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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • It will really help you if you get the car out of shape, especially at speed (like hydroplaning on the highway). It can't counteract the laws of physics, but it's a good thing, and may end up saving your butt.
  • spfoteyspfotey Posts: 131
    a friend i know went out and bought a 02 TL this past week. Why?? they buy a car about every 10 years and this was the best value and drive for teh money. Who am i or any one else to argue with them on that point...

    we've beaten the comparison horse enuf i think...
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    agreed! A certain individual has taken it to the extreme....

    btw, the TL is a very nice car....
  • My 01 ES300 is not quite as quick as my Volvo turbo wagon, as seat-of-the-pants fun-to-drive as my BMW, or as impressivie-to-the-neighbors as my Mercedes 300; but I have to say it's the best all-around car I've owned. Lexus seems to know how to put together a vehicle that is more than the sum of its parts (this car is way more than a fancy Camry)........supremely smooth, rock solid, unbelievably quiet, plenty of luxury appointments...... and at a price that's not any more than a loaded Ford Explorer. What a bargain!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
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  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    For whatever reason you dislike the new ES300, which is fine. We all know your opinions. If you have some constructive comments I'm sure we'd all love to hear them. But please stop bashing the ES 300 in support of Audi/the A6. Your time would be better spent on the A6 board helping share some of your Audi insight with others. People who have bought/plan to buy the new ES (myself included) surely know what competitors are out there.

    As a side note, there is an Acura/Audi dealer near me. When I went to check out the TT (not to buy, just to look) last year, I strolled into the service department. I wanted to hear what the guys who actually work on the cars had to say. All of them unanimously said the Acuras, and Japanese cars in general, were superior in every mechanical way to the Audis. They told me the Audis are nice to look at but not to own. This is not my opinion, just some interesting points that mechanics at a dealer near me said.
  • I haven't talked about Audis for a couple of posts now!

    And my last post was 100% ES-related.

    And nobody laughed at my Vulcan joke, either.

    Jeez, everybody, lighten up :)
  • ES300 is a superb car. So is the Acura Tl. You really can't go wrong with either and it all boils down to personal preferences, with the ES leaning towards more lux and the TL having a good mix of lux and performance (at least with the Type-S). The NAV on the TL is better though ...

    The new ES headlights are AWESOME.
  • I dropped by my local Lexus dealer in WA and saw 4 2002 ES300's! Two black one's a white and a gold. Verrrry nice to see in person. I'm excited about this car. I took a bunch of pictures. I'm not sure how I can post them on this site.

    If you know a free picture site like the old "zing" site that I can download all of them at once that would be best. There high res quality pix's.

  • tgif888tgif888 Posts: 351

    Thank you and you are doing a good job.
  • Hey folks,
    I should get my black garnet (loaded with all the options available and nav/mark levinson) in about two-three weeks. Just received a fax though that AVS has been delayed--I received arefund--the statement said AVS has now been delayed and WILL NOT be available in the forseeable future--just thought I will pass this along
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    My understanding from my dealer is that AVS is available, it just needs to be special ordered. That could take anywhere from 1-3 months to get a car.

    Since my friend's 1997 ES has it and I love it, I will see if I can hold out to get that feature.

    Congrats on your new car! Let us know when you pick it up.
  • There are a few nice pictures of the ES-300 here.
  • Any one bought a 2002 ES-300 with leather package, vehicle skid control, HID, in Canada? If so at what price? Thanks.
  • Hi folks. This is Mike in northern California. I have been lurking for quite some time to learn as much as I could about the new ES. Test drove a white one this morning in Sacramento. Dealer experience was not good. Young salesman drives me off the lot and proceeds to drive into a curb while turning into a shopping center parking lot where we could switch positions. All he says after whacking the curb is "Whoops." It was at that moment that I automatically discounted buying that particular vehicle. Motor very quiet, fit and finish was flawless, a little more wind noise than I would have expected, and a very bouncy ride. Knowing full well that tires on dealer lots are always over inflated, I asked the salesman if we could check the tire pressure. We return to the lot and sure enough all four tires had 45 pounds of air. Door post tag recommends 29 PSI front and back. Salesman does not offer to adjust air pressure and resume the test drive. Instead he bounces over to his manager who has another customer in tow and pretty much dumps me. At least I got a full feature brochure out of him! Another dealer turn off was when I was told that I could not order cloth seats (I know leather is nice, but with 110 degree summers, I like cloth). Every mention of leather in the brochure indicates that leather is an option, yet I can't order cloth???? The car is good looking. Headlights do not look bad at all. I am sure the dealer experience helped me conclude, "Why not buy a loaded Camry XLE for $5,000.00 less than a strippy ES300?" Oh yeah, another quibble. The alloy wheels have the stick on weights on the inside of the wheel. I never have liked that kind of a set up. I will try another test drive soon at another dealer, this time with 29 PSI in the tires before I give up on the idea of owning an ES300.
  • For all those checking out the new 2002 ES300, what kind of discount from sticker price (MSRP) are the dealers offering you?
  • I am the owner of a 1993 ES 300 with 152,000 miles on it. I am in the market for a new car, and have "cross-shopped" the new ES 300 against the BMW 3 series and the Mercedes C and E class. Having owned the same car for 9 years, I was predisposed to driving something different. Stated differently, I *really* wanted a Mercedes or BMW simply for the change. However, after weeks of reflection and researching and posting to these boards, I have decided to buy the new ES.

