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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • skeddeskedde Member Posts: 1
    I Just Purchased A 2001 ES300, I'm Looking for A Good Wax To Use, Does Anybody Have Any Suggestions?
  • rebelskrebelsk Member Posts: 65
    I cant wait to see the new model. Has anyone found any pictures or other information recenly on the internet. I have not seen anything yet. Thanks
  • ugmd20ugmd20 Member Posts: 11

    I like to use Meguiar's cleaner/wax (they also make a more involved three step process). It's pretty easy to find. You can find it at any automotive parts store as well as stores such as Target and Wal Mart. I've seen some previous posts recommending a product called Zaino.
  • s852s852 Member Posts: 1,051
    I remember test driving a new 1998 ES300 3 years ago. It is the same bodystyle as the current 2001 model.
    I remember not being super impressed about the quietness. I had very high expectations based on all the hype on how quiet Lexus models are supposed to be. I remember hearing tire noise on streets that were not glass-smooth and it was easy to hear the engine except at idle.
    It really did not appear to be noticeably more quiet than some cheaper V6 Japanese sedans. The rental Lincoln I was driving was quieter.
    The ES300 was still relatively quiet, but it was not so quiet that you go "Wow, this is so amazing." That what was I was expecting from a Lexus.
    Is the 2001 any quieter than the 1998s?
  • vernlewvernlew Member Posts: 87

    Just FYI, you can check out the Maintenance & Repair Forums, "Store bought Waxes" and also "Zaino car care" for some good info on natural carnauba waxes as well as newer polymer polishes.

    I, myself am currently using P21S Paintwork Enhancer (mild cleaner) + One Grand Blitz Carnauba Wax...great combo. You only need to use the cleanser product once or twice yearly (contains abrasives). Depending on where you live and where you park your car, you may have to wax every 3 to 12 months to protect the paint. This is a good combo for a new car, such as yours.


  • afinegoldafinegold Member Posts: 57
    My 2000 ES300 does the same thing as yours--the trunk unlatches but only goes up about an inch or so. My guess is that it's designed that way as a means of not drawing attention to the fact that it has opened. I agree that it would be handier at times (eg., when both hands are full of grocery bags or luggage) to have the trunk open a couple of feet or more so that it would be easier to put stuff in without having to adjust the load in your arms, but I guess Lexus decided on the unlatching route vs. the pop-wide-open route.
  • domettgdomettg Member Posts: 55
    Be careful if you open the trunk with the trunk release and it is very windy out. If the wind is blowing just the right way, it gets under the trunk lid and lifts the lid open hard, banging it against the stops which is probably not good for the hinges. Lexus was probably trying to reduce the possibility of this happening by just unlatching it versus opening it wide.
  • ved3ved3 Member Posts: 43
    Hi Guys,
    I spoke to a sales guy at a lexus dealer while
    test driving the IS300 today. He said the latest
    news he heard about the new ES design is that it
    will probably be a smaller version of the LS430
    in terms of amenities, front and back designs,
    and inside/outside. it will be larger than the
    current ES, moving it up in prices slightly so
    the IS300 will be the entry level car. He
    doesn't know about the engine size. but he thinks
    it will be awsome. I told him many people, including myself, would be disappointed if the
    engine stays the same. He promised to let me
    know when he gets any more news about it.

    the guy was more interested in getting me to buy
    the IS300 which is expected. about this car, I
    think it would surprise a lot of people who have
    not driven it but think they know what it's like.

    don't just believe what the experts say about it.
    some people said that it's noisy. I was surprised
    to learn that it's relatively quiet. the ride is
    smooth butss
    firmer than LS,ES but softer more compose than
    you would think it is. there is some body lean at
    tight corners but the tires stay glued to the
    road, even at high speed, and steering is precised. the manual E-shift needs some getting
    used to but it's actually fun if you know how to
    use it. I was also surprised that the interior
    was not as cheap as it looked on paper. although
    I'd like a more conservative look. disappointed
    that I didn't think of playing with the stereo
    but have heard that it's gotta be the best in
    entry level model. before the drive, I thought
    this car was too radically different from it's
    family. the drive suggested to me that it's
    still lexus but more playful than it's siblings.
    I would still prefer the ES because I value
    comfort ride, luxurious feel, and quietness over
    sporty handling. although I don't think the BMW
    will lose its sporty fun crown to the IS, however
    it may have found its match finally.

