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Mazda MPV



  • bob57bob57 Posts: 302
    And I hope we don't read about another one from you...
  • One thing to be aware of in an accident involving the front. My 1992 MPV had a transmission cooler ( like a little radiator ) under the left, front bumper. On vacation a couple of years back, someone bumped us ~5 mph. The $2000 of damage didn't seem too bad ( $800 was the bumper alone ), but the van was incapacitated as the little radiator broke, poring all the engine's transmission fluid onto the ground. It had to be towed from the accident scene. Very unfortunate as we were packed and on our way home. ( Not a good way to extend a vacation ).

    Anyway, my 2001 ES appears to have the same thing. Don't know if it's any well protected or if "all" vans have this.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    All automatics have an oil cooler either in the radiator or mounted externally nearby.

    I remember going through a somewhat shallow river in a '98 MPV 4x4 and had a similar problem. The cooler wasn't damaged, but the hose to it was pushed into the spinning fan and severed. A quick splice and 7 quarts of fluid later, I was back in action.
  • I can a buy an MPV for invoice minus $1000 plus 4.9 financing up to 72 months. I am coming off a lease of my "unreliable" 1999 Chevy Venture and I want something that does break down all the time.

    I am looking an LX with the Security Package and/or 4 season package or rear air.

    Prices range between $24,900 to $25,550 MRSP ($21,900 to $22,400 invoice minus $1000).
  • sweet_subiesweet_subie Posts: 1,394
    you should be getting atleast another 1500 off, total of 2500 of MSRP.

    I bought my LX( 00 ), with all packages for 17.5k......

    Why not wait for the 3.0L......a few months away !!!!!!!
  • Sweet Subie

    I would be saving about $3000 off the MRSP plus getting the financing.

    MRSP: $25,210

    Sale Price: $22,200

    I would love to buy a 2002 when they come out in March but you have to figure that the MRSP will rise slightly and even if a dealer sells the vehicle near invoice I'm probably looking at a purchase price around $24,500 with the features I want on it and I may not get the financing as low as it is now.
  • sweet_subiesweet_subie Posts: 1,394
    Sorry about that 2.5k number off MSRP......because of the slower 2.5l engine, MPV is selling at huge discounts( 4 to 5k off MSRP ) these days............reduce some more !!!!!!!

    people differ on MPV power a lot.....test drive for while & then decide.......

    MPV is the best minivan as fas as features are concerned !!!!!!!
  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    I just filled up our MPV for only $13.00, fuel is only .89 in Ohio. Our 01 LX just turned 10K and not one single problem.
  • sweet_subiesweet_subie Posts: 1,394
    buy a 00, used.I'll give you 4 reasons.........

    1. 00 has 170hp vs 01 of 160hp.......10 hp loss due to conforming LEV.

    2. MPV has low resale value.......I noticed in Houston sunday paper......unbelievably low prices.......

    Remember mazda, has 3 yr, 50k mile warrty. so 00 used would be a great buy.

    becos of 0% apr for new cars, the used car prices are crashing.......
  • rutger3rutger3 Posts: 361
    The single most important factor when deciding to purchase an MPV is Resale value. The MPV is a nice dependable van with many features at a good price. But where you can and will get hit is when you go to sell it later. It shouldn't be, but the perception of being underpowered is very real. I find it to be okay,but buyers and dealers read the reviews and unfortunately they will use that against you when you go to trade it in or sell it. We purchased a 01 LX in July,has 9k miles and no problems,been quite happy with it,but I know that I will get burned later.(My wife loved it and is the primary driver)The problem is if you take out a 4 or 5 year loan even with the 0% interest,you will be 'upside down' on your loan for a long time (owe more on the loan then you can get on trade). This may prevent you from reselling it even if you want to within the first 2-3 years. This irks me but there is nothing I can do about it. Just be aware of this before you buy. Now if you plan on keeping it for 5+ years,then the trade-in effect is not as much an issue. From a strictly financial point of view,IMO the Sienna is the best deal out there.
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    "The single most important factor when deciding to purchase an MPV is Resale value"

    What? Sorry, but I'll have to disagree w/that, because I think there are many items more important (imho) when shopping than trade-in value...such as safety, egro, reliability, styling, purchase no particular order. If that were true in everyone's minds, nobody would buy anything except Accords, Acuras and Lexus (Lexii?).

    Besides, trade-in on my '00 LX is approx. $14k (I should know, I was shopping this weekend, and three dealerships gave me similar "first try" values of $13.5k-$15k) and I'm far from upside down on it after 28mths of my 72mth loan.

    Over on a well known volvo forum, there is a saying that people use, "you should buy an Accord, but you will, in the end, buy whatever you like." But I enjoy unique transport, which accounts for my (lack of) taste.

