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Dodge Stratus



  • phatride01phatride01 Posts: 23
    Apologies for not knowing where you live, but the friend of mine that had his car fixed had it done in Fairfield, CT. He said the name of the dealer was Scap Motors, in Fairfield, and when he called them, all they asked him was whether he was the original owner of the car, and whether the issue was "really" the head gasket.

    Of course, his answers to this were "YES" as he could see the oil spewing from the head. As a result, he took the car into the dealer, they fixed the head gasket, and the timing belt (which he requested them to do) and ended up paying the whole of $206 (mainly for the head gasket, and the timing belt (i.e. the parts)).

    At this point, if you are nowhere near Connecticut, I would ask the dealer that you went to, to contact Scap Motors, with regards to your situation, and I am sure that Scap would be willing to pass along the information. Contact them yourself first, that way, you have the upper hand.

    Other than that, you could probably try and get in contact with the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic and Safety Admin.) and check their site for any such recalls. If they are listed, then the dealer has to have them fixed for "free", if not, you can take other measures of having the car fixed, or following the legal route.

    Hope this has helped.

  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,173
    I have a 1998 Stratus w/ 2.4ltr fully loaded with 48k on it. (All under Normal/Highway driving) When I got the vehicle new it had 5 miles on it. Since I've had the Stratus I've had to have a number of things done, here's a list (and it's a long one) :

    1. Head Gasket replaced 2x
    2. Plugs replaced 3x (shudders and almost stalls when plugs burn out)
    3. Electrical replaced 1x (was shorting out plugs and dashboard)
    4. Oil Pan replaced 1x (developed a leak)
    5. replaced Michelin's with Goodyear Eagle GTII at 36k
    6. Heater/AC Fan replaced 1x
    7. Dashboard Lights replaced 1x
    8. Dashboard Speaker Mounts reclamped down 1x (you get an annoying rattle while driving)
    9. Steering column replaced 1x (started cracking as I was turning wheel)
    10. Exhaust system 1x (had to be rebent, started to rattle under car)
    11. Power Steering Fluid Pump 1x

    General Repairs
    1. Shocks 1x
    2. Brakes 1x

    I am now waiting for a 2001 Escape which I've traded the stratus on.

    I been hoping a Deer would run out in front of me and total the car... But they seem to be running away from it (me chasing them through the fields is probably why (just kidding))

  • eeeleeel Posts: 57
    got my neighbor in a new 98 stratus - she's over 60k with no problems - none - nothing but routine service - she can't say that about the honda she traded in. (tranny/ac/struts all in less than 60k)
  • sp01sp01 Posts: 81
    said goodbye to my '95 Stratus ES V6. Six years, and 76K stellar miles together, and now the song must end.

    I said hello to an '01 Sebring LXi coupe. Esto es vivir!
  • jbrook25jbrook25 Posts: 1
    I have a brand new 2001 Stratus ES with a little less than 400 miles on it. I am getting around 22 mpg mostly around the town driving. What is everyone else getting.

    I love the car:
    Stratus ES - Deep Sapphire Blue
    4 Disc Changer

    Working perfectly!
  • My son is in the market for a 2001 Stratus ES 4 door sedan. I talked him into trading off his '95 Neon after 72k miles for a new car. He likes the Stratus and would like to stay in the same mileage range as he is accustomed to. That's why he's considering the 2.4L 4 cl.
    Problem is that he is looking for a base Stratus with safety options like side air bags and AS brakes. This does not seem to exist in any dealer inventory. We've searched a six state area of the southwest and also Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. The car doesn't exist. It appears that we'll have to order a 2002 to get what he wants.
    We would like to know anyone's experience with the 2001 4 cylinder engine as far as city mileage is concerned. Thanks for your input.
    Mopar Mikey, Las Vegas
  • richardj5richardj5 Posts: 1
    I have a 95 Stratus with 80k and for the last few months it has been one problem after another we replaced the timing belt and other small things as regular mantinance. Then about a month later the head gasket blew which improperly repaired led to a cam having to be replaced and ever since then we have had a transmission leak we took it to be fixed and they are suggesting that we rebuild all the clutchs at a cost of 1000.00 on top of replacing the pump and torque convertor for 1000.00. I am unsure whether to rebuild or just do the pump and torque. If any has any response please let me know.
  • xmannxmann Posts: 19
    I love my Chrysler products, (Jeep Grand Cherokees, Dakotas, Acclaim, and now Sebring) but I know a stinker when I see one. The 2.4L 4 cylinder smells to high heaven. Believe me when I say spend the extra dollars for the 2.7L V6. It will save you big money over the long run. The history of the 2.4L is not good. The 2.7L V6 is a gem. As far as economy is concerned I'm getting 27-29 miles/gal mix driving and I'm a lead foot. I've put 10K miles on my Sebring since February and not a single problem. The drivetrain is one of the smoothest and responsive I've ever driven in its class. The Stratus is the Dodge version of the Sebring so everything I'm saying applies. I guarantee you what extra you spend up front for the engine upgrade will be saved in multiples of times in repair costs over the life of the car.