    that was a nice experience. I'm sorry you guys
    for talking about the IS300 at an ES forum but
    just wanna share my experience with ya.
    take care
  • lievliev Member Posts: 93
    it's alright to talk about other cars so long as there is no bashing of the ES300. Afterall IS300 is still a Lexus. I think most ES300 owners had problems with the cars, that's why we're here to discuss those problems. But since we own the ES300s we hate to hear anybody owning other competitor cars putting us down by badly criticizing the ES.
  • anhphianhphi Member Posts: 1

    You said you just bought a new 2001 ES3000. I am thinking of getting one here in Houston. Can you tell me how much you get yours for? Drive out price, what options you get, etc...Any info would greatly be appreciate. Thanks.
  • ecafecaf Member Posts: 44
    Spy shots of the 2002 ES300's platform mate, the Camry, have now hit the web. If the pics are correct, the Camry's styling has gone from ordinary to stunning. Take a gander at these pics and just imagine what the new ES300 will look like.

    What do you think?

  • s852s852 Member Posts: 1,051
    Even the supposed "photos" on the above link look fake.
    It looks like a computer simulation of what someone thinks the new Camry will look like.
    Also, who knows what market the photos are for even if they were real and accurate? Sometimes the styling of models is different in North America vs Europe vs Asia.
    In addition to all that, Toyota has so many sedan models around the world and especially in Japan, there is no gaurantee that the images are even supposed to be the Camry model.
  • L8_ApexL8_Apex Member Posts: 187
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  • dardson1dardson1 Member Posts: 696
    I've got a perfectly wonderful Solara bumped up to $30k (list) with every option but traction control. They sold me on it with "this is a Lexus for $5k less." Hadn't driven a Toyota in years. It's maybe the finest automobiles I've ever driven....but I have a fairly loud buzz/squeak in the dash which is driving this gotta-have-a-rattle-free-interior-guy crazy. Yes, I know I'm a pain the a__ for the service guy, but if I cough up the $30k for a car, I want it to be pretty close to silent. The Toyota service guys look at me like I'm nuts when I've taken the car in for a fix. I think they give each other a wink, park the car behind the service bay, and call me about 6 hours later to pick it up.
    My the Lexus people take squeaks, buzzes, and rattles seriously? I want this just about perfect engine/drive-train without a buzz in the dash. Is that too much to ask? Tell me there's a place where a rattle means as much to them as it does to me. lol
  • ecafecaf Member Posts: 44
    Most Toyota vehicles from the LS430 to the Corolla are celebrated for their near-absence of NVH (noise, vibration and harshness). That beautiful Solara of yours should be no exception. You are absolutely reasonable in wanting that squeak squashed! Go to the next nearest dealer to get that fixed under warranty. In the mean time, bump that JBL stereo to drown out the dash noise. Good luck!
  • norcalmikenorcalmike Member Posts: 25
    I too bought a Solara to drive until the new ES300 comes out. After driving my Solara for a couple of months I cancelled my Mercedes C320 order as I am enjoying hassle free Toyota ownership. I too have a minor rattle in the dash that I have isolated to the plastic facia that holds the radio in place. I talked to the folks at Roseville Toyota just outside of Sacramento. They boasted about having the best "rattle and squeak man" in the business. I'm confident that Toyota will solve the problem. I have not had the time to take my car in yet. Let us know how it turns out.
  • yupyupyupyupyupyup Member Posts: 16
    and Lexus dealer fixed it the first try. They replaced my driver's seat belt retractor since it wasn't retracting it.
  • rickc5rickc5 Member Posts: 378
    I had a clunking noise in the rear of my '97 ES when I bought it in April, 2000. The Lexus service guy took a test ride with me to listen to it, then drove it himself to ensure he could duplicate it. Turns out it was a brace behind the rear seat that was "oil-canning" when stressed by turns, which the service guy knew before they started to work on it. Apparently a problem with '97s. They had to isolate the brace with rubber washers to fix it, all under warranty.

