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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Got a quote for $35k for 2013 XLE AWD w Nav + tax. Do you think its a good quote
  • Has anyone ever seen this car looks similar to Sienna, maybe this is the copy or the Asia version KIJANG-INNOVA-DKI-Jakarta-Jakarta-Barat-528

    The price is also the same....
  • I am from IL and looking to buy a 2013 Sienna LE 8 passenger V6 model. I am new to internet car buying. Can the experts suggest what would be a good price for this model and how do I go about it.
  • Is this a good deal. Dealer installed mats, nothing else.
  • ansautoansauto Posts: 1
    hello Piyushm, my name is An and I am looking to purchase a new minivan. may I know which dealer you got a quote from. Is
    it $31,700 and TTL+fee included?
  • rana1224rana1224 Posts: 3
    I ended up getting 2013 XLE AWD w Nav for 34200 + Tax + reg. I used for offers and made deal in Connecticut. Dealers locally were no where close and did not offer to match the price either.

    Not sure i will go for extended warranty or geico MBI plan yet.
  • koteshkotesh Posts: 1
    Hi Piyush,

    I'm looking for such a deal in Seattle area. Can you please tell me which dealer quote'd you that price?

  • acopseyacopsey Posts: 10
    From what I have read, that sounds like a pretty decent deal. I am also starting to search here shortly in the area. What dealership quoted you that offer?
  • ramvivramviv Posts: 1
    Try Rockland Toyota, Stephen AutoMall in Bristol and Torrington Toyota. They have consistently given me good prices.
  • landlordlandlord Posts: 1
    We bought out Toyota Sienna LE 2013 with tow package, alarm and mats for $30444 OTD, with 0% interest from Elgin Toyota in Illinois.

    We negotiated everything over the email with dealer and went to the shop had test drive and signed papers. I would recommend Elgin Toyota to everyone.

    The best price that we got for LE without additional packages was $499 (about $29400 OTD) per month with 0% interest. We got this deal from Toyota Elgin and after that Toyota of Naperville matched that price. The sales guy in Elgin Toyota was really great. Everything went so smoothly.

    The only thing I did not like about Elgin Toyota is their small lot without that many cars like in Naperville or Schaumburg. They should move soon to bigger location so this might improve.

    Also I used CarrWoo and I've got 3 replays. One of them was from Rich Gregor from Schaumburg Toyota. He was really great guy, answered all my questions almost immediately and would recommend him if you want to buy car over Internet. I would go and make the deal with them but they did not want to match the price I got from Elgin and Naperville toyota.
  • dgrebdgreb Posts: 51

    Has anyone ever purchased the Toyota Care Plus extended maintenance plans? If so for how long and how much was it.

    Does anyone else have an opinion on these. Can I purchase it from any dealer? What if I move away?

  • arasheedarasheed Posts: 1
    I got this quote from a dealer in NJ.

    Sticker $39,719
    Asking Price $35,018

    Is this a good deal? Please help me

    2013 5 Door 7 Passenger Van V6 XLE AWD
    ALL-WEATHER FLOOR MATS (N/A w/Z1 or Z3 Preferred Accessory Pkg) (PPO)
  • james1389james1389 Posts: 2
    edited April 2013
    Just want to share my price.

    Im in MD, Howard County.

    2013 Sienna xle FWD, 8 seats with Entertainment package ).

    The entertainment package does not have blind spot monitor. it only has Nav system plus rear DVD player.

    Plus some of little accessories, such as roof rack and wheel lock.

    $35,000 car price, 0 % apr. + $2100 all fees + dealer charge = $37100. OTD.

    compare the price with Toyota website, listed $38,837, about $3,800 below.

    Please advise me.
  • dnatdnat Posts: 3
    Got a quote for xle for 29900. Is it a good price? It seems odyssey ex-l can be bought at the same price, but odyssey's MSRP is 2K higher.
  • One dealer, I cannot remember which one, but they offered me $29,000 for basic xle, pluse all fees of course.
  • zzmmmommyzzmmmommy Posts: 60
    I am looking to either lease a Sienna XLE or Odyssey - just curious what some lease deals are being offered. I have the Sienna now but my lease is up, so I am trying to decide which car to get next (either Sienna or Odyssey). This would be my 4th Sienna, I am going to see which car would give me a better deal. Any ideas?
    I have the XLE with Nav and Sunroof - no TV and I pay $515, I am hoping to stay the same or even lower.
  • dgrebdgreb Posts: 51
    I think you should aim for 5500-6000 off msrp. I have a quote for a basic XLE for 29700
  • dgrebdgreb Posts: 51
    You can probably get an 1000 off that. Email other local dealers and ask them to beat that price. Always ask for the Out Of The Door price so you are comparing apples to apples
  • lilmrskiplilmrskip Posts: 3
    edited April 2013
    Haggling with the dealer...but still walked out. Waiting for them to call Monday with an even better offer.
    Ltd AWD Blizzard Pearl with premium and convenience pkg including carpeted floor mats.
    MSRP $48,040
    Selling me it for $42,550
    Out the door with tax, title, lic $46,100
    In is a killer!!

    Good Deal? He tells me he's under invoice by a lot.
  • mtoddmtodd Posts: 1
    Seems pretty good to me. We just got the same car w/out Entune. Sticker was $37,500; we paid $34,100. I'm going to try and source an aftermarket radio that does exactly the same thing. No entertainment system for us though.

    Got mine from Mo Garcia, LIA Toyota of Wilbraham. Great price.
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