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Nissan Maxima



  • weltonwweltonw Posts: 21
    95maxse, habitat1 - It's encouraging to hear you both have had so many trouble-free years/miles. I hope one day to be able to say the same. What are your recommendations regarding service? Do you basically follow what the driver's manual recommends? Also, do either of you live in heavily salted areas? Have you had any trouble with rust?

    georged98 - congrats on your purchase! What color did you choose? Also (out of curiosity), what prompted you to go with the extended warranty?
  • tboomtboom Posts: 8
    Has anyone heard what incentive and/or rebate Nissan is currently offering? I've had my eye on a gray lustre GLE at my local dealer, but he tells me that there isn't any current offer.

    Edmunds says that there is 3.9% financing for 60 months until April 1.

    Carsdirect says that there is a $1000 rebate until April 1.

    So I called another nearby dealer last week and he didn't have any GLE's I wanted. He did tell me that the current offer is 0.9% financing for 60 months OR $1000 rebate.

    I don't know who to believe.
  • georged98georged98 Posts: 34
    weltonw - The color is Merlot. I purchased the extended warranty just as added insurance. Considering the fact that I paid almost $29,000 for the car, adding another $699 to the cost to cover items that could go wrong was worth to me. Most of the time extended warranties good unused just like house insurance, life insurance and car insurance. When problems come up, it's good to have them. Sometimes they pay back several times over. It's a judgement call, that's all.
  • georged98georged98 Posts: 34
    Has anyone had experience with Traction Control in snow and/or rain? Does it really help or would good tires be just as good? Thanks in advance.
  • sysadmin1sysadmin1 Posts: 122
    No, the spoiler and everything was already on when I got it and the dealer got it that way off the boat I guess. But if you buy a factory spolier from Nissan, it comes with the black cover to go in place of the rear light, flat on the decklid.
  • al57al57 Posts: 67
    Finally we have reached an issue i have been trying to get a response on.Wife cracked lens on car,besides new lite costing $120 did anyone ever try to replace one? Dealer and some body shops had no clue..there are 3 phillips screws which without an offset screwdriver are impossible to get to..Been told spoiler must be removed..great engineering ,and has 2 sided tape where spoiler meets trunk lid,must be heated and must be lifted freeing it from other plastic anchors gently enough without cracking paint or breaking spoiler,by the way 2 screws were torqued as tight as a lug nut but the middle screw is buried in the middle of the block of the trunk and not visible,if replacement lite didnt have 3 screw holes wouldnt even know it was still fastened Help
  • anthonycanthonyc Posts: 21
    I would recommend you also re-torque the lugnuts. Mine was pretty loose and not close to the 80 lbs/ft recommended in the owner's manual. I have re-torqued them when I got home that night and they might be bwtween 50/60 lbs/ft at best. The tire pressure on mine were at 42 psi. I think the owners manual also recommend the lugnuts to be re-torqued again at 600 miles.
  • pbhattipbhatti Posts: 87
    I saw an ad on TV that said you have the choice of either: $1000 rebate OR 3.9% for 60 months. Both of these are good until April 1.
  • djp2cdjp2c Posts: 39
    I have an 02 GLE and didn't take any long trips until now.

    If you are over 5'10" I would suggest you adjust you seat to were you want it and you will find you can't see the speedometer as the steering wheel will not go up as far as it should. It does not telescope and it is dangerous because you cannot sit the way you want to.
    (Even the Ford Focus has a telescoping steering wheel and a crank to lift the seat straight up or down)
    The turning radius is not practicable for making u.-turns-- again dangerous.

    These might seem like minor problems but wait until you drive it over 100 miles on a trip or wait until you try to get in and out with the seat up and the steering wheel up as far as it will go.

