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Nissan Maxima



  • oilers1oilers1 Posts: 17
    Why the hostility? No where in your post did you mention that you contacted Nissan directly. You stated that the dealers in Canada were not fixing this problem and I know that that is incorrect as my hood bounce was fixed.
  • mtkaplanmtkaplan Posts: 15
    If anyone wants a PDF format copy of the owners manual for 1996-2003 Maximas, (other Nissan and Infinity vehicles manuals also available at that site) you can download it at:
  • logitech1logitech1 Posts: 32
    My friend bought a 1992 maxima, can anyone tell me it uses a timing chain or belt? it has 110K miles now, when is due to change the chain/belt?
  • logitech1logitech1 Posts: 32
    so strange... I thought MAXIMA shoule be larger than Altima...
  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    It uses a timing belt. It should have been changed at or about 60k miles together with the water pump. Assuming that was done, it looks like your car is due for another change soon.
  • mtkaplanmtkaplan Posts: 15
    That is because the Altima was redesigned in 2002 and it is using a newer platform. The 2004 Maxima will also be redesigned and based on that same platform which will make it the same size or maybe a little larger. The Maxima is still the better car.
  • logitech1logitech1 Posts: 32
    hehe, I don't have money now.. I can wait for 2004 maxima!
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    So you are telling me that an I35 (a ~$30,000 car) comes with a temporary spare standard, and you have to buy a full-size tire? That is a joke!
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    and I contemplated getting a full size spare when I bought my 1995 Maxima. Fortunately 8 years and 130k miles and no flats.

    On the other hand, with many of the $30k - $50k+ RWD sport sedans (and all sports cars), the tires are uni-directional, asymetrical with different front and rear sizes. In order to be fully covered, you would need to carry around 4 full size spares. That would put a crimp in getting your golf clubs in the trunk.
  • 1000bpm1000bpm Posts: 6
    yesssir ..... the full size spare is a $180 option on the I35. It eats up just under 2 cu. ft. of trunk space which was why I elected not to go with it. Poor design on the part of Nissan, hopefully this will be fixed in the '04.
  • sgrd0qsgrd0q Posts: 398
    vocus said: So you are telling me that an I35 (a ~$30,000 car) comes with a temporary spare standard, and you have to buy a full-size tire? That is a joke!

    You are kidding, right? What's wrong with having a temporaty spare? At least it is not optional as with the $87,000 Maserati Spyder, where you get a "fix-a-flat" kit as standard:

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I used to worry about having a temp spare, when I got a flat tire, on the car due to its speed/distance limitations. I have a full-size spare tire that came with my Jetta now, and am glad because I got a flat on a 500-mile trip over the 4th. Saved $100 on buying the tire at my destination rather than having to rush to a dealer.
  • sgrd0qsgrd0q Posts: 398
    Oh, a full-size spare is always better, everything else being equal. But one may want to compromize due to space limitations, or even weight limitations.

    And high price doesn't necessarily mean full-size spare, as is the case with the Maserati.
  • sheryl22sheryl22 Posts: 5
    I have a 1991 Maxima SE that I have LOVED, but am giving it to my 16 yr old soon. I'm in the market to buy another SE - either a 2002 or 2003. Opinions on which is better, please. Since the 2003's just came out, deals abound to get the 2002's off the lot so is this a better route than, say, 0% financing on a 2003? I welcome all comments and ideas...thanks!
  • 92drexel92drexel Posts: 153
    Find out which 1992 maxima your friend has. From 1992 through 1994 Nissan offered two different engines in the maxima.

    The GXE model (160 HP) uses a timing belt which needs changing every 60k miles. The SE model had a different engine (190 HP) which uses a chain.

  • marcusjymarcusjy Posts: 3
    If you were planning on keeping it for a while then I would say go with the 2k2. Nissan is still offering $1,000 rebate or 3.9% financing. There is nothing different between the 2k2 or 2k3 except that they offer the titanium pkg. on the 2k3 as an option, which has chrome wheels, titanium accented interior trim, compass in the mirror, and chrome door seals. Everything else both cosmetic and engine are the same, if you plan on keeping it a year 1 or 2 years then you may want to get the 2k3 so won't take a big hit on deprecation.
  • blh7068blh7068 Posts: 375
    Based on your experience with your previous sounds like 2002 would be a better fit for you, plus like marcus said you can get the 3.9 financing for 60 mos. Either way you wont be disappointed.

    BTW- I bought 2k2 max se last month, a majestic blue/frost leather demo with 1700 miles. Everything but meridian and navigation. Stickered for 29753 paid 26500. I think I got a good deal. Any input? So far, I have enjoyed the car, and its a hoot to drive.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I would have told them to take off the rebate from invoice price, and then deduct some of the price for mileage that you are missing on the warranty for the car.

