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Cadillac DeVille



  • pfergypfergy Posts: 7
    I know this is the Deville board but in answer to your question, I bought a 97 SLS with 24K miles in sept 2000. Bought extended warranty (not gm). 'Right out of the gate' had to have new strut, exhaust system alignment and new oxygen sensor. Since that time have had new AC compressor, new blower motor, actuator door motor,'smoking' steering column, and some other minor items. So yes, you probably did the right thing even if you have a deductible.
  • The extended warranty I purchased was actually from the Caddy Dealer (but yes it was a 3rd party warranty company that they use) no deductible, 7yr 100K. I probably should have negotiated the certified GM extended warranty but its all under the bridge now. The Warranty is classified as "Hi tech" level so it seems to cover all the standard stuff plus all the electronics and techy stuff as well. Hopefully I will never need to test it!
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    Just got my 96 Deville 85k miles oil
    changed at the little garage across
    the street. Told em' 8.1 qts with
    filter. Last time they put 5 qts in !
    Now they only put in 7. Across the
    street i go to b***h and get another
    qt. put in ! Remember this was a free
    one because they screwed up last time !
    At least they shut off my service ride
    control message...One of the connectors
    on the strut? was loose......NO CHARGE !
    oh well...............Geo

    BTW; Lemko hows that new seville ?
  • papouz12papouz12 Posts: 2
    Last summer my "01" DHS was breathing in it's own smelly fumes into the cabin. After enduring a few side glances from my wife, I had to defend myself, it wasn't me. I first thought it was coming from other cars in traffic, and would press the recycle button. But when there were no other cars around, then there was no doubt where the smelly rotten egg smell was coming from. The first time I took it back to the dealer, I was told that Cadillac Co. was asking owners to change brands of gas. I changed 3 times, running at least 2 tanks full each time, no solution. Next trip back to the dealer, Cadillac, recommended changing the exhaust system. They did this,including a new muffler, and converter, that didn't resolve the problem. Next time Cadillac recommended re program the fuel delivery system, the bad egg smell continues.
    Any one else have a similar problem? I really like the car except for this problem.
    I also had another problem. The car would stall while driving and slowing for a traffic light, or worse, to make a turn ( real scary when you lose ps & pb ). This was resolved by replacing the crank sensors. So far O.K.
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    Where do u live ? Some states and cities require
    oxygenated (spl) gas or some additives
    at certain times of the year for smog
    control or high pollution areas of the
    USA. Sometimes my vehicles stink like
    rotten eggs when running !
    But only when standing outside of them.
    If inside have dealer check for leaks
    in the underbody etc..........Geo
  • papouz12papouz12 Posts: 2
    I live in Cincinnati,OH, S.W. Corner of the state.
  • craig2000craig2000 Posts: 13
    Just asking for input on the DTS. I have an STS and am thinking about a DTS. I have to give back the STS in Dec and trying to decide. THanks!
  • Whats up, I got the Concours and I am having problems with the A/C compresser, It's been making like a grinding sound when I turn it on so I replaced it, I went to AutoZone and bought a Remanufactured Compresser and had it installed by a certified mechanic and now been driving with the new compresser and the 2nd day its been making a grinding sound when I turn off the A/C, when I turn it on it sounds fine but when I turn it on it grinds, Anyone know what this problem is from?

  • griffman12griffman12 Posts: 18
    Ther is nothing wrong with your rear end (no pund intended), The seats in the 99 are bad-very very bad. I had a 1990, 110,000 miles, a 1966 with 67,000 miles traded it for a new 1999. What a mistake had it six months and dumped it. Drove it to Fl. once and almost traded it there. Could hardly walk when we got out of it. When we got back to Pa. and after a long dialog with the We bought a 2000 Volvo S80 T6 Great seats, but Volvo service and the level of requirments exceeds the cost total of all three my Devilles.

