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Nissan Maxima



  • I did not use glue on the felt material.
  • shermaxshermax Posts: 31
    Is it just me or did Edmunds change the format of this site causing the posts to extend beyond the width of the frame???

    Edmunds please fix if you can. thanx
  • jay_75jay_75 Posts: 10
    BKSO - I have had to deal with a private shop that screwed up my mini van after an oil change. I sent a letter to the president of the company through certified mail,and sent a letter the Better Business Bureau. It worked great, except the process took 3 months.....I did get money (3K) for the damages to my van, and I am happy overall.

    I dealt with a relatively small private organization, but its worth a try against a dealership.
  • shermaxshermax Posts: 31
    Sometimes problems aren't intentional. It's always good to give the "at fault" party a chance to remedy before going "over it's head." As soon as the issue becomes adversarial, the easy solution is no longer an option. HAving said that, Santa Monica Nissan sure looks like a place I would avoid!
  • Dealer replaced the Bose once, and the squeal is worse, not better. In doing the replacement, they made a small slit in the side of the leather gear shift and scuffed the top of the gear shift. This is to say that I will not return to that dealer for a second replacement.

    The question for the group: if this is a "known problem" (according to the repair guy), what do I specify to get the "known solution"? I obviously didn't get it the first time around on this.
  • I have been following this forum for about a year but do not remember reading about anything similar to your problem.

    Regarding going back to the same dealer: It's up to you, of course, but I would go back there. I would insist to get at least the shift lever redone to my satisfaction (ie, parts replaced or whatever seems appropriate to bring it back to the state before their "repairs"). Moreover, I would insist on watching them doing it.

    It would be nice to know what another dealer may discover about your Bose. If that wouldn't work, I would go to Nissan technical help. There are many posts on that subject here in the last few months.

    You may report back as to what you decided, how it went, and let us know the dealer name, so others can watch out for them. Good luck.
  • shermaxshermax Posts: 31
    Can you describe yor Bose problem? Is it AM/FM, CD, or tape? What was replaced? I can't say I've ever heard any radio squeal, so can we assume it's the tape deck?

    I too would give the dealer that caused the problem a chance to fix it. Another dealer won't touch the gear knob and fix it "under warranty". You'll have to go back to the at fault party.
  • bksobkso Posts: 5
    Referring to my message #720 about the stalling engine of my 1996 MAX and the "CHECK" light stayed on and the 1st dealer quoated me a $2500+ to replace the entire EFI main harness; I took it to another dealer and had it inspected. The 2nd dealer checked it & fixed it for $260--they replaced the camshaft position sensor, a whopping $2240 difference. Now my 'check' light goes off and my car drives like a dream once again.
    I realized sometimes mistakes are not intentional. However, this seems unlikely. I had another incident with the first dealership when I took my car in for oil change about 3 months ago. Before that I had all my drive belts replaced by an independent mechanic. Anyway, after my oil change, the service advisor showed me this whole list of "items need to be fixed". On it, fan belts were one of the items, plus a $900 worth of front & rear shocks. He told me that my fan belt was old and had allkinds of cracks on it and it could break any minute. I therfore took my car to another place and finally the mechanic who put the new fan belts and told them what the dealership said. They both checked my car and told me that my fan belts look new and could not find any cracks. So I went back to the dealership, made an appointment with the service manager, and even dragged him outside and asked him to check the belts in front of me and showed me the cracks. At this time, he realized he was put on the spot, especially when I showed him the receipt from the other mechanic who replaced my belts. In addition, my car is a GXE model, the $900 worth of shocks they wrote on my estimate were shocks belonged to the SE models, not GXE. So I asked him if it is their common practice of just assuming certain things will need to be fixed regardless if the car needs it or not, or if it has already been replaced and just wrote it up when the customer comes in for a simple oil change. He denied of course and thanked me for informing him and promised to follow through with it. At first he offered to take me to the gas station and bought me a full tank of gas for my trouble. I laughed at him, he finally input a $50 credit to the computer for my next visit, and kept on apologizing and told me how he valued me as a customer and looking for my continuous support. So I gave him the benefit of the doubt and ultimately took my car in again for the 60000 service until my incident on 1/2/01. Now I wonder if they actually performed what they said threy'd done on the 60000 service order. And how many innocent customers they have taken advantage of and how many more are going to fall for the trap?If I had purchased the extended warranty,I probably would not take it to another dealership for a second opinion, because the service advisor told me that Nissan will cover it and THIS IS THE ONLY WAY to get my 'check' light to shut off. But since I don't really need a $2500+ job to solve my problem, would they replace the whole EFI unit anyway, honest mistakes or not? I have documentations for all these and was wondering if I should let it go or doing something else about it?
  • It is very unsettling to hear that this type of fraud is still occurring. At your own discretion you could report them to your State Attorney General's Office, but you did not loss any money. Most of the time the Attorney General's Office will only get involved if fraud was commented on you and you actually lost money. One thing I would definitely do or not do and that is I would never go back to that dealership. You could also report them to Nissan North America but who knows if they will take any action.
  • costracostra Posts: 1
    Well looks like my transmision is gone on my 90 max. I went to aamco and the base price to rebuilt is about $1400. (dind't even try the dealer)Honestly I don't know what to do. The car has 149k maybe some of you guys have had experiences on rebuilt trans. is it worth it?
  • reply to #762
    SHERMAX, the problem presents as a high-pitched squeal that fluctuates in tandem with the gas pedal (!) It is only when the radio plays, not the CD or the cassette tape. A guy at work suggested that it could be the diodes in the front panel maxing out. I'm not sure what that means, but I mentioned it to the repair person. They replaced the entire radio/CD/tape player, as I said, indicating that this was a known problem.

