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Mercedes-Benz S-Class



  • nkolenkole Posts: 18
    Anyone had any luck getting a deal on an S500 for Euro delivery? I've e-mailed six CA dealers and so far the best deal I've found is $4K off from a dealer in the LA area. Sounds pretty good?
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Is there anyway you can post some pics of your car? I have never seen a Designo edition S-Class.

  • Handling wise,

    S55 v. S600 v. CL55 (Coming this summer)

    family oriented v forget the family go for sports

    room v. handling

    We are taking all these into consideration

    Our family is deciding beteen the three

    A bit confused though MB says


    acceleration 0-100 km/h -/6.3 s (manual transmission/automatic transmission)

    horsepower 270 (367)/5500 kW(PS)/min

    torque 530/4250 Nm/min


    acceleration 0-100 km/h -/6.0 s (manual transmission/automatic transmission)

    horsepower 265 (360)/5500 kW(PS)/min

    torque 530/3150-4500 Nm/min

    The S55 should be faster... and will out handle.

    As for the ABC I have to agree, it is WONDERFUL. our previous 00 CL500 had it.

    question, do you like the distronic?


  • jgts1jgts1 Posts: 32
    the CL55 is currently been out for about a month or so...saw a glacier white one, absolutely awesome.
  • Clarification...

    OURS is coming this summer.

  • The wait in the Bay Area for the S-Class, any model they tell me, is about 2-years. Also they told me this:

    S600 - 362hp
    391 lb-ft

    S55 - 349hp
    391 lb-ft

    This is even in the 2001 S-Class brochure, so I don't know what to say. Both the S55 and S600 are fast so that is not a problem. I do think the S600 has a small probably, 0.04 second faster acceleration.

    As for the pictures, I will try to take some, and post them, I had actually never seen the Designo Silver S Class before I actually recieved mine, it looks great. I haven't really tested the Distronic so I might do that tonight and report back.

    Happy motoring everyone!
  • 4426444264 Posts: 67
    Keeping in mind their similar power rating, I think the S55 would be quicker being 300 lb lighter.

    From MBUSA:

    4,186 lb

    4,488 lb
  • vs4vs4 Posts: 70
    I was talking to the dealer here in Pacific NorthWest and they told me the waiting time for SClass is 3 to 4 months.

    If I order today that means 2001 SClass will not be delivered to me until May or June. 2002 model will be out in 6 months from now or 2 months from the day I will have my 2001 delivered.

    So, Could some one be kind enough to share there information for 2002 S430 or S500 models and help me make a decision for 2001 or 2002 model.

    There are two reasons making me go for 2002 model - changes in 2002 model and 2001 model depreciation.
  • Everbody, the information I have is from the dealer, there is the good point that the S55 is lighter, so lets see what the numbers from the dealer are.

    Anyway, I was wondering, does anybody have any information about the 2002 or 2003 S-Class, any revamped design, etc. It would be interesting.
  • I am having problems with keyless go. Both original KG cards do not work and nor do replacements. The dealer says the car must go back to MB to be re-programmed.
    Anybody else have any such trouble?
  • paulchiupaulchiu Posts: 378
    S600 cannot take you from 0-60mph in "a little over 5 seconds", as one of you stated here.

    Only the current E55 and CLK55 can do that for you.

    As a matter of fact, the S600 will be slower in the 0-60 test than the S500. Anyone knows this, I am very annoyed that one of you who desires the S600 would spread such lies in this site just to self aggrandize over your personal feelings on the S600.

    The S500 will do a 6.1s in the 0-60, the S55 5.7s, and the S600 6.3s. Tested and printed in the Mercedes catalogs, and verified by the auto magazines.