  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    Volvos do have very good seats. Did you try the seats in an STS or a DTS(or Deville Councours)? I've found bucket seats to be MUCH more comfortable and supportive than bench seats.
  • philly7philly7 Posts: 94
    Just had my dad's '98 ETC certified which runs the factory warranty out to 7/100. The GM at the dealership is a friend of mine so I got it done real cheap. It's the best way to go if you can get your dealer to do it. They generally don't do it for cars they didn't sell.
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    Guess my 96 Deville is gonna need
    those $2000 front struts...Bummer!
    Gonna dump it...But waiting for a
    new CTS..........
  • grollegrolle Posts: 6
    Okay, I need to seek approval... I can get a 1997 Cadillac Fleetwood w/ 94,000 miles on it for $9500 plus taxes or a 1997 Volvo S70 w/79,000 miles on it for $11,500 plus taxes. I drive on average about 40-50k miles per year. What would YOU (the reader of this posting) do? Thanks in advance.
  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Posts: 872
    Did you replace the clutch and pump together, or just the pump? If you just did the pump the clutch is shot, and needs replacement. If you did them both talk to autozone about replacement and compensation for the labor.
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    97 fleetwood 97 k $9500 ? Man that sounds
    like a lot of $$$. I am waiting on a
    new CTS. All the dealers offered me $5000
    for my 96 Deville with 87k miles.
    Ask over in the smart shopper thread,
    under real world trade in values !
    Bill and the guys can REALLY help ya
    out on the right price to pay!....Geo
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    The Fleetwood did not exist in 1997, 96 was the last year of the Fleetwood.
  • lemkolemko Philadelphia, PAPosts: 15,294
    ...a special model built on the FWD platform with a slightly stretched chassis called a Fleetwood Limited. The last big RWD Fleetwood was in 1996.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    A major daily newspaper is looking for people who bought used luxury cars with the idea of moving upscale at discounted prices only to find out that the cost of parts and service was greater than expected. Were you surprised or shocked by the cost of routine maintenance and common repairs like mufflers, brakes, shocks and struts, transmissions, headlight replacement, etc.?

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  • grollegrolle Posts: 6
    My mitake. I meant 97 Deville...(I have to do something by this Friday)
  • balooobalooo Posts: 24
    By the time you read this you may have made your purchase...I've owned two Volvo's a 1999 S70 traded it for a 2002 S80.
    First of all I assume the S70 Volvo your looking at is a 1998 model the 850 was the model in 97.
    Caddy Vs.Volvo it boils down to this Resale and the type of ride and interior space your looking for.
    The Volvo will be worth more in three years.
    My volvo S70 did not ride like a caddy but my S80 sure does I love it.
    The S70, in fact all volvos have the best seats in the business after a long drive you'll feel great despite the stiffer ride a volvo has in comparison to a Caddy. Frankly this is an apples and oranges comparison,if you ask me go with the Volvo it's a better investment.
    Good luck!
  • I'm currently looking at a 99 base model Deville silver w/gray interior and fake convertible roof. 32k on the clock- dealer's asking 23k for it. Anything in particular I should look out for in this vehicle? Thanks in advance-

    NB Merrill
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,404
    ....DON'T GET the fake convertible roof. It ruins the car and makes it look like a pimpmobile!
  • hydra2hydra2 Posts: 114
    Recently test drove a 2002 DTS with tilt/telescope wheel, but no night vision or nav and had the following impressions:

    1. Unbelievable power from 300 hp Northstar.
    2. Smooth ride, great cornering, outstanding brakes.
    3. Striking good looks (sterling/gray).
    4. Impressed by rear parking assist, it works well.
    5. Loved the bucket seats and console shifter, but not crazy about detents.

    Two things disappointed me:
    1. The sun visor had no extension (although the two visors were nice). A car this sexy (and expensive) should have low etch gizmos like sun visor extensions imho.
    2. The dealer had slapped those tacky faux convertible treatments on a number of cars.