    I'm sure you and norbert444 are right about returning to the dealer. This is a case of confrontation avoidance ... so unpleasant. I will just have to steel myself up to it, and then if the radio problem goes un-fixed a second time, I will post the name of the dealership here.
  • bksobkso Posts: 5
    Thanks. I don't think I need to involve the state attorney general's office at this point since I did not really let them stole any money from me. However, I hope I can do something about it to stop them from taking advantage of other innocent customers. Who knows how many little old ladies they have already cheated. I have already prepared a whole package of documents and will send them to Nissan and Better business bureau tomorrow. I know some friends who works for a local TV network and he'll talk to some people and see if something can be done.
  • I'm looking at the Nissan Maxima SE 2001 model.
    MSRP. is $23,849 invoice $21,433 TV $21,907...
    What is a good price for this car?

    2nd question.. How much should one pay over invoice for options?..

    I would like the "comfort package" which go's for $1800 (MSRP.) & $1598(invoice) .... is it wise to, offer half the amount above invoice? if anyone can help pHs write me back..... Thank you
  • camydogcamydog Posts: 64
    Is the car in the pics what the production version of the Z is going to look like?

    Any idea when Nissan is going to release it?

    Does anyone have any pics of the 2002 Maxima? I have seen the info on performance upgrades for it but am wondering if there will be any exterior changes.
  • camydogcamydog Posts: 64
    As others will probably tell you, you should be able to get the dealer down to near invoice for the car. A couple hundred over invoice would be fair.

    As far as the options are concerned, I would settle on a price after all the options are chosen so you only have to "deal" once.

    Also, there is no DE Maxima. There are three models, the GXE, SE, and GLE. There is also a 30th anniversary edition SE for 2001. If course the spell check may have changed your post. This new Edmund's format is terrible!
  • lsflsf Posts: 98
    Does this happen on both the FM and AM channels? I've experienced this b4, but not with my Max. The problem is not with the radio. I think that it has something to do with the power source being tied into the wrong circuit. I'm no expert on this, but this could be a modulation problem. You probably don't have any interference when the engine is not running, correct?

    You may want to place a call to a highend car audio store to ask about this...just for informational purposes. Just ask the m for their opinion on the following symptoms:.... Have all your symptoms straight. ie. enigine on/engine off, AM/FM, CD/Tape, they should help diagnose the problem.

    bkso et al, Better Business Bureau does nothing and its designation means nothing. Here in Mass there is a dept. of consumer affairs which is probably under the attny general. I would let them know, even if no fraud was committed, it was contemplated!
  • cheekscheeks Posts: 67
    Has anyone heard unusual noises when accelerating? Recently, I have heard "gurgling" noises that sound (on a much smaller scale) almost like a diesel car accelerating. The dealer could not duplicate the noise probably because it does not happen consistently. I initially thought it may have been linked to the gas I had used. The dealer even suggested that it may have occurred due to additives added to gasoline during the winter months. Any suggestions?
  • Is anyone experiencing a lot of wind noise from either or both rear windows at speeds over 50mph in their Maxima?
  • Camydog,

    This is not a production model, it is still a concept. The final version should go on sale some time in mid 2002.

