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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • lievliev Posts: 93
    I am thinking of putting a remote starter in my 2001 ES. I just love to have it especially during the winter time. I had it in my old car. I'm afraid that putting one in would void the manufacturer's warranty. any opinion anyone?
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378

    The 2001 ES loaned to us by the dealer when they were fixing the leak in the transmission had the type of key I described, with the alarm buttons part of the key. I don'y know when Lexus changed to this type of key.
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    I would check with your dealer re: potential of voiding the warranty. BTW- here in Denver it is illegal to leave a vehicle running without someone in it. Apparently it is too much af a temptation for the criminal element. Two teenage boys were arrested a couple of weeks ago for stealing cars that were "warming up".
  • turbotcturbotc Posts: 163 it makes my ES a dinosaur now with the new technology that they keep changing.
  • lievliev Posts: 93
    Lexus changed the key since 2000 model. However, they're still behind other manuf. in this tech. Acura already had this kind of key since at least for '97 model as far as I know.

    anyways, checked with Lexus, they said warranty would be voided if the problem is related to the remote starter and aftermarket products are not recommended by Lexus. I kinda still want to put one in. my friend had a remote starter in a Honda Accord for at least 3 yrs, doesn't hurt the car though.
  • lievliev Posts: 93
    In Minnesota, warming up the car without anyone sitting in it is illegal but remote starter is not illegal because the door would be locked when it is remote started, even if the thief could get in, pressing against the brake would disable the engine since it requires the key to be inserted for the system to go back to normal (at least the one I had has these features).
  • turbotcturbotc Posts: 163
    you should also check and see if the remote starter will work on your car since your car has a more advanced anti-theft ignition than the Accord
  • bregisbregis Posts: 2
    I just bought a 2001 es300. whenever I asked what type of gas to use I got a dickey mouse answer ----> "well, the manual fez regular unleaded, but you get better performance with premium unleaded". What is the real-world experience??? is there a noticeable difference in performance when using regular, mid-grade or premium unleaded?? HELP, I'm almost out of gas!!!!
  • Regular Unleaded is OK. I've used both grades and there's no difference in performance, just in the wallet.

    No knocking or hesitation whatsoever.

    Fill er up!
  • sddlwsddlw Posts: 361
    Regular unleaded is sufficient and should run your car without any knocking. I believe that I do notice a difference in driving with premium though, or maybe it's just my imagination. Around town I like to turn the traction control and overdrive off. Under these conditions, the car seems peppier to me with 92 octane. I've not been able to see any difference in gas milage though, comparing a couple tanks of each to one another.
  • I'm trying to purchase a 2001 ES300 (w/VP, trunk mat, 16" wheels w/locks) with an interior/exterior color combo that wasn't produced much for my region of the country (south)--seems fairly rare. I've been told by a salesman that one is currently in production right now, and that he could "preference" it for his dealership. But I find his "no-haggle" price to be a little steep ($32,750).

    I have another salesperson in my hometown who seems unaware of this 'production' car, but had offered me the option of ordering one. I'm wondering about mentioning this 'production' car to the second salesman (whom I do like more) and let him make me a deal. I'm hoping to ask $31,500+TTL for it, especially since they'd incur no costs to keep it on the lot waiting for a buyer. Any opinions/suggestions? Unfortunately, neither Costo nor pre-arranged credit union prices are available in my area.
  • lievliev Posts: 93
    I was told a lot of times by many people I know that if I drive freeway a lot then regular would be fine. but if I drive around town more often you should for premium. Maybe it is true and that's why sddlw feels the difference while cruising local streets.
  • Just some extra information for entry #341 above. Dealer invoice for this car would be about $30K +/- $200 ($29,800 according to Kelly BB, $30,200 according to

    Dot-com purchases also not available in my area by state law. In reality, I'd like to get the car for $31,250+TT ($31.5k would be my highest limit). Any comments about this proposal would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • lievliev Posts: 93
    Maybe you're right. it would be a complicated process to install a remote starter on the ES300 because of the way the security system is set up, i.e. a specific code must be read before the car can be started.
  • Is there any usually any cost disadvantage (or advantage) to ordering an ES300 with a salesman? I'm having trouble finding the car configured the way I want on the lots, and dealers can't locate it through searches. It would seem to me that ordering would prevent the dealer from having floor planning or advertising charges tacked onto the price. I'd have no problem with the several months' wait.
  • I tried the link at the top of this section to get to previous discussions: "Lexus ES 300 - II," but it says it's been moved. When I type it into "SEARCH," I don't get it either. How can I access it? Or has it been deleted altogether?
  • scongroscongro Posts: 80
    Lexus has had the one piece key since '98 on the LS and GS. Personally, I love it.

    Regular vs. Premium-I've said this many times: If you want to own a Lexus, pay the $.15-.20 more and treat your car nicer. I owned a 1990 ES 250, and every drop of gas that went into the car, and it ran perfectly, until I wrecked it.


    A lot of Lexus cars have to be ordered, My '98 GS3 had to be ordered. No Biggie.


    Ask your dealer about it. They may have a contact that has a system compatible to the security system.

