday while driving from work, stopped at an intersection and my Envoy stopped running. The instrument panel started lighting up, "Check Gauges" light flickered for a few secs. It started back up after several attempts and now I have "Service Engine Soon" light on. Have been experiencing RPM gauge problems, with the needle pointing due south, fuel gauge registering 1/4 but the fuel low alarm comes on. My wife had it kill on her while turning onto a very busy intersection in town. Had to have it pushed into a parking lot. This is getting ridiculously unsafe to drive it. I guess GMC is waiting for someone to get hurt or killed to have it recalled. Can't afford to have the dealership repair it at this time. :mad: :mad: Frank :mad:
  • frankie62frankie62 Posts: 21
    That really bites. Most of the failures happens after 100K. I guess I'm not getting it fixed anytime soon, have 124K..tks for the info. :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • I have a 2005 Envoy that I purchased used. And all I can say is WOW I wish I would have read this before buying it!! I too have had nothing but problems with it and it has under 100 thousand. I seldom ever know how fast I am going and am just waiting for the day when I get pulled over for speeding and can honestly tell the police officer "I have no #%! clue how fast I was going". Since it sounds like GM is not willing to take responsibility for faulty equipment, I wonder how they will feel about paying the ticket or worse yet what happens when someone is killed because they will not stand behind their products. I have owned many different brands of cars/trucks over the years and I can say that this is the first and last GMC that I will ever buy!!! I used to get upset over taking my car in on recalls all the time. But now I can say THANK YOU FORD!

    A very unhappy customer :(
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    I apologize for the problems you are experiencing with your vehicle. Could you please email me your VIN and current mileage? I would like to look further into your situation.

