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Cadillac DeVille



  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    If you decided to buy this car, you definitely need to prepare for the low resale value. We purchased a 01 DTS after 9/11. The car has a msrp of $50k and our purchase price is about $44,000 ($2,000 below invoice) and on top of it we had a rebate coupone of $1000 for owning an olds + GM Card earning etc. and our out the door price is about $42,000 + tax (total about $47k). In addition to it, we also got 0% finance for 5 years (they financed the tax and license fee as well). I thought I did great. Not quite one year later, I am taking a job transfer and was thinking of changing the deville to a smaller car. Guess what the dealer is willing to take it for about $31K (selling it myself is not much better. I may be able to get $33-34K). If you take $31k, that is about 38% depreciation in one year. Some of the Lexus car has depreciation of 40% after 4 years of ownership not just one year... If I keep the car for another 4 years, I will do o.k. since the 0% finance will kick in and this deville will be cheaper to own than a Lexus GS400. I guess the moral of the story is that you have to really like this car and keep it for a while. Otherwise, the depreciation is going to kill us.
  • jeff186jeff186 Posts: 95
    Topgun, I see your point. I guess we have to acknowledge that foreign luxury cars (Infiniti, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz)are the most sought after luxury cars. Cadillac has fallen off the mountaintop. Yes, those foreign luxury cars hold their value much better than Caddy because most yuppies want them and not Cadillacs. And they are more reliable, from what I read in Consumer Reports. But I want a DeVille anyways, I like old movies and collect old magazines. I want a Deville before they stop making them forever, just like the Eldorado. Caddy's clientele is dying off and I hope in 2-3 years, I can get an old-fashioned Deville. Pnly thing better would be a circa early 1990s Brougham, big, long and harkening back to when Eisenhower was president.
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    Cadillac's traditional owner base may be dying off, but they attracting a new generation of customer. It's true the "yuppies" may never buy a Cadillac, but Cadillac is aiming for the generation that came after them. I'm 27 and the CTS is high on my list for a new car in a year or so. I also love the styling of the current Deville, especially in DTS trim. The old Broughams of the 80s and early 90s were classy looking cars, but their chassis and mechanicals are way out of date. The current Deville is contemporary looking while distinctively being a Cadillac. The CTS is just pure fun to drive. And it's funny that the most "boatlike" of all Cadillacs, the Escalade" is the one attracting the youngest buyers to the brand. The CTS will probably change that though.
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    I live in Konxville, I take it your visiting the Great Smokey Mountains national park. If you haven't taken the drive yet, TAKE THE CADDY!! The 9 1/2 hour drive from Chi town to K town will go by so quick. I did the reverse trip last fall as my company is based in Chicago and even with my "lowly" Oldsmobile Intrigue, I had a great time driving.
  • jeff186jeff186 Posts: 95
    I agree with you that Caddy is trying to get younger buyers and the CTS is a very good effort. Unfortunately, there seems to be a stigma among some folks about buying a Caddy vs. a BMW or Benz. What's hip or chic or flavor of the month doesn't concern me. The Deville is distinctly American and seems an enduring icon to me. As for the Escalade, a couple of rap song and yes, it is a hot hot hot vehicle to own. Love to know what the profit margin is on an Escalade, gotta be several thousand dinero.
  • jgranatajgranata Posts: 70
    i don't think that gm will kill off the deville; the bigger issue, imo, is whether or not the deville will remain fwd or follow the seville. personally, i hope it stays fwd; better for day to day driving. jackg
  • hydra2hydra2 Posts: 114
    I took the Caddy and boy was I glad I did. I actually went to a little town called Sweetwater about 45 miles south of Knoxville.

    The power and handling of the DTS is unbelievable. It just ate up the miles. My wife didn't want to stop driving and is eager for our next trip. We didn't go insane, but we did the trip in nine hours. Wow, what an automobile!

    I got lots of compliments on the car. The looks and style of this car is under-rated by critics. The more I look at it the better it looks.

    Saw several DeVilles on the hwy. Most were white, silver or red.

    Gas milage ranged from 22-24 mpg at 70-80 mph.
  • hydra2hydra2 Posts: 114
    It is difficult to compare the depreciation of a DeVille to a BMW 3 or 5 series or a MB C or E series because the imports have a much greater price range from low to high.

    DeVilles range from 40-55 maybe 60k loaded, whereas the imports range from 30 - 65k or up to 125k counting the 7 and S and the various performances mods.

    The infinite price points of the imports allow them to reach value buyers without having to do as much outright discounting new car prices or needing depreciation to bring the price of used cars down to affordable or value levels. Value leases on the imports abound especially with 4k cap reduction on BMW 7.

    Posters should consider some of these more complex issues before swallowing the myth that different depreciation rates make the imports better cars.

    One reason that might also explain the low depreciation of the BMW is that there are so many models within a model (essentially the same car with different engine/tranny/options)that image seeking buyers feel that even a cheap BMW can't be easily told from its more expensive stablemates. I read somewhere that BMW is considering a 20k model for the American market to reflect what they are doing overseas.