    You did pretty well, I think. Although, even if you didn't, don't worry about it and chalk it up as a learning experience. Just enjoy the car! :)
  • blh7068blh7068 Posts: 375
    I went the 3.9 financing route...and I think they gave me a mileage adjustment because I paid 135 under invoice and well under TMV(per edmunds). If it wasnt the best deal, I can live with that, but I know it wasnt a bad deal(which would bother me).
  • sgrpwppsgrpwpp Posts: 3
    Haven't posted for a while, so here goes my 12000 mile update; been averaging 24-25mpg using 92 or 93 premium, no problems to report, other than the slight hassle of the electronic throttle and recent lateral link safety recall work. BTW, just got the new lateral links put on today at Central Carolina Nissan in Sanford (near Raleigh) NC. Two hours as promised, including the required alignment...I also got them to do an oil change and tire rotation. Good service dept., punctual appointments, and they actually let you hang around the car while it's being worked on, hand the tech the nuts and bolts, check your underbody and brake pads, etc. Really neat. I have a Frankencar intake installed, maybe even better MPG, certainly no less, and the ROAR up around 3-5000 rpm...sounds (and runs) like a Mustang Cobra!! 12,000 miles and nothing at all bad to report, this car is great!
  • sheryl22sheryl22 Posts: 5
    I'm in the process of receiving bids from all local dealers on a new 2002 Maxima SE (automatic), and have found that I can get $500 below invoice on base price of car, the options I want (leather, bose, sunroof) at wholesale, and 3.9% for 60 months. Do you think I could do, ask for $1000 below invoice? or is that being too greedy?? ;)
    Also, could I go out of state to purchase and avoid a sales tax?
  • blh7068blh7068 Posts: 375
    Base price under invoice, but options at wholesale?

    What is the "out the door" price with options you want? I would think with the end of the model year and the fact the 03 maximas are already coming in you should be able to get "invoice" price without much haggling-possibly under.

    You can go out of state to buy a car- but I dont think you can avoid sales tax. It varies from state to state where you pay it, here in OK you pay sales tax when you register the car.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Even if you buy a car in another state, they will make you pay sales tax on it when you register it. So there is no winning way to do it. :)
  • sheryl22sheryl22 Posts: 5
    The deal(s) offered on a 2002 Maxima SE are:
    wholesale ($22871) minus $500 = $22371 plus wholesale options of leather ($1347), sunroof ($779), premium bose ($953), destination of $540, plus various doc fees, tag, title, etc of $400 = drive out price of $26390 (only thing not included is my state sales tax). Anyway, because this is a 2002 that the dealers want off their lot to make room for the 2003, can I ask for more off wholesale? How much more without being insulting? Thanks!! :)
  • blh7068blh7068 Posts: 375
    You can ask for what ever price you are willing to pay... :)

    It sounds like this car is equipped like mine. Auto or stick? Perhaps ask for an even 26000?
    The deal sounds pretty good as is- so the bottom line is if you want the car IMO its not worth quibbling over a few hundred dollars, especially with the good incentives available on the 2k2 maxes. Your potential deal is already better than the one I got and I felt I did better than OK. I paid 26500 for 1700 mile demo. Stickered for 29753.
  • bxs98bxs98 Posts: 10
    I just got my new 2002 Maxima SE(6 miles) two weeks ago with 6-speed manual transmission, sunroof and bose system. The MSRP was $28135,I paid for $21315 plus tax & fee, the total out the door price was $23205. I think is a very good dear base on what you guys have disscused. There were 5 cars on sale for the same discount. I am wondered how the dealer survives by saling a car for $3000 below invoice.
  • jimmyj1945jimmyj1945 Posts: 141
    Can you tell me where they are giving this price? Location, web address or something. Sounds so good I may have to buy earlier than I planned.

  • jdog368jdog368 Posts: 14
    Hey Guys,

    I bought a new 03 maxima se today. Options I got: Sunroof, floormats, titanium edition (bose, side airbags, compass on the mirror, etc), auto transmission, leather. After 4 hours of haggling, the final drive out price was $26,800 (before tax, title, etc). I think I could have knocked off 800 more but I got so sick of haggling. Well you guys said be I did. lol thanks a lot guys. The color I got is Polished Titanium. Do you guys know if there is heated mirrors for my car?


  • jimmyj1945jimmyj1945 Posts: 141
    Sounds like a really good deal for a 2003. Do you know what the sticker price was? (Around 29800?) Where did you buy?


  • jdog368jdog368 Posts: 14
    The sticker price was ALMOST at 30,000. They wanted 31,500 for it, after tax, title, and other taxes. I said I might as well go buy a BMW 325 or an IS 300 for that price. So yeah I think your number is right. I think I could have done better because I used to have an 01 GLE and I paid 25,800 for it, which had every option. I live in Atlanta, GA and I bought it from Peachtree Nissan. I wouldn't recommend buying there because they have very very bad service, but they gave the best price.

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