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Mazda MPV



  • msgjvhmsgjvh Posts: 196

    Why did you choose the protege over the protege5. I am seriously considering a protege5. I love the look of that little wagon. Looks like a mini-MPV (<<<-----required content) to me. Plus the kids would love it as much as the MPV. (<<<-----required content).
  • Fahrenheit, huh? And it is a dvd player? What size screen is it? Sounds like an EXCELLENT deal! Does it use a FM modulator to pipe the sound thru the stereo?
  • 1) "Can you play the audio from the VCP thru the cars stereo?"

    Yes, by using an FM modulator. On mine, you set FM dial to 88.7.

    2) "What did you get with your RSES? TV Tuner? Antenna? Headphones? Game interface?"

    I got TV tuner, antenna (hidden within roof liner), 2 sets wireless headphones & accessory interface (allows hookup for Nintendo, video camera, etc.).

    3) "Is your RSES factory installed, and if not, what brand is it? Rosen? Audiovox?"

    Mine is Rosen brand. I purposely did NOT want factory installed sys as I didn't like location of VCP (underneath 3rd row seat). My dealer (they arranged install of sys through local trim shop that specializes in Rosen systems) was willing to give me all of above options for invoice price of factory installed base system (which does not incl. TV tuner, antenna or interface module). Those items are considered "extras". The base RSES (which is Rosen) only includes ceiling mounted screen & VCP. Incidentally, my VCP is mounted under pass fr seat.
  • WARNING!!! Do not buy from these guys. They tried to sell me an MPV, claimed it was new, but when I went to pick it up (yesterday), it had 400 miles on it! Plus, there were three burn marks in the drivers seat, AND the Rear Entertainment System was an Audiovox! I'm not knocking AudioVox, but they told me that they were going to install a "factory" VCP. I am now waiting for them to refund my deposit (a significant amount), and they are lying to me, saying that the check has not cleared my bank yet (even though I know it did 2 days ago). Consider yourselves warned! I wish I had known how this dealership treats customers before I shopped there.
  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    I love the P5, it's just not in my budget. The P5 is about 4 grand more and no incentives. I got my Pro LX 2.0 with 0% financing. BTW, it does look like a mini MPV( required blah, blah:). I really like the bright yellow P5.
  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    sorry to hear about your bad experience. I hope you can find another Mazda dealership that will treat you well. You may want to inquire on the Protege board for a good dealer in your area. I know there are quite of few Protege owners that live in your area.

    I just purchased a Mazda and had a great experience with a dealer in Cincinnati. I put a $500 dollar deposit down on my car, since they had to get it from another dealer in KY. I used my credit card in case of a problem. Never, never write a check for deposit.

    I hope you get your money back soon.
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Toyrota: Sorry to hear about those crooks in Fairfax. Keep at them and you should come out okay. I'm sure you'll find the van you want at another dealership. You might use Edmund's car shopper system, as I've heard folks speak very highly of it.

    PJ and Msg: I too really like the P5! That's one sharp car, I tell ya. I'd prolly consider one if I were in the mkt for a small wagon. Kind of a "Mini-Me" MPV, eh?

  • I am very sorry to hear that. We just bought a ES from Rosenthal Mazda in Arlington and had a pretty good interaction with the dealership.* We had done much research, thanks to those on this board and test drove everything. Also, when it came time to choose a dealer we did some looking over at where you can get the BBB ratings of dealers based upon consumer complaints etc.

    *actually, I would rather have a cavity filled than buy a new car again since I feel they, car dealers, are never to be fully trusted but,...

    Here is the link to the BBB's Rosenthal Mazda in Arlington review:

    good luck.

  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167 going to join the Friday Freeway? I need someone in there that scores lower than me. LOL...

  • msgjvhmsgjvh Posts: 196
    As much as I like chatting and guessing the wrong answers I can not make it today. I will be driving home thru rush hour traffic in my crusty ole subaru. I wish you luck and hope that you lead the lemmings to victory!
  • The screen is 5.6. Yes, the sounds comes thru the FM stereo.
  • We're the people who had problems with Rosenthal Mazda in Vienna, VA. Thought we'd pass along news of the wonderful experience we had tonight at Brown's Fairfax Mazda in Fairfax, VA. We purchased a 2001 LX, fully loaded (moon roof, touring package, roof rack, rear air, rear step plate) for $ 200 above Edmunds Invoice Prices. The dealer was wonderful to work with. The salesman came back from talking with the manager and offered this price without any "haggling." We felt the price was very fair and the deal was done within 5 mintues. They quickly cleaned the car and we were outta there. We would highly recommend this dealership, especially after our VERY POOR experience at Rosenthal in haggling over the price (4 hours) we wanted AND in vehicle delivery (vehicle delivered with burned seat, wrong entertainment system and ~400 miles).
  • I wouldn't have worried about the 400 miles, as the warranty mileage starts from where it is delivered. So you would have 36 months or until the odometer read 50,400, which ever comes first. If it wasn't titled yet, it's probably still considered a new vehicle, legally speaking. The unit could have been a dealer trade, or has just seen a lot of test drives.

    The burned seat etc was not a good thing, but could be fixed. I don't recall, did you ask them about the things you mentioned to us, or did you just storm out? I don't recall the details of your story, but I certainly hope you gave them a reasonable chance to explain and make good by you.

    Our dealer scraped the side of our ES driving it off the showroom floor.

    I just had them right up the "We Owe" and we had it fixed the following week. BTW, we put about 300 miles on the brand new loaner MPV we were driving, so that is another way a new MPV could have a bunch of miles. We were real gentle with our loaner 8^)

    I'm glad your are happy with your vehicle.