    Cadillacs and Lincolns ironically might have too many differnt models. They also don't cover the wide price points like the imports. This is another reason for their steep discounts and high depreciation rates if they want to reach a critial mass of value buyers in addition to the price is no object luxury buyers.
  • bigdog26bigdog26 Posts: 1
    Can anyone tell me if the white diamond color on 2000 DTS, is actually white, or is it pearl white like plain Deville models ?
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    Diamond White which is an extra cost color is different from the plain white which is available only on the base Deville.
  • vic19vic19 Posts: 56
    Hydra, the facts don't agree with your argument.

    BMW does have a number of models but the resale value of each is identifiable.

    For example, using Kelly wholesale blue book as an example, using the same number of miles and condition:

    BMW 530i current new retail $39,500
    Three year old model $28.000

    Cadillac Deville new retail $42.500
    Three year old model $15.000

    Difference in depreciation $16,000

    Using your other theory that depreciation is equalized by the fact that Cadillacs are severely discounted, you'd have to get a $16,000 greater discount on the Cad to even things out.
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    I could give a rat's "you know what" if a BMW has better resale than a Cadillac. Resale is somewhat important, but when I hear people just going on and on about how much better their resale value is, I wonder if they really do like their car all that much if all they are concerned about is what it's worth when they get rid of it.
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    VIC.. where are you getting those prices ?
    I am shopping a new Caddy now. New
    Deville base ,bose and roof $44xxx.
    My 96 Deville was only $37xxx.
    Come on now............geo

    BTW as for kelly book and others BULL.
    Stop over to smart shopper thread and
    check REAL world trade values.....
    Bill, Terry, and the rest of the crew
    will tune you up quick on trade in
  • baron87baron87 Posts: 93
    Our old DeVille Concours purchased in 1994 (95 models) cost 40-something k, when we traded it in in 2000 we got about 15k for it. What you have just said is a big, fat lie you yourself made up. And where are you getting this 42k DeVille from?

    A loaded DTS will fetch about 60k...and a reasonable DTS is about 53-55k. According to Edmunds, our 2001 DTS (2 years old), which was purchased for 53,000 USD is now worth TMV 38,000 as a certified used vehicle. Where's the massive depreciation??
  • vic19vic19 Posts: 56
    I simply compared the MSRP of the BMW and the Cadillac without options. The trade in numbers are what Kelly indicates a 1999 car would fetch.

    If you add options to the new car price, you'll just create more depreciation.

    There is no way you will get 38k for a 2 year old Cadillac. A brand new one is available for $4,000 less than invoice which makes it about 38k or less.

    Go to Kelly and take a look.

    If you like Cad's that's fine, but you'll pay for it in depreciation.
  • baron87baron87 Posts: 93
    How does subtracting 4,000 from 53,000 equal 38,000??!! Furthermore, the incentives are either 0% financing for up to 5 years, or a 3,000 USD rebate on the 2002s. That is far less than the 8,000 USD rebate placed on the new BMW 7.
  • vic19vic19 Posts: 56
    Deville base model
    (Incentive or rebates included in price)
    MSRP $43,720
    Invoice $40,498
    CarsDirect,com price $37,298

    Unless Cadillac dealers are going broke, there's more factory assistance than just the $4,000. Price $68,495
    MSRP $68,495
    Invoice $63,169

    I'm shopping for a 7 and dealers are discounting them, but only a $1,000 or so. Where is the $8,000.

    But all this is irrelevant. Tell me why my deprectiation numbers are incorrect.
  • baron87baron87 Posts: 93
    I just gave you the reasons based on to real life examples. Why should I trust Why don't you take your figures from the source? Like, maybe then we'll believe you.
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    That 44k deville minus 4000 rebate,2000
    cad bonus cert, plus 6000 gm employee dis.
    and 2k gm card for 30k plus tax, tag, no
    adv. fee and 20buck doc fee........geo
    If I was worried about resale I would
    buy another GM full size xcab 4x4
  • hydra2hydra2 Posts: 114
    BMW and Cadillac are different cars for different buyers. One is a full size American fwd luxury sedan, the other is a rwd compact or mid size at best sports sedan. Different cars for different buyers.

    The Cadillac as a family sedan has compromises in the handling and exclusive departments which favor the BMW. The lower new and used prices are an asset for the typical Cadillac buyer especially if he can get a loaded DTS sans nav and night vision for 45k. If you drive the car 7-10 years as many buyers do, depreciation is not the bear it seems to be. It is also easier to sell used both because it will be cheaper than a BMW and because most people are more nervous about the realibility and cost of parts and repairs on older BMW's vs. older Cadillacs. Why do you think older BMW's are relatively rare?

    The BMW as a sports sedan has compromises with power seats, limited back seat room, limited trunk space and rather pricey when equipped for the real world. Most buyers opt for the AT and other goodies which quickly send its price into the stratosphere---hence the need for great lease deals since the last time I checked price does matter. That's why most import "family" cars like Camry, Accord, Altima and Passat are sold in the four banger versions.