    I had no problem with the safety options. Maybe you should look at the Sebring versions, as availability might be better in your area under that badge.
  • enetheneth Posts: 285
    Hopefully, that's no longer true. If it is, there are going to be a lot of angry PT Cruiser buyers in a year or more, since the 2.4 is the only engine available in that model.
  • xmannxmann Posts: 19
    Yes I know its the engine in the PT. I too hope they did some major rework on it. But two things give me reason to pause. The 2.4L is the base drivetrain used in the Stratus. This Stratus board is filled with durability related complaints regarding this drive train. The Stratus is rated as a midsize compact @ 3000 lbs. The PT is rated as a subcompact (like the neon upon which it is based) but weighs out at more then 3100 lbs. The Status runs acceptablly with an automatic mated to this engine. Put an automatic on the PT and its performance has been described as "glacial". I'm assuming the automatic is the same for both cars. So what does this seem to indicate? That maybe the drivetrain is max'd at this weight range which does not bode well for long term reliability and perhaps is confirmed by the experiences being shared on this Stratus board.
    Looking at this board the complaints seem to be far fewer in regards to the V6 equiped versions. This has been the experience of my company also with its fleet vehicles. The V6 is going to work less to achieve more performance in a car of this class. This translates into improved long term durability. In this case what is not being said in regards to the V6 versions would seem to be as important as what is being said about the 4 cylinder versions.
  • enetheneth Posts: 285
    Unfortunately, the designers put styling first, and as I recall, the very narrow engine compartment won't allow any of DaimlerChrysler's current V6 engines to fit. It is not likely D-C will be developing any new V6 engines for cars - they'll all come from Mitsubishi and Hyundai - and none of those will fit, either. So they'll likely go back to what they did in the 1980s when they had no V6 to put in the K-car derivatives - and use a turbocharger. Hopefully, they'll pay a little more attention to beefing up the 2.0 and 2.4L engines they turbocharge - they didn't do that with the 2.2 turbos back then and reliability was very poor.
  • ammerammer Posts: 1
    I recently bought a 1996 Dodge Stratus. 95k miles on it and in very good shape. The head gasket had JUST been replaced, so I assume I really shouldn't be having any other troubles with it? I don't keep it in a garage, so I don't think I should be getting that nasty A/C smell some of you are talking about. Just wondering what to expect out of it...
  • jessmakjessmak Posts: 3
    I am wondering what kind of experiences people are having with the 2000 Stratus? I am looking at a 2000 with 27,000 miles. Is this a good year? So far I have test drove it and I think it is a decent car. I am also wondering if it gets good gas mileage? I have heard both good and bad comments and I am open to other's experiences!

  • enetheneth Posts: 285
    By 2000, the car had a decent reputation. The Mitsubishi V6 is a better choice than either DaimlerChrysler 4-cylinder, and probably won't get much less in the way of gas mileage.
  • jessmakjessmak Posts: 3
    The car that we are looking at is a 4-cylinder. We are dealing with a Ford dealership, because we are trying to break a lease on our expedition. I really like the car, but I don't have many choices as far as the engine. I think this is the only stratus they have on their lot... and it seems to work with the financing to get out of our lease. Would you say to stay away from a 4-cylinder?
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,173
    a 2.4ltr 4cyl 1998 stratus. And besides for the head gasket leak I love it. The only reason I am trading the stratus in of the 2001 Ford Escape because of my mother-in-law passing away we got her 1995 Grand Am. So since my wife has her 2000 Civic, we decides to get me a new vehicle.
    The 4cyl does seem to have alot of pick-up (I use 89 grade gas)and it does corner pretty well (got rid of the Michelin's for Goodyear Eagle GT2 tires), and it gets about 17/20 mileage. so I'm not complaining.

  • cruisingcruising Posts: 9
    My 2000 Startus ES has developed "squeaks" in the rear suspension. Car has 30,000 miles on it...runs's just that you can hear the squeaks a block away. Anybody have a simialr problem...what's the fix. This is driving me nuts.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    ....but I'm here to announce the new Dodge Stratus Owners club now available on Owner's Club board. Please stop by and introduce yourself in Meet the Members and let me know how I can help build your club.

    I have linked this discussion into that folder, but it will always reside here in Sedans.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone!

