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Jaguar S-Type



  • Just get the charcoal interior...that'll hide the black platic if you can't get over it.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    You're just young and a little overenthusiastic at times - it's understandable. Don't waste your fingers over folks like Jagone - it's possible he doesn't even believe what he writes and is only doing it for effect (there's a word for that but Pat won't let me say it :-( ), or he just doesn't get it and never will. It's not important and it's not worth arguing about. Just ignore it and move on.
  • I purchased a carnival red/sand '03 S-type 4.2 (w/o sport pkg.) last week to replace my '00 S-type 4.0 w/ sport pkg. While I had my share of the common problems with the '00, it was nearly flawless for the last 14-16 months I owned it. This fact, plus a superb dealer, plus all the positive reviews of the '03 convinced me to go for the '03. So far, I am not diasppointed. It is a fantastic car by all standards, especially the ride and handling which are due to the new tranny, the new engine, and the new suspension. Just great engineering.

    My wife leased a 2002 XJ Sport in January, so I can compare the XJ to the new S-type with some degree of confidence. The XJ "feels" heavier and its sport suspension is quite different than the non-sport S-type. From my experiences with the '00 S-type w/ sport suspension, I would say the XJ is a lot smoother. I am sure the XJ tranny is better matched than the '00 S-type as well, but the new '03 tranny on my S is something to behold - XJ doesn't hold a candle to this baby. I like the sport seats of the XJ and they should be similar for an S w/ sport, but I did not want that "hard" of a suspension this time around (guess I'm getting old). All in all, both cars are absolutely superb although they drive and feel different - and they should.

    The new S has much better std seats (say great seats) than the older S, it has more room in the left rear due to the adjustable brake/gas pedals, it has more room in the trunk due to the "thinner" rear shelf, it has more storage room and cup holders, its prem sound system is stronger than the older models although they left out some goodies such as some of the DSP features. It has a stiffer platform by 10% and the redesigned console and instruments look very nearly like the XJ, including the "black plastic" around the climate/sound controls. To me, this is quite stunning, and I have had nothing short of "excellent" comments from about a dozen associates who have seen the car. The stiffer platform results in fewer rattles and less overall noise.

    Finally, it will GO! It's the quickest car since my '69 Dodge Charger 383 w/ 4bbl. Maybe quicker, but one can't "spin the tires" with traction control and DSC engaged.

    For anyone who is on the fence, I do not believe you can go wrong with the new '03 S-type - at least the 4.2. Car, engine, and tranny were made for each other. I test drove the '03 3.0 and liked it very much, but once you try the 4.2, there is no comparison.

    Hope this helps someone.

  • Oh no, in my last post, I just wanted to let whatup and anyone else who might have taken offense know that I wasn't trying to start anything and that I respect their opinions and their suggestions for interior improvements, but felt there were really only minor improvements that really needed to be made if made at all. Between my first post about the interior and my second one, I had noticed that Pat had had to delete some posts, and I assumed that my post may have started the rest of the deleted posts coming in. I hadn't checked back in time to read any of the deleted posts, but if I had caused a problem, I wanted to let everyone know that wasn't my intent. I also wanted to appologize if anyone had taken offense to something I had said. Jagone was just used as an example of one of the ranters in my other post, I wasn't about to focus on that subject. I guess I'm not being very clear - so I'll just say that if my first post had started anything, I didn't mean for it to. I had just wanted to put a little perspective in, but not cause any chaos if I did. That was all. Anyway, moving on...

    Thanks for being so understanding.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Um, people ... at least one or two of you ...

    There is certainly no need to get into an argument about who is a troll or not.

    If you think someone is trolling, just IGNORE the person. That's the best way to kill the troll, believe me!!

    Let's all say this together:

    don't feed the trolls
    don't feed the trolls
    don't feed the trolls

  • "How good is your car? How good is the car you're thinking about buying? And where can you unearth the truth? Here, that's where.

