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Volkswagen Jetta 2005 and earlier



  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    of the Gen 5 Golf interior. you can bet the Jetta will look the same.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I agree about the Jetta being similiar to the Golf interior. So far, I like what I see with the Golf V design.
  • flacaflaca Posts: 168
    Does anyone know the lease factor and residual value for a new 2003 GLS 2.0L, monsoon and leather?Thanks
  • mvaldivimvaldivi Posts: 24
    I just asked a VW salesman on whether the ESP was a dealer or factory installed option. He promised to find that out for me, but it's been a week and I haven't gotten any answer yet. Does anyone here knows? Thanks very much!
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    There's no way in hades the inept guys at the dealership could install ESP. It's not like they're slapping in a 6 disc changer. ESP controls the brakes, engine and pays attention to slippage, yaw, etc.
  • Hello all,

    I'm looking at a used 2000 Jetta GLX with a high mileage on it (80k). I've had the car checked by a mechanic, and he said that overall the car is in good condition.

    So, I guess my questions are:
    - Is this a good buy? Yes, I've been reading all the bad reviews/complaints about Jetta, but would it be fair to assume that whatever previous kinks have been worked out (hence, the good score from the mechanic)? Or, should I run to the hills? :)
    - If I am to buy the Jetta, what would be the fair price for the car? And, would I have a hard time finding a buyer if I'm to sell the car 2-3 years down the road?
    - Should I get the extended warranty? Not many sites provides extended warranty for a high mileage car, and for the one that does, it seems that the quote was pretty high, 2-3k for around 2 years/24k miles.

    I'll appreciate any advice. Thanks!
  • It depends. What are you paying for the GLX?

    Jetta's are crappy on the reliability, and if memory serves the 6 cylindars are especially problematic for that year.

    Have to be a pretty darn good deal to make me go for it.

    Post the car with the exact mileage, color, city you live in and all options it possesses in Real World Trade in Values and Terry will tell you how much is reasonable to get the vehicle for.
  • Thanks for the tips.

    I just posted a message in that thread. The owner is offering a price around the kbb and edmunds TMV for the trade in value, so I guess that's pretty reasonable.

    My concern is whether I'd encounter lots of repairs in the future, or whether I could safely assume that major kinks have been worked out during the 80k break-in time :)
  • hi folks, iam deciding between either a 2003 golf gls or a jetta gls both with 2.0 engine
    and auto. i also have compared other cars such as the accord, civic, and elantra gt
    among many others. the golf and jetta simply have more features for the buck than anything else in their class.the golf gls i looked at sunday had standard anti-lock 4 wheel disk brakes, 10 air bags, sunroof, great warranty, and the clincher for me is the 8 speaker cd-cassette monsoon stereo system. this is the best sounding stereo i have in all the cars i have looked at. in fact so much so that i found my self listening to it at the dealerships lot in one of the golf gls they had that was not locked so i just listened to the music until the place opened.also compared to other cars the golf is way cheaper to insure than anything else i have looked at which is very important to me cuz my driveing record is not the best. anyway, my question is this.
    are there still problems with the 2003 golf-jetta as far as the windows falling down into the doors and the oil consumption problems regarding the 2.0 engine in the golf. have they worked these things out or are they still haveing these problems for the 2003 model cars. thanx steve
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I am pretty sure they worked out the window problems with stronger parts. Only time will tell though about this, as well as the 2.0 oil consumption problem. Some people on this board have 2.0 2002 models and haven't had problems, so they might be ok now.

    I would pick the Golf over the Jetta for its lower price and ability to better handle cargo than the Jetta can. Also, you see less Golfs on the road, you will 'see yourself' less on the road with a Golf vs. a Jetta (at least it's that way here in MD).
  • VeeDubs are notorious for having electrical issues, and I've read numerous feedback from folks on the consumer review section regarding power window motor failures numerous times. I had seriously considered going for a GLX or a GLI for my next vehicle, but as I dug into the info on the car, it turned me away. Consumer reports has put the Jetta on it's list of cars it recommmends not to buy. I had a 90 GTI for many years, fun to drive, but it was in the shop a lot.