    I was quite pleased with the service and dedication demostrated by the dealership. It reminded me of Toyota dealers before Lexus came along.
  • s852s852 Member Posts: 1,051
    Does anyone remember what Lexus did with the 96's when the new 97's came out?

    Did they decrease production in the last months to reduce inventory or where there special lease deals and dealer incentives?

    I know the 2002 is going to be nicer, but I also know that they will cost several grand more if for no other reason than lack of discounting from MSRP initially.

    I am not sure I want to spend the money on even a heavily-discounted 2001 ES300, but it's tempting because there are already some pretty good deals available on 2001 ES300s. It may get even better closer to the release of the new model provided there are still a lot of left over 2001s to move out.

    I basically like the curent model except for a little cramped back seat and no naviagation system in a car that expensive.
    Maintenance costs are also extremely expensive.
    Many other competing cars either require much less maintenance or else include free scheduled maintenance for a few years.
    If Lexus offered a realy sweet lease deal this fall (that was significantly better than what's already available today) I would probably just go for it and not wait to see the 2002s.
    Maybe they could offer free scheduled maintenance for 36,000 miles on a 3 year lease as their promotion to close out the 2001's?
  • fineman2fineman2 Member Posts: 25
    Has anybody tried Michelin Pilot 215/60R15 XGTV4 on the ES300 with stock wheels (6.0"). I have 97 ES300 and need to replace the original Michelin 205/65R15 MXV4. I want a better performance/handling tire for my car now. Also, can I use H rating tire instead of V rating as I do not drive above 90 MPH.
  • remus26remus26 Member Posts: 34

    For about the last half of the 1995 model year Lexus was offering lease deals on stripped ES300s for $399 a month with $999 down payment. For all of the 1996 model year, ES300 lease deal was $399 a month & $999 down payment. But for 1996, you could get a ES300 with Leather, sunroof, & CD-changer for $399 and $999 down. Production was decreased in 1996 to make way for the 1997 model, but the made alot of ES300s in the early part of 1996 to hold dealers over the last couple of months before the 1997 model came out.

    1996 was the first generation ES300's best selling year. I believe Lexus sold about 52K units that year while in 1995 Lexus sold about 48K units.

    I'm sure the middle of this year will bring subvented leasing programs on the ES300. I would bet on it, as they will need to get rid of 2001's to make room for 2002's.

    I don't think Lexus will offer free maintanence programs since Lexus is currently the best selling luxury car brand so far through March of 2001. Obviously, customers don't mind paying for maintanence too much, otherwise Lexus sales would be sliding considering BMW, benz & AUdi offer free maintanence for 3 to 4 years.

    Overall maintanence is not that expensive on a Lexus. The first 5K or 7.5K service is free. The 10K service runs about $90. The 15K service costs about $300, the 20K & 25K runs about $90 each and the 30K runs about $400. So basically, over 3years or 36K miles you are spending about $1K on maintanence. And that bill can easily be reduced considering that there is alot of things you can minimize. Like you can easily go to a Toyota dealer to get oil change, Tire rotation, & lube for under $50 as opposed to spending $90 at Lexus. You can also save money at the 15K & 30K intervals buy telling the dealer not to do useless checks & fluid fills.


    You can use H-rated tires. I have installed on my parent's ES300 2 times over Yokohama Avid H4 tires. Excellent tires, much quieter and softer riding than the Dunlops that came with the car. And H-rated tires are still good for up to about 130mph.