  • I can fully relate to toyrota and others on the message board who have had bad experiences with Rosenthal Nissan/Mazda (Fairfax VA). I've already posted my terrible experience with them on the board some time ago. This dealership thrives on lying, bullying, and humiliating the customer. Look elsewhere for your shiny new Mazda.
  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    congrats and many happy, safe miles with your new MPV. We have owned our 01 Sand Mica LX for 5 months and have loved every mile.

    I'm glad to hear you didn't give up on the MPV after your bad experience.

    Keep us posted on your MPV. The group of owners on this board are wonderful and very helpful.

  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    I'm glad you kept at it and got an MPV at a dealer you feel you're happy with!

  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Actually, the warranty goes until 36months from retail/50,000 miles on the odo, period. Doesn't matter what it was retailed with, so you lose whatever is on the clock.
  • At least with the 3/36's they record the delivery mileage and you get 36K from there.

    I expected Mazda to do the same.

    I guess I'll need to check more closely.

    Of course 400 miles out of 50000 is less than 1%, so it's not worth losing sleep over.

    OTOH, if 400 miles bothers you, then by all means get a vehicle as close to 0 as you can.

  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Man, I'll be lucky to have 25K when the warranty's up. Can I sell the other 25k of mileage to someone that needs it? lol

  • I am surprised by the result of the towing capability of MPV.

    The minivan comparison at said that the Max.Towing Capacity of MAZDA MPV, Dodge Caravan and Toyota Sienna are 3000 lbs., 1800 lbs., and 3500 lbs. respectively.

    How can MPV tows more then Caravan by such a big difference? Has anybody using MPV towing before and could you share your experience?

  • I think that excessive mileage on the odometer at delivery is a bad thing. We all know that many people visit dealerships and drive cars that they have no intention of buying. Or worse yet, they want to buy a certain vehicle, but dog the life out of the "demo" vehicle to see what kind of power the engine has. We are all very careful regarding the break-in period for the engines in our new cars, why should anyone compromise this by accepting a new car that already has had a questionable past? I also own a Toyota Tacoma DoubleCab , and when I took delivery, the vehicle had 48 miles on the clock. This seemed reasonable, since the dealership that it came from was roughly that far away. Dealers should have demonstrator vehicles available for the purpose of demonstration, and these vehicles should be sold as "demos". I think people generally understand what demo means.
  • On the other hand, conventional wisdom says you should drive the actual car you're considering buying, not a "demo". Now, if you were to take one for a good test drive, you might go for a half hour or so and rack up a few miles. Then you decide you like the other manufacturer's vehicle better. If a few people did this, it would have a fair amount of miles on it pretty quickly.
    Although, like you, I would be having doubts about paying for a "new" car with 400 miles on it...unless I got a GREAT deal.
  • big_guybig_guy Posts: 372
    A few years back (1993 to be exact) I bought a "demo" vehicle (a Suzuki Sidekick JLX). It had just over 500 miles on the ODO but there was nothing wrong with the car physically (no dents, dirty interior, etc). The dealership had used it as the primary "test drive vehicle" for that particular model. I got about $1000 off invoice cost plus they threw in some roof rack accessories when I negotiated the sale. Seven years and 87,000 miles later I traded it in on a new vehicle. The only service required was the regular oil changes, belts, filters etc., plus I had to have the water pump replaced (at around 64,000 miles), and replaced the tires twice during the time I owned it. It was a great little vehicle and I had no reservations about getting it with 500+ miles on it. I would probably have reservations about high mileage like that on a sports car that would be driven very hard during a test drive, but the majority of the cars out there are not hammered during a test drive . . . at least here where I live. Just my $.02.
  • dafedafe Posts: 2
    Just picked up my 2001 MPV LX (Rainforest Mica) with Touring Pkg, Moonroof, Roof Rack, 6-disc changer, etc. Paid Edmunds TMV. It was great - I showed the salesman all of my homework and told him to take it or leave it. They took it. It was really a great experience at Millenium Mazda in Durham, NC.

    Now I have to read all of the posts from the various MPV boards!
  • dafe,
    Did the dealer offer any incentives (either $1000 cash + 1.9 financing; OR $1500 cash)???
    Seems to me that the dealers are tight-lipped about what incentives are available. I took the $1000 + 1.9 APR.
  • dafedafe Posts: 2
    Interesting - they offered me $1,000 (which the local dealership doubled to $2000) plus 4.9%.

    I was happy with 4.9 (my credit union only had 6.7), but 1.9 would have been even better.

    They were not making a big deal about any incentives, and heard of them while there.
  • Hi,

    Having read all the good feedback about MPV, I decided go with it. I just signed a deal for MPV 2001 DX. Here is the price.

    MPV DX 2001, towing package, 15" alloy wheel, convinient package, Keyless entry and security alarm.

    MSRP=$28034, sale price is can$24510.

    The freight + air condition tax + administration fee is cnd$1235

    Total price is (24510+1235) + TAX = 29607.

    zero down payment, 36 month 0.9% finiance.

    Just wondering how well other canadian did.

    The business manager push me buy an extended warrenty, which is 7 year, 160000km (100k mile) bumper to bumper. The cost is cnd$2195 + tax.

    My questions is that is the warranty worth of that money.

  • h1vch1vc Posts: 295
    Does anyone have any info on the 02 mpv? Thanks.
  • alexv1nalexv1n Posts: 248
    You get some info here:

    I hope this helps.

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