    Anyone who buys the S600 and have not read the magazines or catalogs are just wealthy slobs that just wants to be seen in this awesome automobile. You really have no use for such a fine driving machine. You want fine leather, why don't you just buy yourself a Roche Buboes sofa.
  • ejerodejerod Posts: 86
    I own the 2001 S500 w AMG sports package, and never seriously considered the S600 because I don't live in Germany and America won't have an autobahn for at least another millenium or so. I don't think however that one should attack someone else because they got their facts wrong or they don't know heads or tails about the specs of a car they own. Let's keep it civil guys, it's a message board, not a college debate team...
  • Ok, about the S600, when I said that it can go from 0-60 in a little over 5 seconds, I meant around that, as in my little watch type of timing, not official timing with the radar guns. Second, the MB dealer, brochure, and website, say that the S600's acceleration is not available. Go to mbusa and check it for yourself. I know this information, I have always liked MB's and finally am financially secure enough to buy a S600. I am not rich and not a slob, I just enjoy cars, I had the resources, and decided to enjoy. I don't want to give the impression I am showing off, but rather another source of info. Like ejerod said, let's keep this civilized.

    Also, where did paulchiu get the info about the performance of the S600, I am just curious because even here on Edmunds they do not have it?
  • I was thinking, I have only been in an S-Class with ABC, does the Airmatic suspension have a smoother ride? I was just curious, I will try it out in my friends S430, but I just wanted to get people's opinions on it. Also, has anybody been in or seen a CL600 or CL55 AMG?

    Also, my new S600 has the Active Ventilated seats. Is it just me, or is there not a strong current of air flowing through the seat when the cooler is on, even at mac? I don't really feel a whole lot of air the way the dealer described it, can anybody tell me if this is normal, or might I have a problem? Thank you for the input.
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    I too was interested in what's been said about 0-60 times and looked for the facts, from what I can tell mrman's right, there are no figures on the S600. BUT there are figures on the CL600 and it gets beat by the CL55, with that being the case, I'd imagine that the S55 would take the S600 as well. CL55 0-60 5.7, CL600 0-60 5.9, CL500 6.1, these figures are from MB. I don't know where the figures came from saying that the S500 was faster than the S600 0-60, that makes no sense what so ever!

    I went to the SD autoshow yesterday and saw an S55 with the designio eggshell interior, bright yellow! I didn't like it at all, and the seats were filthy from everyone sitting on them. I love those big S class cars!!! You guys are so fortunate to own them, any of them! Just not the eggshell interior!! :-) If somebody here has it, I appologise in advance, what do I know, I'm a lowly C class driver and S class wannabe!! Take it easy!
  • I have an S600 with the shell interior. I personally like it, but you do have a point, it probably will get dirty quick. Speaking of cleaning, does anyone have any special tips on cleaning the leather?

    Also, how do other peoples ventilated seats work, mine don't seem to pump a lot of air. In my opinion they seem weak.
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    I hope I didn't offend you with the negative statements about the shell interior, if it hadn't been so dirty maybe it would have looked better. But you know, everybody has their own personal tastes, so I say more power to you!! What color is your exterior? The one at the show was desert silver, and I would say the interior went well with the exterior color. Enjoy your awesome car!!
  • You didn't offend me. I know everyone has different tastes. For example, I don't really like black cars with a black interior. I don't want to offend anyone, but that is my tastes.

    Also, the color for the Designo Silver with the Shell interior, looks almost like a combination of Desert Silver and Brilliant Silver. If you take a look at the brochure, you can see it.

    Have a nice weekend everyone!
  • A quick blip before I go back to studying...

    FYI on the speeds, From MB:


    acceleration 0-100 km/h -/6.3 s (manual transmission/automatic transmission)

    top speed -/250 km/h (manual transmission/automatic transmission)


    acceleration 0-100 km/h -/6.0 s (manual transmission/automatic transmission)

    top speed -/250 km/h (manual transmission/automatic transmission)


    acceleration 0-100 km/h -/6.5 s (manual transmission/automatic transmission)

    top speed -/250 km/h (manual transmission/automatic transmission)

    CLK55 - Coupe

    acceleration 0-100 km/h -/5.4 s (manual transmission/automatic transmission)

    top speed -/250 km/h (manual transmission/automatic transmission)

    (a little piece of heaven)

    CLK55 Cab.

    acceleration 0-100 km/h -/6.2 s (manual transmission/automatic transmission)

    top speed -/250 km/h (manual transmission/automatic transmission)


    acceleration 0-100 km/h -/6.3 s (manual transmission/automatic transmission)

    top speed -/250 km/h (manual transmission/automatic transmission)


    acceleration 0-100 km/h -/6.0 s (manual transmission/automatic transmission)

    top speed -/250 km/h (manual transmission/automatic transmission)


    acceleration 0-100 km/h -/6.5 s (manual transmission/automatic transmission)

    top speed -/250 km/h (manual transmission/automatic transmission)


    Keep in mind that Manufacturers usually are conserviative when it comes to times. This is espically true in my experience in MB and BMW, quite possibly Porsche too.