    Update for 2002 ES300:
    Mark Levinson stereo will be a option.
    Navigation system will be optional.
    rear sunshade will be available(power).
    5-speed automatic will be standard.
    6-CD changer will be standard.
    HID lights will be standard.
    And current word has it that the 2002 ES will be a ES330, meaning it will be powered by a 3.3 Litre V6.
  • s852s852 Member Posts: 1,051
    Hmm. With CD and all the rest of that stuff standard, all a 2002 really needs is leather and moonroof to be typically equipped. The navigation system, uprated stereo and power sunshade would be nice extra luxuries to also have though.
    It might be worth waiting for depending on price of 2002 vs 2001. If I could be sure I could lease a 2002 with leather, moonroof and navigation for 36 months, 15K per year with very little or no down for under $600 per month plus tax I think I would wait. If I can't afford the cost of the navigation system, I might as well just get a 2001.
    I just checked com and they no longer have 2001 Coach Editions, but they have the standard model with Value Package and heated seats for $30,983 in my area. MSRP is $34,455. Of course if I buy from Carorder, I will still be covered by the Lexus waranty, but I would have to give up the extra perks that dealers give you when you buy from them. A big price difference is worth it though and I don't live close enough to a Lexus dealer to take advantage of free car washes and lattes anyway.
    Even if there is no price increase for 2002 I would be looking at 2001 MSRP with like equiptment + about $2000 extra for the navigation system and little or no discount from MSRP at least at first. So that is about $36K for a 2002 with nav, vs $31K for a 2001. I probably would not be willing to pay that much more regardless of how nice the 2002 ES330 turns out to be.
    Difficult choices.
    You could always lease a 2001 this summer when hot deals may be available, then turn it in in 36 months when the ES330 should be available for good discounts again and should have a few updates and improvements over the first year models.
  • s852s852 Member Posts: 1,051
    Maintenance prices you listed don't sound that bad. I have heard stories of Lexus owners spending $1000-$1500 on their 30,000 mile routine scheduled maintenance visit.
    I will probably have to call a Lexus service department to see what they charge in this area.
  • vernlewvernlew Member Posts: 87

    I made a similar switch on my wife's GS, went from the OEM Bridgestone Turanza (Z-rated) to the Michelin Pilot XGT H4's (available at SAMs), they perform very well, EXCEPT, they are noisier than the MXV-4 Plus (Z-rated), which were the OEMs on my 2K ES, I guess you gotta live with a little more noise, for a little more performance.
  • lenscaplenscap Member Posts: 854
    Remus26, please tell me where you are getting your info on the 2002 model. I attended a Lexus focus grooup with other lexus owners in February. Present were about 30 Toyota/Lexus execs from Japan. I asked numerous people about the car and all said it will still be an ES 300, with just a slight bump in horsepower. I was also told a power rear shade will not even be an option. They could have been purposely not revealing details, I don't know. Or they could have been telling the truth. That's why I want to know your source. Thanks.
  • remus26remus26 Member Posts: 34
    My source is a dealer. I don't think with the TLs power at 225 & 260 and the I35's power at 260, Lexus can afford to just bump power "slightly". Lexus/Toyota is usually really sneaky with information that they even give out to dealers. And they're known to lie to throw the auto magazines off.
  • s852s852 Member Posts: 1,051
    Your information sounds believable, but why would your dealer have better information than the next dealer?
  • remus26remus26 Member Posts: 34
    I don't know, my info. could turn out to be false also, but so far most of the info. I've been getting from the Lexus dealer has been true. I knew about 2 years ago, that the 4.0 would be replaced by a 4.3L V8, I knew for the 2002 model year the IS300 would get a real center armrest as well as NAV, and other features, and I knew what the LS430 would look like about a 1/2 year before any mags had pics published.

    Of course, Lexus NA has also given the dealer some false info, like the IS300 and GS300 getting 245bhp in 2001.