    Try before you Buy. I will get rid of this car as soon as practicable.
  • 90max90max Posts: 15
    djp2c: Your comments regarding the Max are right on target. I own an 02SE and have been fed up with the seat and seating position as well. What a mess Nissan made of an otherwise fine car. The driver's seat feels like a child's booster seat, and the position of the steering wheel, arm rests and pedals are just bizarre. Unfortunately, a test drive doesn't reveal these problems. As you (and I) learned, it takes some extended driving before you realize the inherent problems. Nissan loyalists beware.
  • pathmax00pathmax00 Posts: 22
    I have driven 400 non-stop miles in total comfort in my y2kgle. I have leather and power seats so I always find a perfect position. I don't have any comfort problems at all.
  • 5greyhounds5greyhounds Posts: 338
    In December my Mother passed away and I now have a 1990 Maxima. It is what I would call a base model: no sunroof, no SE designation, etc. It is the V6 with the normal power equipment. It only has 82K on it and for the last several years only averaged about 2,500 miles. It was literally driven by the little old grey haired lady. Mom took good care of it. I expect to get it off the transport today or Wednesday. I had it shipped, to far to drive from Tucson to Virginia.
    Anyway, it is going to be given a going over by my local dealer for any obvious problems. There should be none. I had the struts replaced along with a CV boot when I thought I was going to drive it and not ship it.
    Anyone have any specific things to look for that have caused problems in this particular car? I am going to go to NTSB and look up recalls and TSBs but they do not have everything.
    The mileage has never been what I thought was really great, about 23 to 25 MPG. Is this normal for this car?
    Any comments would be appreciated.
  • mirthmirth Posts: 1,212
    23-25 MPG sounds good for a V6. Current Maximas get about the same on average (20-26).
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I have a friend with a 1991 Maxima (5-speed) and he had some recurring transmission problems. He ultimately replaced it completely and it's run well since. I recall when shopping for my 1995 Maxima, that was the only "black mark" on consumer guides review of the earlier models. Also, I have averaged 24 mpg on my 95 5-speed, so 23-25 seems about right.
  • In reply to post 4266, I've had the Traction Control come on any number of times in winter, on snow and ice (we get lots up here in Ottawa, Ont.). The traction control is good, and has saved me from fender benders. That said, if your tires are no good, then there's only so much the Traction Control can do. If you have the SE's performance tires, I would strongly recommend getting snow tires for winter.

    Regarding the posts about not being able to find a comfortable/safe seating position, I just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in. I have a 2000 Maxima SE, and actually *crave* long trips. With the electronic seats, my wife and I always find a very comfortable position, with no visibility problems. I actually find that the Max shines in long highway trips, IMHO. I'm 6', and my wife is 5'8. In fact, one of the reasons we bought the Max was the seats. I just wish they had memory settings.

    The turning radius is wide, but once you're aware of it, it shouldn't be a safety issue, since you won't try to make U-turns (or the like) that you can't make.

  • wilvoltwilvolt Posts: 6
    Not to restart the "hood flap" flap but...

    Here is a TSB I found at

  • 90max90max Posts: 15
    My comments were directed to the 02SE seats, which are distinctly different than those in the 00SE. I agree that the 00 seats are not a problem, as I've driven that model extensively and also had no problems with it. In the 02, Nissan tried to make a "sportier" seat by using firmer foam, steeper side bolsters and adding more lumbar support. (I have the fabric seats; I don't know whether the same changes were made to the leather.)While the overall dimensions weren't changed, the net effect is a much smaller useable seating area: The steeper, firmer "curb" on the left side seat bottom effectively eliminates 3" of seat width, and the seatback is overbolstered and improperly contoured, so that it pushes the driver out of the seat (instead of into the seat), thus effectively eliminating 2" of seat length/depth. This leaves me feeling like I'm always falling out of the seat, and also requires all but the smallest of drivers to excessively recline the seatback, resulting in the problem noted by djp2c: the steering wheel is too far away and needs a telescoping device. I've actually corrected some of the problems by taking the seatback apart (I can explain how to do that if anyone is interested) and removing the lumbar tensioner bar, a spring, and a plastic tensioner plate. I'm also looking into whether the telescoping device from the new Altima can be fitted on the Max. What a mess. On the bright side(?), my wife, who is 5'2", says the Maxima is actually the first car she's ever driven that really "fits" her. Her suggested solution for the problem -- that I swap the Max for her minivan -- doesn't quite work for me.
  • alcardsalcards Posts: 10
    Adding to earlier posts by Weltow, Habitat1 &
    95maxse. My 95 SE required tires and battery (at 45000, 5 years). But then an injector went bad and I had all 6 replaced, quite expensive. The car got passed on to my son and I now drive a BMW 530i. Nimbler, more maneuverable and more powerful but expensive. When I bought it, I drove the 2002 Max SE for comparison and found it heavy and prone to oversteer but equally powerful. So I went Bimmer. Happy so far.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Sounds like we are living in almost parallel universes. I very nearly upgraded my 95 SE for a 530i this past year. But, since the Maxima is still in near perfect shape, I decided to keep it and get a Honda S2000 as a "fun" car. I hope BMW doesn't fix what isn't broken with the new 5-series, since that will be the direction I go for my next sedan.