  • alexv1nalexv1n Posts: 248
    I agree, Java!

    Rutger, I'm not trying to say something against you personally. You have your reasons to think what you think. But for me, even if I will be upside down on my loan and decide to sell our 1.5 year old 2000 MPV (in order to buy 2002 MPV of course :-), I will not regret it much because during the last 1.5 years I have had a vehicle that I ENJOYED DRIVING every single day. And I do believe that it is worth something. Do you think that Lamborghini Diablo is really worth the $200,000+ that they ask for it? That piece of metal with virtually no luxury items is still selling at that price well because people (who buy them) just like the idea to show it off to somebody and feel better about themselves (and, of course, driving experience).

    I would feel worse if I was driving Sienna now, even though it has better engine and some other features. Original purchase price, features and looks were just right for me and my family and that is what counts. But again, it's my opinion, someone else might think differently and that is their right.

    If someone is still driving rusted Yugo, they must have a reason for that and it doesn't mean that they don't have taste (maybe they just don't have money or just DON'T CARE what thay drive :-)

    Anyway, I guess you've got my point: I enjoyed every mile (well, kilometer :-) of the road so far and that is worth a lot to me.

    P.S. I wish I could sell my MPV for a good price and buy '02 but then, I might be more comfortable driving my '00 for a couple more years and buy something like '04 or '06 model with all the newest bells and whistles (refined next generation Mazda engine, stability control, backup sensor, whatever else is going to be "normal" at that time?:)

  • sweet_subiesweet_subie Posts: 1,394
    i agree with alex, I would do the same......

    BTW, to make us all feel bette, My 00 MPV reached 29k single complaint except the fuel door.........

    those stupid dunlop tires got bald already !
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    They're keeping that Yugo because it has built in hand warmers on the rear windows...

    yuk yuk yuk

  • The real reason they're keeping their Yogos is that on the "rare" occasions when they break down, they can just be picked up and carted off to the repair shop. I've got coats with pockets big enough to do it. ;]

    Java--two things: 1. What's an egro? 2. One Lexus, two [or more] Lexi. [thus endeth today's Latin lesson. From an aging Latin teacher, no less]


    Req'd MPV cont.: The Prez has developed "The Shakes" at all speeds. Even rebalancing all four wheels didn't help. Any suggestions?
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    ergo (pronounced "rrrgo", instead of "aergo") as in ergonomics.

    thx for the latin lesson. I wasn't sure of the proper plural useage of Lexus, ending in us and whatnot, and we must be proper. Carpe MPV, carpe beer and all that!


    RJ, quit feeding the prez coffee, or switch to decaf.
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Did you try an alignment? Or, isn't there an fix with the fron tie rod ends? It's been a while since I've had an actual problem...

    And, now that my parts for the rear brake squeal, a new driver's side visor (floppy visor door, don't you hate it when that happens?) and new touch up paint just arrived, my d.w. has loaned MochaVan to the visiting sister-in-law...for two weeks. God help her if she scratches it! :-)

  • rutger3rutger3 Posts: 361
    Okay,so maybe I was a bit too strong in my personal problems with resale values. Yes,there is more to buying an MPV,like styling,handling,dependability,purchase price,etc.,and in fact these are some reasons why we have our 01 MPV;and again we have been happy with it. In fact,my wife loves it and there is a benefit to that of course. Plus you should drive what you feel comfortable driving,but where we disagree is that you should do this regardless of financial value. Sure it is silly to spend $100,000 on any car if your only purpose is to show it off to your neighbors. I am not talking about expensive vehicles here. No more than $25,000, most between $17-22k. I just think it is a crying shame the way the auto value/trade-in/resale system works. It is played at both ends by the dealers to only their advantage. Perfectly fine vehicles like the MPV,626 and Nissan Sentra are given a very unfair bad rap financially on resale values, all because of some misguided views or perceptions about them.(ie.the 'weak engine'issue or 'not as refined as the Accord'). Buyers shouldn't have to be concerned with resale value when buying a car,but unfortunately it is a real world issue. When 2 vehicles equally equipped, with the same sticker prices and similair quality depreciate at tremendously different rates,imho there is something wrong. Personal taste in any vehicle is not an issue here.There is nothing wrong with the MPV and nothing wrong with wanting to drive something different that you like,it just shouldn't cost you later.When buying the car you may have some financial advantage,but later on you are at a competitive disadvantage. Don't forget,no matter how much you like a car,it is still a rapidly depreciating asset;and with the lousy returns on money market accounts and the losses most people have taken on their mutual funds the past year,lessening the financial impact of owning any vehicle can prove rewarding. Just my 2+ cents.
  • Is the GFX package available as an aftermarket package?
  • Rutger3, that's why I think it's much smarter to keep your cars 6-8 years. I plan to keep both my Miata and my MPV. The Miata is a great car for dates and the MPV a great car in case an "accident" happens as a result of those dates. Just kidding.