    Some dealers will also not reveal what they know to prospective customers because every dealer still has to sell 2001 ES300s until 2002s come out.
  • lenscaplenscap Member Posts: 854
    I would have to say any info your dealer is providing is pure speculation. I am friends with the owner of my dealer (my family has known him for 20+ years), and he has said that Lexus has said nothing about the car. As I've said before, dealer owners did see the car last October at a meeting in Colorado, but no specifics such as engine output and equipment were revealed. Trust me, I hope everything you say is correct. I just won't believe anything until I see it.
  • s852s852 Member Posts: 1,051
    If it is moving further upmarket, the time has come to make leather seats and moonroof standard since 99% are ordered that way anyway.
  • remus26remus26 Member Posts: 34

    I doubt Leather & moonroof will standard, since even the LS430 doesn't come standard with a moonroof. Hey, at least they give people some choice!
  • ved3ved3 Member Posts: 43
    the all new 2002 ES would be great if the info
    you provided were true. let's hope so. but I'm
    with lenscap. most are speculation until finally
    revealed by lexus. I think the only think we all
    can agree on is that it's definitely moving
    upmarket since it has earned quite a remarkable
    status. don't know why lexus would get rid of
    nakamichi sound system but your info is plausible.

    what about looks? would anybody have a problem
    if the new ES have the same looks as the LS430?
    I would prefer a variation of the current ES look.
    maybe with more standard gold plating, clear lens,
    wider track, more chiseled.
  • ved3ved3 Member Posts: 43
    check out the website
    the info they provided about the 2002 ES is
    the same as what Remus had stated, basically.
  • s852s852 Member Posts: 1,051
    ES300 is now availble for less than an IS300 via Carsdirect (at least in my area).

    I priced a 2001 ES300 with value package and heated seats and a 2001 IS300 with leather, heated seats and moonroof and the ES300 actually came out cheaper. Amazing.
    You have to really prefer the IS300 to buy one, because it is not the cheapest way to get a new Lexus.
  • remus26remus26 Member Posts: 34

    Lexus is completely dumping Nakamichi as their optional Sound System. All Lexus' are moving to Mark Levinsion. Nakamichi supposedly has a problem with developing stereo systems that will cooperate with NAV systems and voice activation.

    The ES300 will be a variation of the current ES300. Alot of the same styling cues will shift over to the new one. Although, it is said the 2002 ES300 will be alot different from the 2001 model whereas the 1997 was only slightly different from 1996.
  • jamrock4jamrock4 Member Posts: 53
    I am also seriously considering the purchase of the 2002 Lexus ES300. Remus26 provides a lot of information which I am hoping is correct (3.3 V6 has me drooling).

    I spoke to a Lexus dealer in Atlanta who told me that the new ES300 will look like a scaled down LS430. According to lenscap 'dealer owners did see the car last October at a meeting in Colorado'. Did your dealer friend indicate whether new ES300 resembles the LS430?
  • es_rx300es_rx300 Member Posts: 2
    Does anyone know how to change the 3rd brake light bulb on a '92 ES? I have tried prying it apart and pushing up the tabs from inside the trunk with no luck. I would prefer not to pay the dealer 30 bucks, if there is an expert out their to point me in the right direction.


    '92 ES Rose Quartz
    '99 RX Silver
  • peter7777peter7777 Member Posts: 24
    Will the 2002 ES300 have active head restraints like the Infiniti I30 and Saab 9-3? That feature is on my short list of must have options.
  • lenscaplenscap Member Posts: 854
    I have heard nothing about the styling of the ES vs. the current LS. My thought is the cars may have some similar styling cues but will not look alike the way a C-Class and S-Class do.

    Lexus is holding a meeting for Elite dealers May 13-17 in Santa Barbara, CA. More information on the car is expected to be revealed at that time.