    We've spoken to over 37,000 motorists, who've given us the full low-down on 120 models and 33 manufacturers. They've provided us - and you - with uniquely unbiased, spin-free information on every aspect of reliability, running costs, driving experience and treatment received from dealers."

    The Jaguar S-TYPE was rated the top car in its segment, and out of 120 cars, it rated number 10! Here were the rankings for its segment:

    1.) Jaguar S-TYPE
    2.) Audi A6 and A6 Avant (wagon)
    3.) Saab 9-5
    4.) Mercedes-Benz E-Class
    5.) BMW 5-Series
    6.) Volvo S70 and V70 (wagon)
    7.) Jaguar XJ6 and XJ8
    8.) Rover 800
    9.) Vauxhall Omega

    That looks pretty good!
  • All European, not one Japanese or American? Looks suspicious to me.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    It's not suspicious - it's obviously a European survey. We don't have Rovers and Vauxhalls here.
  • Sorry, I just assumed everyone would know it was a European survey. They did have some Japanese cars that did very well like the Lexus IS 200, and there were cars from GM and Ford's brands on the list as well.
  • Hey,

    Have you seen the new XJ? Very nice...interior looks just like the 2003 S-Type. Go to:


  • Do not think it'll be a barn burner, but its a perfect next generation XJ-series. Only problem I've had with the past XJ's is that they sit so low to the ground. If they've moved this new XJ up an inch or two, I would be mighty interested. All in all they did a good job of continuing the elegant XJ tradition. Hope the he/she doesn't delete my post! I believe its some what on topic, but then again here we are discussing the new Jaguar XJ on the Jaguar S-Type board.
  • that I know of providing Jaguar owners and prospective owners a forum to discuss Jaguar automobiles! This website has much much more automotive content and is of much greater value than the other website. Which I believe was built by recruiting members from this website, which in my humble opinion was based on very poor business ethic's. Well lets all take time to enjoy the Edmunds Town Hall Jaguar S-Type message board! CHEER'S!!!
  • Hi,

    I am seriously considering buying the 2003 S-Type
    of which you have written of very highly....
    Is yours a 3.0 or 4.0....The 2002 S-Type I have now
    is a 3.0....and does the 8 cylinder warrant the extra
    cost? Thank you in advance for any info. you
    can supply...
    P.S. What color did you purchase? {Another difficult decision}....My 2000 is Sea Frost....

    Another Jaguar lover,
    Jo Ann
  • Hi Jo Ann. I have a 4.2 (the 8cyl version) in British Racing Green/Tan interior. I personally felt that the 8 cyl was worth the extra $. Since it has more power than the 6 cyl, it runs quieter on acceleration. It also suits my driving style better. That being said, the 3.0 is certainly no slouch -- especially with the new 6 speed ZF transmission mated to it. The actual price difference between the two is only about $3500 (when you factor in the premium package, 17" wheels, and other items that are "standard" on the 4.2, but options on the 3.0). Check out the "other" board that we go to for a very complete recent discussion comparing the 4.2 to the 3.0 (I trust that not referring to it by name will keep Pat mollified).

    My advice, if you have been happy with your 3.0, you will find the 2003 version a marked improvement and will love it. If you test drive the 4.2, however, you may fall in to the same trap many have and no longer be satisfied with the 3.0.

    Happy Hunting,

  • Thank you so much for all the information....
    I really appreciate it...Now for the test drives..
    Both the 6 and the ultimate 8!!! I'll let you
    know which I decide on...and what color I chose...

    Safe motoring,
    Jo Ann
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    a Town Car to the S V8. Differences in ride, road noise, performance, and interior comfort would be helpful. Thank you.
  • The Jaguar S-Type has better Performance and Interior comfort than the Lincoln Town Car. But the Town car delivers a little better ride quality mainly due to its size advantage and also lets in less road noise than the S-Type! Be nice if you could have it all. There always seems to be trade-off's even between luxury models.
  • Thought you might like to know: I made my decision, and what helped, in addition to your
    welcomed information...While at my Jaguar
    Dealership looking over all the beauties there,
    my salesman told me about a new program Jag. has..
    My lease is not up until Feb. 1, 2003, but if I
    so desired I could get an early out, and lease
    a 2003 right now, at no cost...How could I re-
    fuse? Soooooooo tomorrow I pick up my 2003 V-6
    Quartz in color with a Dove interior...It's a rich
    color which brings out the lovely lines and chrome
    I like the placement of the Growler on the grill
    also...nice touch...I loved the V8 but found the 6
    power more than enough (for my style of driving)..
    Thanks again for all the help Craig...