    I've settled myself on getting a 2000 Nissan Maxima SE 5speed. Bigger, almost as much fun to drive as the GLX, and the number one rated car for reliability by consumer reports.

    So, I'd think seriously about finding something with lower miles. I think you'll keep your blood pressure down, considering all those double shot no foam half caf mocha latte's you're swilling down!
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    10 airbags? I have a 2002 and have 6 airbags.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Well, I brought my jetta into the Dealer this morning for an oil change, tire rotate and balance. Also, I had the dealer look into the dash buzz/rattle near the center vent on my dash. He called me back about 15 minutes ago and said the tech stated that the buzz/rattle was normal for a was the "release valve". I asked what that was and he stated that it was a valve that released some sort of gas or pressure??????? Is he making this up or is that a real "valve"? I asked him to see if they can muffle it and he said he would ask the shop forman. Also, I asked them to look at the buzz that is coming from the driver side rear door lock. They said they could not duplicate. I asked if they could at least reprogram the locks so they dont automatically lock at a certain speed(since the buzz only occurs when they are in the locked position. The service adivisor said that was not possible. I said I read in the Jetta pamphlet that you could re-program them.

    Any thoughts???
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    A lot of Jettas have a dash rattle by the center vents. I know mine did sometimes. I highly doubt it's a "release valve".

    You can reprogram the doors not to lock with a 1552 (VAG) - all dealers have them.

    But a word to the wise, I wouldn't have the dealer be messing around with my car for rattles that will most likely go away in a little bit, because most likely they are going to mess it up more.

    And you will then get more pissed at your car cause they won't beable to fix it and you'll keep taking it back, and it just kills the overall experience.

    Just my two cents. :)
  • hi folks, since the golf is made in brazil would that make it a more reliable car, since alot of the jettas that have problems being made in mexico. iam considering either car and was wondering if they are still haveing problems with the windows falling into the doors and the oil consumption problems with the 2.0 engine for the 2003 model year.
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    very well said about the rattle situation. i couldn't agree more. be patient with rattles in a new car, they'll most likely will go away over time. just like a new house settling.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I have tried to be patient with the dash rattle. But, it seems to be getting worse and therefore I figured it would be easier to diagnose now. I guess I was wrong. Whne the rattle gets so bad that I have to turn up the radio to drown out the noise I know it is pretty bad. I am expecting a call from the dealer today and I will see what they say. They had to order a part for the passenger seat to stop the seat from rocking.

    I am currently in a 2003 Jetta GLS and it actually has rattles as well. It has my lock rattle in the rear door. I guess Jettas are rattle prone. Is the suspension set up different between my GL and GLS? The GLS seems a little more firm.
  • I finally took the plunge and bought the Jetta :)

    Yes, I am aware of the crappy reliability, but I figure I'll take some chances. If it proves to be too much trouble, I'll sell it and buy a Japanese car.
    But for now, I want to try a bit of that German experience ;)
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Congrats on your purchase. Enjoy your new car!!
  • Hi,

    I just bought a used 2000 Jetta GLX, and would like to ask for advise on a couple of things:

    - The airbag light is on in the dash. The previous owner said that it has been on for the last 8 months, she's taken it to the dealership, and they said that it's not a big deal.
    Should I worry about this? It is a bit disconcerting driving around with that "Airbag Fault" message flashing :)

    - The car is out of warranty. Is it worth it to get an extended warranty for the car? It has a high mileage, around 80k, so the warranty cost is a bit higher.