    The current schedule is for production to begin in July with the first cars arriving at dealers in October.
  • s852s852 Member Posts: 1,051
    We are going to have wait and see what happens, but it is doubtful that Lexus would square off the styling to look more like a stodgy LS430, rather than keep the sleeker lines the ES300s have always had.
  • pugs03pugs03 Member Posts: 1
    I'm considering purchasing a '95 ES 300. It has 88K and looks nice and clean. Any advice on specific problems to look for in 95's? Also, what type (and approximate cost) of servicing am I looking at in the near future? I've read through a lot of messages posted here and have not read anything + or - on the 95's.

    Thanks for your help,
    A prospective Lexus owner.
  • mathtypemathtype Member Posts: 33
    The best place, as far as I'm concerned, to investigate problem areas for any used car is the April issue (or annual buying guide) of Consumer's Reports magazine. If you're contemplating buying an ES 300 with 88K on the clock, the obvious potential major cost is the 90K service, which may include a timing belt replacement. For what it's worth, my '94 ES 300, which has traveled 86K miles, has been relatively problem-free. It's needed tires, a battery, a new starter, and motor mounts, and that's it.
  • sporty007sporty007 Member Posts: 2
    I have '96 ES300 with 68k miles. Does anyone know when would be a good time for me to change the timing belt and how much it would cost me to get it done? Thanks
  • dardson1dardson1 Member Posts: 696
    Tomorrow I go to begin my 2 week process of buying a car....I generally find it takes 2 weeks(and sometimes more) to get a minimum $ deal with a trade (if I didn't have a trade I could probably do it in a day or two). Just wondering if the TMV posted on Edmunds for the '01 ES300 is do-able. It seems kinda low considering the numbers I see in the auto classifieds on used ones.
  • s852s852 Member Posts: 1,051
    The asking prices at a dealer are always very high. They really do not expect to sell for very near that price.
    Kelly Blue Book retail prices are only the starting point for negotiations.

    There are currently dealer incentives on the ES300 that allow the dealers to discount heavily and still make a good profit on the sale.

    I have heard that there are also very good subsidies on leases financed by Lexus Finance. Sometimes luxury car makers will put the best incentives on leases so they can "save face" and not over discount the cars and hurt their resale values. They might give very low lease factor rates and maybe artificially high residual values to lower the payments.

    In this case, I'm thinking about leasing one this year and I normally prefer to purchase.
  • justfind6justfind6 Member Posts: 30
    The timing belt is supposed to be inspected at 60,000 miles, and usually changed at 90,000. However, a friend here at work has a '94 ES300 with 128,000 on it, and the Lexus dealer inspected the belt at 90,000 and said it was fine, and didn't change it until 120,000.
  • brangabranga Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1996 Lexus ES300. When ever I get my car washed, for 2/3 days I
    get some kind of foul smell inside, it stays for few minutes after I
    start riding.

    It used to be regular in rainy reason when drive in rain, but I couldn't
    realize that it is because of water. Over a period of time I noticed
    after the car wash, when I pull down & pull up my windows I see water
    traces on glass, this stays for 1to 2 days.

    Is there any solution to this problem?
    Does water in my door creates any problem/damage (kind of corrosion).

  • khidotkhidot Member Posts: 2
    I am looking to buy a new 2001 Lexus ES300 in the Dallas and Houston area. Has anyone bought one lately so I can have a starting point for price negotiation? Thank you
  • rickc5rickc5 Member Posts: 378
    Somehow, water is collecting in your HVAC (heating, ventilating, air conditioning) system. It gets in though the vents in front of the windshield. No way to prevent its entry, as water will even get in there when its raining (as you noticed), but usually there are drains to keep the water from collecting. Perhaps your drains are plugged? I don't know the fix, but your Lexus dealer should be able to give you some advice.

    The water on your windows is not from water inside your door, but from the wet weatherstripping that rubs on the window.

    You didn't say where you lived, but here in Colorado, where it is VERY dry, it still takes at least a day for my weatherstripping to dry. I would imagine if you live where it is real humid it could take longer.
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