    Kelly Blue Book is a joke. Used MT cars move slowly and usually only with big discounts (yes, even if they are BMW's)

    For safety and convenience (to avoid scams and fraud)sellers with more expensive cars tend to be forced onto the tender mercy of the new car dealer where high trade in values often turn into mirages.

    Different cars with different advantages, disadvanges and prices.

    Everyone should buy what he/she likes and be happy with it.
  • hydra2hydra2 Posts: 114
    1500 miles on my DTS.

    Hard to believe these 300 ponies require 87 octane.

    MPG still improving. 17-24 so far.

    The power, the power, the power. I rarely need to stand on the gas to downshift. I gently apply pressure to the pedal and the surrounding cars recede in my rear-view mirror so fast that I'm forced to check my speed and look out for Chicago's finest. Naturally, with a wide grin on my face.

    Love the Cashmere color. Not too common.

    Installed some wheel locks and feel better about the center caps eluding the grasp of the midnight auto boys.

    Love the car. I jump at any excuse to drive somewhere. Can't wait for my next trip.
  • hydra2hydra2 Posts: 114
    Just one and its of the nitpicking variety. The memory seats and mirrors seem to have amnesia at times. They don't return to the exact positions and sometimes they confuse drivers.

    Other than that, everything works as advertized. Love the steering wheel stereo controls and the lumbar massage.
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    Glad your enjoying your new Caddy. Did you get the XM radio option? Also have you tried Onstar yet?
  • hydra2hydra2 Posts: 114
    I passed on the XM radio. I prefer cd's.

    Have not tried the Onstar yet.

    Took the caddy to TN for wife's family reunion. I was surprised and a bit embarrassed by the fact that whenever people needed a ride they wanted to ride with me instead of the many Buicks, Benzes, Lincolns, Toyotas, one BMW and one Lexus available to them.

    Wife and back seat passengers put the tri-zone temp system through its paces.

    The roomy trunk is everything I had hoped it would be.
  • psedrishpsedrish Posts: 49
    I have the Nav pkg on an '02 DHS, so I had to add the XM as an aftermarket item. I drive a fair amt & I would say XM is something I'd not like to do without again. It's like going from 'rabbit ears' on your home TV to satellite.
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    I'm with you all the way on XM. I added it to my Olds Intrigue and will never again go without. Best $10 a month I spend. I like Onstar too, but could easily live without it if I had to choose between it and XM.
  • hydra2hydra2 Posts: 114
    Glad you like the XM. But, as I said,when I travel, I prefer CD's because I have a huge collection. Also, my daily commute is only about 15 minutes (probably less if I really crank the Northstar). Didn't feel that such a short commute time would allow time to play with XM. Plus, I read at least one review that complained about XM reception. How's your reception?

    Any comments on Night Vision? Glad/sorry you got it/didn't get it?
  • cadillac1cadillac1 Posts: 51
    I can't find any real old deville topics, so I'll just ask you guys. My mom owns a 98 deville concourse. At around forty thousand miles the car began eating 1 quart of oil per 1000 miles. At first the dealer said it was normal. We did not except this answer. Then they said they would do an oil consumption test where they have her go in every thousand miles so they can measure oil consumption. Now they say we need an engine de-carb. Supposedly their is too much of a gap between the cylinger head and some other part of the engine. The dealer says this is a design flaw of the northstar. This de-carb treatment take 2 days and cost 500 bucks. We have an extended warranty but the dealer claims it is not covered. Are they right?

    Secondly, this question will probably go unaswered but here goes. My mom got in a accident with her deville concourse when it had only twelve thousand miles on it. The front was badly damaged and repair costs came to 11k.(thank god for insurance). I know the left front suspension had to be replaced, not sure about the right front. As many of you know, the deville concours's cadillac emblem is found in the grill, their is not a hood emblem. Well when we got the car back from the dealer, their was a hood ornament. The reason I bring this up this that the deville concourse is supposed to have a stiffer, less bouncy suspension. Well since we got the car back, my moms car bottoms out on any speed bump or drive way entrance unless she almost comes to a complet stop. This can be dangerous when making turns into parking lots on busy streets. Is it possible the dealer put the standard deville suspension in my moms car when they repaired it? Is their any way I can find this out? If it is the the correct suspension, does my mom need new shocks or something? We have already replaced the peice under the front of the car that keeps dirt and water out of the engine bay, two times at $150 a pop.

    Has anyone else had this problem and how did you resolve it. I would appreciate any answers you can give.
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    XM reception is very good, the only area where service is not good is in the mountains where the trees cover the road. Since there are no repeaters in the national park and the view of the sky is blocked, service is limited, otherwise reception is fine.
  • lemkolemko Philadelphia, PAPosts: 15,294
    ...may actually be a leak. Check around the oil pan plug. The oil pan plug uses a rubber grommet and should be replaced every time the oil is changed. Also check the oil cooler line located near the filter. I experienced this problem with my '94 DeVille. The repair was simple and inexpensive. Never suffered an unusual oil consumption problem afterwards.
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