  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Yes, you should get the airbag dummy light looked at. The dealer saying it is no big deal is not acceptable. It is your saftey and you should feel comfortable that if you get into an accident the airbag will deploy as designed. Take it to another dealer and make sure it gets fixed once and for all.
  • Please tell me you had a qualified mechanic look at this car before you bought it? Never trust the word of someone selling a car. Quite often if an airbag light is on it means that the airbag was removed, the wiring is bad, or it was incorrectly repaired. Get your car to a shop. I don't think you want to find out the hardway that your Jetta lacks an airbag. Or that it simply won't work.
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    you want to make sure that the airbag doesn't deploy WITHOUT reason. that can cause an accident if you are driving and the airbag goes off.
  • All in all, just get it fixed. The last owner seems to be either ignorant or deceitful. Hopefully the former.
  • hi folks, i just returned from a dealership that sells both mazda and vw cars.anyway
    i looked at a mazda 6 that stickered for around 20 grand which was really nice and then i checked out the jetta gls 1.8 turbo
    for around the same price. i really do like the style of the jetta including the sweet sounding 8 speaker monsoon stereo system. but past problems regarding the jetta have me a bit concerned. are they still haveing problems with the windows falling into the doors, and the coil pack problems, and i was also considering a golf with the 2.0 engine are they still haveingproblems with the oil consumption or have all these defects been worked out for the 2003 model year. from what i have been reading on other sites they have not been worked out and if this is the case i might lean towards the mazda 6. it just aint no fun spending time in the dealership service lounge or being without my car for any significant length of time i dont need trouble. but again from what other vw owners have said trouble is exactley what i will be getting if i should decide to bye a vw car. i have worked the past 4 years working 2 full time jobs to save up for a new car about 90 hours a week so i want something thats going to be reliable. not just something that looks good like a jetta but have to sacrifice looks for reliability.
    thats why i am leaning towards the mazda 6, unless somebody can tell me otherwise.thanx
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    you are really working the heck out of these boards with that post! :)

    you can't go wrong with either car. some say the Mazda (being japanese, kind of) is more reliable than the VW. at this stage in the game, the Jetta will be fine. it might rattle (MIGHT), but the Mazda is untested/not real-world proven. i like the Mazda, and have owned two Jettas. very similiar intimate feel to the interior. the Mazda cut some corners (no rear headrests, weird feeling headliner), but the Jetta has a worthless backseat and no auto climate control unless you want to spend $25k.

    get either car. don't worry about VW window regs or oil consumption. the oil consumption was a rare occurance on the 2.0 for MY 2000/2001. never affected the 1.8T.

    if you are worried about the car leaving you stranded, well, it can happen on any car.

    good luck!
  • If it were my money, having owned a VW, I'd steer clear of the people's car. Quite frankly, they're poorly made cars and all the JD Power and CR stats back that up. The 6 had some growing pains its first year but nothing of the magnitude the Jetta has 5 years into its production cycle.

    Also, the Jetta's in its last year. 2004 is it for this Mrk IV model. The V will arrive in 2005. Buying the last year of a model has pluses and minuses.


    It's a known quanitity.
    Generally all the bugs are worked out (though the coil fiasco last year proves this isn't so with VW).
    You can get a great deal as end of cycle cars generally don't sell well.

    It's an old design which will only look older when the next gen arrives.
    The value will plummet when the new design shows up.
    You're gonna be annoyed with all the neat features that new ones will have vis-a-vis your car.

    If you're thinking small and fun, maybe you should look into the upcoming Mazda3. Stylish little bugger with crazy upscale features like nav, HID, etc.
  • Thanks all for the input.

    blueguy, yes, I did have a mechanic inspect the car. It was not listed on his findings though, that must have slipped by him. Frankly, I also didn't notice that when I first test drove the car. Only did notice it AFTER the payment was made and I was driving it back :)

    Does it suffice to get the car to a shop, or should I get to a VW dealership?
  • Despite everything I said, drive what ya like!

    Have fun!
  • hi again, just a follow up to my previuse
    post here. i think its a good indication
    when you are viewing consumer reviews of a car that you are thinking of getting, and out of aprox 100 reviews almost have of those are negative reviews. on
    on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best,
    almost half of those were givein a 5 or less
    plus the horror stories that tell about their vehicles. dont believe me, go to consumer reviews, then click vw. i have never seen out of all the reviews of cars that iam considering getting, the most complaints regarding the jetta. with the 2001 model year being among the worst.
    its hard to keep a positive attitude about wanting to buy a jetta after reading such negative reviews. yes, maybe 10 or 15 out of the 100 reviews would be tolerable, but almost half!!!!!! sorry people i always go with the odds, and these odds tell me to stay clear of the jetta as do many of the reviewers on those sites.those odds are telling me that there is a very good posibility that i will have problems with my jetta should i decide to get one. odds are much better in the honda, toyota, nissan forums. sorry to be a party pooper here but you have to be realistic about it.steve
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