    No idea about the next Maxima though


  • jimmie8jimmie8 Posts: 31
    Has anyone ever replaced the speaker component of the Bose speakers (not the amp section)? I'm wondering if its as simple as unscrewing the speaker from the amp casing, disconnecting the wires from the inlet power "teeth", and then putting the new speaker in. I checked to see which speakers fit, and apparently the sizes can be anywhere from 5 1/4" to 6 3/4"!! Not exactly sure how such a wide range of sizes can fit...(they said these sizes fit in both the door panels and rear deck).

    Also, it appears that the crutchfield site filtered out some of the speakers for no apparent reason. For example, there is a pair of Pioneer 6 1/2" that I have had a lot of luck with, but only the 2-way version of them showed up on the list, not the 3-way version. They are the same size, just one has a super-tweeter. Could this have something to do with a built-in crossover in the BOSE system speakers?

    If anyone has had any luck changing the speakers, please let me know. Thanks!
  • HTH = hope this helps
  • I'm experiencing the wind noise on my 2000 GXE. At speeds above 70 or so, the rear-right window sounds like it's down slightly, but it's not. I've check the seal as best I can, but can't find anything wrong. The wind noise is really irritating. I'm a little afraid to take it in because the dealers usually say something like, "well, we test drove the car and didn't hear the noise." Does anybody know if there is a technical bulletin out there?
  • Has anybody seen the problem with Maxima vibrating?

    My automatic Maxima - 1997 vibrates (is a kind of shaking) when being driven or standing on a traffic light with the gear engaged. The service at the Nissan dealership where I purchased the car could not find and fix the problem. I wonder if this is a known defect. Suspect that the problem is in not having the engine and the transmission synchronized properly, but might be completely wrong.

    If anybody heard anything about this type of problem please let me know at

    Thanks a lot, Alex
  • wg45678wg45678 Posts: 55
    Read your post regarding the dealership issue. Other than posting here, I think the best thing you can do is tipoff a local metropolitan newspaper or TV station. They love catching dishonest/incompetent dealers and would no doubt create their own 'sting' operation. Their kind of publicity gets remedial action taken pretty quickly.
  • wg45678wg45678 Posts: 55
    My recommendation: Take it to a competent service shop (dealer or not). It's not engine/transmission synchronization. You probably have some sort of miss caused bad injector, spark plug, plug wire, coil, etc.

    Dealer's diagnostic computer monitor should have displayed an error code. At worst, this reads like a problem a friend's spouse had with her Infiniti. Dealer claimed it was a 'sticking main bearing' and replaced the entire engine (Nissan picked up 1/2 the cost). Personally, I believe the shop stuck my friend with an unnecessary repair and expense when the cause was elsewhere.
  • camydogcamydog Posts: 64
    I test drove a '01 SE Anniv. Ed. recently and it had wind noise in the right rear door seal, right at ear level. The salesman was in the back on that side and commented on it first. He pulled in on the door handle and the noise quieted but not completely. He said the body shop could "fix" it by realigning the door.

    The door realignment may help the noise but may put the door lines off from the rest of the car when viewed from outside.

    If this is where your problem is, a body shop may be able to help. I would express my concern about the misalignment of the door on the outside though.

    Good luck.
  • This sounds like exactly the same problem I have (and have described a few posts up; early 700's I think). I have a "00 SE 5 sp. How 'bout you?

    It is inconsistent for me as well, and I got the same shpeel (sp?) from the dealer. They couldn't duplicate it, the car's running just fine, etc.

    When, exactly, does it happen, how may miles on your car, what kind of gas have you been using, what are your driving habits like???

    Sorry for all the questions. I've really been hoping (as selfish as this sounds) that someone else was having the same problem as me...Any other info you have would be very helpful to me. Maybe we can get to the bottom of this.
  • beachebeache Posts: 1
    Hi everyone. I'm a new Nissan owner after totaling my 95 Honda Accord in a snow/ice/tree
    I now own a 1997 Maxima GXE. I like the power and the look of the car--so far so good.
    One quick question: At night with the instrument panel lit up, are the cruise control buttons
    on the steering wheel supposed to be lit up? Mine don't light and it's pretty tough to figure out
    what I'm doing. Thanks!
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