    I'm in Florida, never really thought about it, but may not be bad for Mid-July, when we can have triple digits.
  • slesssless Posts: 10
    I'm in the process of deciding whether or not to purchase a 2001 ES300. Does anyone have any comments about this car. The test drive was great, the reviews I've read have been favorable, but I've never owned a Lexus. I want a reliable, comfortable, stylish car. I have a Toyota Senna now and love it, but it's time to down size. The dealer came up with a purchase price of $31,950 on a car that has the leather package, high intensity lamps and gold package (which I don't really like, but it happens to be on this model already). I figure if he's offer it for $31,950 with the research I've done I should be able to find one for $31,000. Any comments are appreciated. I'm in California if that makes a difference.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    yes, it makes a diference if you are in California...your weather is great, compared to Atlanta, you have the beautiful Pacific Ocean to look at in your back yard, great beaches, and it makes me jealous...:):):)
  • scongroscongro Posts: 80
    Good deal, go for it. The only thing to keep in mind is that 2002 will bring an all-new ES 300.
  • slesssless Posts: 10
    You're right, California is the greatest weatherwise, but we are paying dearly for it! And I'm looking forward to driving the coast in a sedan rather than a minivan! I test drove the is300 today and boy that would be a blast to have, afraid I'd never make it work, I'd just be out driving all the time.
  • slesssless Posts: 10
    Do you have any idea what the differences will be with the 2002? And does it make any sense to wait for it? My Toyota is fine and I'm not in any rush to purchase. I do know this is a great time to sell my Sienna as there are none for sale in the paper and haven't been for some time.
  • scongroscongro Posts: 80
    Details are sketchy for the '02 ES, but with all of the auto shows coming up, look for a full press release.

    enigma probably knows more than anyone in here about Lexus, so he'll probably share if he knows.
  • Hello,

    Here's the plan: Seeing as though there's no difference in the '00 and '01 ES300's, I thought I might wait it out just a bit longer to see how much further the '00's will be incentivized (sp?). I think it's $2,500 and $600 to get rid of 'em respectively. Does anybody have an idea when the dealers would run short of '00's? Or is this a bad strategy that will blow up in my face?
  • scongroscongro Posts: 80
    Some dealers may have a few '00's left. As far as the discount on them, I don't know. It's not like there was really any difference between the two. If their had been, then a discount would be very possible.

    I'd give it a shot, though, because you never know...

    There will probably be some available somewhere (not necessarily at your dealer) through the end of January.
  • lievliev Posts: 93
    yeah, great price. Scrongo is right too. The 2002 model is coming soon in a few months but keep in mind that the price tag would not be the same and since it is the first year of the new model, there won't be much of a discount (probably you can get 1000 off if you're lucky). I also heard that the sticker price is going to be around 40K.
  • sddlwsddlw Posts: 361
    Price: I don't think you should be paying much more than a couple hundred over invoice at this point for a 2001. If you are a Price Club/Costco member, find out what the prenegotiated price in your area is.

    Car: I've driven a 2000 ES300 for 6 months now. It has it's plusses and minuses, but overall, for the $31,300 I paid for it I was pleased. The minues are (in my opinion) Toyota styling, medium quality paint, no window frames, modest sport performance. The plusses are good value for the money, lots of nice interior features, excellent climate control and stereo, moderately good luxury ride, excellent maintanence record. I got rid of a MBZ 300E when I bought the ES300. IMHO the ES300 was as close to the MBZ I could get without spending $48-55K for a new E-class. I thought it was a much better deal than the C230/C280, I30, TL, A4/A6 for the money (ie, very low 30's). Had I been faced with paying near MSRP, like the upcoming 2002's are likely to be selling for, I might have made a different decision.

    BTW: the paint issue may be more of all the makers being forced to use water based paints now. I've heard of several complaints on the new MBZs as well.
  • slesssless Posts: 10
    As I'm looking at the black exterior the saleman advised to have the paint sealed (that wasn't the term, but general meaning) for around $500. He said the black when scratched, with drying it off afer washing, etc.) reflects colors!? Anyone know what he was talking about and any suggestions. He said a good option is the dark charcoal color, which looks like a dull black.
  • sddlwsddlw Posts: 361
    Selling paint sealents, teflon coatings, etc. is a profit center for the dealers and IMHO a real disservice to customers who drive off thinking that they need not perform periodic exterior maintanence now that they have paied the dealer hunderds of dollars for an overpriced wax job.

    Black is the most reflective color, and also the most difficult color to keep looking great because every little scratch is visible on it. Charcoal is probably a good compromise for practial reasons. The enevitable dust and sratches will be harder to see.

    Most scratches and swirls come from washing the car with dirty rags and rags that are not 100% cotton, and from environmental dust and dirt and from car wash equipment and inattentive personnel. Rather than spending $500 on a dealer coating, check out and/or for lots of car care products and info. There is also a zaino and several car care discussion threads on Edwards.
  • sddlw, you said in item #357 that you should probably not pay more than a couple of hundred dollars over invoice for a 2001. I'm assuming that's for an on-the-lot car. Do you think the bargaining power is as great for a car that has to be ordered? That looks like my only option for the car I'm interested in, according to just about every dealer and car search company I've contacted. (And Texas is not part of Costco's area.) Thanks for any opinion (anyone!).
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