    I had priced out a 530i 5-speed with SP, PP, Xenon, and Premium Sound for just under $42k through ED (price was $1,400 over ED invoice). In my opinion, although more expensive than a Maxima, that's the best "value" out there.

    Enjoy your 530i.
  • eksterekster Posts: 22
    I could start many paragraphs about cars with 'my wife broke the....' but let's not go there. I miss the old days of $3.00 lenses that came off from the outside with a screwdriver, in seconds. I had to replace a rear light bulb, and could not undo the screws in the trunk, holding the 'carpet' in place. I had to pry them out, and will let the dealer put in new ones.
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    I have a 02 SE with leather. I am 5'10" and my wife is 5'8". Boht of us find the car comfortable. However, the seats being shallow is not specific to the Maxima. Our 01 Pathfinder is the same as was our G20. I think that the base of the seat should be lenthened a couple of inches. While the steering wheel fits me perfectly a telescoping feature would help fit more drivers. There is always room for improvement but I would, by no means, call the car uncomfortable.
  • dannyledannyle Posts: 43

    do you guys know what's a good price for a 2000 maxima se with 30k automatic ??

  • I have 2001's on my lot in the neighborhood of 21,900. I would say somewhere between 18-20.5 depending on what equipment it has. Does it have leather? a sunroof? 5 speed or auto? The more options, the more $$$$$

  • dannyledannyle Posts: 43
    hi SID
    i don't want to spend more than 15K, I like the maxima cuz it's handle better than the accord and it's v6 is well known.

    I am interested in any maxima with low mileage that have the following ..


    with that price what year and mileage i should be looking anyway .. i located in Boston.

  • 90max90max Posts: 15
    Sounds like the car's in good shape. The timing belt is supposed to be replaced at 60k, so if that wasn't done you definitely want that taken care of now. I'd have the fluid changed in the tranny as well. Other than that, change the oil regularly and you should have a very reliable car.
  • With 15, you would probably be looking at a 95-97 GLE. Of course everything can vary with mileage and condition. You might find more in your range if you look in the classifieds instead of at dealers.

  • 5greyhounds5greyhounds Posts: 338
    I am following your advice. I took it to my dealer yesterday and am having the antifreeze and transmission fluids changed along with a flush of both systems. They use a semi-force system where the fluids are circulated throughout the entire system and pushed out under low pressure. . they no longer use a high pressure system. It was causing damage to the internals. Then a cleaning solution is put through it for about 30 minutes, that is then flushed out until all the solvent is out then new fluid is put in, Same with the cooling system along with a new radiator cap. I am having the fuel injection systems cleaned along with the throttle body. This is simply because of the low miles and mostly short drives she did. I feel sure there is a lot of carbon and varnish build up.
    On the 60K I made sure it was done on time on one of my trips to Tucson. I figure that was about 10 years ago so my Mother was only averaging 2200 to 2500 a year and about 500 of that was when I came to visit two or three times a year.
    You are right, it is a nice car and the next things is a sunroof. Thanks for the note.
  • nedlyjnedlyj Posts: 89
    90max - your description of the 02SE cloth seats is very accurate. While I love this car, it has taken me over a month to find a truly comfortable position (and I won't let my wife drive it for fear of losing this position). And yes, that requires the seatback to be reclined more than I'd like, which puts the top of the steering wheel just at the limits of my reach. A telescopic wheel would be a godsend. My other gripe with the seating position is that when adjusted forward to back so that the clutch (and left foot rest) is at the correct position, it feels like the accelerator pedal is positioned about 2-3 inches too close to the driver - making the right leg never totally relaxed. Since this car is primarily for driving to and from work, I can live with these inconveniences. But as you point out, I don't know if I'd want to travel hundreds of miles a day in it.
  • nedlyjnedlyj Posts: 89
    I have a 2002 Maxima SE with the 6cd (in-dash) Bose system that has speed controlled volume (SCV). I have an issue, that I don't know if it is inherent in the system, or if it's unique to mine (i.e. do I need to get it serviced?).

    Here's what happens. First, note that this is ONLY with CDs playing - not the radio or tapes. With SCV set to HIGH, the volume goes up noticably while driving at speeds of 65 MPH, as it's supposed to. But, if I change tracks on the CD (repeat current track, or go to next track) using the up or down steering wheel control. The volume playing drops down to the 0 MPH level (much softer). If I press the volume up or down buttons, the volume jumps immediately back up to the 65 MPH level. Note that even if I press the volume DOWN button, the volume jumps back up - so I definitely know it has gone down to the 0 MPH level. Does anyone else have this problem?
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