    I drove the BMW 3 series. If you are an auto enthusiast, it's a great car. However, the majority of my driving is in a straight line 20 miles on a freeway in to downtown Los Angeles each day. On the weekend, I drive my kids to soccer, golf, tennis, baseball, etc. When I do so, I drive extremely conservatively, and am not trying to "push the envelope" of my cars specs. Also, I need more room in the back seat than the BMW has.

    Put simply, when I bought my ES, I bought a car for my lifestyle. The Lexus is simply a more comfortable and quieter commuter/family car. If you want to set up orange cones and run a slalom, buy a BMW.

    As for the Mercedes, the Mercedes has reliability problems. Go over to the C Class board here at Edmunds, and you'll read posts concerning all sorts of problems. I use my car alot for business, and I hate having to bring a car in to the shop. I have driven my ES 300 for 152,000 and it has never been towed, and has never had a problem which has prevented it from running. My father has put 215,000 miles on his SC 400. The alternator went out at 200,000, but he had had no other problems. In fact, I have never spoken with anyone who has ever complained about reliability problems on their Lexus. The reason is simple: Thye *never* break down.

    The biggest problem I see with the series of posts comparing the ES 300 to various German cars is that you are comparing apples and oranges. The Germans make fine cars which need to be pampered. The ES is a reliable, comfortable car which will always have a niche with guys like me.

    As for the Toyota Camry comparison: I am a partner in a large Los Angeles law firm. When I pick up clients, I simply can't show up in a Camry. In Los Angeles, as you are all probably aware, there is a certain amount of status associated with a car. Yet, I personally do not beleive in leasing or buying the most expensive car possible because, after all, they are depreciable assets. Although I could afford almost any car I choose, the ES 300 fits nicely in a niche where I am respectable enough that the clients don't subconsciously realize that you are using the $250 an hour they paid you to buy a fancy car. At the same time, they don't wonder why their lawyer is driving a Camry. I don't care what percentage of parts the two cars have in common -- a Lexus is a Lexus, and a Toyota is a Toyota.

    I don't expect this post will change any one's mind. I just wanted to give everyone the benefit of my thinking and, at the same time, defend a car (and a car company) which has always treated me well.
  • tomjavatomjava Posts: 136
    To some Lexus is always a Toyota and never be able to compete with German cars??? To me, Lexus is a pinnacle of modern car techonoly. Designing a new car is easy, but manufacturing with high quality consistancy is extremely difficult. Lexus has proven by winning JD power initial quality every year. That's a FINE ENGINEERING. MB, BMW, or AUDI can talk but Lexus walks on it. Even GM has to thank Toyota for improving its quality.
  • I went to my local dealer today to look at the new ES. There were a total of a dozen or so sitting in the showroom or out on the lot, in various colors. However, every ES fell into one of three groups as far as options were concerned:

    * Just the Premium package
    * Premium package + wood + HID lights
    * Every option available except chrome wheels

    The sticker prices were roughly $34,300, $35,300, and $39,300, respectively, including destination, trunk mat, cargo net, and wheel locks.