    You can get my email by clicking on gmcustsvc.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • frankie62frankie62 Posts: 21
    There are 28 pages of emails on this Envoy Forum, since 2008 and there have yet to be a recall on all Envoys with instrument cluster problems. Your email response is very generic, but yet nothing is done about it. My 2003 is sitting in the driveway, I don't want myself or my family members driving it for fear of getting into an accident because of the faulty gauges. Is GMC waiting for someone to get killed and the family sues them ? Yet another frustrated Envoy Owner..before you ask AGAIN, my vin# is "1GKES16S936210018". :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • I will go ahead and send you the info you are requesting. If something is not done to the satifaction of the Enovy owners in a FAST timely manor. I will be contacting a few of the TV stations to get this problem out to the public about GMC and their customer relations.
  • jls9382jls9382 Posts: 1
    I too have had problems with my dashboard gages.... it started about a year ago with my RPM readings, then moved to my speedometer, which would work half the time and would jerk to higher speeds instead of one steady motion, and lastly is ended with the fuel gage before I took it to the shop. Luckily it was covered under my extended warranty, being the front wheel berring went as well. Otherwise it would have been a $1300 trip to the shop. I'm too also having problems with my lights. My husband has replaced bulbs but sometimes he has to jiggle wires to make them work. My CD player doesn't work either.... POS car :(
  • harper423harper423 Posts: 2
    I have a problem with gas gauge not working , have filed a complaint with NHTSA since my car has only 39,000 miles and IMO GM's customer service people seem aware of the problem from the forum but don't seem to care much about a voluntary recall - here is the online complaint form :
  • frankie62frankie62 Posts: 21
    Since your vehicle has only 39K miles, thee's a recall, dealership will replace it parts and labor for free. Up to 70K miles (parts/labor free), 70+ to 80K miles (parts only free). Everyone else screwed.. :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    If you would like to email me your VIN, I would be happy to look into this for you.
    GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I apologize for your frustrations. I understand seeing all these posts can be quite frustrating. This is why we are out here. To get these peoples concerns documented with GM, as well as try to help come to a resolution for their situation. Our posts can be a little generic because to start looking into things we need to get some basic information; a lot of times information that shouldn't be posted on a forum. What I can do is set up a case for you with Customer Assistance. This will report your concerns with GM. These cases and issues are tracked and could help to forum a recall. Please feel free to email me your contact information if you would like to proceed with this course of action. I look forward to your response.
    GM Customer Service
  • mikejp20mikejp20 Posts: 8
    this sucks it doesn't make sense for the consumer to pay for a manufacturer defect, it doesn't seem the will own up to their defects... I too have been searching the Internet and have found other class-action suits for similar vehicles i.e. Sierra, Escalade, Yukon and a few more plus recalls on all exact/similar issues we are having with the Envoy. It all smells like manufacture defects to me. Oh I forgot I just stopped in and spoke with the GMC dealership and they told me I was looking at 530+ dollars parts and labor. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • mikejp20mikejp20 Posts: 8
    Thanks Harper423 I just filed the complaint as well... sounds like the media would be a good option at this point, this is unacceptable being the number of complaints and all the issues that GMC has with their product line I don't feel the consumer should suffer for their defects.
    :mad: :lemon: :mad: :lemon:
  • pocketpocket Posts: 29
    Yes, it does suck, and GM refuses to do anything about it. If you check back on earlier posts, you will find that a person found a place to have these instrument panels fixed for around $200 or less. I am saving up to have that option. I have spent a small fortune on this vehicle (money to buy the vehicle in the first place, and money to have it repaired) and I think GM should do something about it. Oh Christina and the others try to placate us by saying that they will look into it, but what that amounts to is they want you to send them your serial number, the number of miles on the vehicle, and then they want you to take it to a GM dealership to have it properly diagnosed (at a cost of $180 and up) and then they will tell you that there is nothing that they can do for you as your vehicle is beyond the mileage limit. Just smoke and mirrors. Anyway good luck to you, and if I hear of any other options, I will be sure to post it. BTW I am tracking this website, so if you send me a message, I will get it. I am also saving every e-mail and post on this website to send to the NTSB.
  • My sentiments exactly. I got to a point where I'm having someone repair my instrument panel, replacing all 6 stepper motors, backlighting, etc.. for $65.00, but you have to pull the cluster out and mail it to him. He is listed on Ebay, David Ruberg. First time buying off Ebay..but checked with BBB before sending it out. I'm hoping to get it back this week. If so, I will report to everyone here if all is good. :)
  • magnastymagnasty Posts: 26
    Folks, as you may or may not know, the Trailblazer is basically the same vehicle as the Envoy. Take a look at this link and read how Trailblazer owners are having the same issues. Why this this? Well, these two vehicles are built at the same factory. The biggest difference is the trim. What do you think would happen if all Envoy and TB owners banded together to pressure GM for a total recall?">link title
  • no, that is not correct. I had to pay for my insturment panel last year $1700. and my car just made 70,000 miles this weekend, I filed all the complaint with GMC and nothing happen, none of these people on here is trying to help you guys,The goverment should have let GMC go bankrupt, now they are still in business to rob us of our money and make their profits to get them back to their high living standards that they were once use too. Last week I had to pay $3200 for a new transmission, (guess you can tell I am woman, the guy didnt realize that i know there is no such thing as a new transmission, unless you buy a brand new car.) at the GMC dealer ship in Houma, LA because they had to take my transmission apart to find out why my RPMs was staying at 4 when I was riding at 40mph. When he called and told me I need a whole new transmission and it would cost $3000, i started calling other places, i got quotes for $1600, so I called and told him i was going to get someone else to do it for cheaper, he said, ok, but we can't put it back together so it will have to be towed, and the bill for the 3 hours it took to take it apart is $900.00. Can you tell me, how much money the transmission tech makes per hour? That's $300 per hour.
    Question to all of you on here? if we all have the same problems, we all filed complaints, where is our government to help us with these criminals at GMC?
  • Nothing will happen. If everybody on here has filed a complaint like they should have, then something should have been done by now. For me, I had my instrument paney changed last year, paid $1700 @GMC in Houma, LA, brought them copies of all the recalls, filed my complaints, and was still told by them I was responsible for the bill. Nobody from GMC on this forum really give a crap about our problems. They are here for the people who are looking to buy a GMC and make it look like they are fixing the problem. My GMC 2004 Envoy made 70,000 this weekend, last week I paid $3200 for a (New, Right?) transmission. who needs a new transmission at <70,000 miles? My car is 6 years old and its not like I have 120,000 miles on it. They wanted to charge me $900.00 for the 3 hours it took them to break down the transmission and call me just to tell me i needed a new transmission. I called around for other quotes, the highest price i got was $1800 to replace my transmission. so when i called him back at Gmc, he told me my bill was already $900 and they were not going to put the transmission back on, so i needed a tow truck, another $200+1800 for the transmission, so GMC screwed me again with their $900 of nothing labor. Doctors dont even make $300 a hour.

    The goverment don't care if they are stealing and robbing form the people, they just want to get their money back that they loaned them, and GMC have to rip off the people to pay them back. If everyone filed out a complaint, then the goverment transportation dept knows about this crap, and they are not going to do anything about it. Look how long its been going on, check the date that this forum was started. It was just a few months ago. I posted my concerns last year and people started at least the year before that.

    The goverment and GMC dont care. They just want your money. I recently posted my car problems on my facebook, and found out that all my machanic work can be done much cheaper, by small mom and pop machanic shop, with are much reliable sources. Those are the shops that want your business, they depend on business by work of mouth, so they are honest when it comes to your money and back up the work that they do without making you purchase an extended warrenty for their work.
  • I did print it, emailed to the service tech at GMC Houma, LA and to the person in the main GMC corp office. They both denied it and I still had to pay.

    Believe me. It didn't work. I even gave them this website to read the forum.
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