    Owner's Clubs

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  • s012adhs012adh Posts: 1
    A few weeks ago, I bought a new 2001 Dodge Stratus ES. I really like the car except for one small annoyance that occurs after having the car sit in the hot sun (outside temperature above 80 or so) for several hours. For the first minute or two after I turn on the AC (when the car's interior is hot because of the sun beating down on it for hours), I hear an occasional popping or cracking noise that seems to be coming from the front of the dashboard near the windshield. The sound seems somewhat similar to the "cracking" sound you get when you put an ice cube in a warm drink. After a couple of minutes, this noise is no longer heard (basically when the dash has cooled down some). Also this noise isn't heard if the car's interior isn't very warm or hot. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Does anyone know what the problem might be or how it can be fixed? Thanks!
  • Sounds like air escaping through some crack in or around the windshield and dashboard. Have the dealer's service dept. check it out.
    I am ready to place an order for a 2002 Stratus SE for my son. Since we live in the desert,(Las Vegas) this problem would be of interest to us.
    My son's car is parked in thriple digit heat all day while at work. The car's interiors reach 159 degrees, so when you find out what's causing this problem, please advise as we can anticipate the same problem here in the desert heat.
    Also try turning the A/C to defrost to see if the problem amplifies itself. Problem maybe in defroster duct work..... Mopar Mikey, L.V.
  • katchoo77katchoo77 Posts: 1
    My thanks to you and this message board. I was wary of getting a used Stratus after reading the customer reviews at 99% of those were extremely negative. After reading how the V6 engine is more reliable, I'm more excited about the '95 ES I'm hoping to be in by the end of the week. The dealership is replacing the front struts for me already, so I won't need to worry about that for awhile. There is also a "mystery problem" the service guy is gonna fix that my salesman doesn't know the details on. I'm gonna find out what today. I'm taking it to my private mechanic today also to check for things that I don't know anything about, like engines and basically everything else. Things I noticed while test driving: AC button wouldn't stay pushed, windows didn't "glide", antenna stays up about 5 inches, and the battery in the keyless entry was dead. "Easily fixed" the salesman said. Hooray! Really looking forward to this car. My friends have dubbed it "the mansion on wheels". For a 7 year old car, it doesn't lack in look and style. I've been driving an '88 Plymouth V6 Voyager for many years now (160,000 miles) and she needs a rest. Can't wait to be able to drive places and not worry about breaking down (so much).

    So anyways, one question: can you buy seat covers for the back seat? I have a 70 lb. dog and I don't want her puncturing the leather. I've seen special "dog covers" for back seats in pet catalogs, but if I remember correctly, they were really expensive. I'm looking to spend less than $50 on this.
  • archgirlarchgirl Posts: 1
    I have a 99 stratus that I bought in April 2000 with 19K on it and it now has a little over 36K without a problem. I love the car. I commute to Boston a couple days a week for the summer and back and forth from NH to Erie PA 10 hours away a few times during the school year and the car has been able to handle it...and the gas milage is great. I get about 360+ miles per tank if I remember right. This is not a car to be over looked...its a great value and I recommend it to everyone I know looking for a car.
  • mundusmundus Posts: 1
    Greetings all. I am looking to get a 2001 Stratus Sedan ES in Black or Silver with a sunroof. I have been looking around the dealers in my area (Nashville) and they either have the color and sunroof but it is a SE 4-cyl (boo hiss), or they have the ES, but it is the wrong color. I know I'm picky, but if it was the cost of a candy bar, I wouldn't care so much. Anyway, it looked like I was going to have to order one to get what I want. A couple of dealers told me that if I want to order one that it is going to have to be a 2002 model. It is getting close to that time. I was wanting to take advantage of the current 1000 cash incentive on the 2001's. Does anyone know what the 2002's look like/cost/options? And does anyone know if there will be any incentives? I've looked on the web, but haven't had any luck. Appreciate any info.
  • kartezkartez Posts: 48
    I used to own a Neon but sold it for a brand new Passat. I've always thought that the previous generation Stratus handled better than comparable Ford or GM cars. I am just curious how the new Stratus handles. Could any one share their opinions please?

    Thanks, Kartez
  • schreff30schreff30 Posts: 2
    I also own a 2001 Stratus ES. I am experiencing the same popping noises from the dashboard. I notice the noises when I am turning the steering wheel. In addition, if you touch the molding (fake wood), it will make the same popping sound. I plan on taking it to the dealer to see what they say. I will let you know what I found out.
  • Hi, I've just placed an order for 2002 Stratus SE with my dealer. He has no price info yet. The 2002 model production started up Monday, July 16th at the Sterling Heights, Mich. plant.
    There are no incentives yet, low financing or rebates. The dealers have plenty of 2001 Status' and DC extended the low financing and rebates on them until September. Perhaps after most of the 2001's are gone they might extend the incentives to the 2002 models. The ONLY changes are some new colors. Thats it. Since the 2001 was completely redesigned, DC will not spend much on the 2002 models. Las Vegas Mike
  • perolafperolaf Posts: 5
    Hi, I'm thinking of getting a 2000 ES. When first starting the test drive the brakes made an awful grinding sound, which disappeared quickly. The dealer says the brakes get a thin coating of rust after sitting a week or two. I also noticed a humming noise at about 55 mph. Are these phenomena normal?
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    The dealer was correct about the brake noise. All disc brakes make a loud grinding sound as they wear off rust that has accumulated on them, especially if it has sat awhile after a heavy rain. The humming noise could just be the tires.
  • how fast can the 2001 dodge stratus go can it go 120 or more. the old dodge stratus haves a 2.4 the
    new stratus es haves 2.7 and haves 200hp and the 2.4 got 150hp
  • The humming noise you may be hearing at 55 mph may be a bad wheel bearing. I previously owned a 96 and 2000 stratus and had to replace wheel bearings on both vehicles. You should also notice this humming sound when you are driving at about 35-40 mph. As someone else suggested, it could be bad tires.
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