    A salesman told me that *all* ES 300s will be imported in one of these three configurations. Does anyone know differently?
  • Hi Your info is accurate-I chose the third option-fully loaded--and i think the chrome wheels will be added at the dealership
  • have you thought about the newly upgraded Infiniti I35? not I30.
    I know Infiniti has been shadowed by Lexus all these years, but seems like they are seriousely trying hard to catch up.
    It does not take a lawyer to appreciate the difference between a Lexus and a Toyota, especially after you have owned both before. The service and the prestige are the big reasons to pay the extra, not to mention the refinement you can only find inside a Lexus. However, for a change, I would seriously look into the Infiniti.
    I have also tried out the MB C-class, BMW and even the Jag X-type. My conclusion is still a Lexus, but..., with the 'value for money' and 'for a change' plus 'similar dealer service' in my mind, I am kind of fall for the Infiniti I35. What do you think, Ceccon?
  • I think the posts are right and that the car is being configured in three different ways with options. You can order one with the options you want but you have to wait three months. I am doing it that way because I want the Mark Levinson stereo but not the Nav and none are being delivered that way.
  • I also agree with Ceccon's comments. I've owned Honda, Acura, Lexus, and Mercedes autos. Right now, I am very close to trading a Mercedes E320 for a new ES300 or possibly the Infiniti I35.

    I like the Mercedes, but have been hit with some maintenance surprises that I'd just as soon not worry about. Last summer, the sunroof locked open right as I parked for a Broncos Football game. I couldn't get it closed, period. I worried all game about rain and/or someone stealing my radio.

    I visited our Lexus dealer earlier this week and saw the 2002 ES300. I wanted to love it, but didn't.

    I like the front, but think Lexus could have been much more creative with the rear of the car. Personally, I think the design is too boring. I/m also not a big fan of chrome door handles, so that doesn't help.

    The color of the ES300 was gold, I hope to see a dark blue ES300 and hope that will help. I own two Lexus autos and am sold on the quality and reliability.

    Has anyone looked at the Infiniti I35? I'd like to see one up close.
  • tgif888tgif888 Posts: 351
    Yes. I had see the I35 and test drove it. The engine is quick and responsive. But starting the 2002 there is less difference between the Maxima and the I35. They now both have Xenon headlights as standard equipment, and navigation system available. Both above features are not available to the Maxima before the 2002 model. The only things I saw is the I35 offers longer warranty and the rear sunshade.

    And since the Maxima is selling at invocie now and the I35 is still selling at either MSRP or $1500 off.

    Hope this help.
  • As mentioned by Ceccon, they are definitely different. For some professional, he/she may not want to be seen in a Toyota or Nissan or to pick up a big client in either. So, Lexus/Infiniti is a no brainer.
    For me, I have owned both Toyota and Lexus before, I'd pay the extra any time, just for the service. Besides, the interior refinement and workmanship in a Lexus is worth every extra in my opinion. The same logic as to why people choose to eat in a restaurant with good service instead of a self-serve fast food one.
    Do not forget the resale value too. Every one knows an used ES300 is always worth more than a similar used Camry because the Lexus depreciates less.
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    Wifey and I went through the exact selection process as some of you have gone through for the camry/I35/maxima/es300 (this is going to be my car). Test drove the camry and Maxima. I love the power of the maxima and wifey like the camry but both of us want this car to be a little bit more upscale. Saw the picture of Es300 and I35 and wifey again like Es and I like the I35. The debate went on for about a month until a week ago. We bought a 01 Deville DTS instead. The sticker price is about $51K but the dealer went down to $44K+ and then we have a rebate coupon and GM credit card rebate and drove the final total to $42K+. When you factor into the 0% finance for 5 years, it is equivalent to buying a car in the $38k range using a discount rate of 5% (our cost of money if we were to finance the purchase ourselves). The current climate of 0% finance and special lease deal will make more cars available in this price range (35K -39K). Hope that our experience can help some of you in your shopping.

    By the way, wifey and I really like the DTS. She actually let me drive her SC430 now that she can take the kids to school in the DTS (Heh Heh!)
  • texbeantexbean Posts: 38
    a year when you have a taste of GM reliability. I'll take my chances with my ES300 ('01 bought in May - 3300 miles, no problems) over anything GM produces. One of my friends bought an STS 3 years ago and has an average of 5 unscheduled dealer visits per year for various problems. Now, I think the DTS is a nice car, but reliability is first on my list because I hate to waste time in the dealer waiting room.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    "Every one knows an used ES300 is always worth more than a similar used Camry because the Lexus depreciates less."

    It does not depreciate "less." It is worth more used, but it also cost a lot more new.
    You get part of that extra money back when you resell it, but not all of it.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    I sure would appreciate it if someone could post some digital pictures of the 2002 ES300 from the local dealership, several angles would really be nice.

    Where is alfinegold?
  • 52cars52cars Posts: 30
    Is BFGoodich Touring T/A VR a good tires? Thanks.
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