  • The Ventilated seats: I couldnt feel them that much either in our CL500. Its not just you.

    I hope you are enjoying the S600. One could only imagine.

  • Anyone have their CFA designation? Currently studying and have a couple questions.

  • benznutbenznut Posts: 104
    From what i have researched (and i have researched a lot) the S/CL 500 are listed for 6,1 seconds 0-60, the 600 are listed at 5.9; and the 55s are at 5,7. These should be conservative figures, in Mercedes tradition. Most of the tests in the magazines, the S/CL 500 have been tested about 0.1 or 0.2 seconds slower than Mercedes claims. Surprisingly enough, though a CL 500 was tested a 0-60 of 5,8 seconds by motor trend in a twenty something comparison test, smoking everything else, including a Lexus LS 400.

    The S/CL 55 should be qicker than the noise heavy 600s. What the 600 will be superior at will be supreme luxury and comfort, while the 55s are said to "take away some of that road insulation" the other models offer. I hope the latter means that it is more of a handling machine, and not that it has more road noise and harshness, because i have passed an excellent S500 with designo and sport package and every available option(for 99,000 dollars) and I am waiting for a black on black S 55 - i love the black on black combination. Reason? I saw one on the lane next to mine and it blew me away. I swear I was so struck that i followed the guy for a mile or so just to see the behavior in the poorly patched asphalt. You couldtell the Merc had ABC because the up and down motions of the tail were very well composed and not overdone, like in normal S classes. I wanted to drive beside it with windows down to hear the engine sound, but thought that would scare the poor guy, and I left him alone.

    I thought the airmatic suspension was used in conjunction with the ABC. Is that not true. I have ridden in cars equipped with both and there is no difference (S class and CL). Or it is not noticable!

    Sorry, I wrote too long, but i am so into this topic. So much for my lunch break today
  • benznutbenznut Posts: 104
    Can you get crome AMG wheels from the Factory
  • I will be taking in a "new" car within a few months. I have long admired the S-class, but being a certified car nut, I am having serious problems nailing down which one to get. Among those under consideration:
    * 1994/1995 S500 Coupe (maybe Sedan)
    * 1994/1995 850Csi
    * 1998/1999 M3 Convertible
    * 2000/2001 Audi S4

    My target price range is around $35 - 36k.

    As a proud owner of two sports cars (1988 Corvette Convertible; 1994 300ZX Stage V+ Twin Turbo), I think that a more luxurious ride is now on tap.

    I diligently searched the Net looking for more information on the S-Class, and found some data. However, sites with forum-type activity such as Edmund's was basically non-existant (in English, anyway). So, can you please give me feedback on the S-Class and other driving/ownership impressions about the others on my list? Are the 1994/1995 models quite pleasant? Is there anything to look out for on these years? What price ranges can I realistically expect?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • fuzzofuzzo Posts: 88
    I was thinking of buying a used S-class. I am thinking of the 95-97 320 or 420 (correct my numbers if I;m wrong)

    I drive an acura now so I'm not familiar with what to look for in MB's

    can someone tell me what I should look out for when buying and what problems I can expect when I buy it. Or even what maintanence needs to be done to it (such as timing belt etc)

    Please let me know if you know of anyone selling a white or silver one.

    Thanks in advance
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    According to your Terms of Use, you can't use Town Hall to buy or sell a vehicle, but you might like to check out's Marketplace.

    Someone here can surely address your other questions, though.

    Good luck.

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  • nszabonszabo Posts: 19
    Is their any owners of sl's,New sl's I had a question too, where can I purchase AMG wheels?
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Try your MB dealership, or (they're much cheaper than the dealerships).
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Since 4-5 pm seems to be too early for the live MB chat for many West coasters, how would 6-7pm Pacific on Tuesdays work out for all of you? Please let me know.

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  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Don't forget, 5-6pm Pacific tonight! Hope to see some of you there!
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