    I also test drove a Park Avenue Ultra. I liked its power and comfort but it was no dts(It was a demo with 2k miles. The dealer was willing to part with it for 34K). In fairness it did not have the Gran Touring Option, although it was loaded with almost every other option. It also did not have a console mounted shifter. It did not look nearly as good as the dts either. It was plain and outdated looking, but I liked the fact that it has the same size trunk as the DTS.

    The caddy dealer wants just under 47k for the dts with the lux pak, moonroof and chrome wheels.

    Many posts in the Park Avenue forum leave me concerned about suspension vibration problems mentioned by owners of older Park Avenues.

    Has any Deville owner had similar problems? Or is/was this a problem limited to the Park Avenue?

    Please forgive my long post.

    Thank you for any info you can share with me.

  • flamingoflamingo Posts: 5
    I have a 2001 DHS and it burns about one quart of oil every 2000 miles. I would like to know
    what sort of experience others have had. Is
    this too much or is it just the nature of the beast?
  • snomojoesnomojoe Posts: 14
    Flamingo. My 2000 DTS used about l quart in 3000 miles 'til about 18000 miles when I started using Mobil 1 synthetic. Usage tapered off slowly and now I can expect1/2 quart or less in 3000 - 4000 miles. I suspect this improvement is the result of breakin and the Mobil 1. Most likely more credit to breakin because the performance REALLY improved from about 22000 miles to current 27000 miles.

    I have to agree with recent post about test driving a new DTS. I've had my DTS for two years now and I still am impressed with the car and look forward to every driving experience (It is our "road car" for trips.) It is AWSOME on the highway - performance, comfort, handling. appearance. (I often receive comments and "thumbs up" from admirers at stop lights and parking lots.)
  • jmanfrojmanfro Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 Deville with about 17,000 miles on the odometer. If my highway driving is consistently 70 mph or above, I have to add one to two quarts of Mobil 1 5W/30 every 5,000 miles. As long as I do not exceed 65 mph on the highway, I noticed that oil consumption is reduced. It still burns some oil but not nearly as much as when my highway speed is 70 mph or more.
  • baron87baron87 Posts: 93
    A few hours ago, my mom and I were in the car coming home from playing golf. We were stopped in traffic, when an Acura slammed into the rear of our car at about 20-25 MPH, we subsequently rolled into an older Buick Riviera in front of us. I must credit Cadillac and GM with nothing short of a miracle of engineering. While, the Acura was completely totalled and had to be towed, our DTS sustained relatively little damage. My mom and I sustained no whiplash either thanks to an excellent seat/head restraint design.

    The DTS performed flawlessly, the exhausts dropped down and the rear facia took the hit. The aluminum bumper structure was undamaged. It really amazes me that our car took so little damage. The Buick's bumper cracked, and our front facia is slightly damaged. Thanks to OnSTAR about four police vehicles, a fire-truck, and an ambulance were at the scene in less than two-minutes. Today, I must really say thank-you to GM, for keeping us safe, for getting help on the scene, and keeping our car he least damaged as possible in what could have been a farily serious accident. THANK YOU!! And now the DTS will be taking a long vacation in the Cadillac body-shop...I don't even want to know how much exhaust replacement, lower-body parts replacement, plus two bumper facia replacements cost! But the main thing is I am fine, as is my mom, thanks to a fantastic car.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    and I'm really glad you both are okay.
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    Does anyone know if the DeVille DTS has a better soundproofing package than the Seville STS and is therefore a more quiet car at highway speeds? Is there any significant difference in the suspensions and handling of the two cars? Lastly, is the acceleration of the DTS about the same as the STS or is the Seville more spritely?

  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    Sorry to hear you guy's Caddy got hit, but at least you and your mom are okay. Serves that POS Acura right to be totalled. If I'd been your mom, I'd probably have been ready to beat the "you know what" out of the person that hit me. Especially with golf clubs in the car:) Let me guess, Acura driver was yakin on the cell phone or putting make-up on in the visor mirror.
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