    Until next time...
    Jo Ann
  • Jaguar sure do have crummy resale value as compared to Lexus, Mercedes, Audi and BMW. Wonder how come Jaguar's have the lowest resale amongst these brands?
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    overcome negative impressions about the car that occured prior to Ford ownership i.e. Lucas electrics really plagued the former Jag. As long as our side keeps hunting down old Nazi war criminals, I won't buy German. I remember.
  • WELL HAPPY HUNTING! In the meantime the rest of us AMERICANS! Will continue to enjoy driving our higher resale Mercedes, Audi's, BMW's, Porsche's and Volkswagen's.

  • keyrowkeyrow Posts: 214
    Not all of "the rest" as I will not! But nice of you to speak for all Americans. BTW, when were you elected/appointed Emperor of America?
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    Interesting that an American would have an Iranian flag. As you can tell, I'm not against putting up offbeat flags for variety's sake, but then again, Fiji never called us "The Great Satan" either.

    I'm in the "Buy American" crowd. If it says "Made in the USA" I'll buy it, keep my greenbacks in this country, and support the American worker. I won't not buy something because its foreign, but given the choice, I prefer American. So if the guy wants to be patriotic and not buy German cars, more power to him.

    OK, I'll shut up now, before I get into more trouble with the hosts than I already am with this post. Just had to vent.
  • What if he buys an BMW X5 or Mercedes-Benz ML? They're both built in the States. I can go on and on...

    The auto industry is too globalized to go with the "Buy American" crowd. Technically by buying a British-built Jag, you're still helping the guys out in Detroit.

    So there's no confustion, I'm proud to be an American...
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Oh, why don't we just get back to talking about the cars and leave these kinds of conversations to the multiple argu...., er discussions, that are taking place on the News and Views board.

  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    What fun would that be, Pat?

    (Note: I am, of course, kidding).
  • saifusaifu Posts: 23
    I want to purchase a car very soon in the $30,000 range.The hottest candidate right now is a 2000 S-type either V8 or V6.I live in the Boston area and i have driven many V6's and i have always loved the S-type specially the looks.I drove a V8 at a dealer last week...exterior looked good condition other then a bump on the bumper that the dealer said he would fix...interior was decent too.I did like the extra power on the V8 and my i would prefer the bigger powerplant.What i want to ask all you folks here is that
    1,is it a good idea to get a 2000 S-type...i dont want more then 20-25K miles on it
    2, How is the reliability on the car.??Please be very critical
    3, What would be good deal for 2000 V8 with less then 25K miles on it??
    Eager to hear from you guys..
  • 2000 was the first year for the S-Type, and as such there were some initial growing pains. Scroll back, and you will likely find mention of most of them. Most notable was a steering wheel shimmy which seemed to be caused by an overly sensitive front suspension that required perfect alignment and perfect wheel balance. This problem wasn't completely eliminated until the redesigned suspension of the 2003's. I also remember an issue with the power windows failing on very early cars.

    Presumably, any issues that any car you are looking at had would have been fixed under warranty. Make sure that you get a printout of the car's service history from Jaguar and take any car you may buy for a long drive WITHOUT the salesman. Try to take it out for an entire day and drive it in different settings (local, highway, bumpy, twisty, etc).

    If the car passes your drive test and the price is right, go for it. You will have one of the classiest cars on the road that should give you years of pleasure. There should still be factory warranty left (basic was 4 years/50,000 miles), but keep in mind that, once the warranty runs out Jags can be expensive to repair and maintain (but no more so than other higher end marques).

    Good luck.

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