    Seriously, the auto industry expects us to buy a new car every 3-4 years. That's just crazy. If you buy a car every 6-8 years, then you'll end up with only 4 cars in 30 years. 4 cars may sound like a lot of cars, but if you purchase the right type of cars (1) an inexpensive sports car, (2) a truck/minivan for its utility, (3) a luxury car for going to a 5-star hotel or gala night at the opera house, and (4) a decent economy car for the kids, each car will end up having its niche and purpose. And because you have 4 cars, you won't end up using each car until it is beyond repairs. I'd say you'll end up with 150K to 200K Miles on each car, a perfectly acceptable figure for today's cars.
  • Excellent points from everyone.....good thread!

    When I bought my '01 LX, I traded-in a '99 Accord. I had the Honda for almost three years, and I was surprised to discover that I was upside-down in the loan by almost $2K (according to Edmund's and KBB). Now, that may not be a big difference, and the gap could be even greater three years from now with the MPV, but it didn't keep me from buying it. There are lots of folks out there who bought Odys and paid way over MSRP. Why? Because they really wanted it, for whatever reason, and yes, they too will be upside-down at trade-in time.

    Why did I buy the MPV? Not because of resale value, and certainly not because of all the "outstanding" reviews (TIC). I really liked the styling. It's probably, imho, the best looking van on the road; the Sienna is just plain ugly! The fold down third seat was another must-have feature. I also liked it's drivability. It was the only van I drove that behaved most like a sedan. I found it very easy to maneuver, and that was important to my wife, the primary driver. Most of the all was the deal that I was able to negotiate. I plan to drive it until the warranty ends, then trade it for an '04 or '05 MPV. I believe that the Mazda dealer will be hungry enough at the end of the model year to overcome an upside-down scenario. They were when I traded the Accord, and I think if I'm trading an MPV for a new MPV, they will be again. If it turns out to be a reliable vehicle, then I may consider keeping it longer, but I've had too many out-of-warranty woes with other cars over the years.

  • I've gotta disagree, SC. For my money, the best looking van on the road is the T&C/Voyager: Droop grill, high, blunt nose, great colors. It reminds me of the '34 Chrysler Airflow, one of the handsomest cars of the early 30's. Now if they could marry DC's looks with Mazda's competence. . .

    Java, alignment is the next step. I shudder to think of the hassle I'm in for if that doesn't work. Either that, or as you suggest, Nescafe.

  • bob57bob57 Posts: 302
    My sister-in-law has a new T/C. She had it parked in our driveway the other night. Approaching it from the front in general darkness I thought I had left my MPV out. There is "some" similarity between the two.
    I have always thought Chrysler had the best innovative designs of any domestic automobile. But, I'll bet she has hers in the shop way before me.....
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    ptttuyyy! May the fleas of a thousand camels...

    Blashpemy speaking those words of the lowly DC van in the presense of MPV greatness! LOL

  • Just cause I kinda like the looks of the DC's, it doesn't mean I would dare to compare the imcomparable. As far as DC's go, handsome isn't ALWAYS as handsome does. Or as old Will S. put it, "Meet it is I mark it down, that one may smile and smile and be a villain!" The DC's smile a lot.

  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    ... a lowly soldier, running into the fray whilst carrying the standard... flag flapping in to the wind (or was that three sheets to the wind?).

    /java (full of it) doc
  • ...the Chrysler's are obviously quite popular. Personal tastes abound when it comes to styling. Two visuals come to mind when I see one pulling up in my rear-view: Groucho Marks and the Space Shuttle!

    Office X-mas party, java?

    [MPV Content] My rear-brake parts came in last week...that was FAST!

  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    ... and I left when they started doing tequila shooters and break-dancing (believe me, it was scary)... so I'm just prolly high on the glue I'm using to put my daughters' dollhouse together with. ;-P

    ...which I brought home from the post office in MochaVan.

  • bob57bob57 Posts: 302
    " handsome does..", "..a lowly soldier..".
    I've GOT to find a sane chat site somewhere!
    Since none of you will be getting a Christmas card from me this year (I didn't get yours..) I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe & Happy New Year.
  • Grinch! ;)

    I was going to send you a card, but it got lost in the back of The Prez [req'd content].

    Oh well, to you and to all, A Very Happy Holiday Season! {how's that for PC?}

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